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Monday, June 27, 2005

The Best Adult Awards 2005 Will Hit Montreal

(Cyberspace)June 22, 2005 - In the midst of sphincter-tightening 2257 madness comes a gust of good news in the form of the 2nd Annual Best Adult Awards Ceremony, which will be hosted at the Montreal edition of the 2005 Qwebec Expo.

As Michel Plante, Qwebec Expo organizer and 3xWebdesigner said: "I want webmasters and industry members to enjoy their very own 'Oscar' ceremony where the Best Adult Websites and Webmasters will be honored."

The Expo itself will take place at the Marriott Chateau Champlain in downtown Montreal over the Labour Day weekend of September 2nd to 4th, while the Awards Ceremony itself will begin at 8pm, Saturday the 3rd.

Plante, whose first Expo last year was a great success and managed to garner over 200 registered attendees, expects this year's to be bigger: "We're in Montreal, which is closer to a lot of people and more familiar. Plus we had great notices for last year."

In fact the list of sponsors this year reads impressively. Along with returning companies like Klixxx,, Gammacash and NATS, among others, the show has attracted NaughtyAllie, AVN Online and XBiz, among many others.

The Best Adult Awards is the high-point of the fledgling tradeshow and will honor websites and webmasters in a pared down fifteen categories, this year, from Best Amateur Site (single) to Best Gay Site. Best Female and Male Personalities will also be honoured, as well as best overall Adult Company.

The show had 35 categories last year. "That was too much," said Plante. "We were too rushed, though the pace was fast and very entertaining."

While MediaGuy Greg Jones will be hosting, the co-hostess spot has been reserved for Vivid Girl Malezia.

Plante says this second edition of the show will be a major improvement on the first, though it was touted as very slick and well presented. "But we still made mistakes that maybe were not visible, but that helped us. Beginners always make mistakes, and I don't feel like one anymore," Plante said.

Plante has indicated that site submissions to the Best Adult Awards are open until July 20th. "Nominators" should do so at .

For more info about both adult webmaster events, visit and


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Friday, June 24, 2005

An open letter to Members:

Over the years you have proven patient and loyal and displayed the traits towards LCN and its chat hostesses that only friendship can develop.

We have had our fights, our little dramas, our reconciliations, our losses and departures, and have actively welcomed new members to the gang like any community of decent, well-intentioned individuals would.

Because of this frankness and openness we feel obligated to divulge a little ugliness to which normally you wouldn’t have to be exposed.

LiveCamNetwork is a (gasp!) Adult site, which in the minds of too many is really the same as saying a porn site.

The American Government is presently actively waging a war against our type of entertainment under the guise of protecting children and promoting "decency".

You may ultimately be the victims of this prudish hypocrisy. You will definitely see some changes soon, such as the rule that, though bare breasts are allowed in free chat "handbras" aren’t!

The law is looking out for you, right?

For a brief history of the situation, look no further than

Essentially the new law asks that we endanger chat hostesses’ security by giving away their ID to any and all webmasters on whose sites their video feed, recorded videos or pictures appear. This is unreasonable. We do not condone or camouflage the exploitation of children (the purported justification behind the new regulations), you don’t solicit it, and the American government’s position is a slap in the face to liberty and the basic human decency of anyone with whom they don’t agree.

The presumption that porn or adult entertainment is a natural incubator for child exploitation is wrong-headed and profoundly offensive. When puritans control the wedding bed, or the DVD, we get totalitarianism disguised. And essentially the burden placed on the industry now to prove that everyone and their Grandmother (see is NOT under eighteen is ridiculous.

The Free Speech Coalition is there to help us and we should take advantage of their means and preparedness in introducing legal motions to suspend or protest these new 2257 regulations. Visit their site and help us help you maintain the LiveCamNetwork Community.

We hate the abuse of children. So do you. This has nothing to do with all that and all to do with The President objecting to your personal taste in entertainment and expression.

ASACP (an adult-based movement) has done more to fight child exploitation than these clowns have ever done, or are doing with the new regs.

The first two court cases involving exploitation of underaged individuals and 2257 convictions were cases involving Yahoo and another with a venerable old mainstream author who was once a friend of Ernest Hemingway’s.

Gonzales and the godsquad are not only barking up the wrong tree – they are acting as though the fox is in every tree.

Help put a leash on the DoJ dog.

Thank you,

The LCN Team

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Opinions and Dissents: iSN News Editorials

In the light of 2257 and all the madness that is surrounding the violation of 1st Amendment rights and other excesses of the Bush GodSquad against Breasts and Penises, iSN News has started soliciting Articles of Opinion, Dissent and Protest.

The first is by Don_One of www.SexToysVideos.comand is featured in the freshest edition of iSN News' "Natural Porn Killers" section.

If you're interested in seeing your name and mind spread out online, submit to iSN News now!


Monday, June 20, 2005 Announces Dynamic 2257 Compliancy

(Montreal) June 20, 2005 - Live video chat site creator has with great reluctance adjusted its LiveCamNetwork 1.9 platform to comply with new revisions to the 2257 regulations which were introduced by Attorney General Alberto Gonzales last month.

"We say with great reluctance because this version of the regulations is obviously meant to harrass and annoy the adult industry rather than ferret out child pornography," said Mark Prince, president.

The problem is particularly onerous for the Canadian company which would be violating that country's personal privacy laws by distributing the identities of its performers to the webmasters who operate a LiveCamNetwork 1.9 platform.

"We had to resolve that by getting the European and Canadian chat hostesses to sign a permission to use their identities and allow them to appear on American sites," said Prince.

Also completely re-written and updated were performer registration pages.

The company's problems were further compounded by the fact that they create live video chat sites - whose each and every private, pay-chat session must be recorded and preserved in an indexable format for up to seven years.

"We solved that, actually. We solved all our problems. Thanks to our upgrade, LiveCamNetwork 2.0, actually, we were able to resolve all of the challenges posed by 2257," Prince said.

The company had to once again stop construction of their oft-delayed software upgrade in order to strip portions of it out and integrate them to LiveCamNetwork 1.9.

"Now, we can dynamically upload the 2257 information of any performer from any site to any site should those webmasters choose to enable them from the MBase," said Prince.

The MBase is the's innovative live content pool, which is formed by the performers of its various client-sites being shared out and made available to appear on any of the other sites the company has built.

"That way, you can start a new site with no performers, no studios, but a fully populated chat-hostess selection menu," said Prince. "It's more of a plug-out feed, rather than a plug-in."

2much has announced that it will be fully compliant and back to business as usual by deadline, June 23rd.

"We did all this knowing that it will probably be for nothing," said a company spokesperson. "Within a year or a little longer most of these regs will be removed or the whole 2257 section stricken by the Supreme Court, whose job it is to protect the Constitution of the United States. It's a question of time."


Thursday, June 09, 2005

Hot Latinas Live!

This is a cool one for consumers and webmasters alike. A new site is called LatinaCamNetwork and features a bevy of hot, apparently Venezuelan, chicas live online and chatting up a storm - regularly. These ladies actually schedule themselves, show up on time and - if you speak spanish - use their microphones! It's about time these chat studio owners wisen up and drop the iFriends, LiveJasmin type of stuff and get their models to use the means put a their disposal.

Angel-Rojo Luna-Ardiente. Morenita Virginiahot

The plus for consumers is obvious, and for webmasters there's an affiliate program that pays a handsome 25% of all cash spent by referrals on the site - ahead of time. So while the gentleman consumer spends $4.99 USD a minute in private chat with the lady, the referring webmaster makes 1.25 a minute. Good deal! The sign up page is here (a link to click upon)

Visit the site in Spanish too!

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Ashton Gray Spreading...

Gotcha with that one, hunh?
Okay, seems that just as news of Ashton Gray's New Members-Site was expected out, iSN has only some news about galleries she's appearing in.

So - not only BlueNudes and FreeOnes, etc.... but now is featuring new, original photos of Ashton which really are new and original... Makes you wonder - just how much stuff did she shoot out there in La-La Land?

Towards the end of last year, Gray took a break from appearing on her Live Video Chat Site and took off on a whirlwind (to abuse a cliche) tour, round or whatever of posing and modeling. You could say it was a spree of shoots.

Forgive me, I am feverish. Anyhow - one wonders if she's going to have anything left for her to show us when her own site comes out?!? She's done work for Suze Randall and Ron Harris and Jim Gianatsis and many more... and there doesn't seem to be an end to new material.

Now, I will attempt to find out if there's any truth to the rumor that Penthouse magazine wants to make her a Penthouse Pet...

Read the whole bit and click around for nice pics at iSN News.