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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Live Pornstar Pajama Party

(Montreal) April 26, 2005 - Live Video Chat Site will be featuring a special pornstar pajama party and site launch with Vivid girl Lanny Barby and a few friends.

Joining Barby will be up and coming site favorite Zeina Heart as well as web starlet Patricia Petite. The group free chat will also feature a drawing for a free xxx private Porn chat.

Barby, who was recently signed to an exclusive Vivid Video contract, calls her live video chat home, and will be putting in special appearances on a regular basis.

Webmaster and site promoter Alain Roy is expecting quite a bit of traffic for this and his future events via his live pornstar affiliate program, .

The event will feature all three starlets chatting with visitors, granting special requests and, at some point, announcing the winner of the drawing, who will then select which of the three he wants to take to private.

"Beyond that they will be entertaining and meeting fans and having a good time, which is what video chat is all about," said Roy.

Petite and Barby, who both have their own websites, have been promoting, while Heart's is on the point of being launched.

A special banner has been created to help webmasters profit from referrals to the site and the event, which will begin Thursday April 28th, at 8:00 pm EST, at .


Monday, April 25, 2005

Free XXX Porn Chat Giveaway Contest Held Over

(Montreal) April 25, 2005 -'s free pornstar video chat contest has been held over to the 28th of April, when it will also be conducting its live pornstar launch night.

Starting at 8 pm, Vivid Girl Lanny Barbie, web porn starlet Patricia Petite and site favorite Zeina Heart will be chatting together in the same room at .

"I wanted to make a big, official opening night chat event," said Alain Roy, who recently bought the site after selling his TAG Networks business. "And this is going to be it."

Visitors to the site who have been taking chat hostesses to pay chat have been automatically registered in the PornStar Private Chat contest, whose prize is a 10-min private sex chat with the star of their choice.

Originally slated for April 21, the contest draw was moved up because, "I wanted to let more webmasters send traffic to demonstrate how this new kind of video chat converts," said Roy. "And I wanted to give the winner a choice between Lanny, Patricia and Zeina."

Roy's site is run on the LiveCamNetwork 1.9 platform, which allows chat hostesses to interact with visitors in an unprecendented way thanks to real-time video and audio.

"People don't come to this site looking just for tits & ass," said Roy. "Though with pornstars online that can happen a little quicker than with amateurs."

Roy's affiliate program, , pays out 25% of all sales in advance, regardless of whether customers actually spend the cash from their e-wallets during the same session.

"It's pay-per-minute for users," said Roy. "But it's pay-per-minute-to-be for webmasters."

Roy has had a special banner created for the contest, and promises more promotional events and appearances in the recent future.


Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Adult Industry Gathers On Montreal

(Montreal) April 19, 2005 - Live video chat site creator found itself in a quandary in the midst of their plans for Webmaster Access East when their annual anniversary bash was scheduled at the same hour as MyVirtualCard's Webmaster Poker Tournament.

Originally to celebrate the Tournament winner as well as's 8th anniversary, the party hit a brick wall when MVC's tournament site and schedule went online.

"I was in mid-organizational frenzy when the Poker site went up," said 2much Media guy Greg Jones. "That's when I saw their start time."

The Poker Tournament had always been scheduled at 8pm, according to MyVirtualCard Marketing VP Joshua Ungar. "But Greg thought it was a day-time thing," he said.

Jones, a poker enthusiast though not a big sports fan, imagined that as a spectator event, it would be a day time event.

Eric Matis, of, the main organism behind the Webmaster Access tradeshows, finally stepped in.

"Eric saved my butt," Jones said. "He found out about the Saturday night opening."

"I spoke with Fred [of], who told me their thing was Friday, instead of Saturday night," Matis said.

"So Saturday is all ours," said Jones. "Which is really too bad in a way since we've been looking forward to doing something with MyVirtualCard for a while now. We're friends and practically neighbours, you know?"

After JoinRightNow, the main force behind this edition of the conference, the two Montreal-based companies have applied their weight and money behind pushing this year's Webmaster Access East conference.

"What would you do, in our place, though?" said 2much president Mark Prince. "We had the chance to close off the show in style, in a big way, with the Saturday night slot."

2much is expecting a large turnout at the event, since many other dinners and parties, both private and public, are either concurrent or overlapping.

"But Saturday's wide open," Jones went on. "It's a chance for everyone coming to the show to get together at least for one event. It's my big schmoozathon."

Jones and recent 2much acquisition Alain Roy, formerly of TAG Networks, are sizing up to be a formidable PR machine, according to Prince. "Since MyVirtualCard and 2much are both getting big, it's more fitting that our two companies have two big separate events."

Webmaster Access East opens for registration at 3:00pm, Thursday May 5th, at the Centre Sheraton Montreal Hotel. This will be followed by a Poutine and Beer orgy at local Peel Pub, organized by Gallery Traffic Service, G3X, Executive Stats and MakeFuckingMoney.

MyVirtualCard's Poker Tournament will take place at the Sporting Club du Sanctuaire, Friday the 6th. Registration will open at 7:00 pm. Player sponsorships and preregistration are already available at .

The 8th Anniversary, Tournament Winner's Celebration Webmaster Access East Blow Out will begin Saturday, May 7th, at 8:00pm, at the Old Montreal offices. There will be a networking room as well as a butt-wiggling room.

The company will require an RSVP, as well as WebMaster Access East Passes, from those desiring to attend. RSVP and info: .


Friday, April 15, 2005

The Passing Of An Era - The Torch Stops Here

Well, it's over...

No more lighters at the conventions. Last week the Washington Post reported that lighters are banned on flights in the continental homeland, "ending a security loophole that lawmakers said could be exploited by terrorists seeking to light explosives in the cabin."

Because, as we all know, terrorists light black circular bombs and dynamite sticks with lighters. Snidely indeed.

Silly silly.

So now, and cybererotica and all those guys are going to have to give up the lighter-logos, which is sad. I like those nifty new kind that had a bottle opener on them. Also, my CyberErotica lighter for some reason has lasted longer than any other I've had.

Oh, well - more baseball caps, then!

2much Announces Webmaster Access Party

(Montreal) April 14, 2005 - has announced it's putting up the big end-of-show blow-out at the Webmaster Access East convention in Montreal this may.

The details were posted earlier tonight at Xnations and another board. Honestly, I don't remember where...

The link was .

But I know the Halloween party and the last anniversary party they had were pretty rocking (even if I had a hand in them myself...) so I'm obviously way biased.


Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Free Live PornStar Contest

(CyberSpace) Tuesday, April 12, 2005 - Live video chat site LivePornStarOnCam was recently acquired by Alain Roy; to consecrate the event the site will be giving away a free XXX-rated private chat with any one of the featured porn stars.LivePornStarOnCam - Courtesy iSN News

"All you have to do to be eligible is show up and take her to group or private chat once," said Roy. "The names will be recorded, whether you're in group, one-on-one or spy chat."

Among the starlets involved are 19 year-old up and coming Zeina Heart, discovered by EromodelCasting of Montreal. Her site,, was developed and integrated by EromodelCash.

Another is Patricia Petite, a long-time web favorite who is growing from starlet to star.

Roy, who will be featuring the likes of Vivid Girls Lanny Barbie and Malezia on the site, says he wants to start off featuring those with the most promise and not overshadow them with bigger names.

To encourage affiliates, the site is not insisting on the use of any particular banners when they join the LivePornStarOnCam affiliate webmaster program. "Be creative! But don't forget to mention that a free porn chat session can be won."

The technique should work, according to the neophyte webmaster, though he is planning a couple of special banners to make it easy to aim surfers toward the contest.

The drawing and free live show will take place Thursday, April 21st, at 8:00pm (EST).

For the chance to enter the drawing register at LivePornStarOnCam and take a pornstar to group, private or enter spy chat.

For webmasters, the LivePornStarOnCam affiliate sign up page is at, while EromodelCash handles most of the porn star's personality sites.


Monday, April 11, 2005

Follow-Up: Pretty Cool Mom

Recently we ran a story about a credit card thief who was caught thanks to the new AHMAD anti-fraud system 2much has developed.
AHMAD is Cool.

Today, the Mother of one of the victims, who are students of University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, called 2much prez Mark Prince to express her gratitude.

"Thank you and to everyone at 2Much for helping me and my family catch the guy who stole the card, and for taking the time to call us," she said. "And for running a service like this."

The woman, who is aware and are adult-industry companies, finished by saying 2much should continue doing a fine job.

Sometimes, it's the little things that matter the most.

LiveCamNetwork Hottie To Describe "First Time" On National TV

(Montreal/Canada)April 11, 2005 - LiveCamNetwork Chat Hostess Miel participated in a documentary being shot by ORBI XXI productions last fall which will finally air on the CBC this week.

Though it may air again on the Sue Johansen show, among other CBC outlets, the show is scheduled to play on Rough Cuts, this Tuesday April 19, 2005 at 10pm ET/PT, and
Repeating Friday April 22, 2005 at 10pm ET/PT .

The show's point seems to focus on how we are better off than our grandparents knowing about sex before even having to confront it, though it seems to also take on the point of view that Porn has a negative effect on some.

Miel, who was a chat hostess for the popular, quality-minded video chat site, participated in an online interactive interview for the documentary with telejournalist Alain Gravel last year.

Rough Cuts often plays Sunday nights, ahead of its announced schedule. Keep checking on this blog for an update on that.



Saturday, April 09, 2005

2much Anti-Fraud Beta Nabs Thief

(Montreal) April 8, 2005 - While only in beta testing stage, the anti-fraud system had been developing has already produced results, leading to a first arrest.

In one case, a University of Minnesota, Wisconsin, student allegedly stole frat-mates' credit cards and engaged chat hostess Tawnee from and several others in private video sex chat.

The credit card holders were unavailable for comment, but were said to be unamused.

In another case, several chat-studio performers were partnering with an unknown credit card thief who would then "wash" hundreds of dollars through certain websites by taking the ladies to pay-chat, turning stolen credit into hard cash through paycheques. More arrests are expected in the near future, though no further details are available.

Live video chat site serves as the testing ground for the software and services develops for its growing network of streaming video chat sites. AHMAD, the system responsible for catching the fraudster, was developed following a recent spate of false credit card submissions.

AHMAD, the Automated Human-Monitored Anti-fraud & Detection system, is programmed to flag transactions it detects as potentially fraudulent, while simultaneously allowing a human operator to review these and other transactions.

"Normally this kind of fraud would have gone undetected," said 2much president Mark Prince. "And would result in a chargeback once the cardholders noticed the charges on their statments a month later."

2much programmers used certain criteria to flag the transactions as suspect. "We automatically flag any transaction with a woman's first name, for example," said 2much Media & Communications manager Greg Jones. "In more than nine cases out of ten it's fraud."

Jones refrained from discussing other details. Women are statistically the least likely consumers of online adult material and so a purchase under a female name must be scrutinized by human eyes before a decision is made.

The human operator was factored in to add a dimension of intuition to AHMAD. "Certain behaviours are key indicators of fraud, and can't be programmed," said Jones. "We've broken them down and outlined them for our operator, but I won't talk about them for obvious reasons."

To tell the tale of how 2much worked together with their billing company and the Minnesota police to pinpoint and corner the fraud artist would be harmful to future prevention. "We're out to hinder, not help, the thieves out there," said Jones. "So let's just say it was a fruitful cooperative process and leave it at that."

At the moment, the AHMAD system is available to clients of the LiveCamNetwork video chat system exclusively.


Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Roy Sells Tag And Buys Live Porn Stars

(Montreal) April 5, 2005 - TAG Network founder and CEO Alain Roy has suprised many in the Industry by selling the Adult Hosting company he created, the first large backbone service provider to be dedicated to the adult market.

"The last customer I signed to TAG is the reason I sold," said Roy. "And bought LivePornStar, the new live video chat of the porn stars."

Roy's new acquisition,, is powered on the platform LiveCamNetwork 1.9, which played a major role in Roy's decision to sell TAG.

"I've always been in the support and services of the business, but this is the most exciting thing I've seen come along since I started," explained Roy, who is also known in the business by the moniker Roy Tagger.

TAG and 2much negotiated a bandwidth and redundant hosting deal that saw Roy being exposed more and more often to the 2much live video chat solution over the last year or so.

"Already their video platform is above anything else on the net," Roy said. "But version 2.0, and the expansion they outlined, told me I had to get on the frontlines. And the web is all about interactivity. This is the time for 2much."

"Our expansion is the reason we started shopping for bandwidth and redundant, secure servers," said Mark Prince, 2much CEO. "With the traffic and sales we're expecting over the coming months, we're going to need someone who can handle theoretically unlimited traffic demands."

Roy made his decision months ago, but kept quiet as he laid his plans to leave TAG in capable hands as well as becoming familiar with the operations of an independant live video chat site. "If I'm going to get involved, it's completely," he said. "And if I'm going to push my porn star site, it's going to be to my profit, not reselling someone else's feeds."

LivePornStarOnCam was launched quietly a few weeks ago, with Roy officially coming on board in the last week. "I was busy, making the contacts and agreements I feel I'll need to make it a real porn star chat site."

The site has already garnered Vivid Video starlet Malezia, and several new girls on the scene such as Briana Devil and Zeina Hart.

Unanannounced but confirmed are regular appearances from Lanny Barbie and another name-brand porn starlet who is already chatting regularly on several other chat systems.

"I think that a porn star should have better quality than the Amateurs market seems satisfied with," Roy said. "I want this system to become the new standard for interactive video on the web."

As a result Roy has also decided to work with the company and signed an exclusive deal to distribute the LiveCamNetwork software, using LivePornStarOnCam as a working demo.

Roy is planning special promotions and appearances over the next few weeks and will be contracting exclusive work done on both the look and content of LivePornStarOnCam.

He can be reached at .

### and Other Video Chat Site Reviews From iSN News

Though 4U2CME has the basic chat system with some superlative performers, there is more brewing here than meets the eye. Links to PHP pages, a promise of galleries, a members area in the works and more - promises to become quite the site. For now, enjoy the performers like Avarice and Sinner in free, group or private chat - they're lively and not shy and offer more than T & A.

There's More at iSN News

LiveCamNetwork 2.0 Delayed By Success

(Montreal) April 5, 2005 - After trumpeting the release of its long-awaited live video chat system upgrade, has announced its delay - due to high sales.

Since the LiveCamNetwork 1.9 was launched in November 2003, the number of sites powered by the software have grown more than 900%, according to company spokesman Greg Jones.

The main reason for this success appears to be the MBase model-sharing feature the upgrade introduced.

"Prior to 1.9, we sold you a website where you had to sign up your own performers and get your own traffic," 2much owner Mark Prince explained. "With 1.9, everyone could and did share out their models to the MBase. This means that a new webmaster doesn't have to wait to have his own. The second his site is online, he can use his administrative interface to see who's available to pick and click and enable the models of his choice to appear on his site."

The operator could then charge his visitors 4.99$ a minute or more to his site visitors to chat with the hostesses. The money is split between the site the visitor is on and the site the model originates from.

"On top of that, a site with models but who may not have much traffic because it just went online can share out those models to the MBase - resulting in them getting traffic to their chat rooms and making sales until their webmaster acquires traffic to the site directly," said Prince.

The internal network concept worked well enough to result in a webmaster BBS being created for site owners to communicate via the administration interface.

"Just to keep up communications between the various active webmasters," Prince explained. "So they could announce that they have a new performer, or that another performer may not have been in her room when a client entered, and so on. It's another free tool we added to the system."

Site SEO and online presence was also increased after Media & Communications manager Greg Jones gave the site and its network a going over. "The result was that many non-industry people heard about the software," said Jones. "Quite a few regular mainstream guys and girls have acquired a system as their introduction to the internet."

Non-adult entrepreneurs were apparently more open to a new business and technology model, according to Jones, which is basically the concept of independantly operated live video chat sites.

New owners and operators found they needed no programming knowledge to engage and manage their online business. All they needed was the acquisition of traffic, and an abiltiy to learn online management and networking for advertising.

The next version of LiveCamNetwork, or LCN V2.0, will continue its trend of development by incorporating the suggested changes and new ideas all these webmasters and entrepreneurs have suggested.

"We had no idea this was going to be the success it has become," Prince said. "Had we known we could have stopped selling 1.9 to work on 2.0, or just not announce the upgrade so soon."

The company has had to focus on maintenance, security and support over the last six months of the 1.9 release, and this has prevented ongoing testing and implementation of 2.0

"But this is all for the better," Jones stated. "This way we'll have a hell of a network ready for the upgrade, which will feature customized niched model selection and advertising possibilities, more models, and more fun on the front end for the visitors. V2.0 is coming, it's just going to be better than if we'd released it last month."


Sunday, April 03, 2005

MontrealLivePussy Rides Again

Live video chat site MontrealLivePussy is back online with a new design and the addition of an affiliate>

Webmasters who sign up and start sending the site traffic will find themselves rewarded with upwards of $1.25 per minute each referral spends in pay chat with the "PussyCam" girls.

While payouts can vary depending upon what "chat mode" the customer chooses, the upside is that any number of users can be in any pay-chat room at any time.

Surfers can chat up a performer in free with sound and full video and then choose to take her to Group Chat, Private chat or simply Spy on someone already in those chat rooms.

MontrealLivePussy features some chat hostesses who sound like they're from the French Canadian city, but also a wide range of performers. The site was named by two Montrealers (who may or may not want to remain anonymous, so a respectful silence will remain until they submit their handles).

The webmaster affiliate program is powered by CCBill and offers a few banners, but is open to creative text link strategies as well.

The sign up page can be found here.

Friday, April 01, 2005

Mariah Signs On At LivePornStarOnCam

Porn Star Mariah XXX.(CyberSpace) April 3, 2005 - Live video chat site LivePornStarOnCam has signed Porn performer Mariah to live chat with fans starting Friday, April 1.

MariahXXX is her chat hostess name, and also the name of her personal website. She has starred or co-starred in over 200 adult films, sometimes as Mariah Kane. She chats often, and can even be accompanied by a partner. Webmaster Casey is certain she'll be an attraction to live video chat fans.

She has starred in such productions as "Barely Legal On Vacation", "Natural Skin" and "Naughty Nymph" - and promises to give viewers of her private shows exceptional performances.

While she does private cam shows on other systems, Mariah's appearances at are a must-see due to the site's LiveCamNetwork 1.9 platform, whose full sound and real-time video streaming quality make for high-impact private shows.

LivePornStarOnCam has just recently launched and already has presented such chatters as Zeina Heart and Malezia. Casey has promised even bigger names and events such as promotional appearances in the near future.