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Sunday, August 29, 2004 Announces Fall Line-Up

(Toronto) September 1, 2004 - Studio manager at, Office Gnome has settled on her chat hostesses for the coming pre-glacial months of early winter.

While Office Gnome has been hard at work dealing with schedules, interviews and trainings, webmistress Jen has been dealing with additional stress the end of summer usually announces.

"First, we've been nominated for a Best Adult Award at the Qwebec Expo this year," she said. "And we've been busy with some promotional stuff. But luckily the people at 2much have been very helpful in that."

Then there's the end of vacations and summer jobs -- which means a resurgence in regular traffic and sales, the need for more photo shoots and updating content more regularly. "It's true there's a reduction in traffic over the summer months. But the main reason for not being so busy with the site is another form of business -- conventions, industry gatherings and the big schmooze," she added.

Mainly, LiveCamNetwork features all the content users demand with its Live Video Sex Chat -- "Anything else is a distraction," claims Jen. "But we're planning a few surprises over the next few months that will not only help expose LiveCamNetwork but increase the chat hostesses' popularity. It's original, believe me."

The roster for this fall on LiveCamNetwork will feature not only performers well known to regular and casual surfers such as Serena, Deja, and Rachel -- and recent arrivals from the summer such as Ava, Vienna, Betty or Chantal -- but also a fresh line-up with the likes of Laurelle, Miel (French for "Honey"), BabyBrea, and Melody.

"Most are already scheduled and online regularly, " Jen said, adding that schedules can be consulted on the site.


Tuesday, August 17, 2004 Takes Terms Of Service Seriously

(Montreal) August 16, 2004 - In a recent and controversial move, pulled the plug on one of its adult video chat sites in order to evoke a response from its webmaster.

Mark Prince, founder and CEO of 2much said, "I was too trusting. We were supposed to have a terms of service agreement signed long ago. But they kept putting it off. And the alarm bells didn’t start until someone at 2much started looking into it."

According to 2much Media & Communications’ Greg Jones, “What we didn’t know was the site in question was breaking every term in the agreement, every rule in the book.”

From spam to extreme false advertisement, non-disclosure of revenue and non-payment of fees, as well as fraudulent affiliate programs and misrepresentation to customers, Jones claims, “they flat-out refused to pay their affiliates. They thought they could get away with it as long as they didn’t sign the contract, I guess.”

2much has been in the adult internet business since 1997, Prince said. "We know first-hand the value of affiliates and webmasters, and making sure they're paid on time every time. "

Jones came across suspiciously large amounts of traffic for the site, as well as photos featuring one of the chat hostesses from, another 2much site.

“LiveCamNetwork is our model site, the one we use to exemplify the software to potential customers,” said Prince. “So of course I would have known about their acquiring rights to the photos.”

It didn’t take long before Jones and Prince discovered the rest.

“We stopped their billing, first,” Jones said. “Issued a cease and desist, and were ignored.”

2much, which also hosts its clientele, shut down the site.

“Basically we’re not talking more about it because we’re considering legal action,” said Prince.

Jones added, “We’re not competing with the big guys like iFriends on their level. We have to deal in quality as much for our services as our video and audio streams. It’s that simple. If there’s a flaw there, then we don’t live up to our own standards.”

2much has also emphasized its commitment to dealing only with service providers, such as CCBill and MCI, which agree with their terms of service.

“We look out for the end-users, the customers of our customers,” Prince ended by saying. “The consumer is the one who suffers the consequences of unethical business in the end. It’s happened to everyone, right? I want to ensure we’re a success by making sure people get what they pay for.”


Sunday, August 15, 2004

Internext Spared By The Forces Above

(Hollywood, FL) August 15, 2004 - Like a slap on both Ashcroft’s cheeks and a sign from God, Tropical Storm Bonnie and Hurricane Charley entirely side-stepped the Internext Internet Expo and vented their wrath everywhere else in the area. president Mark Prince was there when Hollywood and the Internext saw the worst of Bonnie. "It missed us completely," he said.

Thursday evening, various “appreciation” parties let the celebrants from and out into middle-of-the-night gales which, of course, inspired inebriated hotel clients (apparently not affiliated with the convention) to throw furniture from the balconies into the wind, as Prince and company employees watched in disbelief from the pool where they were skinny dipping.

The following day, Friday the 13th and first official night of the expo, while churches and post offices were getting their roofs torn off elsewhere, Internext revelers were attending one of the more anticipated events of the Expo, Cirque Du Noir.

Cirque Du Noir, from the dark imaginations at Azure Entertainment Group, featured performances from well known Goth bands on two stages punctuated by eruptions of fire magic, stilt walkers, on-site creative body piercing, dancers, and spontaneous controlled fetish events. The evening was crowned by the "Theatre de Vampyres". owner Mark Prince described it as, “Very dark and gothic. Dark industrial techno music. They had pulling, where they hauled people off the floor with iron hooks through the meat of their backs, and blood letting, and these leather naked chicks with bat wings dancing in strobe lights. It was like a scene from the movie Blade"

LiveCamNetwork's Goth Seductress, Violet, was particularly excited, until she encountered the thing that looked like a monstrous, mutant rabbit. "It was really disturbing," said Prince. "I couldn't even describe it."

The weather relatively subdued, the "2much posse" ended their night with 4:00am nightcaps, swimming and hottubbing to watch the sunrise, before sleep and another noon wakeup for the convention floor.

Friday, August 13, 2004 Hits The Internext

(HOLLYWOOD, FL) August 13, 2004 -- Despite heightened terrorist alerts and hurricane paths, is on the scene at the Internext Internet Expo, where they'll be meeting up with clients from Sultry.TV, RX9, LiveBabes.TV, HotOhioGirls and other dot-coms for the event.

Along for the ride from will be company president Mark Prince, Studio Manager and chat hostess trainer Office Gnome, as well as Violet and Serena, two popular models from, the 2much flagship site.

Keeping pace from Montreal is the film crew of a well-respected documentary production company. They're following what they call the "2much posse" from chat room to board room to expo for the purposes of a series which will air on national television early next year.

Although at last report it was too early to see what effect Hurricane Charley and Tropical Storm Bonnie combined would have on south eastern coast of Florida, the extended floodwatch for Broward, Miami-Dade and Palm Beach counties remains in effect until Saturday morning.

The Internext gathering more than took it in stride, with early arrivals sauntering about the grounds of the Westin Diplomat Hotel, where the expo is being held, schmoozing and attending sponsor- and exhibitor- appreciation parties.

"Actually, we went skinny dipping in hurricane weather last night," said Prince. "And today the pool had waves as big as the surf."

Former chat-hostess and studio performance expert Office Gnome held an informal meeting with various site operators and owners, "which went very well," commented Prince. The purpose of the group was to learn some of the techniques and trade secrets Office Gnome has engineered to develop arguably the most successful roster of chat hostesses on the internet.

"Of course, we're not giving everything away," said Prince. "Just a few pointers, to help our growing network."

The 2much Team, along with attendees from other client-sites, are in Florida for the duration of the Internext Expo.

Stay tuned for further dispatches from the front.


Monday, August 09, 2004 Creates "Chick Chat" Show

(Montreal) August6, 2004 -- Adult video chat site creator is getting into the web-television game with a show focused on chat hostesses. "2Much Chick Chat" features performers from sitting around and talking about their work.

The format features no "host", talk-show conventions or viewer prompts. "The idea is to feel as though you're dropping in on them in mid-conversation," said show director Greg Jones, also in charge of Media and Communications. "As often happens when you go by the chill-area, where the show was shot, actually. This is where they relax before or after work. And talk. I just turned the cameras on them."

Although "2much Chick Chat" has not been officially debuted, the company felt compelled to issue a press release because an initial test generated too much interest.

"We were running the show for a big website where we want the first show to debut," said Mark Prince, founder and CEO of "And because the show's title page appeared on's main page, as well as the first webisode itself for about ten minutes, so a few people got to see it."

LiveCamNetwork is a BAA-nominated site and has been online for over four years.

This "beta" preview actually went badly because the stream broke up for the intended audience, an undisclosed company's marketing department who were to decide whether to carry the show or not.

"That decision has been put off until we do another demo-run," said Jones. "Meanwhile, a handful of regulars and surfers to LiveCamNetwork watched. And word got around. I don't understand but I'm happy for all the attention."

Prince added, "In addition to email from curious users and calls from webmasters, we even got a request to interview the performers of the show from an on-line magazine."

The show's public audience is intended to be the trinity of online-chatting: the webmasters, the users and "The most important part of the equation," Jones said. "What brings them together -- the chat hostesses. When you video chat online, it's more than plain porn. It's a relationship. Users and webmasters both can tend to forget the human element of the content here."

2much states the purpose of the show is to sensitize users who surf into chat rooms demanding "tits & ass" as well as educating webmasters as to what makes chat hostesses successful and happy with their work.

Starring popular LiveCamNetwork chat hostesses Leila, Rachel and new-comer Laurelle("punintentional there" Jones said) as well as a strangely masked mystery guest, the first show features text-bubble "blip-verts" or info-bites, commercials and a variety of editing and camera techniques.

"2much Chick Chat" will be announcing its schedule soon. Meanwhile, ten-minute previews are online at iNternetSexNetwork.