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Friday, July 23, 2004 Finds Real Solution has signed with for their LiveCamNetwork 1.9 live video chat software to enhance the imaginary girlfriend fantasy they offer online, according to 5PM Interactive president Ron James.

Imaginary Girlfriends provides imaginary long-distance relationships with young women capable of sustaining letter-writing and even live chatting over extended periods of (pre-paid) time. Because of a similar scheme that backfired on E-Bay, James is quick to point out that actually meeting or physical contact is out of the question.

"The solution to that," said president and CEO Mark Prince. "Is fully interactive video chat."

"Adding full blown live real-time video to the equation will only serve to enhance the illusion," said James. “And the package is perfect because it goes beyond all the streaming video I've seen. It's real-time movement, not choppy like the others out there. And full audio too, not just text chat." is online and in business. The LiveCamNetwork 1.9 interactive live chat platform launch will be announced shortly.

### Now Offers Clients Free Press Release Services

MONTREAL - Website software and billing provider 2Much Internet Servicesannounced an addition to services provided to customers in the form of free press releases.

“Most people don't realize that most news is generated, not just reported, ” communications director Greg Jones told “We wouldn't hear about Microsoft improvements or corporate events unless they issue press releases reporters can then follow up on. So we report to reporters what's reportable.”

“It’s fairly simple,” noted founder and president Mark Prince. “We provide the press release for the event or about their site, for free. And in each release is a mention of, since they are a part of our growing LCN network.” said they will post press releases on the big print newswires and only charge what they were charged to do so.

“When you’re in print, it’s harder for people to forget you. They can’t just click you off,” Jones added. “And believe me, we’ve learned from experience. One article in the papers can generate huge sales. What 2Much is trying to do for its clientele is help them get known outside the e-community. People reading these articles will surf to the sites. Right now the free service means we’re submitting to online magazines and Webmaster resource sites. But that begins a slow proliferation of the Net as a whole over time.”

2Much Free Press Release service is currently available only to clients

Sunday, July 18, 2004

Top Model Ashton Gray Buys Into LiveCamNetwork 1.9

(Montreal) July 16, 2004 -– A busy 12 months for Canuck model Ashton Gray culminated recently with her new venture:, a web site featuring Gray and other models in a live video chat environment.

In the year before that, Gray modelled on runways and before cameras from Vancouver down to Los Angeles, stopping along the way to appear at Larry Flynt and Jenna Jameson autograph signings, and pose for high profile photographers Suze Randall and Mike Bisco. She finally appeared in the January 2004 issue of Hustler, and has been offered a pictorial in Penthouse magazine.

Her new site is powered on LiveCamNetwork 1.9, the software created last year by 2much Internet Services. “Now they’ve offered me the role of being their spokesmodel, promoting their software,” she says, not quite breathless.

Born on Valentine’s day, 24-year old Gray seems out to have fun, but with the apparent ability to turn it into business. She started walking the fashion runways for Canadian Lingerie giant La Vie En Rose when she was 19, but her career went into over drive (“The real fun started,” she says) when she went on vacation. “It just ended up as a 2 year stint in Australia as a bikini model, runway model and even exotic dancer. That was fun. I just can’t seem to get away from people with cameras!”

Gray saw the internet as a way to advance her career, but ran into the wrong people. “It was a bad experience with a modeling agency that created sites on the side,” Gray said. “He ripped me off.”

She looked into simple picture galleries or standard “celebrity” sites, but found the lack of involvement uninspiring. When she heard of broadband video streaming technology, she said, “I interviewed and saw demonstrations from 6 different companies. Each was worse than the one before. Lousy video, no audio and questionable experience. And remember, I just got out of a bad situation with a website. But 2Much’s software blew me away. They've been around since the beginning and have a great reputation.”

Gray says she’s considering the spokesperson job.

The model’s experiences with that LA model agency put her in contact with many other Top Model types, she said. “Which is what inspired the idea behind I wasn’t the only one who got burned by that agency. So we’re going to get together and feature all actual working photo models chatting online.”

Was the Hustler pictorial her farewell to the photo-model business? “Absolutely not! I’ll still be modelling, especially photography. I’m always traveling throughout the states and Canada for modeling work. It’s good for the site. It’s good content,” Gray said.

Saturday, July 10, 2004

LiveCamNetwork and 2much Ride The RSS Wagon

(Montreal) July 19, 2004 -- LiveCamNetwork 1.9 creator is preparing for the release of their video chat site upgrade by turning to RSS (Real Simple Syndication) to centralize their public relations efforts.

"It's giving me a break," said Greg Jones, in charge of Media and Communications at, who researched RSS for months before deciding to give it a go. "Now, instead of auto-submitting, which can be inappropriate, or manually submitting to the appropriate markets, most of the job is done via RSS."

RSS is a way to view headlines without having to download the entire article. "This way you, or an editor or news source, can have twenty headlines, with one-line descriptions, where there used to be an entire piece," said Jones.

At present, only iNternetSexNetwork is providing the RSS feed, "And that's mostly for our adult video chat clients," Jones said. "But one feed is all you need."

Like iSN, the sites involved will feature an icon or button with a link users click to view or subscribe to the channel. While an "RSS Reader" such as NewsGator or SharpReader will allow these feeds to be read, MyYahoo! users and Googlers can also read and subscribe directly through their browsers.

"Right now I've designed a site just for news content," Jones said, referring to iSN. "It's designed to help new sites get a little exposure, but especially to disseminate the news of"

Jones claims this will be necessary due to the release of LiveCamNetwork 2.0,'s live video chat site software, due out later this year.

"Last year, when we launched 1.9, we were not expecting the business it provoked," he said. is known for paying particular attention to customer support and product quality.

Geena Gekko of, a long-time customer of 2much, said, "I have yet to come across any other company that is as focused on customer satisfaction as they are... on continuously improving and enhancing their technology platforms and related services."

The company's productivity and client base doubled in the eight months following last year's upgrade, according to 2much CEO and founder Mark Prince, and he expects similar reaction to LiveCamNetwork 2.0.

"This time, we're ready," Prince said. "And not a small part of that will be using RSS to inform the media and industry."

Popular LiveCamNetwork Chat Hostess Gets Her Own Site

(Toronto) June 29, 2004 -- As one of the most popular performers on, Serena was getting more attention than the others on the network when she was on. Even when she wasn't. Customers asked about her in other chat rooms, sent her flowers, lingerie, sex toys, and more. " It was time to move on," Jen, webmistress of, said. "It was time for Serenacam."

Serenacam is also available for people who aren't necessarily web entrepreneurs, but still want to dip into that mythical flow of money coursing through the Internet. "We're offering a special buy-in package," said Mark Prince, president of 2much Internet Services. "That helps underwrite a site like Serenacam." calls it the LiveCamNetwork Affiliate Performance Program. "Basically, it's a tangible affiliate program that has nothing to do with Webmaster affiliate programs you see on sites all the time," said Prince.

Webmaster affiliate programs reward client referrals with a percentage of those customer's sales returning to the referrer. "Basically what I did was buy a part of the studio Serena works in," said one Affiliate who preferred to remain anonymous. "I don't want my name associated with the adult industry for professional reasons, so 2much is offering a perfect opportunity." created the LiveCamNetwork 1.9 software platform Serenacam and dozens other sites run on. Prince prides himself that they run no spam, popup or popunder advertising and severely reprimand anyone who ignores this policy.

For more information on the Affiliate Performance Program, e-mail

Friday, July 09, 2004 Updates Market Strategy

(Montreal) June 28, 2004 -- 2much Internet Services is planning a significant change in marketing strategy over the coming months with the advent of its LiveCamNetwork 2.0 video chat-site software package upgrade.

"Less emphasis is going to be placed on the company and more on the company's product," stated Greg Jones, in charge of Media and Communications. "Especially now that we are offering different buy-in options to meet the growing interest in Internet commerce."

LiveCamNetwork 1.9 is a software package intended for Internet entrepreneurs ready to exploit the possibilities of an on-line, charge-per-minute, live video streaming website. websites are also available for sale as units to newcomers unfamiliar with the web who nonetheless want a taste of e-business.

Jones cites explosive growth in sales and productivity since the October 2003 release of LiveCamNetwork 1.9 as a reason for the change in marketing. "I think the release of version 2.0 is going to have a similar impact on the present state of affairs," he said. "Originally, the emphasis on the company was a result of the uniqueness of the package. Consumers weren't aware of what we had. We offer everything a revenue-generating live video website needs. No one knew they could look for everything in one package. Now that's profile has grown thanks to 1.9, we can push the company to the back of the shelf and show off the product."

The company plans to stake an even larger claim of the market this year. "It's almost inevitable," said Mark Prince, founder and CEO. "It's something no one else is offering, and IT is reclaiming a foothold in the economy in 2004."

Slated for release one year after its predecessor, LiveCamNetwork 2.0 will apparently be more than an upgrade. "The difference will be felt at the tips of people's fingers. They thought 1.9 was a smooth, powerful machine. But it's a clunking Frankenstein compared to LiveCamNetwork 2.0," said Prince. "The difference is in the approach. We're not just plugging in here and there. Or fine tuning this or that process. The program is being entirely rewritten to be a lean, mean streaming machine."

"Technology is catching up with what our software can do, " said Jones. "LCN 2.0 will leave 1.9 eating dust. Our goals, especially on the technological side, are finally attainable."

Examples of's work can be found at United Psychics, a more mainstream example of the software, and, it's model adult site.

Sultry.TV Online And Webcasting Live Video Chat

(Cyberspace) May 29, 2004 -- Video sex chat site Sultry.TV, besides its unusual extension, has ambitions beyond the pale of its competitors. "We want to explode the template," said webmaster Sidney Zombay. "Just not do and present things the way most sites do. Even sites on the LiveCamNetwork."

Sultry was built on the LiveCamNetwork 1.9 platform released in 2003 by

Sultry.TV is offering hidden contests on the site, as well as free Private video chat minute giveaways on site listings throughout the web, and is planning a commercial on late night television.

"But whoa, you know," said Zombay. "We gots lots to talk about first. You know there's fabulous women on sultry, trained chat hostesses. Some of the best I've ever seen. I'd like people to pay attention to them first, before all the flash and sparkle. Good customers will get the goodies, though."

Currently, Sultry.TV is building a studio set up, so chat hostesses interested in working for the site should sign up from home or another studio. "I'll be online to give them some pointers and help them turn visitors into paying clients," Zombay said. "All they have to do is go to the site and find the link that says 'join the cast'."

LiveCamNetwork.Com Nominated For Best Adult Award

(Toronto) June 30, 2004 -- The self-proclaimed "coolest little adult chat site on the web" just got a little hotter: it could be awarded the Best Amateurs site during the Best Adult Awards ceremony at this year's Qwebec Expo. is a video chat site that features, unlike many such sites, a roster of its own chat hostesses working from clean, well-lit studios. "We're aiming to make up in quality what we don't offer in quantity," said webmistress Jen. "And we always have fun, sexy girls on. Not thousands, not like those other places, just a dozen of what I think the awards will justify us in saying are the best darned chat hostesses on the net."

"That's great, incredible," said Office Gnome, the site's Studio Manager. "If we win it would do a lot for us in terms of exposure. And what an ego boost!"

Office Gnome also trains the hostesses, teaching them as much what not to do as what makes a good chat hostess. "It's a personality thing. On iFriends, you can't be yourself. Those chat farms usually have a performer sitting in front of four or five computers. We have full video and audio, and we're on a network that brings visitors to the model. So talk and appearance are very important."

And who will have to prepare an acceptance speech? "Oh, who knows at this point? This is on September 4th," said Office Gnome. "When we win it'll be a shared award. Every one of these chat hostesses is partly responsible for making us what we are."