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Wednesday, January 26, 2005 Links With In Traffic Deal

(Montreal) January 26, 2005 - Live video chat software creator announced today that it would be offering free, targeted pay-per-click traffic to new clients on their LiveCamNetwork 1.9 system.

2much and, finalized the deal today without disclosing details.

"This is for those who purchase the full, professional package," said Mark Prince, president and CEO of 2much. "'s traffic is looking specifically for what sites built on our platform offer. We want to demonstrate how well it converts."

The announcement also came on the threshold of the beta release of LiveCamNetwork 2.0, the company's long-awaited upgrade to the present version, due February 1st.

"The upgrade is also free for all new clients, so we're really extending ourselves to help fulfill our goal."

This goal, stated simply, is nothing short of imposing a new internet-wide standard for live video streaming.

Greg Jones, Media & Communications manager for, agreed and added, "The traffic is to not only bring quality conversions to our new clients, who often may not be as Internet-savvy as the next webmaster, but also to expose as many netizens and surfers as possible to the current state of the art of video streaming."

While LiveCamNetwork 1.9 operates around Windows Media Player 9 at 15 frames per second with audio, the software makers claim version 2.0 will push that limit to 20 fps and perhaps a little further.

"We're entering the realm of live television, here," said Jones.'s Brian Grabowski agrees with the company's position. "They have a great product, and it converts. The more 2much clients convert traffic sends their way, the more those webmasters will remember us when it comes time to freshen their PPC campaign."

The two companies' overt intentions to boost the traffic-to-profit cycle come just weeks after reports that North American Broadband and DSL connectivity to the net have surpassed the 50% mark, which has long been a barrier to effectively streaming high-end video.

"The barrier is gone," said Jones. "The market is there waiting for us to open these doors. So we want everyone to come in and see our chat rooms."


Tuesday, January 25, 2005

LiveCamNetwork As Art

(Montreal) January 25, 2005 - The girls of live video chat site will be featured in an upcoming exhibit by Montreal photographer Mia Donovan.

The exhibit, called "Stripped", will present a series of "lush, large-scale photographs of women who provide their body to the adult entertainment industry". Among those featured are Laurelle and poster girl Deja, as well as women from other facets of the sex business, from strippers to porn stars.

Donovan, whose work has been on the web as well as independant newspapers and print advertising, seeks to provide more than behind-the-scenes peeks into the trade by setting a counterpoint to the stereotyped images normally associated with the business by documenting the day-to-day reality.

The LiveCamNetwork chat hostesses were photographed over the summer of 2004 in a variety of work-oriented settings as part of a year-long project which reflects Donovan's continued interest in notions of sexual fantasy.

The exhibit opening will take place Saturday January 29, at 2:00 pm, and will run until March 19 at Montreal's Observatoire 4, located at 372 Ste. Catherine street west, gallery 426. Donovan herself will be present, though she will be meeting the public at the space on Saturday, March 5th, after the exposition will have had a chance to be seen.

Friday, January 21, 2005

Adult Online Community To Help Tsunami Victims.

In the interest of spreading the word as quickly as possible, we bring you this press release from CE Cash and AdultNetSurprise.

As it has done in the past, the adult online community is coming together to help those who desperately need help. The Asian Tsunami Disaster Auction has been created to help the victims of the disaster in South East Asia and they need our help.

The auction will be broadcast live January 24th at 12:00 p.m. Pacific Time (3:00pm EST) on YNOT Radio Network. Members of the adult community can help in a number of ways, from donating traffic to graphics and programming work, content, or anything of value to the industry. Help can also be offered by bidding on one or many of the items being offered.

Also, up for bid in the auction is a $1500 advertising package from Adult NetSurprise.

If you can not participate in the auction but still want to help, you can send donations to the American Red Cross address listed at As a sponsor of the event, we hope that you can help support the cause.

The address of the Asian Tsunami Disaster Charity Auction is

Booble Is One Year Old

Well January 20 is's Birthday, they've made it through a whole year unscathed. They managed to pop up out of nowhere, parody, and not get sued or crushed by Google's strangely humourless reaction to the sex-search-engine.

What follows is the Transcript of an interview with Bob Smart, who founded The article ariginally appeared in Klixxx webmaster magazine. If you aren't aware of the history of the Google - Booble conflict, I suggest you pop on over there and check out the whole thing.

iSN: So what happened? Booble completely overhauls its look and keeps mum, with no press release or announcement:

BOB: We recently made an agreement with the fine folks at Google, the terms of which cannot be disclosed. For this reason, there was no press release.

iSN: So can we say Booble won, Google lost? Or vice versa?

BOB: I can tell you two things.... First, the parody was getting kind of old. I think we got all the mileage we could out of it. Second, the audience has responded very well to the new design. Perhaps they were looking for something more than a parody. Anyway, we are quite satisfied with the outcome. Now, we can concentrate on making Booble great, and marketing it.

iSN: There was no pressure involved with the change?

BOB: We (through our attorney) had a good exchange of views. While we believe, and believed, that our parody was protected free speech, we also appreciated that Google didn't want us making fun of them. If anything, I think we had pressure going from our side.

iSN: So can we say Booble and Google are friends, now?

BOB: I really can't comment on the agreement, as I said. Friends would be putting it strongly, but we have an agreement and open lines of communication.

iSN: So how much bigger and better has Booble gotten since the days of Google's cease and desist writs?

BOB: We got a big spike when we launched. I think people were tickled by the parody... clearly the press was. After that, frankly, traffic settled way down, and since then we've steadily grown an audience interested in something more than the parody.

iSN: What were you expecting from Booble, initially?

BOB: Booble started as a bit of a lark, mainly an "in joke" for the staff and our friends, but it took off when the press, got wind of it. When Booble actually started to make money, we assigned someone to it full time. This webmaster handles the database, product development, and marketing of the site. That being said, the site is only modestly profitable. Really nothing, compared to our mainstream business.

iSN: So... what now?

BOB: We'd like to see Booble evolve into a truly useful resource, with a lot more traffic, and therefore revenue.

iSN: All talk of lawsuits, infringement, writs, and so on, have been dropped?

BOB: I really can't say anything about the terms of the agreement. We are happy to go forward with our website and business without the distraction of fighting.

iSN: Now that Booble's look is more serious and businesslike, does that mean your approach will be changing? Will you turn to a Booble-bot or spider for indexing, rather than wait for webmasters to submit?

BOB: No spiders. Everything is listed and indexed by hand. We offer free listings to webmasters, and since our site is highly rated by search engines, there are SEO benefits to sites we list.

iSN: I want to thank you for your time and answers, and for keeping the boobs in Booble.

BOB: Sure.


Monday, January 17, 2005

New ZombiePorn Column

Sidney Zombay has put out a new column called "I was an Internext Stuff Slut". As usual it can be seen at iSN News or in his own ZombiePorn Blog.

Check it out!

Monday, January 03, 2005 Interactive Sales Personnel At Internext

(Las Vegas) January 4, 2005 - After a recent period of tribulation, made it to the Las Vegas 2004 edition of the Internext Expo with their "interactive" sales team.

The company recently survived a serious cyber attack which left it virtually crippled for a full week before 2much programmers caught and identified the malicious code, allowing the software creator to begin complex and expensive judiciary procedures.

Due to this and various responsibilities to client operations and in-house projects, 2much president Mark Prince didn't know if he could spare the time and staff to head to the convention. Speaking dates were cancelled, as were conferences and meetings.

"One of the problems was the sudden, incredible loss of revenue because of what happened," said Greg Jones, 2much Media & Communications manager. "We recovered very quickly, all things considered," said Jones. "But we didn't know if we'd be able to make it to Vegas."

But once the reservations and tickets were confirmed, it was easy to re-gather the team. "Even though it was last minute," said Prince. "They were anxious to go."

"We actually made a sale before we even registered," said Jones. "Thanks to the enthusiasm of our newly formed advance sales team."

Along for the ride were Deja and Laurelle, two popular chat hostesses, who joined the effort at "educating" everyone in the company who was willing to help become a part of the Vegas-bound sales effort.

"My idea is for anyone in the company to get to learn the software, from both 2much and Not everyone got to go to Internext, but sooner or later they might," Prince said. "So it's a good idea for anyone to get involved. The more anyone in the company knows about our software, the better it is."

"It was also a general internet education. Things like PPC, conversion, bit rates and such, meant nothing to many of us until we underwent the training," said Laurelle.

"I think it's fabulous," Deja said of the Vegas experience. "It's a circus of attention and interaction. Very much what we're used to as chat hostesses on LiveCamNetwork. It's not every company that can count on their content to be effective sales people and delicious eye candy."

Laurelle and Deja have also been selected as's poster girls, appearing in print and online ads for the LiveCamNetwork 1.9 software in such publications as Klixxx Magazine.

"We wanted to get people who could get attention as well as furnish information," said Prince. "And we got that. Laurelle and Deja are far more easily approached than Greg, for example. He just didn't look as good in a dress."

However the chat hostesses turned sales representatives weren't just there to hand out business cards.

"We couldn't set up a booth, with the time we had," said Jones. "So we did the next best thing. We shopped. But with our cards always ready, since many people are as open to new ideas for their business as they are to selling their product, whatever it might be."

LiveCamNetwork 1.9 is a stand-alone complete live video chat solution developed by 2much over the last several years which has remained ahead of the curve on both the technology and application front.

The company is expected to have a booth at the next Internext Espo in Florida, when they'll have their new upgrade, the reportedly advanced version 2.0 of the LiveCamNetwork software.