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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Halloween Ball Is A Webmaster Gathering in Disguise

CORRECTION: this event has
been rescheduled to begin at 10:00pm; open bar consists of a $20
admission fee; iSN regrets the error.

(Montreal) October 21, 2004 – tried to organize their regular annual Halloween office-party this year, but to no avail. Against all expectations, the office gathering turned into a Montreal Adult industry mini-event.

“The main reason is we couldn’t hold it at our offices, since 2much is under renovation,” said organizer Greg Jones. “So we decided to hold it at a club. Since there was more room, we could invite some clients.”

As word got around, webmasters and others in the online porn business started calling the offices at 2much. “I didn’t have a choice. I turned it into a general call to the community,” Jones said. “It was going to be big anyhow. I only started sending out invitations by email two weeks before.”

Jones also said that many big online adult companies are situated in Montreal, “But you wouldn’t know it from the sites. I had to go to the Qwebec Expo to discover BrainCash was almost a neighbour of 2much, among other big players.”

Other big players include GammaCash,,, TAG Networkand NaughtyNiche, some of whom are co-sponsoring the event.
“My worry now,” Jones said. “Is that it won’t be big enough. We have our own private room and open bar, we’re putting up sponsor banners, but the thing snowballed so late that maybe we've got overload.”

As of last report over 100 guests were expected at the event, a masquerade party Jones has dubbed, “The 2much ‘Les Masques de la Nuit’ Halloween Ball”, and which will be held at Montreal’s Club 1234 on Thursday, October 28th, starting at 8:00 pm.

Jones said the Masks are important. “Galafilm is shooting a documentary series about the Montreal adult industry, and following many of us around,” he said. “Naturally they’re going to be all over this. So we’re inviting everyone to come in costume and masked – that way everyone can be covered by the film crews and not have to sign model releases if they don’t want to. Or get their faces smudged out in post-production.”

Jones, who is issuing an open invitation to everyone in the industry in Montreal, can be reached at the offices or by e-mail:


Thursday, October 07, 2004

CBC Profiles Webcam Girl's "First Time"

(Toronto) October 4, 2004 - Live video chat hostess Miel (French for Honey) sits nervously on the couch in the chill-room, while technicians around her adjust lights and sound levels.

She’s going on camera for "My First Time", a documentary produced by ORBI-XXI for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, profiling "how pornography and its ever growing presence affect the way young Canadians have their first sexual relation". founder Mark Prince, who started four years ago, referred the CBC to his old site when they called asking to contact someone willing to appear on national television about her job: adult chat hostessing.

"Not everyone is willing," explained Prince. "These aren't porn professionals trying to launch a career in the industry. They're someone's 'girl next door', like Miel herself: a student who heard about the work and finally responded to an ad in a local paper."

Jen, webmistress of, said, "2much has been getting lots of media attention lately. With Galafilm following them all year, and the Internext, they really have a lot on their plate," she said. "So I don't mind helping out. This is obviously a good thing for our site, anyhow. And 2much has always helped us out."

The mainstream media's newfound curiousity is generally considered a healthy sign by the adult industry. "But don't expect us to say yes to everyone," said Jen.

2much Media and Communications director Greg Jones concurred. “We’re careful to check interviewer’s attitudes at the door. If the program isn’t open-minded or at least biased in our favor, we’re not interested. The industry and its workers don't need to be further stigmatized or marginalized."

The one-hour documentary, produced my Montreal's ORBI-XXI, will not focus on the industry exclusively, however. According to the company press release, "testimonies from... teens, experts, adults and retired people," will be charted in order to "cross the bridge between generations so a real dialog can take place."

Hosted by respected tele-journalist Alain Gravel of the French Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (SRC-CBC), "The First Time" will air in February next year on RDI, CBC and CBC Newsworld.


Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Emmy-Award Winner Galafilm Chronicles Online Adult Industry

(Montreal) September 30, 2004 – Montreal-based Galafilm Inc. has announced production of the Showcase Original documentary series Webdreams.

The eight-part series enters the labyrinth of the Internet adult entertainment industry by following a diverse cast of online entrepreneurs based in Montreal, one of the largest production centres in North America. From those who have created a small business using a home computer and a webcam to the high flyers who travel the world marketing and producing material for their websites, Webdreams follows a unique cast of characters who live their lives -- even the private parts -- on a very public electronic playing field.

One of the featured cast members is actually a group, from Montreal's and it's flagship site, Toronto-based The "team" combines both ends of the industry's spectrum, from webcam chat hostesses to company-sponsored tradeshow delegations in Florida, Quebec and Las Vegas.

Also featured as recurring characters are's Dugmor, performer Malezia, and NaughtyNiche's Emanuelle, among others.

Each half-hour episode streams in and out of the personal and professional lives of these individuals. They all share the goal of making it big in the world of adult entertainment," said a Galafilm spokesman. "But how far are they willing to go to achieve their cyber-sex goals? How far will they take their personas? And at what expense to their regular lives, offline?"

Galafilm producer Michael Kronish said, "We're getting a chance to see a first-hand account of these people who have chosen to make their sex lives available to the online community. The rift between their public and private lives is fascinating."

Executive Producer Arnie Gelbart oversees the production of the "docu-soap" with series director Ziad Touma, while Touma and Joshua Dorsey direct on location. LiveCamNetwork's webmistress Jen, who declined being part of the project for private reasons but watched as the crew followed her chat hostesses online and offline, said, "They were discrete and non-intrusive. You jumped when you didn't expect them at first, but it wasn't too long that they sort of faded into the background. And Ziad is very understanding, non judgemental."

"Webdreams" is produced in association with Showcase and is slated for broadcast in 2005. Principal photography continues in Montreal, New York and various cities in North America and Europe until November this year.

Galafilm, based in Montreal, is responsible notably for the Emmy-award winning CIRQUE DU SOLEIL FIRE WITHIN documentary series, which followed the creation of a new Cirque du Soleil production last year., known for their LiveCamNetwork 1.9 live video chat solution, JoinRightNow and NaughtyNiche have been followed by the "Webdreams" cameras from Montreal to Florida to Quebec and back since as early as last year.