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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Play By Play: The 2005 myVirtualCard Poker Tournament

(Montreal) May 12, 2005 - Webmaster Access East had many reasons to justify its motto "Back Where We Belong" at this year’s Montreal edition, not the least of which was the first adult-industry live Poker Tournament held by Shrimp cocktail and rum & cokes, live industrial rock and a touch of the adult biz in the form of a pair of curvy décor girls, thus the atmosphere was set for a no-limit Texas Hold’em tournament.

The billing company’s many clients, unanimous in their praise of services and support provided by multi-method processing platforms and innovations, indirectly recruited a good quota of registered players glad to fork over a little bit of cash for the chance to participate in the tournament.

Though prizes were the final pay out, participants numbered at least four dozen and included the inexperienced and those less obviously so.

Open bar helped early registration and tournament play take off as myVirtualCard CEO Howard Cohen made the opening address. "I wouldn’t hire him for my kid’s bar-mitzvah," said myVirtualCard VP Joshua Ungar. "But he actually did a pretty good job, and this wasn’t a kid’s event."

The tournament advanced with eminent adult personalities dropping like flies as eliminations accumulated. Mantas from Rabbit’s Reviews, Ron from PlugInFeeds – all called and folded and bet and dropped, with Raja from SexSearch and Ramos of GoFuckYourself struggling to keep straight faces.

As the tournament screws tightened, MVC programmers Jason Lotito and Richard Rondeau each grabbed a girl and took to the dance floor in a scene somewhat reminiscent of a hardcore-techie ball.

"I didn’t know they had it in them," said Ungar. "I’ve never seen programmers move like that. They were each given a raise after the tournament."

"There was one common complaint," Ungar said. Apparently, one of the shuttle-bus drivers moonlighted as a tour-guide. "Players anxious to get to the tournament were taken on the scenic route and given an extensive Montreal History crash-course."

"We also had a visit from the police," said Ungar. "The tournament took place at Le Sanctuaire Health and Sporting club, which is connected to several prestigious condominium buildings. Since the club was in sort of a residential zone, the band, thankfully, was asked to stop playing."

In the end the tournament played an organic poker that ended with Raffi, of AdultLounge, winning out over first-runner up Ramos of GoFuckYourself.

First prizes included free content from, and $1500 cash from the myVirtualCard crew. Also included in the package was a complete $12,000 live video chat site package from, LiveCamNetwork 1.9, which included full support and, "everything from webdesign to back-end administration," said 2much MediaGuy Greg Jones.

"We had a great time at the tournament," Cohen said. "Many of our guys were quite inebriated, some of them probably for the first time in their lives. For others the same cannot be said."

"Raffi and Ramster played a hell of a tournament," Ungar said. "The crew also put together a hell of a show."

"The myVirtualCard team did a great job," said Jones. "Pulling together to make the tournament a great success."

Explained Ungar: "I really have a great team at myVirtualCard, which in my view is the key to longevity in any business. It’s going to be bigger and better next year."

At which point he bit and ate a thousand dollar chip.


Monday, May 02, 2005

LiveCamNetwork Announces First Girlathong

The LiveCamNetwork Thank You Girl-A-Thong
(Toronto) May 2, 2005 - Live video chat site has announced a 4-hour free chat event they call the "Girl-A-Thong".

The event has been created to "thank all the users who stood with us through the November 2004 Tech crisis," said webmaster Jen.

Site owner Mark Prince also has commercial motivations. "The Girlathong is going yearly now," he said. It's not just to thank the loyal regular customers of the site, but to illustrate for webmasters how incredible the retention is on LiveCamNetwork."

According to Prince, webmasters are still collecting regular checks from surfers referred to the site 3 years ago.

"The site not only has what I know are the best chat hostesses on the net," Jen said. "But has developed, thanks to these regular users, a great cozy community feeling."

Last November, LiveCamNetwork and all sites were hit by a concerted logic-bomb attack which logged-off all performers on the network, preventing anyone from making money for ten days.

"During that time we set up a completely free chat room for anyone to come in and play, and to keep up a little patter," said Jen. "Which turned out to be an outpouring of support."

Prince also had a BBS/Forum installed, "to maintain lines of communication open between regular users and chat hostesses. People were posting long messages and threads about how cool we are and how they wouldn't go to other sites."

An online magazine and galleries were also added, as well as other features to keep new visitor's as well as old regular's interest.

"At the time Mark was quite impressed with our customer retention and loyalty," said Jen. "I think he was surprised to see how community-like the gang of them were - the girls and the guys. I think his big heart got a little bigger, if you know what I mean, and he ended up promising a 12-hour all-naked girl orgy."

However as rebounded from the cyber attacks, dealt with the legal side of the issue, as well as furbished its daily operations and expanded its sales volume, Prince and Jen consulted with the chat hostesses and managed to come up with the Girl-A-Thong concept.

"Now it's a five-hour girl party," Jen says. "Completely free real time video chat with our most popular and enduring chat-hostesses, some special guests, all with sound and covered by two cameras."

Indeed, the post in the LCN BBS enjoins one and all to join the girls for "a few beers, a few vodkas, a few bodyshots... special party-games and much more."

The Girl-A-Thon will debut Wednesday May 4th at 8:00 pm EST.

The site's webmaster affiliate sign-up is at