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Thursday, February 24, 2005

CBC Radio Profiles Porn All Day

(Montreal) February 24, 2005 - CBC Radio will be featuring several Montreal online porn in a report focusing on the money and technology of the business.

The story will feature prominent Montreal companies such as 2much Internet Services ( and Cyber2000 (, as well as e-commerce lawyer Sunny Handa.

Mark Prince, president of, said he wasn't sure about the tone of the show. "The focus seems to be on the technology and the deal brokers behind the scenes. But that could be potraying the business in a negative light too."

CBC reporter and ex-producer in Washington of CBC Irak war coverage, Katherine Canty interviewed Prince and other personnel at length.

Canty also spoke with Chat Hostess Ava, of, the site that showcases the 2much live video chat software.

The various interviews and final cut of the show will air throughout Friday, February 25, on CBC Radio at 6, 7 and 8pm EST, on broadcasts such as World Report, Daybreak Montreal and The Current.

The full-length version will air on The World At 6 report, with hosts Bernie McNamee and Barbara Smith, on CBC radio at 6pm.

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Interesting News From Yahoo...

A little update on the "revenge of the BBW" piece published by Sid Zombay earlier:


"A partnership between search giant Yahoo and entertainment giant Showtime brings us the streaming of Kristie Alley's new comedy vehicle "Fat Actress". The web-cast begins March 7th, at the same time the show debuts on the Showtime network. Access to the debut episode will be open on Yahoo TV until March 12th."

Yahoo "TV"? Haven't even seen that in Beta!

Also the webpronews headline got their headline wrong, as originally it said: "Yahoo to Begin Streaming Live TV" - which ain't quite so. Streaming is streaming whether it's live or Memorex - and since "access to the debut" will be open on Yahoo for five days, I'd say that's memorexing and not live-ing...

Monday, February 14, 2005

OhLaLaVilla Launched At Last

(California) February 14, 2005 – After a long and sometimes difficult introduction to the online medium, unique live video chat and babes site,, has arrived.

Originally slated to be launched under another name early in 2004, the site was delayed, as webmaster David Snyder explains, by "incompetence and dishonesty we have met along the way."

When OhLaLaVilla owner Smilax, LLC found the live video chat solution created by, LiveCamNetwork 1.9, it seemed all was fine, with a new name and launch date set for December 1st last year.

"Then we got hit by the logic bombs and nobody could do business," said Media and Communications manager Greg Jones. "I felt bad, after all they went through before us."

The problems were soon fixed, however, and the Smilax team forged ahead with their ambitious project, headed by a reknowned photographer who prefers to remain nameless to allow the online project to make it on its own merits.

Snyder is confident OhLaLaVilla has the makings of a big hit. "This is elite-tier content produced with the highest quality available," he said.

Smilax, LLC's famous artist has worked for and with many of the industry's most recognized adult companies, such as Penthouse and Playboy, and boasts a portfolio that's graced most major magazines, the publication of best selling photo books, directing soft-core video and film productions, as well as creating calendars, posters and more. The Internet is the next logical step for an artist who has covered every pre-web medium available.

Rather than gamble on another big launch, OhLaLaVilla simply went online and presented the website to webmaster and surfing publics with little fanfare, confident in the fact that it's more than your average live video chat site. is a membership site offering over 11,000 young and mature picture sets and videos from the photographer’s extensive collection. While some of this material is familiar due to the fame and classic status of both art and artist, the live video chat hostesses on the site will also be featured in pictorials, offering original content not seen anywhere else online or offline.

While the video chat features free upsell rooms, members will have access to special webcasts. "We'll feature top models in photo-shoots live online," said Snyder. "It's not every day we can see world-class photographers and models in live video coverage showing them at work."

Naturally, once the bikinis and bathrobes drop, viewers will have to go to Group chat mode to see the end of the shoot. "It's only natural," said Snyder.

That the site's construct is different from basic cooker-cutter video chat plug-ins is obvious when you join as a member and find the "villa" map, where links allow you to view various live cams found in the studio, Jacuzzi, gym or bedrooms.

But Ohlalavilla’s also proud of the exclusive agreement signed with Abyss Creations to present the Real Doll, which will be featured in regular chat rooms as well as special appearances in the other chat locations in the “villa”.

"We'll have several 'guest' models every week, who will come for the day, most of them from Los Angeles, to play with the other models already on location”

All in all, the site seems to effectively embody the photographer's philosophy in digital form: "Through photographs, we can contain these women, tame them and keep them forever in images that give men the world's greatest pleasure - sexual fantasy."


Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Ashton Gray's Live Video Cash

(CyberSpace) February 9, 2005 - Top model and Hustler pin-up girl Ashton Gray has added an affiliate program to her live video chat site.

Ashton Gray's Live Ca$h was launched "Because of general demand," said Gray today.

Having spent most of the end of last year doing photo shoots with the likes of Suze Randall, Ron Harris and Jim Gianatsis, Gray claims to have made many new friends and contacts. "I had more than a couple people that I shot with who would like to know about my affiliate program," said Gray, laughing. "I didn't know what to tell them."

Gray is making inroads online as well as in print of late, with galleries appearing on the Ron Harris site, FreeOnes and, among many others.

Her association promoting, the Montreal company which created the software running had been on hold because of her busy schedule, she said, but she was soon on the phone to the company upon returning to her home in Canada.

"I'm really really not a techie," said the model. "But I'm not an idiot. When I did ask 2much to have an affiliate page done for me, I was ready with a bunch of banners I made myself. They aren't perfect, but I had to have something ready for them since they work so fast."

Ashton Gray will be chatting live in person on her site beginning today. Her schedule is posted on the site, and she'll be appearing regularly from now on. "Short of one small two day trip to Oregon for a shoot next week," she said.

The affiliate program on is paying out 25% for every minute any referral spends in pay chat with any performer on Gray's site. "And I don't pay just the minutes the customer spends in pay chat. Affiliates get paid ahead of time, before the customer even goes to private chat. So if he deposits $200 in his e-wallet, you get fifty bucks, even if he doesn't spend it all on the site for a month."