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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Vivid Twins From PCPeek Will Be On the Radio

Lacy and Lyndsey Love, The Love Twins recently-signed at Vivid Video, will be featured on a radio show called "Body Shots and Money Shots".

The date? April 19th. The network? I don't know. We're still waiting on the info, but it's supposed to be Internet radio.

Anybody know about the radio show and where to get it, let me know.

In case you don't know the Love Twins, they appear regularly on live video chat site PcPeek. Check out the schedule.


Thursday, March 24, 2005

New Video Sex Chat Sites Reviewed at iSN News

(Cyberspace) Cybertime, 2005 - iSN News has started reviews of live adult video chat sites. I've been told that, though they haven't announced it on the site yet, they would invite others to submit their sites for review.

For now they're sticking with new and older sites created by on their LiveCamNetwork 1.9 software.

Here's the link:


Tuesday, March 15, 2005

The Love Twin Storm Brewing At PCPeek

(Cyberspace) March 16, 2005 - Live video chat site has harbored a secret since February in the form of chat hostesses TwinFantasy, who are none other than Vivid Girls Lucy and Lindsey Love.

The pair, who are appearing in Genesis magazine this month, have been performing private live erotic shows and free-chatting at PCPeek since August last year, earning their way through school on the LiveCamNetwork 1.9 software that powers PCPeek.

"These girls were a great addition to the site," said PCPeek's webmaster. "And to their credit they didn't stop chatting on our site once they were signed with Vivid. They understand the value of networked appearances. This is healthy for everyone involved."

David Ross, talent coordinator at Blue Max Models, originally hired the twins to market their double-appeal and the fact that they could be found live online on a regular basis.

"Vivid has the twins' pre-recorded rights, and we run their live online appearances," stated Ross. The twins' schedule can be consulted at .

PcPeek boasts a high-end video and audio stream to feature the twins and all the models on their site. Mark Prince, founder and creator of the LiveCamNetwork software, has already begun consulting with the site to upgrade the quality of their feeds, and capitalize on the surge in traffic the site is expected to experience soon.

"We've had this happen before, but not often enough," Prince said. "Now, we're discovering hidden treasures in our roster of chat hostesses who are making it in the outside world as well. This will benefit everyone associated with the site, and I want to help make sure our platform is shown off at its best."

The twins have been garnering attention. Besides local and syndicated radio appearances and the Genesis magazine spreads, they'll be joining Carmen Electra's naked wrestling show in late May.

"We also managed to get them a regular column in Genesis magazine, as well as auditions for some upcoming Hollywood movies," says Ross.

But Ross's coup came when he got news that The Howard Stern Show wanted to feature Lucy and Lyndsey. Though no date has been set, April has been confirmed.

PCPeek invites webmasters to cash in on their high-end video streaming platform, and the Twins' impending mass celebrity status, by joining its affiliate program. The sign-up page can be found at .


Wednesday, March 09, 2005 Pays Out LifeTime Recurring 25%

(Toronto) March 8, 2005 - Live video chat site is offering webmasters a chance to cash in on their next-generation video chat platform to the tune of 25% of every minute every referral spends in pay chat with a performer on their site.

According to webmistress Jen, these payouts are immediate, even if the customer doesn't spend all his money in one session.

LiveCamNetwork, named after the software which powers the site, not only reports 1:65 conversions but a retention rate that goes beyond the 6 month average to an incredible 2 years.

"Actually, some of our customers have been with us since almost the site's inception," Jen said. "They have a communal feeling and are pretty much online buddies as well as very protective of their favorite chat hostesses." has been online for five years now and is one of the most successful independent live video chat sites on the internet.

The webmaster affiliate program can be found at .


Friday, March 04, 2005

Porn Stars Launch Live Video Chat Site

(Montreal) March 4, 2005 - Vivid girl Malezia is going live and online at starting Sunday, March 6th, when she'll be joined by Judy Starr for a live site-launch event.

The live video chat site was created by webmaster "Casey" on the LiveCamNetwork 1.9 platform, after the two porn stars signed on for regular scheduled appearances. The goal is to make the site an all-pornstar video chat forum.

Also signed up are other adult web starlets such as Patricia Petite (Share the Load), Kimberly Franklin (Deep Throat This) and up-and-coming performers such as Briana Devil.

Casey is also anxious to promote his affiliate programfor webmasters. “It’s time that this kind of site prove itself. The money to be made here is just huge.” president Mark Prince is glad to see high-profile clients like Malezia. "This will help generate traffic to our other sites, via our MBase shared talent pool, as well as help feature our live video chat solution."

Sites that 2much builds have full sound in all chat modes, from the free chat to group and private, one-on-one rooms. "Actually, we've been underplaying that aspect," admitted Prince. "What really makes our system different is the MBase, which is basically all our client-sites' models pooled together and made available on a share basis to all our other clients."

Theses other sites will thus be able to add Malezia and Starr to their roster of online chat hostesses and advertise the fact.

As a showcase for the 2much software, LivePornStarOnCam will use optimal technology for video chat. Rather than USB low-range cameras, the site's porn models will use digital video cams or better, as well as better-than-amateur lighting.

"So many chat hostesses use whatever happens to be on in the room," said Casey. "If the sun sets, the room darkens, or if the clouds move the image is overexposed."

Casey, who plans to write tutorials for chat hostesses, is also technical and esthetic consultant for the chat rooms.

"The models, being professional performers, will generally have above average appearance and technique as chatters," said Casey. "My job will be to make sure they're lit and framed right."

LivePornStarOnCam’s webmaster affiliate program is powered by CCBill. "We're going to generate the traffic and conversions necessary to make it a link no one would do without," said Casey. "We're launching big with Vivid girl Malezia and Judy Starr. And we've enlisted a few other porn stars we won't announce for a couple weeks yet who are going to drive traffic through the roof."

Malezia's schedule can be consulted at .