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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Best Adult Awards To Be WebCast Live

(Montreal) August 25, 2005 - Qwebec Expo creator Michel Plante has reached an agreement with live video chat software maker to webcast the show's Best Adult Awards ceremony live from Montreal.

The 2005 edition of BAA will be held in the Caf' Conc' Dinner Theatre and Cabaret of the Marriott Chateau Champlain, where the convention is headquartered, on Saturday, September 3rd before a packed room of approximately 300 people. founder Mark Prince is excited about the webcast event. "It's about showcasing our technology, for me," Prince said. "People will see that it's not just for live video sex chat, it's a complete solution that can be used as a tool to build new applications in consultancy, education, even live psychic readings."

The show itself will feature YNotBob as host with a variety of co-hostesses, and leading industry personalities as presenters, including KennyB! from IACash, WebmasterParadise's Robert "The Legacy" Warren and even's J.D. Obenberger.

As with last year's slick production in Quebec city, a live band will provide musical punctuation in the form of alternative rockers MeanBone.

The webcast will be available both at as well as on's flagship site

Advertising will be available for the webcast page, with rates yet to be announced.

Plante feels the webcast will give an added dimension and good publicity for his show, which is only in its second year. "It's a good experiment, and excellent publicity for Qwebec and 2much." Plante said.

The Best Adult Awards will begin at Saturday, September 3rd, at 8:00 PM (EST).


Wednesday, August 24, 2005

MuscleAdonis Goes Live

(Cyberspace) August 24, 2005 - Male erotica site has added live adult video chat to their site to complement their growing catalogue of excluvsive photos and videos.

Though is a membership site, is a free access video chat outside their membership area, with "special" Group and Private 1-on-1 or Spy Chat modes available as pay per minute options.

MuscleAdonisPete, one of the two feature models and site administrator, has said he's, "Seeking to please fans around the globe featuring men from everywhere on the planet, [so] the new venue will always be open."

Prior to launching the live site, Pete and Dan, the two "hosts" at MuscleAdonis, would chat regularly one or two nights a week within their membership area. "But there's increasing demand," said Pete. "So like with the photo and video collections, we decided on a means to add guests and friends to the line-up. To make it hotter, more fun and sexier."

Keeping the site Pete-And-Dan centric became demanding on the two male models, who've appeared in National Fitness Magazine, the "Abercrombie Quarterly", "Playgirl" and Vista Videos. While their time live online will not be reduced, "there should be models on at a wider range of times allowing viewers everywhere to participate in the fun," Pete said. has attracted both female traffic as well as gay males by refraining from either guy-on-guy or guy-on-girl action. "Which has just changed," said the webmaster. "We now feature both, and will probably explore this in live chat." Regardless, fan testimonials of either sex and orientation agree with the PornInspector review that reported "all of the photos are extremely erotic."

Built on's complete live video chat software, LiveCamNetwork 1.9, MuscleAdonisLive is actually part of a second renaissance for the gay and erotic male market thanks to the DSL/Broadband explosion across all markets.

"Our credo is creating the new standard in male erotica," said Pete. "Our photos and videos are high-res and highly artistic. We needed our live video streams to be state of the art."

Although the official launch date isn't until September 15th, "MuscleAdonisPete" is logging on every night along with a few other guests, testing the waters of the new medium.

That means surfers can register with just a valid email address, and chat free with Pete, Dan or their 'guests' before deciding whether to join the membership site.

Webmasters can sign up for a 40% affiliate payout on the membership site by signing up at .


Saturday, August 20, 2005

$1000 Prize For The Best Mbase Chat Hostess

(CyberSpace) August 20, 2005 - Live video chat site builder has announced a chat hostess contest which will see the best performer on their MBase network awarded $1000.00.

"We're doing it primarily via our flasghip site,," said company president Mark Prince. "But any chat hostess signed up at any participating client sites is eligible."

MBase is the "chat host accounts of all our sites collected in a single live content resource pool," explained Prince. "That way new owners without content have an exclusive source to select from until they get their own models."

By sharing their performers to the MBase, webmasters can assure a level traffic influx to the chat rooms, or by taking chat hostesses from the MBase, those with few of their own models can populate their "who's online" page right from launch.

"Within a few hours of being shared to the MBase," explained Jen, webmaster. "The chat hostesses get enabled on three or four dozen other sites. Their chat rooms are buzzing with traffic."

"It levels the playing field," said Prince of the contest. "We expect the competition to be fierce, a fact that won't be missed by webmaster affiliates who promote our sites. We've given free license to webmasters to use any images they wish to promote the competition. Top webmasters are expected to quadruple their commissions by the end of the contest."

Chat hostesses on the MBase are known particularly for their gabbiness and sociability and the highest conversion rates of any video chat site. Strict criteria, such as responding with voice, smiling and looking into the camera, among others, will be used to determine the winner.

"The new type of chat hostess, using the best technology on the web, makes more money and has more fun," said Prince.

Another motivation for this contest, according to Prince, is the upcoming television documentary series, WebDreams, in which 2much and LiveCamNetwork are featured weekly. "We had a radio promo going with one of our sites last year that brought insane type-in traffic," said Prince. "That was radio. This is national television."

The series premieres on Showcase September 2nd.

Webcam girls, Chat hostesses and studio managers interested in joining the Mbase network can do so at the performer registration page, or at any other site run on the LiveCamNetwork 1.9 software.

There's no need to join more than one site, Prince cautions. "Remember the MBase allows you to appear on dozens of sites on our network."

Webmasters who want to cash in on the traffic and 1:65 conversion ratios should sign up at the site's affiliate webmaster page. The contest debuts officially September 1st, and 2much will announce the winner at the end of October, 2005.


Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Zeina Heart Returns to LivePornStarOnCam

(Montreal) August 16, 2005 - After a long hiatus, rising porn starlet Zeina Heart will be settling back down before the cameras of live video chat site once again.

Heart took off for Los Angeles and several work contracts a few months ago, leaving a gape in the LivePornStarOnCam schedule that was sorely felt.

"She's one of the most popular girls on the 2much MBase System," said webmaster Alain Roy, who bought the site after selling Tag Networks last year. "And she's definitely my best at conversions."

Indeed, according to Roy's 2much-generated statistics, Heart's success rate is at well over 32%, meaning that over twenty minutes of every hour she's online she spends in pay chat. "And that doesn't include the overlap of additional people in Group or Spy chat mode," Roy said.

Heart dropped in on LivePornStarOnCam earlier today, just to test the waters again, and found herself immediately clicked to pay chat.

"Aaaaawwwweeesome," one client chatted her her in Free mode. "Let me hear your voice you have my favorite voice on the whole site."

This was typical of the reception that awaited her.

Roy as always is pushing his affiliate Webmaster program, at, and invites professionals and surfers alike to drop in at LivePornStarOnCam at 7:00 pm EST on Wednesday August 17th, in order to sample the technology, promotional tools and, of course, Zeina Heart herself.


Thursday, August 11, 2005

Zombay Returns From Internext With New Tales, New Tone

Porn columnist in waiting and former iSN News correspondent Sidney Zombay has emerged from a six months absence with apparently incredible stories he will not report until he has written the columns, in the near future.

Meanwhile, he has written an odd, raving account of his time at Internext this past weekend.

Zombay claims to have gone through a hurricane boat wreck and woken up on the shores of the Westin Diplomat Hotel in Hollywood, just in time for registration, at which he produced his iSN credentials and promptly was welcomed into porn again.

The rest remains vague and will surely emerge over the coming weeks, as Zombay has locked himself in a webcam chat studio where he intends to write his accounts amidst the comings and goings of chat hostesses, day and night.

More to come. Read his latest raving here.

Monday, August 01, 2005

LiveCamNetwork 1.9 Goes DOWN At Internext

LiveCamNetwork 1.9 Goes Down For Internext

(CyberSpace) August 1, 2005 - Live Video Chat Site builder has announced an Internext special as incentive to potential buyers over the course of the industry convention.

"Many of our clients and interested buyers are heading down just to meet our team," said Mark Prince, 2much president. "And we want to give them a little more incentive."

LiveCamNetwork 1.9 is a complete live video chat solution that includes all the work required to assemble such a site, including performer software, end-user interface and full pick-and-click administrator interface.

"It's a full turnkey package, your site, no strings or affiliate programs attached," said Prince. "Your investment, your return."

Prince is heading down to Internext again with his Interactive Sales Team and a new price package. "We've cut almost three thousand off the price of our software licence, plus thrown in 15,000 unique targetted traffic hits in the bargain."

The special will be in effect only until Internext ends, he said. "We have a lot of work to do and can only maintain a certain amount of support. To that end we only have about five licences left to sell. We'll be full until October."

October is when long-delayed, highly anticipated LiveCamNetwork 2.0 is expected to go into Beta.

The upgrade has been an uphill grind, Prince explained. "What with new clients, office renovation and 2257 we've had our hands full just keeping up customer support." Sales since released LiveCamNetwork 1.9 have rocketed, obliging Prince to limit the number of licences to be sold for fear of affecting the support and services on which the company prides itself.

Normally a complete package for LiveCamNetworkl video and audio streaming and billing platform goes for 12,000USD - without the traffic. "I'm considering raising the price for the upgrade," said Prince. "But of course anyone who buys this year, and before August 8th, gets the upgrade completely free."

LiveCamNetwork 1.9 is already a complete system of its kind, claims Business Development rep Alain Roy. "But 2.0 is going to demolish any competition on the techonological level. The system will be able to niche performers according to all the popular fetishes and sex and body definitions, feature faster video and improved audio, as well as a bigger video image."

The only thing the client should bring, beyond the managerial aspect, is the traffic - and that's already taken care of for launching.

"Internext is offering a great opportunity for us to fill out our sales roster until 2.0 comes out, as well as get our name imbedded a little more deeply in the industry," said Prince. "And, in a way, its offering my devoted, overworked and underpaid staff a little bonus, not a vacation but at least some fun in the sun."

The 2much interactive sales team will be breaking for refreshments and casual talk at the TopBucks Poolside Cabana (11:00 am to 3:00 pm everyday) for lunch, and then again at the SC Happy Hour (3:00 to 8:00) after the convention floor closes.