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Friday, September 30, 2005

Tonight With Live Video Chat Hostesses!

Ava is Avalicious!Cat!Alexxia! Sexy French accent!Melissa!Teena!Brittini!

My but we have a full roster at LiveCamNetwork tonight - but that's hardly a surprise as the site's parent company as well as some of its chat hostesses are being featured on nationally televised docu-soap series "Webdreams", about the trials and tribulations of a group of real-life adult porn entrepreneurs.

And quite a line-up they have prepared for tonight's curiuous type-in traffic - There's miss Ava, whose personal site will be named AvaLicious; Cat, who seems to be turning into the new LCN poster girl; Alexxia, a new chat girl with years of experience at another site; Melissa, who has been known to get together with Teena, new girls both who met working together at the LCN studios; and, finally, Brittini, who will pick up the relay at 11:00PM tonight, until... whenever!

Welcome to Asia's Webcam World

CamGirl Asia.
Sexy Asian Asia is new to LiveCamNetwork, and, even though she has chatted at other sites, on other systems, before, she just went through Luna's very special training session and has now graduated to a first solo chat.

Though LiveCamNetwork is a live adult video chat site, it isn't "just" another webcam girl site. The ladies of LCN are taught that talking to you, looking in the cam as though they're looking in your eyes, smiling and not just telling you to take them to private all the time makes for more fun, better chat experiences and mroe sales.

Try it and tell me I'm wrong. Asia awaits...

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Pretty Mizz Teena Chats Live Tonight

I've told you about Cat, I've told you about Zoie, but I haven't told you yet about Miss Teena. And that's because... I don't know anything about her. Beyond her intro profile text, which has since been taken down, a fresh "About Me" hasn't been put up so basically you have base yourself on her picture or, better yet, drop by her chat room. She's exciting and excitable, silly and smart, and tends to smile a lot - always good for the hard heart.

Drop by and tell her Sid sent you. She might blow you a kiss ;)

This Morning in Video Sex Chat...

A closer look at goth chat...

Here they are, the goth chat chicks. Online as of 10:00 AM (EST) they're online until 2PM.
Desirable Desira!
Desira loves "roleplaying, latex, stockings, stilletos, uniforms and teasing," she writes in her profile, and has turned into quite the regular at - so she must like the webcam chat arena too...

Violet unleashed.
Violet has a variety of toys, whips, black lether and plastic/latex thingies, but also has a Betty Page thing going - she's not all coffins and chains (though those are nice too). Taking a gaud turn from the movies she likes also tiger-striped things and furry bikinis... but that might just be a rumor.

They're waiting both in their chat rooms today and most weekday mornings... but don't worry if you miss'em - they won't be alone.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

New Webcam Girl Online

Chat now with Zoie!
Live online for the rest of the afternoon you'll find Cat, but also the latest addition to the LiveCamNetwork featured chat hostesses: 18 year old Zoie, cute as a button and sharp as a tack, as they say. Get ready to be engaged and not just flashed (actually, if you ask her just to show you her tits and ass, she'll kick you out - so be gentlemen) when you enter her free chat room.

Check back soon for a report on who's online tonight - and tomorrow a very special event announcement is coming (all it takes is confirmation) concerning two very popular chat hostesses... 'nuff said!

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

And Tonight's Line Up On LiveCamNetwork....

Chat Hostess Alexxia.

Online tonight for your viewing (and other) pleasure, LCN will feature already popular newcomer (oh, please) Alexxia live from 7 pm EST to midnight. Her sexy French accent will definitely please those who seek the ... exotic.

GabrielaGabriela is a complete newcomer to the site, and has that spicy je ne sais quoi that tells you she's not kidding when she says she's originally from Colombia.

Cat Live On LiveCamNetwork.
And then there's perennial Cat, who just came back from Summer vacation and no doubt has tons of great... tales to tell (yes, alright, pun intended).

Tania Live!And back regularly and lots of fun too is this redhead new to video chat who's really shy but kinda lets loose online - after all it's hard to be shy with a camera. Tania will log on at 8:00 pm EST so don't be late!

LiveCamNetwork is featuring a Best Chat Hostess contest at the moment so if you have a favorite online you should go in and encourage her.

The site is also featuring a best photoshop image contest, combining well known behind-the-scenes staff as well as chat hostesses from LCN in images and posters from Sci-Fi or Horror movies.

The Geeks are alive and well... they're just online now :)

See you tomorrow!

The LCN Morning Goth Queens

Goth Milk In Your Serial?

Goth Queen VioletNeo Goth Queen Desira.Mornings are a regular Gothic Hottie event at, when Violet and Desira both log in at the live adult video chat site.

LiveCamNetwork, you'll recall, is the chat site that started the whole ball rolling about eight years ago and whose chat hostesses and 2much office staff are being featured in the t.v. documentary series Webdreams, (Showcase Network, Fridays at 10:00PM EST).

Webdreams, btw, also features a blog now.

But let's get back to chat hostesses, shall we? These are not fake goths, to be sure. From music to lifestyle to unusual piercings and fetishes... well, they are not your casual fashion-sluts out to look cool.

No these ladies are pretty much the real thing. Violet has been around for quite some time now and has always preferred the morning stretch. Desira similarly.

Maybe it's time for a poll? Is there a reason Goth is so in demand in the mornings?

Check out these and more ladies at There's no photos or anything, but you can grab tid-bits of news from iSN New's chat hostess news page.

Goth Morning to you all!

Monday, September 26, 2005

Three Stages Of Chat Hostess

New Chat Hostess Jena.Experienced Chat Hostess Melissa.Ace Chat Hostess Ava!A little update on the chat chick situation over at LiveCamNetwork..

As I write this, the range of chat hostesses is online at the adult video chat site:

There's the Newbie, the Experienced and the Advanced.

Miss Jena is learning the ropes and getting used to the live video chat idiom and standard promoted by LiveCamNetwork - which is that the chat hostess must chat and have a good time, not hide from the cam and just ask for privates.

Jena is working out fine... And then there's Melissa, who's learned the lessons and uses them well - a fun and fascinating girl to spend a little time in group or private - or even spy on.

And then there's Ava, the veteran, the one who's been around long enough to not just learn the rules but break them and go beyond the format, to actually tailor her free, group and private chats into a forum for her own style and personality - plus she's a little kinky, into fetishy things, don't ya know...

There will be more here on who's online later today - so keep in touch and this blog will pingya good with the latests on the bestests!

Sunday, September 25, 2005


chat hostess poeallenemilyvice of LiveCamNetworkTwo very special and quirky ladies are pulling the night shift for you over at

There's EmilyVice, for example... Brainy asian doll with a few funky tricks up her sleeve... or whatever.

The other is miss poeallen, who, by the sounds of her chat hostess name, is rather literate, thoughtful, and rockin'. A very different lady for those alternative guys - you know, the guys whose kink is sexy girls in glasses.

Check them out, see their schedules, and come back for them at night...

Thursday, September 22, 2005

For Those of You Looking for The Love Twins...

Ok, you people are looking for some pics and whatnot on Lucy and Lacy Love, the Twin Fantasy Vivid Girls?

Well here it is - so you don't have to look around for it while the Blog Search is still in Beta.

Here's another link, to the official iSN News site.

Ok go play now. And feel free to bookmark my little blog. Thanks.

Deja Is Back!

Deja(Cyberspace) September 22, 2005 - Tonight is a night for many to remember who surf the high-speed streaming video waves of the LiveCamNetwork Mbase - for 'tis the night one of the most popular and successful Chat Hostesses on the net returns to her stomping grounds.
Back from some summer trip to Europe or something, Deja is back on along with another recently comback girl, Cat.

Also on tonight were just-beginners, like Teena and Alexxia.. and more, actually all week and all day, and not just on LiveCamNetwork but throughout the MBase there have been increasingly more performers thanks to the contest software creator announced at the beginning of the month, giving away $1000 to the best MBase chat hostess.

This is the reason ace Studio Manager Luna was unable to announce the Fall line up for LivCamNetwork this year - "They just keep coming in and she just keeps adding them on," said webmistress Jen.

And other sites powered by the streaming video and billing platform have been doing just as well.

Let's hope they're all going to stick around for a long, long time.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Another LiveCamNetwork Contest!

(Cyberspace) September 21, 2005 - is launching another contest designed to up customer fun at the expense of those who work for LiveCamNetwork as well as parent company .

After recently announcing a $1000 dollar chat hostess contest, the live adult video chat site has also promised to reward users with $200 in their e-wallets if they create the best pastiche or image meld using images from movies as well as images from picture galleries of the company's chat hostesses as well as parties and other events.

Users of the site were called to the contest, as well as invited to post their creations, in the LiveCamNetwork BBS. From that thread:

"Do you like the girls of LCN?
Do you like Sci-Fi movies?

(Ah... my two favorite things ever. Sorry, just color me geek).

Here's the contest: Grab your favorite pictures of your favorite LIVECAMNETWORK "LCN" Models, plus your favorite screenshots of your favorite Sci-Fi movie, TV show, etc, and Photo-Shop them together into a stunning piece of art, or a funny, silly mess. It's up to you!

Can you imagine... Luna as Saavik from Star Trek II and III? Or Melissa as LEXX? How about Brittini as the green chick from classic Trek? Ava as T'Pol? Sid as Picard?

The artist that creates the winning image will be $200.00 Smackaroos in their E-wallet, to spend with any LCN model they like, at any time!

In order to qualify, your pictures must be posted here on this BBS, and each picture MUST have the performers name as well as, anywhere you like.

The contest starts NOW and is open until October 15th 2005. The winner will be announced on this bbs on October 16th.

Have fun!


Mark Prince"

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Webdreams Launches Blog

(Cyberspace) September 17, 2005 - Canadian live video company, which started their own Webdreams site when it was discovered that Showcase Network did not have any plans to build one in the near future, has added a Blog to the site to spur interaction between fans of the show and its cast members (visit The Webdreams Blog).

Besides the 2much Crew (as company staff and chat hostesses are referred to in the series), Webdreams also follows Dugmor! and his protege Malezia, independant porn actress Katrina, and male stripper& Colt model Dave Angelo on their individual quests to fame and fortune in the adult online industry.

Webdreams has become the #1 show on the Canadian Showcase network, and is also faring well on IFC, the Independant Film Channel, where it debuted last week in several timeslots.

Of all Canadian Specialty channels it hit the #2 spot as the most popular broadcast.

In fact interest is so great that insiders are already talking about a second series based on entirely new characters, or a combination of new and old.

The Webdreams Blog expects to feature posts from all the featured characters and anyone else involved that wishes to participate. Invitations so far have been accepted by Mark Prince, of, Dugmor! of JoinRightNow, and series producer Mike Kronish, of Galafilm.


Wednesday, September 14, 2005

LiveCamNetwork Now Open to Firefox Users

(CyberSpace) September 13, 2005 - and it's brethren of live video chat sites are now available to users of Firefox, the Mozilla browser currently giving Internet Explorer a run for its money.

"The fix for Firefox to support Windows Media 9 has been available for quite some time," said 2much head Mark Prince. "But it was very hard to do for a lot of people, and we weren't able to take on the extra support."

While not a simple click install, enabling the ActiveX control for Media Player 9 on Firefox is a fairly painless procedure. Users can read the tutorial at the MozillaZine forums or more detailed specifications in the Mozillazine knowledge base.

Firefox is generally recognized as the safest of browsers, with a staunch resistance to any browser / Windows-controlling program surfers might encounter, especiailly via ActiveX, which is a part of Microsoft's Internet Explorer.

Who, after all, hasn't opened a new browser and found their homepage changed to "Porn for Librarians" or some such unwanted website?

LiveCamNetwork, however, was blocking Firefox since many users who might purchase time didn't understand why they weren't getting video. Complaints would build up - and the chance for chargebacks.

"Chargebacks are bad for the customer," said Prince. "Since the billing company might decide to block your card because of it." Consumers could find themselves unable to make a purchase on any number of sites that billing company processes.

"But now that installing WM9 on Firefox is easier, we feel that we no longer need to block Firefox from accessing," said Prince. "It was especially tough since almost everyone in our office uses Firefox, but had to switch to IE just to view our own sites!"'s chat hostesses are currently among the featured players in the Showcase docu-soap series Webdreams, "So I I guess it was about time that LiveCamNetwork was opened to Firefox."


Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Gentle Reminder: Chat Hostesses Win $1000

(CyberSpace)September 13, 2005 - This is a gentle reminder that chat hostesses can win $1000 (on top of making good money) by joining the LiveCamNetwork/2much chat hostess contest.

The registration page has a link to contest rules and a brief but useful training manual to which the chat hostesses, both new and experienced, should refer to in order to become effective money earners - as well as contest winners.

The rules and regulations for the contest are also included there.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Webdreams Commentary by Mark Prince

The 2much Team - on line and on the air. Mark Prince, The Boss. Laurelle - 2much Team Player. Luna - 2much Team Coach.

Mark Prince, CEO and President, and

Webdreams is the Galafilm-produced docu-soap series about the real lives and loves of actual adult internet entrepreneurs. is one of those featured. Here's what Prince had to say:

- It's good! It's fast paced, and the editing just blows me away. If I had not been there myself I would never have guessed that it was all done with 1 camera. And the lighting! Wow... Gala used NO extra lighting even though it looks like they did. I bet that cam cost $50k!

- It's cool learning what the other companies are doing through the show. We all have different levels of success, but we all seem to have the same amount of problems. Internal bickering, models showing up late for shoots etc...

- Seeing ourselves on TV is cool. I have been on TV a few times in the past but nothing compared to this. My family is intrigued and happy for me, but not "thrilled". My 82 year-old Mom has somehow missed both shows... probably a good thing. I could only guess what her reaction to the "Drilldo" scene would be...

- Luna absolutely hates how she looked in Episode 1. It's too funny listening to her go on about it...

- Leila, Laurelle and Deja look SO GREAT. Leila is nurvous about the show and came back for the premiere a couple of weeks ago and still looks great. We ended on a bad note as may come up in the show, but things are good now. Deja is away on a nice long European vacation and may not have seen the show yet.

We were thinking about having the gang over to the studios on Friday nights to watch the show together, and to broadcast the group watching the show.

- I like all of the other characters in the show but so far... the people that seem the most real are Dave Angelo and his awesome wife, Manon. Dave just cracks me up, and is not shy about anything it seems. Katrina and her Boyfriend are cool too.

- So finally: WEBDREAMS: Looks great, sounds great, feels great, tastes great. After you watch the show, READ THE CREDITS and remember the names!

Dave Angelo!


Saturday, September 10, 2005

2much Proud Of Their TV Status

Behind the scenes of Webdreams.
I guess you can say the folk here at are a little proud at "the 2much Crew" being one of the featured characters on Webdreams, that Documentary ("Docu-Soap") series about Adult entrepreneurs.

They've added a whole gallery and promo pages and stuff about them and the show. They've even got a press release on iSN News about it.

I just hope they end up giving us updates on everyone shown in Webdreams, it would be fascinating.

Also, they don't have a link to the Webdreams launch party, which would be interesting... This is the link to the LiveCamNetwork gallery from that party:

Anyhow: read away.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Girl-a-Thong 2 At

(Cyberspace) September 9, 2005 - Live adult video chat site has announced a second Girl-A-Thong event to be webcast live at an unspecified date.

The original event, webcast over a four hour period early this May, featured such LiveCamNetwork favourites as Brittini, Cat, Ava and Neena. It was such a success site founder Mark Prince vowed to have another.

"Originally we did it to thank our regulars who stuck with us, came back and hung around the forums," said Prince. "We really didn't think it was going to be that successful - it was just giving back to people who supported us during a hard time, basically."

However the event, where users could "buy" virtual vodka and beer for the bevy of amateur chat hostesses gathered before a dual-camera set-up for a "very sexy pajama party", turned into a great public relations coup as well as new customer recruitment.

"Besides we get a chance to work on this new two-cam set-up," said Prince. "Which is a first in live streaming video as far as I know."

Surfers are advised to return to regularly to look out for for the date and time of the show.

Prince emphasizes the customer loyalty and retention of interactive video chat thanks to sociable and talkative chat hostesses. Webmasters can profitfrom the event as well as on a long-term basis by referring traffic to the site by signing up at

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Pre-Qwebec Expo Party: Webdreams Launch Celebration

(Montreal) September 1, 2005 - The Qwebec Expo round of parties got off to an early start Tuesday this week at the launch event for Webdreams, the Galafilm-produced docu-soap series premiering this Friday on Showcase Network.

The private party was attended by mainstream insiders from Showcase Network and Galafilm as well as cast members from, Join Right Now, Eromodel and

The parties aren't about to end as the Qwebec Expo is opening its NaughtyBank-sponsored registration today at the Chateau Champlain, and NATS is gearing the pre-show Warm Up party tonight at the MadHatter Saloon, a cool grungey drinkspot in the midst of Crescent Street's trendy swank.

Tomorrow night is LivePornStarOnCam's "Thank God It's Friday" party sponsored by 3XWebDesign, MyWifeBucks and MyVirtualCard. The party goes from grunge to suave as this one is set in the Hotel Place D'armes' Club Lounge, Suite 701.

The evening will also feature the premiere of Webdreams at 10:00 pm.

The Qwebec Expo Showcase is of course the Best Adult Awards ceremony, hosted Saturday night by YnotBob and featuring as many presenters as possible. The Live Band and fuzzy good feeling of winning and cheering winners will be a good precursor to another club party. The BAA After-Party is brought to you thanks to the BAA and, from the private lounges of the infamous Dome nightclub and rave bar.

While most shows are mostly out of steam on Sundays, Plante has reserved some relaxing goodies for those remaining in Montreal over the long Labour Day weekend with Go-Karting action in the afternoon and a yet-to-be announced relaxation wind-down that is yet to be announced.

For a full schedule of the Qwebec Expo parties, receptions and sponsors, go to .