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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Revenge of the BBW

From ZombiePorn, a column by Sid Zombay

Kirstie Alley is about to do for porn what Madonna did a few years ago.

BBW love and the public profile of BBWs is about to go through the roof, much like leather, bondage, tattoos and piercings sizzled across the gap between Alternative and Mainstream around the time of the Cicconne Epiphany.

She was one of the smartest, sexiest women icons on the tube. A boss-lady with sexy gams and a hand-hug waist who took no shit and gave where it needed giving.

Then Kirstie Alley got fat. Everywhere she went, her photo was taken and tabloids published only the most face-squished sun-bleared, half-eyed grimaces she made, annoyed by their presence. Until recently.

Taking a page from the No Publicity is Bad Publicity handbook, Alley took to turning full-on to face papparazzi and give them the finger. Laughing.

What happened was she got a great idea, and kept it a secret, and made them come after her. She must have made more magazine covers than younger, thinner stars, as she turned the Hollywood hate machine on itself. Because she came up with a t.v. show called fat actress.

In the mould of the reality comedy mode, but with seriously brilliant fuck-you attitude, the show manages to be a shameless Hollywood gimmick as well as the shameless self-revelation of a woman who has to deal with the youth and beauty industry cults. In the process of spoofing Hollywood, Alley even subverts the very notion of what is and isn't "appropriate" to laugh at.

Alley's adverts and credit sequence for fat actress feature her fully made-up in curve-hugging dresses moving, dancing, acting coy and sexy and beautiful.

And confident.

Note that the show is NOT called "Ugly Actress". It's about a BBW, baby.

The BBW niche, which was a soft, undermarketted sub-niche until very recently, will never be the same again.

From now on it's going to be OK to love Big Beautiful Women. More than OK. It's going to be normal, the way coming out or piercing your nipple is normal. Or much more, perhaps as normal and as much of a "standard" as skinny chicks are now. Plump women maybe return to the status they enjoyed for hundreds of years, from Earth Goddess types to Renaissance Painting porn, before societal biases squeezed big fat charms into a cultural closet.

And that will be good. The (North) American Psyche needs all the healing and balming it can get right now. After 9-11, George W. Bush, Columbinesque massacres, the relentless guilt inducement of doctors, nutrionists and filmmakers everywhere proclaiming the shame of the tv/fast food diet, something had to give. And it certainly wasn't going to be Donald the Burger Pimp.

The guilt and shame of our fatness and our lust will implode over the coming year, and the twain shall cease to exist in their present form. And by the time Alley gets skinny again (come on, like she won't) it might be too late for the BBW niche - it will swell and spike, then take a dive and could lose much value. As a market.

But oh, those beaches in summer...


Monday, December 20, 2004

iSN News Blogs On Its Own Way

(CyberBlog) December 2004 - Due to the changing nature of the original iSN News feed, which is becoming less LiveCamNetwork-centric and publishing newsreleases from a variety of sources all concerned with live video chat, the iSN News blog has become the iSN NewsBlog. Here will things remain 2much-centric, although general musings, postings, really cool stuff and other knick knacks such as Sid Zombay's ZombiePorn column will surface.

And perforce the nature of live video chat news here and at iSN News will remain adult, xxx or what-have-you because this business is at the forefront of all internet technological and marketing strategies.

If readers have comments or wish to direct my attention to non-adult sources of live streaming video and audio feeds, feel free to do so. We have no prejudices in that direction, and anything new or advanced introduced to the adult sector usually gets hopped up, tweaked and perfected before being set aside for the next better thing.

In other words the content of the blog, and the RSS and Atom feeds, as well as the iSN News site itself, will no longer parallel each other. All things must grow, evolve and change, or they atrophy. And the Live Video Chat business, market and technology are advancing in leaps in bounds.

Some news to look out for at the site soon are rumours of a video chat site featuring some big names in porn, top-ten lists, and updates on the cyber-sabotage recently suffered by 2much.

For the rest, who knows? For the best, one hopes.

If anyone has observations, views, reviews and any other kind of input, please feel free to submit it via this blog, or the various contact points available at iSN News.

For the iSN News RSS feed for your readers, click on this:

For Atom:

For extras, go to the site.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, forgive me if I miss your holiday or Holy Day. Please remember this is meant to be the "together" time of the year. So Deities bless you all, love fill your days and nights, and may you all find happiness in any darkness that comes along.


Friday, December 10, 2004

God Loves Porn

(from ZombiePorn, a new column by Sid Zombay)

It was a summer of Hurricanes, tornadoes, Papal trips and the Declaration of War on Porn. Even though John Ashcroft sang for Eagles and covered up statuary, child porn was unaffected by God's Government.

The signs were all there, while attempts to reign in porn with feigned-in anti-child-porn declarations failed, but St-John the Ashcroft, George "W for War" Bush and the boys did not see... The President held prayer meetings in Congress and St-John held up his unenforced statutes as needing revision, the world frowned as both claimed God Made 'em Do It. Go to war. Lie to the people. Fine CBS for that black woman's breast being shown to white children.

But while Bonnie and Charlie were ripping the roofs off churches and high schools all over the State of Florida, on a Friday the 13th, the whole of the porn industry gathered in the city called Hollywood at an event called the Black Circus and did the schmooze. And God spared them.

Hollywood FL was not spared later by Hurricane Frances and others which came along. Only when the porn people were there did the benevolent eye of the Creator not blink.

The Pope was at Lourdes that weekend. He was not healed. God is not in Government, and the crusaders should turn their swords to the real scourge: child abuse, which is not to be found on our naughty but consensual sites.

God let Bush and the Boys play for another four years to give them the chance to prove themselves ridiculous before all. Have faith, oh ye of porn persuasion. Know that they will come as thieves in the night, but the Supreme Court, though it hates you for a Plague on the Homeland, will protect your rights as it will your lefts, and strike down the so-called Protection which could even whittle their wood down to nothing.

See the signs. We are witness to divine approbation. God loves porn.


Wednesday, December 08, 2004 Launches Online Magazine

(Toronto) December 7, 2004 - A week after nearly becoming a cyber crime statistic, live video chat site has launched LCN Magazine, an e-zine.

"We added a BBS, when we were attacked by those code bombs and couldn't log on, so the customers and performers could stay in contact" said Jen, webmistress of "This really brought out the sense of community the chat hostesses and their visitors feel from coming to the site for months, if not years."

The webmistress, whose site is becoming increasingly popular, was aware of that "community feeling" but didn't know how strong it was.

"We've had posts on the BBS that mention the 'LCN Experience' and the sense of a 'second family'," Jen said. "LCN magazine is a chance to emphasize that bond, for the community to express itself, as any community will, given time," Jen said.

Besides featuring galleries of their most popular webcam girls, LCN Magazine also features performer profiles, "Babe News", and sex toy updates, and plans to solicit submissions and artwork by chat visitors and performers.

"LiveCamNetwork doesn't like referring to the chat hostesses as webcam girls," said Sid Zombay, the e-zine's editor. "Because of the technology. They're using home digital video cameras, which give a much better picture and colour."

Zombay says the magazine will not be taking on advertising. "We want to keep it hermetic, by the site of the site and for the site, for now."

Zombay, also editor of iSN News, plans to submit the link to various sites and directories, despite the fact that the e-zine resides as a subdomain of the main site. "Obviously I'd like it to generate interest in LiveCamNetwork itself. But I like to think of the e-zine as an independant site.", which powers and a growing number of adult video chat sites, has a longer-term vision and goal for its LiveCamNetwork 1.9 platform.

"Certainly we do it to make money. We're in business like anyone else," said Mark Prince, CEO and founder of LiveCamNetwork. "But we also do it to get our video and audio streaming standard out there on the net. The day someone comes out with live chat, with audio and video as good and secure as ours, will be the day we have to push ourselves even harder."

The state of the art of video chat on the net is behind the times, he claims. The internet has evolved and the accessibilty of DSL and Broadband connections as well. "There's no reason nowadays for sites to be running four frames per second, or j-peg push, technology," said Prince. "Even big sites and networks. They've grown comfortable and things have been working OK for them for years. They have no real reason to push themselves."

"But we're here to shake things up a little," added Zombay. "Contribute to the evolution of the dinosaurs."


Thursday, December 02, 2004 Blows Off Time Bombs

(Montreal) December 2, 2004 - has overcome the Time Bombs planted in the company's operating systems and are online again, a week earlier than anticipated.

The company, recently hit by cyber sabotage and theft of its proprietary live video chat software, thus resuscitated over 35 sites using the LiveCamNetwork 1.9 platform, introduced by 2much a little over a year ago.

Since the last week of November, 2much Programmers had been writing a temporary replacement of the module affected when the breakthrough occurred, late Monday night.

"It wasn't just time bombs in the software," said Mark Prince, owner of "Our server was being attacked from the outside by logic bombs. We managed to capture a signal and decode it, so now we know the source and our programmers have effectively blocked it."

When the attacks would start, chat hostesses across thirty-five sites were kicked off repeatedly, frustrating clients and performers alike. "We were pulling our hair trying to figure it out," said Prince.

Now that the company has blocked the attack, patched the receive codes and gone back online, they fully intend to prosecute, said 2much Media and Communications manager Greg Jones. "This crime affected almost forty companies across the net, hundreds of chat hostesses, over a hundred various employees, it cost us a lot in reputation."

The company's legal counsel noted the resilience of his client’s reputation. "This whole incident demonstrates that 2much has the financial and technical resources to withstand attacks of this kind, costly as they may be. Prospective as well as existing clients should feel secure with the knowledge that 2much has the ability to maintain its online business and that of its customers."

"Business first," said Jones. "Many people depend on us. We need to make these next few weeks count, especially before Christmas, and before we launch the new version." LiveCamNetwork 2.0 is the company's much anticipated upgrade to their video chat solution, about which the details are now very closely guarded.

"Marketing campaigns, traffic orders, an on-line magazine, and new chat site projects," said Prince. "There's a two week backlog to take care of, new chat hostesses to sign up, and the business of notifying everyone who couldn't work that their sites and chat rooms are back again."