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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Porn Documentary Series Airs in September

(Cyberspace)July 22, 2005 - WebDreams, the much anticipated 'Docu-Soap' tracking the daily lives of people in the online porn trade, will air on ShowCase as of September 2005.

Produced by Montreal-based Galafilm and directed by Ziad Touma (''Saved by the Belles'') and Josh Dorsey (''One Day''), WebDreams follows the professional and personal endeavours of a varied group of adult web entrepreneurs over the period of a year and a half.

Cast member Mark Prince, whose company is featured, said, ''Everyone here is really excited about it. Even though cameras followed us everywhere for almost an entire year, Ziad [Touma, Director] did a great job in making sure that they didn't intrude. We hardly even knew they were there''.

WebDreams followed the crew of 2Much as well as chat hostesses Violet, Laurelle, Luna and others of, Dugmore!, founder of JoinRightNow, and Malezia (who has since signed with porn heavyweight Vivid Video) at work and play, from hardcore shoots to domestic confessions, live video chats and business deals.

Executive Producer Arnie Gelbart supervised production of the series over a period of almost two years, with cameras tracking the subjects to industry conventions in Las Vegas, NV, Hollywood, FL, and Quebec City, as well as parts of Europe.

According to Producer Michael Kronish, the show documents the glamour and work involved for ''people who have chosen to make their sex lives available to the online community,'' as well as depicting how some reconcile their public, taboo personas with their private, personal lives - or don't.

''Fortunately the show is on at 10pm after my grandmother goes to sleep,'' said Violet, a chat hostess. ''Of course some of us are nervous."

"The rift between their public and private lives is fascinating," said Kronish.

Emmy-award winning Galafilm has specialized in documentaries the likes of Fire Within, about the Cirque du Soleil, as well as independent features like The Blue Butterfly, starring William Hurt., known for the LiveCamNetwork 1.9 live video chat solution and flagship-site, has raised the standard of live adult video chat as its expanding client base has become the foundations of a new network.

Dugmor!, who started with several non-nude erotic sites, has expanded his Webmaster affiliate program into one of the biggest and most profitable businesses on the adult web.

WebDreams was picked up early last year by Showcase after company executives saw the pilot, and was soon developed in association with the Canadian broadcaster.

US-based counterpart Showtime is expected to acquire all ten episodes as well later this year.


Monday, July 11, 2005

Help MediaGuy Win The PointenSlutten Contest

This is a plea to help me win the NetPond PointenSlutten SEO contest. It started almost a month ago and ends on July 20th.

Basically all I need is for this page to rank highest on Google on that day for the word "PointenSlutten".

What is a PointenSlutten?

Basically in the land of adult webmasters - who are hounds for publicity, marketing and networking - it a form of publicity slut. Or, more specifically, a Post-Whore - someone who posts often and often uselessly just for the sake of having their signature (an editable, re-sellable link and banner spot at the bottom of every post they add to a board or thread) appear as often as possible on the boards.

The word itself is a "germanized" version of Post-Whore coined by users of the NetPond board.

Help MediaGuy win and post this on your blogs and sites until the 20th : Help MediaGuy win the PointenSlutten SEO Contest

...or some such text with at least the PointenSlutten word in it.

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