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Thursday, September 30, 2004

Live Video Chat Meets Talk Radio

(Florida) September 30, 2004 -- It's 10:30 at night and Deja is live from a group sex chat room on and on KSEXRADIO.

Deja, who is featured poster girl in's new marketing campaign, is a live video chat hostess who not only types but... talks. She's part of a new breed of chat hostess who, given the state of the art in video and audio streaming art, are coming to you live as more than a series of still shots simulating movement. They're sex-casters, who talk and cajole, seduce and develop virtual relationships with their visitors and clients to the site they're on.

"There's room for improvement in this technology always," said Mark Prince, founder of and creator of LiveCamNetwork 1.9, the software platform that powers XRVideo. "But this has been here for a few years. Our clients were select because the hardware wasn't popular and it was too expensive. Now, half of the public has broadband or cable connections and it's time they took advantage of it."

The technology, typically, has evolved on the adult industry forefront. "Porn is the segment of the net that constantly pushes the envelope," Prince has said. "Even though there's a stigma to being affiliated with the adult sector, there's an element of satisfaction knowing that you contribute to the advancement of big mainstream sites."

While many established sites that have been around for years can feature a wide variety of thousands of chat hostesses, XRVideo and other sites, "will choose quality over quantity every time," said Prince.

Deja's schedule can be consulted at

Sunday, September 19, 2004 Breaks Down The Walls

(Toronto) September 16, 2004 -, 2004 BAA nominee live video chat site, announced it is expanding its roster of superlative chat hostesses and adding studios to accomodate a full schedule.

The walls are being taken down between the adjoining loft space and LiveCamNetwork Studios to build new, fully equipped studios. Part of the reason for the investment, says president Mark Prince, is quality., whose flagship site is, creates adult video chat sites that feature not only full audio and video streaming feeds but a ready-made, instantly available live-content database.

"We want to improve the quality of the MBase by introducing what we consider to be quality chat hostesses," he said. "Right now, anyone and everyone can sign up with one of our sites and chat. But pretty soon we're going to be getting more selective. The only performers available on MBase will be those who do things right."

Doing things right means getting their chat hostesses to talk and respond with their chat room visitors without hiding their faces or turning off the sound.

"Interactive video chat means just that. Chat, live, video and audio, see and hear," said Greg Jones, Media and Communications. "So basically these models who don't want to be involved in their work or show disrespect and contempt for the visitor to their chat room by ignoring him, not talking or showing a weird angle of her left shoulder and keyboard, we're not going to share into the MBase."

Many chat hostesses tend to log onto different chat systems in an effort to maximize their profits. "The result of this, of course, is your models will ignore one site for another" said Sidney Zombay of iSN News (, a site which specializes in news about the live video chat sector. "You can't divide your time like that."

According to technicians at both sites, video streaming at 2-4 frames per second on several different sites at once can slow down a stream even further. "Actually, it can basically freeze the video," said Chili Concarne of "And with a fast stream like ours [ streams out to users at 15 fps] that means we lose quality and speed. We look just like any other site out there."

"We just won't tolerate that low quality anymore," said Geena Gekko, of "Firstly it makes us look bad, and secondly it drags us down to a lowest common denominator level."

Jones claims sites are striving to bring live video chat into its own. "We're basically fighting the general state of the art to try and market the actual state of the art," he says. "The technology is there. We just want models and webmasters to realize how good their stream can be."


Thursday, September 09, 2004

2004 Best Adult Award Winners

(Cyberspace) September 8, 2004 - The Best Adult Awards' Michel Plante deserves an award of his own for singlehandedly engineering a small but robust first tradeshow with the Qwebec Expo, as well as the very first online adult award ceremony.

Though not everyone showed to accept awards last Saturday, Sept 4th (the competition was, er, stiff and of course suffered from Internext post-coitus), the sleek etched-glass trophies were amiably accepted by other attendees on behalf of their web-brethren.

The slick production included a big video screen depicting on-stage action, nominee and winner video clips, as well as DJ Franco Fabi cuing mood and transition tunes, and live band Zone 51 jumping in when winners were announced.

Presenters included Eric from, Howard and Norton from, Platinum Adam from and MediaGuy from, among many others.

Plante reserved a "very personal" Hall of Fame award for photographer JFK of Fubar Webmasters Adventures for the climax of the show, while starting off with the Best Single Amateur Site, awarded to, from LightspeedCash, which had to contend against an incredible 35 nominees.

In between were multiple award winners (PlatinumBucks in three categories, in two), a fair selection of niche categories (winners include:,,, and a pleasant surprise or two, such as a Best Free Site category ( from JaBooters) or Klixxx Publication being awarded Adult Company of the Year.

An interesting factoid about the nominees in the Best Foreign Language Site category is they were all French. Factoid #2? The winner was, based in the province of Quebec -- hardly foreign to many of the judges and attendees, but deserving nonetheless for last year's media buzz around its pornification of American Idol-type programming.

In the end, unlike adult awards which present as many if not more offline than online categories, the Best Adult Awards was a study in and drawing together of disparate elements of the Adult Internet business, in its own way a great equalizer which, in the words of's Emanuelle, "Brings people together like nothing before."

Up-and-coming videographers rubbed elbows with experienced photographers, starry-eyed starlets rubbed other parts with experienced porn stars, and little website guys got to meet Big-time website guys and learn that they, too, could be there one day -- because everyone was just as down to earth as the next one, and that, as James Garner said once on "The Rockford Files", the nomination really is the award.

For a full list of the nominees and winners, see the BAA site at


Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Qwebec Expo A Hit

(Quebec) September 6, 2004 – It was a flurry of traded business cards and appointments, shaken hands, expert seminars, and snapped photos and g-strings. It was an adult tradeshow. It was the first Qwebec Expo.

But the heart of the Expo, Michel Plante’s brainchild and labor of love, was the Best Adult Awards. Created to honor the Best Adult Webmasters and Websites, the ceremony was literally held together by Plante, who is also CEO of Plante’s sweat and dedication were in evidence from beginning to end.

Though the beginning of the Saturday, September 4th show was a little shaky, what with the display on-screen not quite matching the nominees being listed off by presenter Eric of, it was soon fixed and the rest went smoothly. Part of the fun came from presenters being called from among audience-members to read out nominees and present awards in a display of communal camaraderie and support at flubs and unrehearsed jokes.

Together, hosts Malezia and Chuck V, she with her stunning looks and he with his smooth demeanor, as well as DJ Franco Fabi and live rock band Zone 51, elevated the show to a professional sheen and pace. founder Mark Prince, one of the show sponsors and nominees, was there. “It wasn’t a huge expo,” he said. “But because the Internext just happened and Labour Day weekend is upon us, the Expo came off amazingly well, against rough odds. Michel did an incredible job. And it was very productive. It’s going to happen again, and become an important show.”

Though Plante has said there will be another BAA next year, it is still too early to announce the date. A full list of Best Adult Award winners , which was also sponsored by TAG Network, EarnCoin and YNOT Masters, is expected shortly.


Wednesday, September 01, 2004 Sponsors Best Adult Awards

(Quebec City) September 2, 2004 - The crew from and are heading down to old Quebec City for the Qwebec Expo this labour day weekend, where the live adult video chat site is nominated in the Best Amateur Site category of the Best Adult Awards.

While LiveCamNetwork is nominated, is sponsoring the event as well as hosting a seminar entitled "Webcam Sites & Models Management", with boss Mark Prince and Media and Communications Greg Jones on the podium.

Following them will be the crew from another company: award winnning Galafilm Inc. is shooting a "docu-soap" about the online adult industry as viewed through the world of and other sites and personalities.

"They're also following Dugmor from JoinRightNow and Emanuelle, the NaughtyNiche girl," said Jones.

Jones, Dugmor and Emanuelle are also judges for the Best Adult Awards show, which honours the best in online adult websites and personalities.

Galafilm, which won multiple Emmy and Gemini awards with last year's "Cirque Du Soleil: Fire Within" docu-soap, hopes to recreate the tension and reality drama of that series with this production, tentatively titled "Web Dreams"