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Monday, October 31, 2005

New Chat Hostesses at LCN

Well LiveCamNetwork has been busy hiring hiring hiring - recruiting a bunch of newbettes ot fill out the schedule of already impressive chat chicks.


First off there's Vicktoria, who was recently the subject of an online training with the well-known OfficeGnome. Vicktoria is cute and intelligent, appears shy but has truly regaled her chat room visitors into writing nice things about her on the LiveCamNetwork BBS. She's scheduled to chat tomorrow (November 1st) at 7PM EST.


Kaia hasn't been scheduled yet though she probably will be within the next few hours since she's one of the sweetest, most punctual ladies online. "Beauty in a tiny package," as one chatter referred to her, is hard to resist.


Then there's Cassie , a "closet Geek" who loves role-playing games ("yes, like Dungeons and Dragons!") and has the allure of a fifties starlet the likes of Lauren Bacall and Ann Sheridan. In fact, it would be fascinating to switch her chat room to black & white and see what that would do...

Online Now!

Right now online there's Ava, the mizz with whips, chains and a cute squeak to her that belies her S&M tendencies... and of course let's not forget nutty bouncy Teena - both of whom are on until midnight tonight...

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Back Online and Back On Cam - Chat Hostess Brittini

Asia's Swinging Lexicon of Live Chat. will be back in business tonight starting at 10:00 PM EST with mizz Brittini chatting online with regulars and newcomers - it they're polite of course, respectful, intelligent, and not just freebie-seekers annoying the heck out of everyone with their "Show Me Your Boobs" requests...

Actually chat girl Asia has a great thread in the LCN BBS called Asia's New Adult Dictionary - something you have to check out - both for a laugh and to learn how NOT to be in her or any other performer's chat room.

Meanwhile a few performers have noticed that the site is back up and are waiting to chat ... so go to it! Log in or register, and have some fun!

Goodies to Distract You...

Ebony Chat Hostess Nei...

While LiveCamNetwork is down for some maintanence, may I suggest to you a few ... distractions?

First off, iSN News has proclaimed Nei their new iSN Cutie - excellent! She's nuts-fun to be with in her chat room and just plain smart.

Also the Halloween Party just published their first gallery so you can check that out here!

Have a good one and see you online tomorrow!

Friday, October 28, 2005

Two CamGirls At Once - Chat Hostess Double-Up!

oh My oh My ... Melissa and and Teena are at it again - twogether again that is, in the same room, playing naughty tease-me catch together...

They started a few weeks ago, the two chat hostesses going together in one chat room at - and did it out of their own natural attraction to each other, and it grew so popular that by demand it has become a regular feature.

And it wasn't a ploy or some gimmick - though it has the effect of any good marketing done from the heart and the site's webmaster must be happy with the attention the ladies get the site.

Actually there's so many other things to post, and I haven't for a couple of days now - but I thought most of you would be most interested in this... so go now!

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

2much Halloween Party

Another webcam girl halloween gallery coming soon... we hope.
2much has announced their yearly Halloween party, though kept it quiet as compared to last year - but no matter, this means that soon we'll be seeing another funky gallery of cam girls partying hardy!

Last year's party had a few surprises and cool costumes - and was attended by pornstar Lanny Barby, among others!

Right now as you read this Desira and Cat are chatting at LCN, until 2PM (EST), when they'll be replaced by the awesome Gabriella and Asia, whom everyone is expecting will come together for a 2 2-girl show soon.
Some of the LiveCamNetwork chat hostesses will be making the trip to Montreal to party with the 2Much Crew.

When will it be, ladies? When oh when?

Monday, October 24, 2005

Camgirl Party Survivors Online Now

Asia cavorts with webcam girlfriend Melissa.
Well they made it through the Girl-A-Thong Second Edition and are back to talk about it!

Asia here had a rollicking time and made it home standing up, though she had to help her less fortunate pal Gabriella (below) with some of the more complicated post-Girl-A-Thong tasks, such as getting dressed and walking.

Asia and Gabriella posted some pictures of theirs to prove their partyability in the LiveCamNetwork BBS, as well as some other naughty bits about the event, or rather post-event happenings.
Gabriella gives Ava a big wet one during one of the Girl-A-Thong games...
The Pictures here link to the LCN Girl-A-Thong Gallery, so check them out if you haven't already - the videos will be published later this week.

Oh, and meanwhile, as of this writing, Asia and Gabriella, as well as others, are chatting live on LiveCamNetwork right now (it's 3:20 PM EST) and will be until 6:00 PM. Hop to it!

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Girl-A-Thong Update and Gallery Link

LCN Girls: Evette, Faye, Zoie, Alexxia, Gabriella, Asia, Luna, Brittini, Teena and Melissa.
"Hello everyone,

I just wanted to give everyone who joined in on the 2nd Girl-A-Thong which took place last Thursday. It was a HUGE Success.

The LCN Girl-a-thong was covered by 3 Sony digital cameras, 5 microphones (Luna wore a wireless mic), a mixing board and a brand new Pentium Dual-core CPU powered PC's, which sent dual streams to our servers and provided dual simultaneous streams to cover all of the Girl-a-thong action.

The streams were not broadcast in "standard definition" (for the web anyway) at 320x240x15fps, and 10 KHz Mono Sound. . We had originally planned to broadcast in higher definition, but decided to scale back at the last minute so that more people could join in on the fun (Thank you for your help, Dingo!)

("Hi-Def" shows (Like the Luna Show) are in the planning stages, including Hi-Def broadcasts of each studio of later this year. "Hi-Def" will be in "wide screen" 16x9 format, 30 Frames per second, improved color and Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround sound at 48KHz per channel. )

The LiveCamNetwork Girl-a-thong chat room and video were displayed to the performers on a projection screen providing a 60 inch diagonal view of the text chat and video of the Girl-a-thong.

The maximum number of viewers peaked at 661 (1322 streams) at 11:05pm on Thursday night.

The Girl-a-thong started around 8:20pm (last minute technical problems pushed the start back 20 minutes). It's official end was 11:30pm, but things got out of control (Thanks, Melissa!) and we decided just let the cameras run.

The 3rd Girl-a-thong is already in the works, and details will be announced soon.

Video clip highlights of the girl-a-thong will be available for download later this week.

For pictures of the Girl-a-Thong 2, please click on this link:

Thanks again to everyone for making it a spectacular success!"

Mark Prince
October 21, 2005

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Girl-A-Thong Reminder!!! (It's Tonight.)

Girl-A-Thong II is Live Online Tonight! The LCN Girl-A-Thong is Tonight at 8 PM Eastern Time.

From the site's main page:

2 Simultaneous Video Feeds!
3 Cameras!
6 Microphones!
And 17 (yes, Seventeen!) Of LiveCamNetwork's TOP Models!
(And you, yes YOU, get to buy them All SHOOTERS via your E-Wallets and get them all Drunk! LIVE!

Register For Free at the site!

Go to!

Who's On Now? (or later...)

Honey Means Miel In French... She'll be live on LCN until 4pm EST Today.
As I write this it's too early to admit what time it is (what am I doing UP at this time? Forget it), but starting at 10:00 AM EST we started off the morning in fine company with the double Goth dose, Desira and Violet, plus a smattering of other ladies who might also be worth your time.

For Lunchtime, there's yummy Miel online, she of the sexy french accent (ever been up to Quebec for a hockey game? Not in a long time, eh? Check her out).

Honey girl will be joined a little while later by Evette and Kaia, who is a live video virgin and so new she doesn't even have a bio posted yet.

These ladies are seriously good chat hostesses, or webcam girls, or camgirls, or whatever you want to call them. And they chat, too - they hardly use keyboards, so put your headphones on - they talk. And chat about loads of stuff, they do - favorite bands? Rotten early mornings? Asshole chatters? Yup!

That means don't pop in and just say "show me some pussy sweet missy" or anything like that - if you don't get shouted down by the more gentlemanly gentlemen in the chat room, she's probably going to kick you if you don't tune in and turn on.

Take my word for it, it's a much more satisfying than just a moving, silent nookie girl.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

LiveCamNetwork Nets An XBiz Nomination

(Cyberspace) October 11, 2005 - Live video chat site LiveCamNetwork and video chat platform LiveCamNetwork 1.9 have been nominated for an XBizAward for best Live Feed Provider.

This is the second time LiveCamNetwork has been nominated for an award since the release of LiveCamNetwork 1.9., the video streaming and billing solution created by less than two years ago.

"Live video is an odd, uncommon niche in adult," said 2Much founder Mark Prince. "But it's growing fast, especially since it was announced that DSL use is over the fifty percent bar.", which recently demonstrated a high definition, widescreen live video stream, has been in business since 1998, creating video chat sites inspired by its initial flagship site They've built over 50 sites, 80% of these since LiveCamNetwork 1.9 was launched in November 2003.

"The truth is that our success is due in large part to the quality of our chat hostesses, as much as the technology," said Prince. "Luna, our LiveCamNetwork studio manager, is responsible for training the chat girls in basic sales techniques that have increased sales in the last year by 600%."

"It's not that our technology is revolutionary," Prince said. "Because it's out there. What we do is aggregate different aspects of different technologies with our own application."

LiveCamNetwork and the 2much Crew are currently featured in the Showcase original series, "Webdreams", a docu-soap about the lives of various online porn entrepreneurs, including Dugmor!, Malezia and KatrinaB.

The Award has people at LiveCamNetwork excited, but Prince is subdued about the nomination. "Some people are nominated over and over before they actually win anything. That's fine. We're happy enough just to be nomimated with our friends at Interclimax, and the others, who I haven't really met but all add to the obvious quality and competition in that category [Live Feed Provider]."

2much has confirmed members will be present at the Ceremony in Hollywood, California, at the Key Club on Sunset Strip, Nov. 17, 2005, during the Webmaster Access West Trade show.

"How could we miss it?" said Prince. The CEO plans to spend a day riding the coasters at 6 Flags, and challenges the adult webmaster community to keep up with "Coaster Boy".

"I plan to ride the most technologically advanced coaster in the world, The X, at least 3 times," Prince said, inviting fellow nominees and Webmaster Access attendees to the "XXX 2much webmaster GT" at 6Flaggs.

"Bring your most 'flash-friendly' models to the park," Prince said. "I fucking love techonology."


Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Webcam Girl's Birthday Show!!

LCN Girl Ava celebrates her birthday online this year/
LiveCamNetwork chat hostess favorite Ava (or Avalicious? Or Ava Licious? I'm not sure) is celebrating her birthday ONLINE tonight.

She's going to be featuring special games and "events" as well as a new set of costumes. Last I was in her room, she had "Birthday Boobies" (I'm not telling) and seemed to be playing a drinking trivia or truth or dare game.

Actually quite fun - especially watching Ava have so much fun - and while you're at the site why not drop by Cat or Asia's rooms and remind them that it's Ava's birthday? Who knows what can result?

Friday, October 14, 2005

Chat Hostess Zoie Is Back!

Chat Hostess Zoie Loses at Star Trek Trivia.
I've wanted to post this for a while now but never got around to it... This is Zoie the night she lost at Star Trek Trivia on LiveCamNetwork - the dare was to run out of the studio and into Webmistress Jen's office bare nekkid! So she did, and Jen of course was waiting with the camera handy!

Zoie is online now at LiveCamNetwork, along with Evette and other featured performers.

REMINDER: Tonight is episode #6 of Webdreams, featuring some of the LiveCamNetwork and 2much Crews in their trials and tribulations. Not to be missed, at 10:00PM EST on Showcase Television (IFC is also playing the series, but it's a couple weeks behind... so you can catch up there if you want).

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

2Much Rolls Out First High Definition Live Video Stream

The Luna Show will premiere Friday Oct. 14 at 7pm EST.
(Montreal) October 8, 2005 - Interactive Video platform creator will roll out a new, live High-Definition video streaming format that is an Internet first, according to company president Mark Prince.

In addition to being live and hi-def, the format presents viewers with a wide-screen video display running at 30 frames per second as well as 48KHz Dolby Surround 5.1 streaming audio.

"Traditional screen aspect ratio is 4:3, but this is 16:9. This has never been done with live adult video chat before," claims Prince. "Or any web video. We're not just pushing the envelope anymore, we're pushing it through the shredder."

In recent online tests and demonstrations for clients from the company's Old Montreal offices, "we had about 50 people in the chat room, watching one of the more popular LCN Girls doing a strip show at someone's desk." The live stream, according to Prince, was viewable by everyone.

"The burden is more on our end, not on the end-user," said Hidden Dragon,'s network supervisor and head programmer. "We've acquired the machines, codecs and connection required to compress, output, stream and route the video feeds."

"Live high-definition video requires fast computers, but nothing most surfers aren't already using," Prince said. "We recently completed extensive upgrades to our servers and routers to support the new high-def format. We've put together already-existing technology in a way that apparently nobody's thought of yet."

"Intel Pentium Computers and standard video cards are great," Prince said. "But the system really shines on AMD 64's and newer generation graphics cards such as the ATI Radeon series."

Adult video chat site will be the first to use the new format, running a series of live interviews with the more popular LCN Girls, to be followed by other videocasts revolving around the WEBDREAMS television series on Showcase, which features 2much staff and chat hostesses from LiveCamNetwork, which is the company's flagship site.

2Much techs will use these "videocasts" to monitor bandwidth, CPU Usage statistics, and most importantly, customer feedback. The videochat rooms featuring the new High Definition video format will follow shortly.

"Back in 2000 we pushed the envelope for video streaming and DSL users," said Prince. "And made a killing. Now it's common, and everybody is getting into it. Now's the time for the next step in live video chat."

A demonstration of Live High Definition video streaming is scheduled for Friday, October 14, at 7pm EST, in the form of "The Luna Show".


Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Live Chat Hostess Training! Live Video Virgin Ahead!

Vicktoria's Secret is available in Group, Private or Spy chat at LiveCamnetwork-dot-com!
(WWW-Wild Webcam Women) September 11, 2005 - You are lucky if you hit this blog at the time I'm writing it.

Right now LiveCamNetwork Studio Manager Luna is training a new chat hostess - right there, live, online - her name is Viktoria, and she's so new she doesn't even have a bio up yet. Just head straight for her chat room and witness this happening.

Sometimes Luna turns off the sound, so it might be a good idea to be able to read lips or have a friend who can with you...

Otherwise, if you prefer women of experience, I suggest 23 year-old miss Evette or the nastier, kinkier Ava, who are both online at the same time.

Words Of Webcam Praise...

Under the heading of "A Beautiful Mind" we have, from the ConnectedByCam Blog, words of high praise indeed for the LCN Girls.

Rather than apply terms relating to their beauty and booty (of which everyone is well aware), the reviewer said, " hostesses at LiveCamNetwork should interest those who seek a 'beauty with brains' in the web cam world."

He also mention our "luscious BBW (Faye)", Evette and "a black haired sexy feline (Cat) ", and added how refreshing it was "to meet some women who lure you into a sensible 'no nonsense' world of adult chat... Food for mind acts as much of a catalyst as food for the body!"

At LiveCamNetwork, the chat hostesses are indeed a breed apart. The webmistress likes to talk about her girls as "the new standard for webcam girls" and that's why she calls them "Chat Hostesses" instead of cam girls or whatever.LCN Goth Girl Violet.

And Luna, or OfficeGnome, as she's known, would be proud of these words of praise. She is the driving force behind the LCN Girls - having started as a chat hostess herself, she has used her sales training, talent and innate ability to entertain without bullshit to turn novices, newbies, webcam girls and others into fun, sociable, gabby, sexy smart online chat room entertainers. Chat hostesses, in other words.

Drop by LiveCamNetwork and see for yourself what the buzz is all about. At this writing (11:00 AM EST) the aforementioned Faye is online, as well as LiveCamNetwork's Goth Queen Violet (though she sometimes has a mood for purple thongs and fuzzy pink brassieres), and at noon (EST) LCN's Asian Babe Asia will also be on.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

An Awesome Threesome of Live Adult VIdeo Chat!

Avarice (or ratherAvariceXoXo.
Don't miss this afternoon at LiveCamNetwork studios - where not only Cat and Ava are chatting, but so is Miss Avarice, who is well known to the network and completely amazing in her chat room.

iSN News doesn't have an updated picture of Avarice (she's cut her hair now), but here's the one from her profile:

Date Announced for Girl-A-Thong II!

Girl-A-Thong II Promises more of the same fun and buns.
(CyberSpace) October 7, 2005 - Although it had originally designated the event as yearly, has called for a second Girl-A-Thong after the enormous success of the first.

As an official thank-you to regulars of the site, the Girl-A-Thong featured a five-hour all-chatgirl pajama party that was the brainchild of Luna, LCN Studio Manager.

"And it was a great idea," stated president and founder Mark Prince. "It was too successful and fun to have to wait a year to repeat."

With the site's chat hostesses and 2much company members being featured in the incredibly popular television docu-soap "Webdreams" on Showcase Television, Prince is expecting record numbers.

"The last time, we had a at one point over five hundred people in the chat room at once," said Prince.

The techonology geek in the interactive chat pioneer (he created Datamate, the first interactive BBS, where two people could be online chatting at once, back in the 1980s) loved the fact that two cameras were picking up the pajama action and webcasting the two streams out simultaneously.

"I love pushing the technology," said Prince. "2much is planning an even bigger push soon, though I'm not saying what it is. For the Girl-A-Thong we'll have three cameras covering the action with two video displays at once on screen, switching between each cam."

Suffice it to say Prince is also interested in continuing the Live Party theme, and encourages webmasters to join the LiveCamNetwork affiliate program to profit from driving traffic to the event.Watch the Girl-A-Thong II Trailer.

"It's great - booze just might sell better than sex," laughed Prince. "At the event, users add cash to their e-wallets, then spend the virtual bucks on rounds of shooters or beer or some other drinks for the chat hostesses."

"Needless to say, it gets quite silly after that."

The Girl-A-Thong II will be held live online at on October 20th, 2005, beginning at 8:00 PM EST (New York Time).


Friday, October 07, 2005

Cat, Evette and Faye! Live On Cam Now!

Here are three models or chat hostesses, if you will, who do not take crap from their chat room guests. Remember, they have the power to kick users out - and will if all they do is ask for free T&A.

These are bright, talkative ladies who naturally want you to take them to pay chat right away if you want - but brains being sexier than nought they won't put up with people reducing the quality of their chat rooms.

Faye is a newbie on LiveCamNetwork in more ways than one since she's probably the first BBW niche girl to chat on the site. (BBW stands for Big Beautiful Woman in case you're wondering).

She's certainly no stranger to webcam chat and so should prove a very entertaining chat hostess since she's undergone further training (let's say Sharpening) under the wing of LiveCamNetwork's studio manager and Chat Mistress, Luna.

Evette is new to chat and LiveCamNetwork and is doing just great lately anyway - she's a natural. Actually her flair for theatricality and performance are evident in her new, Flapper-inspired profile photo (to the left) which give her an air of mystery and connotes the terms she uses in her bio:

"I love lace, gems, leather, cards, cocks, gin, and men. Intelligent and quick, I have surprised many a man with my wit, and made them sweat with my dirty mind."

Ah, words to whip one wild, webcam woman (brainy sexy always makes me alliterative for some reason; go figure).
Last but definitely not least is fabulous, hot, loquacious, brilliant, ironic, sexy, black-haired, white-toothed Cat, whose Chat Room has been warming the desktops of many a regular for over a year now - you can catch her pics a little lower in this blog, or maybe in last month's archive.

OR, better yet, check out Cat's Profile and then visit her in her chat room to find out for yourself.

Have a good Thanksgiving Weekend in Canada, and happy Columbus day to Americans, ya'all!

- Sid

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Girl-a-thong Buzz is Back

Girl-a-thong webcam madness is coming soon!
Well the word is out, LiveCamNetwork will be doing another Girl-A-Thong before the end of the month!

That means that they won't be video chatting... exactly. Last time they had this insane on-cam party, with games and ... shooters! Actually they darnk beer and stuff too, but users were invited to click on a link and enter their order, for the chat hostesses.

A blast was had by webcam girls and chatters too, since it seems popular demand has decided the event is being repeated before next year, as it was originally announced. So if it's not yearly... what is it? Time will tell, I guess...

A site has been put up with photos and a trailer/video from the first Girlathong, so check it out and ask yourself if you want to partake in this kind of thing (duh). OK. That was a funny.

As soon as rumours, indications, loose lips or slick tips come out - especially about which current Webcam Women will be playing in the next Girl-A-Thong - I'll be sure to post'em up here.

Since the date hasn't been announced officially yet though, check out the Girl-a-thong site regularly, and this blog, or drop by LiveCamNetwork, all of which will undoubtedly be posting it ASAP.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Back Online With Sweet Webcam Chat: Miel

Chat Hostess Hottie Miel.
Well she's back! Chat Hostess "Honey in French", Miel!

She was interviewed for a CBC documentary, in French and English, when she worked for LCN earlier this year and now she's back because she missed the boys and girls, both on and offline! A more sober Miel interviewed for CBC's ''The First Time''

Her sexy accent and sweet demeanour is sure to charm the pants (as in panting) out of you so drop on by and check her out while she's on... otherwise you'll just have to check her schedule and keep the appointment!

'Til next time!