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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Chat Hostess Comings... and Goings?

Here comes Chatgirl Melody, back from a long sabbatical, and there goes chat hostess Neena, who will be sorely missed by site regulars...
Ah, good times always lead to bitter-sweet memories of themselves - yet leave us still with the hopes of more.

LCN Girls have numbered many over the years, but it's always a little glad-and-sad to see one take her leave for better things - whether school or career ambitions. The ladies nonetheless return to post updates on their activities and maintain a link with a growing fan base which remains loyal.

Chat girl Neena, who has been online for almost a year now (or maybe) has announced she'll be focusing on her studies more next year and thus returning only intermittently - especially in the coming months. Her message was posted in the LiveCamNetwork BBS and elicited generally congratulatory responses from fans and site administration alike. Actually she's online now if you want to get to know why she's so popular...

But on the other hand, Melody, who as a chat hostess underwent a transformation in looks which drew her an even bigger repertoire of customers while she was at LCN is returning after a six-month absence. And of course, the BBS response has been to say the least fun, funny and adulatory.

Melody will be logging back on this friday, checking the schedule can give you the actual time.

Also featured online with Neena tonight are LCN Girls Vicktoria (who is one of the reasons I wonder how this site manages to get together so many hot brainy sci-fi cuties), and the very
bi-curious Teena.

A little later tonight be sure to catch Gabriela (scheduled at 7:00) and (or 'or') Alexxia, one of whom will be webcasting from the increasingly popular hi-def widescreen chat-rooms. The only problem is that the site has only one wide-screen studio... but has promised to convert the others to the live high definition format over the first month of January...

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Merry Christmas!

Chat Hostess Tawnee in a decidedly un-christmassy location...
Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukah and very joyous holidays to all - if you're not christian or jewish :)

Supposedly LiveCamNetwork is bringing back on of its greatest and most highly missed chat hostesses for a special Christmas Eve chat-o-thon today - miss Tawnee will be online as of six PM until... whenever!

So drop by and tell her Sid and Mediaguy wish her a very merry christmas and enjoy a special lady for whatever amount of time she may be on.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

iSN Covers The LCN Girl Online Party

LCN Girls get skimpy and fun for the camera. (Cyberspace) December 20, 2005 - Though it couldn't be measured in terms of dollars and cents, last Friday's LiveCamNetwork gift-unwrapping event could be considered a sweet-hearted success.

(Read the Whole Article at iSN News]

Meanwhile we just missed another spontaneous light-sabre fight between Kitsune and Neena, while miss Alexxia relaxed and remained her "100% flawless" (that's what Cassie said) self in the high-definition chat room.

Neena has since logged off, but she's replaced by the fabulous and increasingly sexy Kaia. There's something to be said for such a taut, dance-conditioned body and brain which leads somewhere in the area of addiction? Or rather obsession (you have to forgive me sometimes, I don't always edit).

Go ahead and check them out - after tonight's fun lunacy, I'm wondering what exactly these guys have in store for us on Christmas eve with their 12-hour chat marathon... (see last post)

Christmas Eve Chat Chick Bonanza!

Chat hostess Asia seems delighted with her present from a favorite site is offering visitors a little Christmas cheer in the form of a special Christmas eve video chat marathon...

According to a post on the site, "Tune in anytime starting 4pm eastern time to say hello to 2 of your Favorite all-time chat hostesses!"

Frustratingly (though probably it's good to entice users to drop by) those two chat hostesses aren't named, so it isn't known (not even in the chat rooms) who's going to be on...

But, apparently, "If you're busy with last minute shopping and wraping (sic) during that time, no worries! They're hoping to pull of a 12 hour marathon chat, so tune in later that night (but just tune in!)."

One wonders if it might not be one of the girls online today..? You can find out for yourselves by dropping in on Violet in her high definition chat room (I guess they fixed the heating in there) or by visiting Gabriela - who might know which chat girl is supposed to do it if it's not them.

Then again, they might be under orders not to reveal who it is...

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Chat Chicks Having Fun

Chat Hostesses In Spontaneous Skimpy Light Sabre Duel! It sure looks like fun working at studios...

First of all, they seem to have online parties on a regular basis, as the Girl-A-Thongs and Christmas parties, both online and offline, can attest.

Then there's spontaneous craziness like the mini-all-nude-party that happened when site admins wanted to test their new servers or something so they got all the girls at work together that day into one chat room (which was recorded for posterity in a gallery I can't find).

And now coasting through the BBS I came across this silliness: it seems Kitsune jumped into Vicktoria's chat room last night with one of the light sabres they used in that nude Star Wars duel last month sometime, someone else tossed Vicktoria another light sabre and voila! instant sexy-cute light sabre duel!

It was funny - and like I said damn they seem to have a good time there. But really, are they sci-fi geeks or what?

Kitsune is online now if you want to talk to her about the incident, just click to her chat room via her Chat Hostess Profile...

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

High-Speed Adult Video Sex Chat

Chat Hostess Kitsune in an Intense moment... Click to join the appreciation thread...Whether you call it live sex chat, adult videoconferencing, live sex cam, live porn, whatever, it boils down to the fact that you gotta have a little balls to go see these chat hostesses.

They aren't just pictures or videos you can watch anytime, we're talking live girls online waiting for you to entertain them as much as you hope they'll entertain you.

Imagine you're in a bar. You're talking to a lovely lady. Would you ask her, right there, to show you her tits? I think not. There's some give and take here, some real conversation or exchange that has to go on. (After all, it is live video CHAT, no?).

So when you drop in on miss Zoie, for example, online now until 8PM eastern or so tonight, remember that... ask what she's into rather than for freebie flashes... She's a somewhat nerdy chick with a sexy growl and droll sense of humor - let those come out for you...

Then if you visit Gabriela, find out about her oral fixation (yes of course sexy talk is encouraged!) or simply what that recent live online gift exchange was like for her (she got an awfully sexy gift too - check if she's wearing it ;) )

And you can't go wrong with kinky Kitsune - who apparently rates very high in the kinkiness tests available online. Her accent and quirky personality really endear her chatters to her. As one wrote in the "Kitsune Appreciation Thread" in the LCN BBS, "She's smart, funny and she have zebra legs (don't ask, you had to be there hehe)."

And of course I'll leave your there, hanging, wondering what the hell that meant... so you might to find out for youself (if you haven't already... hehe).

Quick LIve Video Chat Chick Update

Chat Hostesses Desira and Violet can cheer up the grimmest Halloween party...Hi all, just a quickie (I promise) about who's online at right now... and for a short while yet. I'll be back with the next shift posting when it's confirmed by presence :).

Allright, first off let's just say the Goth sisters among the LCN Girls are back.

A little while ago I posted an entry about how mornings seem to be Goth dominated (no pun intended) at the site, and shortly after that it seems the bookings for morning began seeing more variety.

There's no complaints though - both Desira and Violet are exceedingly talkative and seductive.

Desira, who claims " I always bike in a bikini top and skirt without underwear cuz summer is too hot, plus I love the friction," (mentioned to warm the cockles of those poor hearts who find themselves in winter in many parts of the world), is chatting for another half-hour or so, so hurry up there.

Then of course there's Violet the Queen, who gets her queen-sized chat room with widescreen and high definition video, as well as a huge attendance online every day. She'll be a little less grumpier (or a littler more?) when the workmen who forced her on break this morning finally repair the heating in her studio.

Well there you are, a clumsy opener and closer just to let you in on the loveliest of ladies available at the moment at LCN.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Live Video Chat Extremes - Ain't Love Grand!

Gabriela, Cat and Asia, at the LCN Girls and Customers Gift Exchange...Online today we have yet again an interesting study in contrasts in the forms of two very different featured performers - who nonetheless have very important things in common.

Zoie is short-haired, nerdy-smart, geeky, whatever. She's cute and charming and has a completely ingratiating manner to her.

Gabriela is long-haired, sexperienced, with a ladylike sense of fashion and demeanor.

But both are talktative, fun, interesting, mentally stimulating and altogether engaging.

And you want to be checking them out at this hour and on until late this afternoon.

The LCN girls deserve more of a write up than this but... I'll make up for it later!

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Live Video Chat Hostess Gift-Getting Gotten In Pics

Chat Hostess Kitsune receives a gift from a viewer, while Luna plays Santa.I don't usually get around to doing updates on the weekend ... but I do when I can.

Right now the situation is a little quiet online - it's Sunday, Christmas is coming soon... and that's precisely why it's a good time to head on over and stimulate the ladies a little bit... you'll have virtually NO competition, and get a lot more attention to from the chat hostesses.

Speaking of Christmas, LiveCamNetwork recently the site had a live high-definition gift-giving party online featuring the ladies who were the most popular amongst the regulars on the site.

As mentioned in an earlier post, there were so many gifts coming into the offices via parent company that site management decided to have the ladies open them up live to the delight of the senders. There's also a photo gallery of the evening and a video (due soon, they say).

Online tonight are two of the recipients of the chatter's generosity - Cat, who was the champ with something like 8 gifts sent to her, and Kitsune, who has new photos at last (look, see? Click on her anem and you'll hit performer bio page!).

So you don't have to pony up anything except an email address when you register to chat with the ladies - it's like a free gift :) - but of course you will have to do something about getting into pay chat - haven't heard anywhere that live adult video sex chat encounters are free...

Friday, December 16, 2005

'Twas the Night Of The Christmas Event...

Come watch the Chat Hostesses unwrap the gifts sent in by site regulars at ... and all through the site, all was quiet all right.

I don't know what's going on at the schedule is a little skinny, there's only a few performers on and only three of the featured perfomers... and the Christmas Gift unwrapping thing that's going to happen in about an hour...

If you click into that room you see studio manager Luna working at her desk, as though she doesn't even know the camera is on her.

The action, of course, is in the chat rooms that feature the chat hostesses. The two aforementioned featured ladies are Vicktoria, she of the incredible teeth and incredible conversion rate (that means that the chances are if you do step into her chatroom, it's more than likely you'll take her to private chat based on her presence and cuteness in free chat).

Another lovely lady whiling away time until the gift giving (click here to know about that event), is Gabriela, who according to a score post in the site's BBS only has one gift under the LCN Christmas tree. But then this list was posted two days ago...

Then there's the ever-sexy, on-her-way-to-becoming-LCN-poster-girl Cat, holding sway over the minions in her mighty chat room (what the hell I'm saying I don't know; just getting creative...). Cat, on the other hand, has, again according to that post, EIGHT presents under the LCN tree...

Well, when you're an LCN Girl, live video chat can lead to more than just a decent paycheque it seems...

Thursday, December 15, 2005

The Ups and Downs, and Side Slides, of Live Video Chat

Chat Hostess Alexxia's Performer Profile.While today presented an outstanding line up of chat hostesses and full "who's online" menus, it was marred by a sudden downtime incident that left me more than a little confused... some girls stayed online, others just disappeared...

And at the same time it prevented me from updating this page. So permit me now to do so :)

Live High Definition was made for smooth skinned chisel-featured Alexxia, so drop in talk about your favorite books, art, and whatever fine subjects this chat hostess is open to. And she's open to a lot.

Natacia sported an amazing mohawk at this year's LCN Girl Christmas party - drop in on her and ask her to bring it online!

And finally though in no way by order of preference or importance is the statuesque and decidedly classy miss Cassie (huh huh i made a rhyme). This lady offsets her way-hottieness with a certain nerdy know-everything ability to converse about more than could be touched upon here... a good chat room to drop into.

The posts will continue in their regular course tomorrow, when the Murphy's Law curse will have lifted and things gone back to normal.

And don't forget tomorrow is the live High Definition Christmas webcast from LiveCamNetwork studios, where the scantily clad ladies will be eggnogging and unwrapping presents sent in by regulars.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Another Free Live Hi-Def Event At LiveCamNetwork

Office Gnome will be the official Office Santa at this Friday's Free online XMas party on LiveCamNetwork.The loyalty of interactive video chat sites is particularly fierce, especially at

This is because users have become regulars have become enamoured of their favorite chat hostesses over the months and often even years of their having joined the site. This loyalty however isn't developed because the ladies sit in their chat rooms in silence and wait for someone who likes their pretty eyes to take them to pay chat.

No, an LCN Girl responds and actually chats with her guests, and usually not just about sexy stuff (though there's plenty of that, and probably the hottest of its kind...).

Now while they don't get to know each other extremely intimately, as in a "real world" relationship - they do get to know each other well. Users especially get a very vivid impression of that model's personality and sensibilities - they get to learn her sense of humour, her favorite movies or music, reading preferences... basically a general acquaintanceship that is pretty friendly.

All this to say that LiveCamNetwork regulars have been sending gifts, it being that time of the year again; good friends give and receive each other's good tidings and feelings via the medium of presents, and the cyber realm is little different than the actual.

So many gifts have come in for so many so far that LiveCamNetwork's management has decided to create another free online party, this one to let the site's favorite performers sit around a Christmas tree and drink eggnog while opening the presents the site's favorite customers have sent in.

There will be no "buy her a drink" button, nor any opportunities for pay chat from this room - this is Christmas, and in the spirit this is a small party for anyone who drops in, though especially for those who did send in gifts.

LiveCamNetwork founder Mark Prince wrote in the site's BBS: "Since everyone was so nice to send the girls so many gifts, we decided to give you a gift back, and invite all of the LCN Girls together, this Friday night at 8pm, to open all of their gifts LIVE on! "

The free event will be hosted by the site's long-time studio manager and performer trainer Luna (AKA Office Gnome) and webcast in the site's new live widescreen high definition video, and a picture gallery and video will be released shortly thereafter.

This is fun!

OK - right now I suggest dropping in on LiveCamNetwork as the featured performers online are Natacia (who had a great mohawk at the LCN Girls Xmas party), bubbly BBW doll Faye (who has a gallery listed in one of this blog's entries - it's up to you to find it, I forget), and ultra-babe Alexxia in the high-definition chat room. be generous, buy yourself a XXX xmas gift in the form of a sexy private chat with one of these ladies - you'll be wish Christmas was a year-round thing...

Chat Hostesses Nerdy, Quirky, Kinky, Spicey and More

Chat girls party: Cat does a duo with Kitsune as Melissa tries to stand it.Good day people, and welcome back to the wild webcam women blog. Today's lineup gets more and more impressive in both variety and quality of online chat hostess interactive room options.

First there's Gaby, or rather Gabriela, who often ends up giving sex advice in her chat room - though mostly through the exemplary of past experience, heheh. She's also all there for a hot latina experience, complete with spicey accent and bronzed skin tones...

Miss poeallen herself is online today - an odd, unique and quirky chat hostess with brains and spirit brawn - a rare occurence from this home-based camgirl with vampiric schedule tendencies.

For kinky there's oft-schoolgirl attired Kitsune, whose french Canadian accent (read: Quebec) is not the least of her sexy attributes. Apparently she has the ability to sing very bad opera (pictured).

Then there's ultra-nerdy Zoie who would possibly like to re-visit the Nude Light Sabre duel she participated in a little while ago - or maybe just play (and lose!) a strip sci-fi trivia game (which means she gets tu run around the studios naked as a dare)!

And then there's the evervescent (sp?) Melissa, who loves to laugh and sometimes does so for no apparent reason (just kidding). You'd have to visit her to find out more - a special lady who has some somewhat revealing images from her appearance on The Luna Show, which was the first LCN Girls/2much high-definition broadcast... a historic moment with boobies :)

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

New Shift New Chat Hostess Delights

Chat hostess Cassie of LiveCamNetwork and Nude Light Sabre Duel fame... The shift change is gradual at LiveCamNetwork - various ladies' time slots overlap new log-ons etc..., so these are usually a little later than the actual beginning of a new selection of delectable camgirls for your viewing and hearing pleasure - but you always have a few hours to go by the time I post these... so let us, shall we?

BBW fans should head on over to sweet Faye's chat room for some unequalled chat activity. A fine artist (she's posted images of her paintings in the site's BBS) and excellent conversationalist, don't let her sugary tones fool you: there's a brain there that won't take shit for a good bull session.

Then miss Cassie can fulfill those who lean towards the other physical type - long and gracefully curved, she is nonetheless an out-of-the closet nerd whose intelligence won't allow her to blather the typical gush about the Britneys or Jasons of the world (although, as she puts it, "I'm sort of ashamed to admit that I totally love playing role-playing games (yes, like Dungeons and Dragons!)")

Finally miss Kaia, who has nothing bad to say about nobody, another bright, non-conformist mind (and probable nerd, though I haven't gotten around to discovering too much about her). Yes, Kaia remains a mystery, but a definitely pleasing one.

Drop by their rooms and pay them each the complement of a little challenging conversation before taking the nookie dive...

The LCN Live Video Chat Difference

Asia, Gabriella, Ava and Alexxia - just four LCN Girls out of a new generation of chat chicks. Taking our cue from chat hostess Alexxia (online now in her high definition widescreen chat room!!), it's nice to consider what the next generation of video chat hostesses will be like.

As the lady mentioned above said when prompted, "What's brilliant about LiveCamNetwork is the casting. The girls are not perfectly fake, buffed pornstar types. They're real girls and really approachable."

She went on to compare her experience at other sites with that at "Where I was before, they were very strict - you couldn't get in without a credit card," she remembered. "But when I heard the LiveCamNetwork had none of that, that it was free to register and chat for whatever, fifteen minutes, I thought: Oh, no... it's going to be hell. Because even in the completely creditcard-screened chat rooms at the other site, the chat-guys were coming to our room and telling us to show ass, show tits, flash pussy... it was annoying. So imagine my fear when it's free for anyone to come into my chatroom..."

The result: "But I was surprised. The chatters in my room were all very cool, very... personable? It was stunning. Oh, sure there were some freeloaders and lurkers but nothing compared to where I used to work..."

The reason? According to Alexxia, it was quality: "First, there's what you could call the 'casting' at LiveCamNetwork. The girls are not fake. Then there's the video - it's so smooth and brilliant. And then there's the sound - that makes all the difference."

The sound? "Yes, because when you go into a chat room and the girl is all choppy, and faked-out platinum slutty, and she doesn't talk, barely types, and in silence, the guys in the room are completely going to be removed from her, will treat her more like an object."

The video and the sound make it that much harder to treat the performer like mindless objects, she continued. "And the fact that it isn't cold text chat from us, that if [the chat room guest] says something stupid or disrespectful, he'll hear the reaction in our voices, in the tone, how we take it - it's more like really meeting someone in the flesh than just online porn or typical webcam chat. The warmth, the interaction, is forced on the guy. He knows we're real, and won't treat us like shit."

So there you have it - why she liked it less and less until she joined the LCN Girls and probably a decent consensus of opinion among them - though don't take my word for it: go visit Alexxia in her widescreen hi-def chatroom now.

Other featured chat hostesses online right now are Ava, of the nipple-pinch spank-me school of kink, self-admitted oral sex fan Gabriela and, as ever so often seems to be the case, compelling gal pal Asia chatting for the next few hours for you... or with you!

If you do join, tell them Mediaguy said hi :)

Monday, December 12, 2005

Quick Chat Hostess Update...

Asia, Alexxia, Ava and Gabriela in spontaneous online girl party...
This is a quicky post to let you know Alexxia and Kaia are online right now.

Gabriela is in the HD room - but that's nothing you didn't read last post. Anyhow, she and Alexxia are about to finish their shifts, I believe, to be replaced by Ava and Vicktoria.

(I listed them in that order so you'd understand tall flexi-sexy Ava will be in the high def widescreen chat room after Gabriela).

They evidently had a good time at the Christmas last Friday and seem to have a lot to say about it - check out the galleries in the last post, too.

I'll be back a little later...

LiveCamNetwork Girls Rawk!

LCN Chat Girls Party: Natacia and Cassie from a new pic post.
Hi everyone. Thought I'd drop in and update as I haven't actually done so since Saturday. That was mostly because of a need for some domestic obligations such as cooking and cleaning :) It's good to get away from work and computers every now and then - despite the inevitable withdrawal symptoms involved.

SO it's good to get back and see that we have a full roster of LCN Girls rawking the house right now, as well as a new LCN Girl Christmas Party Gallery! They say the team that plays together stays together, and it looks like the foundations for an expanding and incredibly dynamic, charming, sexy network of chat hostesses and unique camgirls are being laid.

(Actually it's more like one and a half new galleries, since this short tiny pic post has also surfaced less than an hour ago...)

At the party and online now you'll find the ever-addictive and raved-about Asia in her chatroom, with her unique line of sensuality and humor - and if you don't watch your typing you just might end up in the hilarious Asia's New Adult Dictionary in the LiveCamNetwork BBS. This is where the more ridiculous or illiterate requests are regularly posted.

Ah well, hopefully it will serve to teach...

Also online and (hyper/inter)active is the ever-sassy Neena, who got all upset about a "spuge" labeled pic of her in her sexy blue top from the Christmas party last week. She needs people to reasssure her that pic is just fine and doesn't make her look bad... qutie the contrary.

Then of course there is someone in the widescreen, hi-def room - and today's fully reavealed chat hostess is Gabriela, actual the author of that new Xmas photo gallery (well, when she's not in the picture that is).

So go ahead if you haven't discovered the varied online community treasures of LCN, and of course meet you there if you have and are just keeping up to date here :)


Saturday, December 10, 2005

Chat Hostesses Party and Get Noticed

The LCN Girls always in festive spirits.The LCN Girls have had yet another festive blow-out it seems, in the form of their annual Christmas get together.

The assembly went from restaurant to night club, carrying cameras the whole time, and the site earlier today posted the first gallery to the event.

The LiveCamNetwork Christmas Party Gallery.

Also in attendance was increasingly popular Asia, who is great at getting guys to fall madly in love with her in short measure. Part of the reason is explained in a new entry on the ConnectedByCam blog, whose editor seems to be one of Asia's latest faithful fans!

Discover the secret for yourself, anyhow. You may want to visit the thread in the LCN BBS called Asia's New Adult Dictionary, in which she and other contributors are listing off the sillier requests by visitors to chat rooms.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Chat Girls Redux

Serenitee: up and coming LCN Girl?Hmmm... tonight, with the exception of Ava so far, none of the usual featured performers are online tonight.

So this is an entry about how nothing is going on?

Well, of course not. It seems the LCN Girls and the whole LiveCamNetwork crew are getting together for their sixth or seventh Christmas party tonight - and thus the ladies will not be chatting.

However the schedule does promise that tomorrow Zoie, Miel, Vicktoria and the others will all be punching in, logging on and getting off as usual - although I their XXX-Mas party is tonight, there might be some serious hangovers happening tomorrow.

Meanwhile there are some fine fine ladies still online. Ava is around - though I don't know for how long.

And then there's brand new Serenitee, who seems to be getting some attention lately. She's jumped right into the fray with the BBS and becoming someone mentioned by the other members as a chat hostess to look out for.

Her technique is excellent, very chatty and gabby and cute, hardly using the keyboard and talking right into the camera.

Check her out, you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Online Chat Hottie Parade

Chat Hostess Neena displaying her hidden assets... No post this morning because of the damn program I'm using crashing to hell as I clicked to publish... anyhow, here we go (remember to save at the end, MediaGuy!):

Sweet melange is the heart of live adult video chat - the variety of ladies online is a refreshing change from the usual silicone-pumped platinum bombshells who can quickly grow generic and difficult to tell apart - even in person.

So the LiveCamNetwork line up this afternoon is typical of this aspect of the online webcam chat genre. Much more fun than the usual silent, free chat rooms on the web, the LCN Girls are out there ready to talk your ear off - and even when the tend to be of the hottie "babe" variety, they definitely don't fall into the generic trap.

Even if they aren't girl-next-door types at all times, you wish they really were the girl next door.

Case in point: Hot latina Gabriela, who is as classy-looking as she is silly and off the cuff. She's on until supper time today.

You'll also find odd, franco-accented (sexy Quebecoise) Kitsune on today... odd? you may ask. Well her cute, school-girl demeanor hides a kinky-girl streak that should interest many viewers (damn, I gotta stop using the word "kinky"). Anyhow, Gabriela says of her, "She knows all this stuff about demons..."


Finally and not in the least last is the marvelous Neena, who is said to have what in the vernacular is referred to as "a nice rack." Boobs being beside the point (not too obvious in free chat and girls don't seem to mention other girl's racks - well, except chat hostess Gabriela who notices everything, it seems), Neena is a sassy, no-bull personality who takes to the "performance" angle of live video chat like a natural-born.

All said fine a line up of featured ladies and if this program doesn't crash again and ruin this post we'll all be lucky to be reading this...

An LCN Girls Study In Contrasts

Morning to mid-afternoon shifts can be very interesting at Sometimes they are goth-dominated (!) with just a little girl-next-door chaser; other times they are rampant with petite ladies vying to turn you on to their private chats.

This morning is a case in point (and time for a new pic or two!) with radically different featured performers gracing the video stream. For example, Violet, who is normally Goth and sits in the high-definition studio which is decked out to look medieval, is listening to country music.

Desira is doing her sexy slinky goth best to remain true to her piercings (some very interesing ones, I might add) and invites everyoent o read the BBS to find out what her kinky fetish Christmas wishlist is...

And finally, Gabriela is again on the roster as one of the possible poster girls for the new LiveCamNetwork promo campaign.

Enjoy these afternoon delights, folks :)

Coming up soon - a photo gallery of the LCN Girls and their Christmas party (to occur tomorrow night - but they promised pics)!

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Long Tall Sallies For Your Chat Hostess Pleasures

LCN Girls play together, work together and stick together... literally.I'm surprised they don't use the high definition room for these two "tall drink of water" chat hostesses at LCN. After all the chatroom IS widescreen - you get more of an eyeful.

Nevertheless, these two sassy splendours fill your desktop screens with their presence with ease, chatting away, offering and accepting quick glimpses and generally being more chatty than erotic; that is, after all, what paid chat is for.

We got the funky haired (blue-green, iridiscent) Natacia, who wants to set up a live online Jell-O wrestling match (in wide-screen high definition no doubt) sometime in the future ("For the record, I prefer cherry jello and lime jello" she posted in the BBS.)

They'll have to set up a big-ass pool for that...

Then there's lovely Cat, goofing around in that photo with Ava and Tawnee at an LCN Girls party, who has certain unexpected inclinations in the fantasy department (from the BBS: "Santa, fuck the soap, I want a strap-on and leather restraints this year").


Whatever, discover these fabulous babes for yourselves. Meanwhile - a little message for the people at LiveCamNetwork? Could you please put up more pics of miss Natacia? Hunh? The one in her profile is like the ONLY one in existence and it's getting annoying blogging about the lady but not illustrating the thing with the right image... thank you (meant gently :)

They're Live Lovely and LOUD Chat Hostesses

Is Melissa a screamer? Who knows? But she makes a cool pic for this piece.Well there they are, this evening's LCN Girl shift - and a fine assortment, no? But anyhow this is just to report that rumours from the members of the site claim that some of these ladies are... well, loud.

Apparently, they don't just moan when they're at work... they yell, shout, scream... really. So loud that you can hear them from the front, reception area, from behind closed studio and front-area doors.

The problem is, I don't know which ones are doing this. It's rumour, mind you, but there's no way I can tell you that from going to the site (they're not THAT loud, after all).

Tonight there's Alexxia in her preferred high-defintion chat-room, freezing her butt off apparently because the heaters in that studio don't work. Let's hope that gets fixed soon - I hear it gets real cold where she is. I'd yell to get the heating fixed though...

And of course, Star Wars Nude Light Sabre Duel survivor Zoie is our sci-fi geek of the week with a head on her shoulders... on her bare shoulders, that is. She seems to be having no trouble keeping things hot tonight, despite the fact that she doesn't seem the screamer.

Asia is on too, and she seems to collect guys who just fall in love with her. No questions asked, I think she's gotten more obsessive, loyal, blind followers than anyone else in as short a time as she's had... maybe it's because she's a howler?

Then of course and not least is miss... Gabriela. But I'm afraid she's not logged on anymore as I finish writing this. It seems there was a problem with her sound. It went sccrriiitch then died. And since she couldn't gab away (or howl? is it Gabby?) I guess she decided to take the evening off.

Sigh. Keep a look out and report back here as to who are the screamers in the bunch. That might work out to be a selling point for her.

Swing Shift Video Chat

Desira as a Death Nurse and patient Violet at the Last LCN Halloween Party.Back after a long absence to the online webcam chat are Desira and Evette.

Actually, Evette was just doing night or evening shift, so it's really a return to the morning bandwaves. But Desira's been gone for a little while actually.

But she's back now so you can ask her yourself if she's been swimming or writing her songs and poems, or even designing herself clothes and lingerie. She does all that, and more. Plus, she's lefty - so don't ask her about knitting.

Evette is a fun flapper type of personality, with one of those haircuts and a fondness for feather boas. Really. Check her out.

Finally miss Gaby, as they call her, or rather Gabriela, who is getting incredibly popular as a sex counsellor of some kind - at least, many ask her those kinds of questions... remember, guys, they're here for entertainment, not therapy!

Gabriela's so popular her entire profile page now is nothing but praise from the chatters in her room. Good going Gaby!

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

New BBW Gallery, Slim and Sultry Chat Hostesses - For All Tastes Tonight

BBW Chat Hostess Faye awaits her avid fans tonight... Well we're back with yet another update, and considering the state of things ya'll will be quite happy with the selection - and the variety of ladies online tonight.

First the petite Kaia has approprited the big, Widescreen chat room tonight to the delight of those who like to get a full body shot and still see the colour of her eyes.

The increasingly popular chat hostess has gotten over the hardest phase in any budding camgirl's online career. At first, any chat girl is very popular thanks to all regular chat guys visiting her room. She has fun, makes sales... but then the inevitable slump hit and not every girl survives. It's a thing with self-confidence and resiliency. If she makes it past this short period where it seems she isn't liked (when in fact it's just that the guys go back to their regular chat hostesses), then she starts to gain (and regain) visitors to her chatroom. Just as Kaia could tell you.

Then we have the long, slinky Ava, part student, part S&M whip-me sub, who has a roomful of regulars at any time of day she logs on and can sometimes hit the peak - as most popular chat girl at a site where that's a hard goal to reach.

This chat room is online beside Teena's, who could be called the site's Booty Queen. She's sheer energy and silly fun and only gets better when she's logs in with her online gal pal, Melissa.

And finally, there's cute-sexy Faye, the site's popular-request girl for BBW - and as her new gallery can attest, she is endowed and voluptous to satisfy the most ardent of the BBW fan crowd (that means big beautiful women, in case you don't know).

So rush on over and see if you can get them into private before someone else does - though that's all right ultimately since you can always spy on any of the chat girls at LiveCamNetwork...

LiveCamNetwork 2.0 Poster Girl Hunt

Gratuitious boobie shot to illustrate article. Hot!
While I have absolutely no details as of yet, the next-generation of live video chat software is apparently close to being released from

No telling who told me, there are however new photo shoots happening at LiveCamnetwork Studios and the hunt is on for the new "look" for that promotional campaign.

In the running are the chat girls online tonight at the site, including Alexxia, who has commandeered the high definition chat room for the evening, as well as gal pals Gabriela (who also did a shoot for the studio's photographer - presumably toward appearing in the company's new cam and virtual studio software release) and Asia - on whom there is no word relating to the campaign.

Kitsune, also online tonight, is a quiet and newer performer on the site so she may or may not be involved - though I doubt it. She'll have to be around for a while, first, I guess.

We'll see.

Coming up for the next shift, according to the site schedule, are a BBW cutie, a petite lovely, and a wild and crazy bi-curious hottie. Stay tuned for updates.

Monday, December 05, 2005

Latin Ladies Live!

Hot Latina Chat Hostess Gabriela.

That's the first word many surfers looking to chat with latinas use when in the chat room.

But that's also the word that gets many spanish speaking chatters kicked out of a chat hostess's room, too, according to one lady who shall go nameless.

There seems to be an influx of spanish-speaking users and customers lately, which is all good, until some will insist on using spanish as they type - and cam girls who do not speak the language will learn enough to say "I don't speak spanish."

But the message isn't gotten. It's not that the ladies refuse to speak spanish. They would if they could.

I hope someone posts this in spanish somewhere so that insistent latinos can understand.

If you are looking for a latina, or are a unilingual spanish speaker, you can always try Gabriela's room. She's online now with other featured chat hostesses Asia, Violet and Alexxia.

I don't know if those last three speak spanish. Try them, they love to talk - but if they don't, if they can only type "No habla espagnol," then try someone else and understand that they would if they could. It's just good etiquette.

There are other ladies online who speak spanish - it's a question of hitting the right chat room.

Friday, December 02, 2005

LiveCamNetwork Finds Live High Definition Video Success

LiveCamNetwork regulars love live hi-def the most.
(Cyberspace) November 30, 2005 - Live adult video chat site has found that its new widescreen, high definition chat rooms are the bestselling destinations on the site.

"This came as something of a surprise," said site founder Mark Prince. "We introduced the format slowly, wanting people who had the equipment to migrate to it first. But it turns out most people who could view our regular, 20 frame per second video are able to see the high definition."

Created by, the High Definition format is not the same as pre-recorded HD. "This is high definition for live, online interactive video. It's still the most advanced live video on the web," said Prince.

The site served as the testing ground for 2Much Internet Services' new format less than 2 months ago, with special events such as The Luna Show (a live chat hostess interview segment) and the Nude Light Sabre Duel (a sci-fi trivia drinking game and Star Wars geek gathering that featured a nude reenactement of the climactic sword fight) popping up now and then as beta tests of the software.

"It's not quite revolutionary," said Prince. "Essentially we combined the Windows Media Player with the right codec, beefed up our servers and delivery back-end, and there you go. We're just the first who combined the elements."

Regardless, the rest of the software is original and is currently undergoing a radical upgrade to ease site management and niche the marketing potential of clients who have models that vary from male to female, thin to BBW and so on.

Prince also adds that performers who have since taken up regular spots in the live hi-def chat rooms have seen revenues increase significantly.

"People are jaded now by the state of the art in live video," said Prince. "We have to give them something new. Choppy silent video doesn't cut it anymore, everyone expects the standard screen format and smooth video. So we're here to blow their minds all over again."

After having been the first DSL/Broadband live adult chat site on the web, Prince insists they will be the first high-definition video chat site.

"We're running 30 frames per second," he said. "And the aspect ratio is 16:9, not the squarer 4:3 ."

The stream is also carrying audio quality in the form of 48 Khtz Dolby Surround 5.1 stereo, which permits models and studio managers to plug in their music and higher-end microphones to bring out the warmth and "closeness" of the chat hostess.

The site has been rushing to create hi-def chat accounts for the most popular of its chat hostesses, reserving one studio for the format alone.

"It's not enough," said Prince. "Pretty soon everyone's going to be in high definition. They're making too much money."


LiveCamNetwork Announces Online Shooter Chat

The Chat Hostesses Versus The Customers at the LCN online Shooter Games.Starting December, LiveCamNetwork will begin installing brand new state of the art GAME SERVERS running the extremely fun and addictive UNREAL TOURNAMENT.

The LCN Girls will have their faces and bodies mapped to 3-D Avatars that will run around, jump, and jump again in the 3D worlds of UNREAL TOURNAMENT where they will DEFEND THEIR FLAGS and HUNT YOU DOWN and BLOW YOU TO BITS in a High Speed 3-D Fragfest!

In addition to the new servers are a few new very high-speed Game machines that the girls will use to SMACK YOU DOWN, equipped with the best 3-D Graphics cards and HEADSETS so you can BEG the girls to not kill you! That's right! They'll hear you SCREAM LIKE A BITCH as they splatter your brains! You'll get to HEAR THEM LAUGH as they STOMP YOUR GUTS OUT!
Unreal Tournament Game Servers are being installed and will be available ONLY to paying customers of This will keep the virtual worlds for the LiveCamNetwork Community only.

Watch for updates later this month. We begin beta testing very soon. We hope you will enjoy playing (and add your own faces to your own avatars so that the girls can finally see what you look like as they interact with you in cyberspace... then BLOW YOU TO SMITHEREENS!)

Mark Prince, Bossguy
2much Internet Services

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Chat Hostess Amelia is Back Live at LCN

Amelia spanks a hottie at the first LCN Girl-A-Thong.After a long absence miss Amelia returns to . Judging by the site's BBS, she must have missed the place a lot.

I don't know why she left exactly (you'll have to drop into her chat room to find out for yourselves), but her return has elicited cheery posts and threads all their own.

Also online tonight, according to the schedule, are Cassie, one of the original nude light sabre duel and Star Wars Geekathon girls, as well as pretty little Kaia (though Kaia hasn't shown up for a couple shifts now, so I'm not sure about tonight).

So check out the action and don't forget to drop by whoever is in the hi-def, widescreen room tomorrow starting at 10AM.

Live High Definition Photoshoot

Chat hostess Gabriela is a photogenic photographer...The folks at LiveCamNetwork now offer live widescreen high-definition chat rooms, by now you all know that.

They've been featuring the technology regularly with the chat hostesses from the site as well as during recent "special events" (Like The Luna Show and the Nude Light Sabre Duel).

A new account has worked its way onto the schedule now and was premiered earlier today, with Live High Definition Photoshoots.

The title at the bottom of this live widescreen feed is "LCN 2.0 Ad Campaign Photoshoot," so now we know they're planning a new campaign and that the anxiously awaited software upgrade is due out soon.

As various LCN girls become popular, reliable, and associated with the site, they will be asked to help with site promotion and content upgrade by posing with professional photographers at the LiveCamNetwork studios. Of course they have to be willing to be "out" there and be associated with a live adult chat site, and that's entirely up to them.

Right now, for example, apart from featuring chat hostesses Asia and Kitsune, there is also the "HD-PhotoShoot" happening with Gabriela, a relatively new recruit.

While Alexxia was scheduled to chat at 3:00 PM EST, it looks like now, rather than chat, she's going to start her shift doing a photoshoot with the same photographer.

I don't know when or if they're planning to convert the whole site to the high definition format, but when they do it will definitely give them an edge over the competition.

Check out the HD-PhotoShoot at LiveCamNetwork - they're following Gabriela on coffee break now and also in the changing room with Alexxia. It's like a live documentary in the making. Fascinating stuff!