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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Live Lovelies Chat Long And Wide

Melissa likes all kinds and is loved by many... Tonight's live lovelies online feature certain... extremes of the body-type for you variety lovers.

These are the spice of life, or of live. Not hard to guess that if long thin Ava isn't your cup of tea, then you can always fall in with Faye, of the BBW mold and quite sweet and terrifically sexy at any rate.

Drop by and find out a few of her well-kept secrets (you'd be surprised of some of the stuff she's done - and I mean on a web-basis, not anything kinky...)

No one seems to have the Hi-Def room tonight, I wonder why that is?

Maybe because the heater's busted in there and wherever it is it's COLD up there...

Another featured performer garnishing mucho praise lately is miss Melissa. Check out her profile, as well as the site's BBS, to see what I mean. Lots of fun are had there, btw...

Monday, November 28, 2005

A Fuuunny Thing Happened In Alexxia's Chat Room Tonight

The LCN girls play together - live online.
LiveCamNetwork is a fun site to visit. Really. You never know what might happen.

For example, tonight, Alexxia was starting her time online, quietly (but sexily) chatting up her regulars and newcomers, when in burst Gabriela, Asia and Ava!

Then they had a party. A spontaneous last-minute Girl-a-Thong! Doing naughty things in free chat and maybe more in pay chat... sigh - i missed it.

But some enterprising soul went ahead and popped in with a camera, and posted the pics on the LCN BBS.

So don't do like I did - next time you're having any doubts about whether or not you should drop by, or even register, at LiveCamNetwork... don't. Just go.

Meanwhile, online right now we have the lovely Vicktoria (yes, the Star War Gook), as well as the much-sought Natacia, and in high definition widescreen glory - Neena. Check it out - you never know when they might explode into a full-fledge girl-a-thong bumparty!

Live Chat Girl Line Up NOW

Luna, Brittini, Ava and Cat Whoop it up!Looks like now that the school season is upon us, the live lovely ladies are logging in more and more often.

Tonight we have in the widescreen, hi-def room the incredibly flexible Ava.

At the moment ms. Gabriela is also gaining in the popularity department - so far she's barely been out of private chat. Good for her! (Bad for us).

Of course, it seems, sometimes, that you can't find her without Asia being somewhere nearby... maybe they carpool? That would be pretty cool, live nude carpooling!

And last but certainly not least is Alexxia, who has smashed records at the site for being extremely popular right from the start, and maintained that high rating.

Get down to the site to see what I mean.

Posted: that's a picture of what happened when studio manager Luna returned from a recent sabbatical - girls who party together (sometimes live online too!) stick together. (Click the pic to see more in the LCN BBS).

Friday, November 25, 2005

Double Thrills In Live Video Chat

Bisexual Chat hostesses Melissa and Teena. Are you ready for this?Things are heating up at - some nights are just insane.

For example, not only is the highly praised Ava online as well as the cute and cheeky Kaia, but their chat room video is heads-above the best I've seen on the net (one of the reasons this blog exists, actually). Not only that, but Gabriela is on, and in a high definition, widescreen chat room that will completely blow your mind (people with Windows 98 and Pentium 2 computers stay away from that one though).

Not only that, but there is also the completely fun, funny and arousing (if you like lesbians) couple of Teena and Melissa - two girls who seem to have met at the studio and it does seem they have a thing going. But I'm not sure about that.

Anyhow you can see a short video of their shenanigans by clicking on this: Hot Bi Girls Having Fun!

And then of course go see them live in action now until ... midnight? Who knows - they've been known to go over schedule because they do seem truly dedicated to their work ;)

Cyber Meet - Live Video Chat Style

You head to a bar with some friends, hoping to meet some hot chickies. And you do. Tons.

You meet one in particular. Really nice. Likes to talk and dance. Likes Long Island Iced Tea. You might end up going home together.

But will she be your love? Forever? Most likely not. Most people don't meet in bars for marriage.

But by that time you've spent money on drinks, taxis, maybe dinner - and whatever else (that's none of my business).

When you get right down to it you might not even get laid with all that. What's a guy to do?

Well surfing on over to might provide a solution that's a lot more bearable, especially on the wallet.

You see, there are women there. Beautiful women. And you can talk all night, meeting them in their chat rooms and drinking from your own refrigerator, and if you're not interested you don't have to stick around until the end of the drink out of politeness. Just click to another chat room.

There's a pretty funny post on BoobleBlog on the same debate versus RealDolls, which are incredibly expensive but lifelike sex dolls, that might interest you. Read up and bring the info into the chat room - I know the smart sexy ladies at the site really appreciate conversation (as opposed to the sort of free butt flash solicitations they are most used to).

Remember of course you never actually get to meet these ladies - you probably don't live in the same country - this is strictly online meetings. In other words, no strings, no obligations, just fun.

Right now online there are three fine women who are on the site's Featured Performer list - those would be Cat, Asia and Brittini, with Gabriella in the wings about to log on in the hi-definition widescreen chat room the site is justly proud of. I'll be back with more later.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Kaia Gets the Widescreen Hi-Def Chatroom

Kaia now in Hi Def Live Chat. Click the pic to learn about live is rocking tonight with a great threesome of chat hostesses.

StarWars Nude Light Sabre Duel survivor Cassie is online, she of the excellent wit, incredibly eclectic knowledge and love of classic rock.

Cat is on, and her profile now features praise from past private chatters, all talking about her class and style and ... what about her looks? I mean this is a hot tottie top model type of brightwhite smile type of lady. Drop in and see for yourself!

And finally there's the one in the picture, cute and sweet Kaia - though don't let that fool you. From what I read in the bbs over there, she has a lot of power packed into the little frame.

Another thing is she's using the widescreen high definition chat room tonight. So if you have a good Pentium 4 you should maybe go check out this latest technological advance, brought to you by the crew.

Kitsune and Neena are Chatting Right Now!

Naughty? No. Neena!Hello one and all and welcome back to the blog that loves to talk about itself.

Actually, it's kinda hard to come up with angles, hooks and reflections during these sometimes thrice a day updates - but I try. But when I can't think of anything, there's nothing wrong with just reporting to you who's online or who's coming up s00n, especially when the ladies are as lovely...

For example, what to say about someone who's got that schoolgirl thing going (she wants you to find out how exactly in chat though) like Kitsune. She's new but got the hang of being a great solo girl entertainer.

And of course there's the lovely Neena who needs only to have her picture seen to understand the appeal.

Head on over and give her and the others a gander, and hurry because this is late and they're not on for long.

I'll post for the next shift early, though... with a hook?

Violet, Gabriela, Miel, and Desira! Morning Chats can be the best.

Chat hostess Miel. Good morning (it's morning somewhere) and Happy Thanksgiving America!

Here to give a you a little more to be thankful for is a fabulous line up of live video chat chicks without compare.

We begin with the return of Desira, long tall warm sexy goth alterna-babe type with pretty grey blue eyes.

Then there's the queen of live video goth chicks, miss Violet Manson, who as always is reigning from her live hi-def widescreen chat room (must be seen to be believed)...

Gabriela returns with the heat of her latin blood glowing gold from her skin (she looks great on video).

And finally there's the return of Miel, which mean Honey in French. She has been absent (has had other projects and such) and now graces your desktop with her lovely golden-blonde chat-booty and French Canadian accent. Quite worth the listen.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Chat Hostess Redefines Chat Room Talk

Chat hostess Asia has a new way of looking at the chat room language...Have you ever been asked "see now bossoms"?

Or "enfocate but down"?

Well these ladies have, and they're now sharing them in "Asia's New Adult Dictionary", a thread on the LiveCamNetwork BBS that is bound to be up for a long time.

Chat Hostess Asia started it after receiving some odd, illiterate or non-english requests and decided to start sharing. Pretty soon LiveCamNetwork regulars as well as other chat hostesses were contributing and the thing grew... hilarious.

Join the chat site yourself and see if you can spot some doozies.

Sweeeeet Camgirl Natacia.The other young ladies worth of note tonight (did I mention Asia is online until midnight, EST?) are Teena, and young and new but already quite popular Natacia.

Teena gets every girl at the studios to try... bi... just a rumor? Unsuspecting Natacia may not be prepared quite for Teena, who so far has tried her hand, among other parts, at online twosomes with Neena and Melissa - and others, I've heard... though not quite seen.

Chat Hostess Full House

Chat Hostess Brittini Received Friendly Spankings On Her Birthday...
Looks like the months are getting colder and colder, and the chat hostesses are being driven in to their living rooms and bedrooms more and more.
I mean the line ups on most chat sites being usually pretty good, I don't complain. But this morning was quite impressive, especially over at They seem to have taken a hit after 2257 (if you don't know what that is read about it here) but since the end of summer the who's online menu has gotten longer and longer.

One of the girls of summer left to chat live along with the crowd - but who stands out as far as many are concerned, is Brittini. Recently on unexplained hiatus, she's back today with more ( and less nudge-nudge) for her drooling regulars (loyal fans I mean).

Check her out and of course the other standout is Violet in her high defintion widescreen chat room. That's a treat that's hard to beat!

Also - the gallery for the Nude Light Sabre Duel and fun has been published at iSN News.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Petite Cutie Chat Hostesses Have Big Fun Live

Vicktoria is too busy watching Star Wars III.You'll have to forgive the absence of updates and information of late - but your humble editor and chatgirl chronicler was in Los Angeles last week attending Webmaster Access West and partying at the Playboy mansion.

I return invigorated, I must say.

Tonight for your viewing and chatting pleasure I must present a pair of absolutely charming young ladies with everything from brains to br... yes, dammit, boobs, nice ones too.

Miss Vicktoria apparently has plenty of opinions and advice for gentlemen chatters and offers it as freely as she does her knowledge of Star Wars trivia - but don't quiz her on it she ends up losing because of the pressure and doing silly things like posing for free nude pictures for the winner - usually one of the guys in the chat room.

Actually what am I saying - log in and challenge her to a sci-fi trivia game! This is the girl who did bodyshots after winning the Star Wars Geekathon and Nude Light Sabre Fight. Go!

Then there's Kaia, who is a mystery to me. That's not her fault it's mine - I barely stay long enough in her chat room to pay attention and I'm usually just completely deconcentrated - if that's the right word - if i do.

Oh, well, as one of her chatters put it in the LiveCamNetwork BBS - "Kaia is living proof that great things come in small packages."

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

A Chat Hostess Moves On And Up

Me In My Souvenir LiveCamNetwork Shirt.
This is the farewell entry from one of the LiveCamNetwork girls posted in their BBS recently. We publish these occasional offerings from a chat hostess to give you some insight into what makes LCN Girls so special, and how really they are "just people" like anyone else and don't deserve some of the unkind things that are sometimes said about them. -Sid

Hi everyone, Some of you may have noticed I haven't been online for a while. I started a couple new jobs and have been working seven days a week with little time to do much else. So with that, I've come to the conclusion that it's time to say goodbye to the porn biz (well, as much as I've dipped my toe in it, anyway) and hello to full time writing in the journalism world.

I've really glad I've met all of you on here -- I never expected to make friends in my chatters, but I'm glad I have. A special thank you goes out to (in no particular order) Rockerdude (I think the Detroit Rock City soundtrack will never sound the same after that night), gco102 aka Griffin (for keeping the energy going), emano (for his kindness and Goofy hat), Biller (I'm honoured that I was your first private girl!), avasboytoy (for his lovely openings during each chat), Nicolini, Megamaluke, Bill from T.O. (I couldn't even match his pop-culture skills!) and I'm certain I'm missing other people as well. You guys have all kept me entertained and with all sincerity brightened up my day. Please keep in touch on bbs.

Me in my souvenir pic with Elvira at a Nerdy tradshow.I'll never forget the fun I had dressing up in various costumes. But one of my favourite nights had to be doing the skipping rope limbo in my coconut bra. "Art class with Emily" and Robot ramming into wall and eating giant hamburger are also prize moments.

One person I'll miss most of all with be my friend POEALLEN. Truly an amazing girl, an activist at heart and full of sass -- I'm leaving LCN, but I'll still come by and visit my sweet love whenever I get a chance. I love hanging out with her late at night on her shifts. We truly could be Green Hornet and Kato. BTW, I think I might've found a painting of you! POE's the coolest and I'll really miss her!

I cannot thank 2MUCH enough for everything they've done for an at-home camgirl. So many girls on this site are intelligent, funny, witty, confident, beautiful -- countering everything the adult industry represents. There is still a stigma that comes with a job like this, but I'm glad a company like 2MUCH exists to disprove that. Thanks, Mark. And it was very nice meeting all the girls at the opening of Webdreams back in the summer. Kayla rules!Finally, I leave you with a pic of me and Elvira a few months ago at a Nerd convention (horror/sci-fi/anime/comic). And yes, I am dressed like a sailor zombie. And no, not after the movie STACEY. And also me in my LCN halter thingy-ma-bobber.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Live Nude Light Sabre Duel and Geekathon A Success

Chat hostesses and nude Jedi warriors battle it out. It was a time to laugh, a time to drink, a time for light sabre duels and bare breasted Star Wars trivia. It was fun, don't ya know, and the utmost in silliness.

Last night, Zoie, Cassie and Vicktoria, three nerdy chat hostesses from, got together for an evening of watching Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith, discussing and playing at Star Wars trivia with users who could buy rounds of drinks for the purposes of bolstering the girls for the climactic re-enactment (or as Star Wars geek and company president Mark Prince called it "re-interpretation") of the final light-sabre duel in that film...

Of course all this silliness is also the opportunity to advance technology and in that ever-nerdy world of computers and the internet, it's usually the porn nerds who do the pushing.

The event was staged in the site's new widescreen high-definition format chat room, which is live video running at 30 frames per second and in 16:9 aspect ratio. Rather than the usual 320 by 240 pixel image, this is an impressive 533 by 300 pixel. The difference is enormous, and the quality makes it hard to go back to the regular chat rooms.

There is no indication that the site will be upgrading all its chat rooms to this format, or just keeping it for special events (the next girl-a-thong, Luna Show or another live party event). They'd have a problem though since many chat hostesses don't us Mini DV cameras that could adopt the 16:9 aspect ratio.

For now certain chat hostesses have their own high-definition chat rooms and are making good use of them. For instance, right now Alexxia is in the widescreen room, while Asia and Gabriela are using the conventional rooms, although a different times they all have had use of it.

I wonder if they have Light Sabre fights to decide who will get the special room?

LiveCamNetwork Chat Hostess Featured on KitKast

Video chat chick Violet, who is online now at until 3PM EST, is featured on KitKast this week.

KitKast was created by Ms KitKa, and is the first Video Podcast which features news on the Adult industry and sex things in general.

One story she comments on, for example, is a stripper who was recently burned by a fire-eater in a feature show. Another involves born-again sex workers trying to convert those still in the business.

Fun stuff and well packaged, KitKast is a short entertaining look at the world of adult worth your while - especially this week, as the podcast features one of the sexiest and witiest chat hostesses on LiveCamNetwork...

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Nude Light Sabre/Live Star Wars Video Geekathon Rescheduled

Miss Cassie has been sick of late and really really wanted to take part in the nude light sabre duel and Star Wars Geekathon - but she was sick.

The event was in limbo until just today, when the whole thing was put over to Sunday night at 8PM.

Vicktoria and Cassie are confirmed, as is a surprise guest (will they have enough light sabres?).

Speaking of which, the event will feature authentic, solid, great-sounding high-tech light-sabres licensed by Lucas

So don't be late, plug in your own copy of Star Wars III: Revenge Of The Sith, and freak out on LiveCamNetwork's unique sci-fi geek and porn formula - courtesy the girls themselves...

Tonights Live Webcam Offerings

Click to see the REAL size of the LCN Hi-Def widescreen experience.
Tonight, with the return of the Hi-Def chatroom to LCN we are treated to the sight of mizz Alexxia doing her chat hostess duty in widescreen and clarity-beauty of LCN Hi-Def.

If you click on the picture above you'll see the real, actual size of the video screen from her room.

Also online tonight (this is obviously just a quick update) are Asia (growing demand for her at night shifted her shift a little - she's usually on in the afternoon) and our dread-locked BBW Faye, both in fine or voluptuous webcam shape...

Stay tuned for news about a chat hostess being interviewed for Kitcast and some other media surprises from the burgeoning little site ("The Cat's Ass In Adult Online Entertainment" said they're old logo - which I preferred to "It's Spunkadelic!", there latest one).

OK! On to the games - let's have some fun here!

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Live Surpises And BBS Goodies

Neena is back in her favorite chatroom.Well well well well well. Well. Back at LiveCamNetwork at last is popular though inexplicably absent Neena. Well she's back at last so you can ask her yourself.

She's joined tonight by a new Chat Hostess, Kitsune, who is very new and very cute - and entices one with an allusion to her sparkling smile in her profile... hmm... only one way to find out what she means...

And finally Faye, who is the best BBW chat hostess on the net - sweet and cute and natty locks too. A little message to site admin over there: UPDATE HER PICTURE!

While the Live Nude Light Sabre Duel is no longer posted on the site schedule, there's no reason to believe it will not occur... but confirmation will be had and posted here, people.

Kitsune is new at the chat hostess game...Then there's the Live Nude Star Trek Trivia, which when causing a chat chick to lose also makes for some pleasant posting in the LiveCamNetwork BBS - such as one thread that featured a bunch of nude shots of the loser for the winner. They're in the thread, go go go!

Natacia's Maiden Chat

It's an odd way to spell the name, but I guess "Natasha" was taken by another webcam girl.

Natacia, tall and slim, writes that she has "tattoos and piercings that you won’t get to see until you take me into private chat", which shouldn't take too long judging by her on-cam attitude and comfort.

It's only her second time on - the first was a "training session" - so now that she's got the hang of it you're suggested to drop in and take her to private before someone else does.

Actually, it's alright if you miss her - you can always Spy on her while she's in Private (one-on-one) or Group chat.

Spy is less expensive that Group chat mode, though there's no interaction - although that can be a kink, the "voyeur" thing...

Also online this morning are Goth chat girls Desira and Violet - though sadly the latter didn't take her awesome widescreen dugeon room - which must be seen to be believed...

Later today, however there is someone who will be in hi-def chat... but I can't remember who. See Who's Online Here, or come back soon...

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Hi-Def ChatRoom Back Online Now With...

Chat Hostess Avalicious can do very... surprising things... Very flexible, kinky chat hostess Ava is back online tonight in the Hi-Def Chat Room (Ya!). So drop in and see if you can handle the newest level of video chat quality - and crank up the speakers too, the sound is quite rewarding...

And don't forget sooner or later every chat chick there seems to be taking a turn in the new widescreen chat format so if you're patient, your favorite LCN girl should have her own session sooner or later.

Besides, it's my prediction that, just as LiveCamNetwork was the first broadband/DSL full streaming video chat site out there, they'll sooner or later adopt their new format to every chat hostess on the site.

Alexxia, who is online right now, has had her turn or Hi-Def chat account created, as have Violet and Gabriela. They're coming up with one or two a day it seems.

Don't forget to catch Evette before she logs off tonight - she's a brainy, bookworm type (with the glasses to prove it).

Chat to ya'all later!

BBW and Goth action at LCN

Well the action takes on new dimensions at, with mizzes Faye and Violet, among others, assuming the featured performer duties at the site this morning.

Unfortunately, I dropped by and the picture at the left is wrong - they have shut down the hi-def studio chat room this morning because they are... upgrading it! I can't wait to see what it will look like now (if you don't know what this is, read about LCN's widescreen hi-def feed)

An interesting side note - they've been adding commentary or viewer reviews to the girls' profiles lately -so with chat hostess Violet, according to ScreaminDemon, "Goth never looked so heavenly! From those spell-binding eyes to that slithering sexiness with which she moves," while Faye's own profile states: "Sweet innocent in freechat and a multipleasured experience in Private."

So don't take it from me anymore - the people have spoken!

Monday, November 07, 2005

Alexxia, Asia and Gabriella, Chatting Live From... Your Dreams

Live Cam Chat Girls who know how to interact...
It seems like Asia and gal pal Gabriella (did I mean that? hmmmNah... maybe, it's hard to tell) have taken no time to win the hearts and take over the charts at

The same can be said of Alexxia. All three were also webcam girls at other sites before trying the program over at LCN. They seem to have liked it.

Having just arrived at the site, they dove into the Girl-A-Thong, tried the new widescreen-room (and hey, wasn't Gab scheduled to be in there now?) just like they'd always been there. They fit right in and proved what it was to - on top of having live webcam experience - also be open to new training and a fresh approach.

These girls, judging by the time they spend in group and private chat (well, you can always spy first and see if you like what you see), might be around for a long time - unless they end up retiring on the proceeds.

Kidding, but still. It's nice to see experience sharpened by experience, and OfficeGnome knew just where to whittle when these three whips whooshed into the studio (geeze, yes, it's on purpose).

Go on, jump in and see if you can take on the hottest chicks in chat (or at least the highest converting chat hostesses online at the moment - find out why they spend so little time charming guys in free chat).

By the way they're all on line right now - and Alexxia is in the hi-def widescreen chat room - if your equipement isn't too out of date you're in for a live video chat treat.

Online This Morning

Camgirl Desira in free chat.Well a study in contrasts awaits eager fans of live video chat at LiveCamNetwork this morning.

Of course there's Desira, who, along with Violet, are their own special brand of talky, cute and sexy Goth.

And in complete contrast is the bouncy, laughing and brainy Zoie - who loves stuff like Star Trek but don't challenge her to a trivia game - she lost last time.

Anyhow she's got more important things in her head than what was Captain Kirk's brother's wife's name? (click here for the answer).

Zoie, before playing live adult Star Trek Trivia.Ok that's the featured performers of the hour. Stay tuned for more. Why not?

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Nerdy Chicks Conquer the Universe II: The Right Date

Geek Girls Epic Live Video Chat Light Sabre Battle!!

This is to announce that the nude StarWars Fight re-enactment and Geek-a-thon will officially occur Friday, November 11, at 8:00PM EST. The Following is a repeat of the original post, corrected.

Well, now that they have their widescreen, hi-def live video stuff running, LiveCamNetwork have started playing with it.

Instead of those interview shows or whatever that they predicted would be used to "experiment" with the hi-def video, they've decided to turn it into money - an more fun.

So today girls started chatting from the old Gothic castle-decor chat room and meanwhile, a a new item went up on the schedule: StarWarsNude!!

Yep - the girls the site calls their geekiest are going to play sexy drinking games and watch Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith live in the buff and at the end re-enact the climactic light sabre battle - nude!

I'm starting to like these guys.

So don't miss the action, next Friday, November 11th!

[the original "who's online" part of this thread has been removed to provide you with actually online as this is being published.]

Meanwhile hop on over to LiveCamNetwork and check out the action with Cat, an experience chat hostess, and new camgirl Natacia -- I think it's her first time online...

Stay tuned and keep in chat!

LiveCamNetwork First to Setup Widescreen Video Chat is the first live adult video chat site to integrate a new live video format created by parent company

The format, though not HD video, is the most advanced high definition live video stream commercially available on the web.

Apart from running at 30 frames per second (the typical stream is under ten, and LiveCamNetwork's regular frame rate is 15-20 fps), the video is also in widescreen, allowing for a better viewing experience.

The site built a special, medieval dungeon type of studio set for the widescreen chat room, allowing for more camera placement and chat hostess coverage. Violet used it this morning and the reactions were pretty great, but a warning to anyone who wants to try the new chat format: You WILL require a very fast computer, top quality graphics card, and VERY good DSL Connection in order to chat with Violet in Hi-Def. We urge you to try the free chat room first BEFORE you take her into a private chat to make sure that your computer and Internet connections are fast enough.

Right Now: You can chat with Alexxia in the live, hi-def widescreen format and get more than an eyeful. Try it and report back to the site if you like (or not).

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

New Chat Room Studio at LCN - In Widescreen!

LiveCamNetwork Studio 4: The First Widescreen Video Chat.LiveCamNetwork has been building a new studio for a chat room. The images I culled from the LCN BBS say that it's a new chat room for Violet, resident Goth queen at the site.

So Imagine what it looks like - actually you don't need to imagine... look at the pictures!

On top of all that, another post in the BBS announces that the special studio will be using the new live high definition widescreen format developed by the team at 2Much earlier on.

There is also a Dolby 5.1 Surround stereo audio feed - during tests earlier I dropped in to the room and they were playing rock radio over a video feed of Violet in one of their offices.

The clarity of the music was incredible. Let's just hope the mics will do it justice when they officially start using the widescreen chat room later this week or early next.

From the BBS:
They've wanted a dungeon room at LiveCamNetwork... "(Special Note: You WILL require a very fast computer, top quality graphics card, and VERY good DSL Connection in order to chat with Violet in Hi-Def. We urge you to try the free chat room first BEFORE you take her into a private chat to make sure that your computer and Internet connections are fast enough)."

This is also the first regular high-definition live video stream.The room will be featured for the first ever two-hour commercial interactive widescreen video sex chat on Thursday, Nov 3rd, at 10:00 AM EST.

LiveCamNetwork.comWho's Online Now? Tonight will see Vicktoria, Cassie and Melissa doing their best to pop your video cherries so why not play a little hard to get when you drop by, and not make them think you're just too easy...

Posted After Webdreams Aired Last Friday

Prince and photographer Manon Cloutier. (This is an entry in the LiveCamNetwork BBS posted by Mark Prince, owner of and founder of
Last night's episode of Webdreams was great. Without going into too many details, last night's episode featured Laurelle's departure from LiveCamNetwork due to emotional and financial pressure from her boyfriend to leave the 'biz and to forget all about her online friends.

Her final farewell online was heart-wrenching. She logged in one last time to say goodbye to her friends, only to have the Cyber-attack happen during that sad goodbye.

It has come to our attention that those attacks were not automated. They were done by that single person, who sat alone in his bedroom, and purposely kicked off Laurelle and each other model (It wasn't until the last day or two that this miserable excuse for a human being actually automated his script).

As you may already know, 2Much is suing the pants off of this person and have brought him up on criminal as well as civil charges. I wonder if he saw last night's show? I wonder if he saw Laurelle's face as she said goodbye and was pushed away from her job and friends at 2Much partially because of him?

I wonder if he saw the REAL programmer of LiveCamNetwork on Webdreams last night, back in Montreal, and chasing him through cyberspace? I wonder if he's shitting his pants right now scared to death of going to jail?

With permission from Showcase, Gala Film and the producers of Webdreams, we're hoping to show clips of yesterday's show as well as last weeks in court when this case finally goes to trial later this year or in early 2006.

Mark Prince

ps: On a happier note, last night's episode also featured a part of last spring's GIRL-A-THONG party, the party that was thrown to celebrate our recovery from the attacks, and especially to thank the customers that stuck with through those awful 6 weeks. FUN TIMES!