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Monday, January 30, 2006

Hi-Def is Back!

Cut Chat Chick Kaia caught live in free chat action... Hooray!

For some reason, LCN had turned off its live high definition video chat rooms for a while, but now, after some down time and tweaking one presumes, the hi-def is back and better than it was!

Though tonight's only hi-def chat hostess so far is Cat, that's ok because her presence is bolstered by many other high-intensity, fun girls of the webcam persuasion.

For example, Kaia is back after a seemingly long period (no pun intended), and she's being cute as a button talking about some of her better online music sets - seems she likes to create her chatroom atmposphere...

Then Natacia is busily proving her punk rawks by displaying variously naughtily placed tattoos - as much as she can get away with in free chat, anyhow.

And of course ever-nerdy brainy sexy Vicktoria is up to her usual geekiness. Her bed-sheet is a Star Wars thing covered with little R2-D2's and C3P0's, her music is from Rocky Horror Picture Show - and she's getting the guys online to help her cast a live LCN rendition of that musical...

In other words a typical evening at LiveCamNetwork... things are back to normal...

Live Video Chat Duet

Gabby in a little girl-girl action at one of last year's LCN Girl-A-Thongs.According to Gabriela in a recent post in the LCN BBS - that's LiveCamNetwork Forum to you younger guys - she and gal pal Asia will be putting on a two-girl, four-hour "Drink-A-Thon" on February 10.

The little event will obviously be in honour of Valentine's Day, so BYOB and settle down for what Gabby refers to as some "Girl-girl action"! Makes one wonder what she means, though, when she says "After 15 years, i guess i deserve some," although whatever it is, as she goes on, "What happens at LCN stays at LCN!"

You can ask about all these mysterious proto-bisexual inferences yourself by dropping by their chat rooms - Asia and Gabriela just happen to be online now.

If they're a little too tame or traditional for you, there's always the exotic, gothesque miss Violet ready to share a private or two with you - so mosey on down and see what's brewing for yourselves.

Later now!

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Chat Room Drama

The LCN Girls party often and actually hang out together. You can tell they're a great team beause they get along.It seems there's some nutbar obsessive annoying the chat hostesses and chat rooms guests over at LiveCamNetwork - and it's being turned into a good thing.

I'm not clear on the whole thing, but I did read through this thread on the BBS about it, where site founder Mark Prince reacted to recent harrassing activities of said user, and found it quite illuminating.

"I am someone who always tries to find the good in anything," Prince wrote in the thread. "I am surprised it took me a while to find this, but now that I have, I'm thrilled."

Basically some crusader seems to have gotten on his high horse to come and "rescue" the poor "vulnerable" chat hostesses from the evil clutches of Prince and the video chat site's webmaster.

This crusader's behaviour seems to have some chat hostesses upset, on top of which he insults the other customers in those chat rooms, and then challenges Prince to a debate about... something, but it's hard to tell.

Read the thread to see how good has come of this situation. As I said, it is revealing. On top of it, as chat hostess Alexxia posits in her pointed, acerbic post: "Its a bad publicity, yet it IS publicity."

Anyhow check out the LCN Girls' chat rooms - hopefully you won't run into the nutbar (I won't use his name because he's always changing it anyway, but he's known under variations of Raven in the BBS).

This day online you'll find Gabriela doing her thing with the grace and poise she's always displayed, even when confronted with the online harasser.

You'll also discover the kinky online delights of goth princess Desira and goth queen Violet, who both have very individual variations of the goth/BDSM/leather or latex themes. I'm not quite sure which is the dom and which the sub, but you can find that out for yourself.

Finally there's the brilliant, effervescent charm of young Brittini, who, as Gabriela herself wrote in the forums, makes you wonder "HOW OLD R U DAMMIT? ARE YOU ALLOWED TO DRINK LOL?"

Seek the variety and fun of the LCN Girls in all permutations, seek the positive in every chat room encounter, and ignore the rantings of the negativistic, and you should have a great time!


Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Video Chat Problems? What Problems?

The OLD LCN logo - even before hi-def, they were the best.I'll save the best for last because this entry concerns... problems.

There's a thread at Connect By Cam concerning some of the difficulties involved in seeing the new live high definition video at LiveCamNetwork.

One thing to understand is that though the site puts a lot of the work involved into viewing the hi-def live video from the back end, you generally have to have a fairly recent computer (Pentium 3 equivalent or faster) with ATI Radeon Series or NVidia 3D Graphics card - for optimal quality. (You may already have these installed and not be aware of it).

You can go to the LiveCamNetwork Technical Support Forum on their BBS (they still call it that, the geeks) for more detailed info and feedback.

Also, if you are a FireFox user but don't have Microsoft Windows Media Player installed on your browser, you have to go through a fairly simple install of the Media Player ActiveX for FireFox (click it).

Online this evening we have Alexxia, who isn't in her hi-def chat room tonight and won't be for a week or so. They're shutting down the hi-def so that they can make it more accessible to more people... which means they don't want it dropping out in mid... performance (nudge-nudge).

But the video on LCN has always been the best I've seen so it really doesn't matter, especially when the chat hostess in question is Cat or Gabriela (both online right now). Their ease, fun and sultry qualities more than make up for the only recently added hi-def, and they've been LCN Girls for a lot longer than that.

Finally, a double treat in the form of Carrie and Siouxie, who are never apart and always chat together. Funny thing, that, since this makes them the first really popular and successful girl-girl team at the site.

Hi-def may return sooner than expected so keep your bookmark on this page and check in on the LCN Girls regularly.

OK enough with the video problems. The only way you'll find out is if you go to the site and check it out for yourself... could be a good time to upgrade?

Wild, Cute, Kinky, Sexy- and Live!

Naughty Webcam Girl Asia Out On The Town.Yeah this is fun - three thrilling adult video chat chicks rawking up the bandwidth.

LCN Girls for all flavors and savors are currently live in their chat rooms awaiting the merest stimulation for entertaining, fun and funny live video chat.

We got the wild Violet, webcasting direct from her live high definition chat room (done dungeon style in her honor).

We got the kinky miss Desira, who shall live up to her name just you log in and see!

And last but never least, hot Asia will deliver the exotic thrills you'd expect from any camgirl who, like the others here, talks and walks and acts like she was sitting right there on your desktop...

Obviously no real substance here, just a little update - back a little later!

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Morning Sweetness, or Just Deserts, Live Video chat is a Treat

Cat chats live from her hi-def room almost daily during the week.The personality of live video chat girls is rarely called upon as a criteria of excellence. As one recent visitor to a chat room typed: "I don't like my tits to think or talk back."

Well, move aside gentlemen (if I didn't use that term it would be a much worse description that would ensue, so...) because you will have to go back to jerking-off to your dirty little pictures and your free ten-second video clips.

The LCN Girls are taught and given istruction on how to be sociable, on how to interact with you even though you're not there and they're really alone in a room or at home with a webcam (or mini-DV cam; much nicer image).

And they expect to be treated like human beings, not dirty pics or just live jack-off material. The results you can get just by being respectful and actually interacting with them will surprise you.

The ladies online today are exactly that sort of fine example of interactive webcam chat - drop in on Cassie, for example, and see what I mean.

Or look at the quality of video and sound in high-definition chat rooms with classy Cat or more gothy Violet, to understand what I mean.

And don't pull any of that "show me your tits" kind of stuff (or, worse, comments like the one quoted above) if you don't want to be kicked out on your butt. Said with a smile, of course...

Try it. You'll like it. And probably more than you think...

Monday, January 23, 2006

It's the Geek Punk Squad

Sexy Punk Chat Hostess Natacia and tongue. Well it may sound cruel to call them spazzes, geeks and punks - but really it's not. It's meant with great affection for their intelligence, cuteness and general off-the-wall quality.

For example, paragon of eloquence and literatenes, chat hostess Cassie is tonight the furthest you could imagine from that raging drunk nude jedi chick from the online light-sabre re-enactment last year.

And Vicktoria, well, she was there too... but you know, she's really all about brainy talk and cute perky boobies on webcam too, you know.

Of course these camgirls aren't as hep as Natacia, who was at last Friday's LCN Girl party. She's a punk-rock type who goes out to clubs and stuff, not like those bookish brainy girls who sit around reading literature all night (even if it is a part of school...).

Seriously, I'm just teasing them. But they really are smarter than your average ... bare (oh my god, I kill myself).

No one told me about that party yet, by the way. How did it turn out...? Are they hiding something from me?

Guess I'll have to drop into Natacia's chat room to find out... oh woe is me lol!

LCN Girls Do It Again

Party Girls, Chat Hostesses, Asia and Alexxia at last Friday's Girls' Night Out... Well they did it again. The LCN Girls go out together and take pictures for their fans.

I wasn't there so I've only heard rumours of some of the crazier stuff that happened, some of which involved the over-consumption of some nefarious greek Brandy... hm, I'd like to know what that was.

Party participants are online live tonight, such as Alexxia and Gabriela, as well as a couple who couldn't make it - or who don't read the BBS.

While the BBS hasn't posted any of the pics yet, we here at iSN have had the scoop of the day with a whole fresh gallery of photos, available in our iSN Galleries.

Take a look, see if you like what you see (if you're not already a regular, heheh), and drop by to find out the real, racy details from the ladies themselves.

Not at the party, but online as well tonight, are chat hostesses Kitsune and the long and lovely Ava.

Tell 'em Sid sent ya ;)

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Webcam Fun Chicks, Comebacks and Offline Parties

Devilish Cam Girl Tawnee has plans for her minions...Fun things happen offline as often as online with the LCN Girls, especially in the last two months or so.

Inspired by the oncoming festive season and innumerable parties, the Girls got together and partied online as well as off, with Christmas parties, girl-get-togethers, and other little events of the sort.

Seems Gabriela organized another this last Friday, and is promising pictures posted in the site's BBS.

Also, recently, Tawnee and Brittini went on a crazy girl-weekend trip to Ottawa a couple weekends ago, taking pictures and posting details both funny and morning-after unfunny in the BBS.

Tonight Tawnee is back online to the delight of fans who who couldn't get enough of her over-caffeinated dumg-smart girl antics, along with Cat, who was also at last Friday's bash and promises to have some pretty funny tales of ... crazy drunken camgirl exploits.

Log in and learn, gentlemen!

Friday, January 20, 2006

Chat Hostess Trouble From Radioland?

Apparently a flood of new traffic came from some radio source tonight, and chat hostesses were unwarned...Hmm... seems there's someone from Sirius Satellite Radio logging into the chat hostess's rooms tonight... and I don't know if it's the radio host who's being a freak, or the fact that it's the popular Bubba the Love Sponge and that hundreds of people listening to him are going to the same chat rooms... but the girls are getting a little annoyed.

I dropped into Alexxia's room and overheard her calling someone who had earlier been in her room a "douchebag"... and then there's Kitsune, who seemed really upset about something (though she's OK now) and clicking herself to Group chat to get a few minutes of "break"... in the nude, of course.

Cat, in her live hi-definition room, seems to be unaffected so maybe it's because those who were being wrong-headed don't have the fast-enough machines and connections to see that video stream.

And funky miss Evette is completely unaware of the whole thing - seems she was in a very long, intense Private one-on-one chat there and people could only drop in as spies in "Spy Chat", which means you can watch but you can't chat... heheh.

I'll be back with another shift report a little later. According to the schedule there are some very interesting chat chicks on webcam tonight, as well as those higher-end DV Cams (quality is superb with these) so remain on line and on watch.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

A Rarin' Roster Of Ragin' Right-hand Girls

Amelia is on more often lately, chatting her unique franco-flavored webcam wonders... Well things are pretty much back to normal with the LCN Girls tonight - at last, after a week of weirdness and unexpectations, if you know what I mean...

Anyhow, today I went to get an abcessed molar extracted, no fun, and no painkillers... so logging on here has helped my throbbing head migrate away from itself.

We've got the jade-haired Natacia punking it up in her chatroom, and also the long-missed miss Amelia, back from who knows where or why to plug a regular shift again. This makes many chat-guys happy at home...

Anyhow stick around for an event, and let me know if I miss it... I'd like to be on top of these things instead of reporting after the fact, if you know what I mean.

Happy chatting!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Some Days Are A Little Weirder Than Others...

Although Ava is the longest and slinkiest of tonight's girls... she's in non-widescreen format! This has been a fairly weird week online and off, it seems...

First there's some kind of bug going around because one after the other the LCN Girls are cancelling or logging off early.

It started earlier today when Violet just cut out after a couple hours... Then Cat cancelled, and Kaia didn't show up at her last booking, Melody has disappeared and Vicktoria also couldn't show because she apparently (you hear a lot about these things when you hang out in the chat rooms) was really sick (I was tempted to put a bunch of 'e' letters there to really emphasize it but decided against it).

So now we have Kitsune online in her live high definition video chatroom, and Alexxia also in Hi-Def, and of course avalicious Ava.

And so far, they're all right... I wonder who's going to drop first though... dumdadadum!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Morning Freshness Live Online

Sultry Asia gets sexy for the camera at the last X-Mas party with the LCN Girls...The goth-dominated morning slots have been undergoing a change lately with a few additions to the line up of LCN Girls available starting to vary a little with school schedules becoming more stable...

Not that mornings were intended to be themed in one or another flavor or anything; when you're dealing with amateurs as opposed to career-oriented performers, it seems the online schedule has to be flexible.

This morning for example we have the sultry Asian chat hostess, Asia, as a breakfast treat. When she's online in the evenings, she seems to grow on her chat room visitors like a good caffeine fix, let's see if the effect will be the same pre-noon...

Then of course there's intellectual, goonie-sexy science fiction fan and Nude Light Sabre Duel survivor Cassie, who's occupying a chat room nearby - she of the heightened vocabulary and tall graceful stature, will be delighting you in a form of mini-hi-def, actually a letterboxed widescreen format.

And then there's smart and sassy, hep and flapper Evette, who likes pageboy haircuts, feather boas and a nice, truly uncommercial musical selection in her room. She will be in her regular chat room (not hi-def) today due to some heating problems in the regular room (last week, ya see, they had no heat - the poor scantily clad ladies were shivering in there... this week its over-heated, so... go figure).

This blog will be back with an update around general shift-change, around four or five this afternoon, eastern. Have a good breakfast!

Monday, January 16, 2006

Adult Sci-fi Nerd Chatroom Action All OVER Your Screens!

The first light sabre attack on Kitsune made her a fun, regular mark for such occurences...So Kitsune is sitting in her chat room, disserting about some esoteric subject in an amiable, intelligent way, half naked. I love it when that happens.

But then - the lights go out. There's an odd growl-snarl - a screech and flash of green-blue light - and the next thing you know she's being attacked with a light sabre!

Her screeches and squeals could be pain - or delight... it's hard to know. She barely has time to get her own light sabre out from under the couch - again, that awful, deadly sound.

Smack! Whack! The electric sound of two high-intensity limited range laser blades ripping at each other shreds the cyberland serenity... and then, suddenly...

Everything is over. Kitsune is laughing her head off... ever since the first time she was attacked like this she's been prey to these sporadic duels... keeps the spice in the whole routine, yaknow?

What can you say? Seems like Cassie, Zoie and Vicktoria (of whom the latter two are online right now) aren't the only LCN Girls who are sci-fi geeks. Kitsune, for example, is a fan of the new Battlestar Galactica series - which truth be told is quite the dramatic series, on top of all the other SF extras...

Makes you wonder how they managed to magnetize so many smart cool sexy and sci-fi-ish chicks to their studios...

For those of you not into science fiction, though, don't worry - they have plenty of hot babes with no childish notions in their heads over there.

For example, long-gone (school again) Melissa has been sorely missed and has a packed chat room tonight, so line up and try to get a word in edge-wise (she's also not a Quentin Tarantino fan so if you are you'd better avoid the topic) before anyone else does...

Meanwhile, there's the rest of us :) and we're plenty happy of the nuttiness developing amongst these ladies...

Double Chat Hostess Training

Two new recruits to the LCN Girls are online and in training now! This is a neat process to observe.... has a studio manager, y'see, and she herself was a chat hostess in the past. Luna's online now in fact with not one but two new girls at once.

Carrie and Siouxie are going to be a lesbian couple chatting online soon, and they're getting tips and tricks and being introduced to the whole world of chat hostessing by the expert herself, as well as being introduced to you guys for the first time...

They're very new, as one can tell from their profile page... no text, no age, just a picture and that's it. Does it mean they won't be interesting, though...

What's interesting is just that you get to watch new girls learning how to be as good as the other LCN Girls, as well as getting to see newbies adorably being a little shy and innocent about the whole thing.

If that's not your cup of tea, there's always Asia who is a consumately sensual asian chat girl, very much at ease with the whole medium, as well as Alexxia, whose profile picture really doesn't do her justice. She's much hotter than that in the "real" world... well, you know what I mean.

So from raw rookiebabes to experienced cybersexchat goddesses, you have more than a fair share of choices to make...

Friday, January 13, 2006

Surprise Chat Hostess Amelia!

Well! Imagine my surprise! She wasn't even in the schedule, but when I dropped by my favorite little adult video chat site, imagine who I found?

Offline really since the online live gift exchange, Amelia wasn't supposed to return so soon from what I could garner from the BBS on the site.

Anyhow, she's online live now, and waiting for cool chat guys/surfers to come on in and keep her company!

Amelia is a young French-Canadian (yes, that means that sexy accent) who I wouldn't mind just being buddies with; the picture above is from the online christmas event which saw her lip-synching to the coolest 70s and 80s bands like Nazareth and AC/DC after those egg-nog doses - using that beer bottle as a mic, of course - which really just gives an idea of how cool she and her taste in music (among other cultural considerations) must be.

Drop by and say hi for me, I've gotta finish these .... things I'm drinking :D have a a good Friday!

Early Update For the LCN Girls... and Sci-Fi-Geek Chicks Too!

New Chat Hostess Wicked also performs with 'Boytoy' Temptation... Yo hello I know it's early but for Friday-night beer purposes, this early update may be absolutely essential.

Firstly, miss Neena is still in the midst of her last online chat session for quite some time... so I suggest you go check out the action NOW since it seems like Gabriela is about to jump in with a big bottle of Candidato wine... heheh.

Ok but on the plus side for you sci-fi porn fans out there, Cassie and Vicktoria will be online tonight too. If you don't remember them, they were in the LCN Nude Light Sabre Duel event and sci-fi geekathon last November...

A little later there'll also be Alexxia in her favorite live widescreen and Hi-Def chatroom, so if you have the machine and speed to view it, it will be a one-of-a-kind experience.

And by the way, online right now is Wicked, a really new LCN Girl, who is logged in as WickedTemptation, which features Wicked and her online "partner" (I think he's a neighbour or the electrician or the janitor or something... you can ask :D ) whose name is "Temptation" (or her "boytoy" as she calls him).

Check out the live online interactive sexy adult chatroom action... courtesy of me!

Chat Hostess Going-Away Party - Live!

Chat hostess Neena will be gathering fans online and some surprise LCN Girls for her Going Away Party. Chat Hostess and LCN Girl Neena, who announced her semi-retirement chatting for scholarly purposes in an earlier post here, has announced via her site BBS (it's a forum, but old-school and interactive pioneer Mark Prince, who founded, calls it a BBS; so there) that tonight is her last night until at least spring break.

Therefore it's going to be her live, online farewell chat, beginning at 4:00 PM eastern time. From what I've read in her past posts there, she's going to feature the most popular (sexiest) lingerie she's worn over the last year in a kind of online fashion show, and of course plenty of good-bye toasts (though she hasn't specified her chosen poison, chat hostess Gabriela has promised to drop by Neena's chat studio with a bottle of wine and... I guess, some lovin' and huggin'.

Even if you never knew Neena, it's a worth dropping by her room just for a glimpse at the fun and the chance to get to know a smart and sexy sassy chat girl.

Joining Neena online at the moment are featured LCN Girls Kitsune and Cat, doing their best to get over the radio advertising glitch last night (it seems Bubba The Love Sponge didn't have a fast enough computer, or an updated operating system, so they never got to chat with him), and of course Gabriela, who may not be in her chat room for too long before she joins Neena.

So go go go and help them make up, or go make easy Neena's break up. I'm certain a few tears will be shed, along with most items of clothing...

Oh, and Bring Your Own Booze!

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Quebec Girls Are Fun...

Chat Hostess Kitsune may appear on Howard Stern tonight!
...especially when they're strangers in a strange land.

This should be fun, tonight chat girl Kitsune, who's a French-Canadian stuck in a Big Ontario City (Toronto I think?), is chatting from her widescreen chat room and is supposed to be getting a call from "Bubba The Love Sponge".

Bubba was banned from public airwaves last year after a 10 year-old girl watching the SuperBowl saw Janet Jackson's tit (yeah, you figure it out).

Anyhow, after Kitsune was banned from the province of Quebec (aaah - no. Just kidding)... anyhow it seems Bubba likes live webcam girls so, this week and next, as he's helping out Howard Stern on his show (I promise, this gets simpler), he'll be starting his own show.

Both these guys were banished to satellite radio, in case you're wondering, which is why they're coming back...

So drop by Kitsune's chat room to see if some fun is going to be had, or if you prefer something more quiet, go see Cat or Alexxia, who by the way is NOT in a high definition room for once - so those whose computers aren't fast enough to see the hi-def should drop by tonight. Now!!

Later tonight, LCN Girl Brittini will be online (at midnight, eastern time). Drop on by, cyber-vampires!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

LCN Girl Update: Who's Online Now?

Live video Chat Vixen Allexxia Still Standing At the Girl-A-Thong II. Another double dose of LCN Hi-Def chatrooms right now with hot Gabriela (still!) logged in and chatting her head off (this girl is kinda nutty, she's always laughing and either cracking herself up or being cracked up by her chatroom guests).

She's been joined by Alexxia, who now has a kinda second claim on the dungeon-style Hi Dep room that Violet usually uses.

Also delighting dozens tonight are Ava, who's a sucker for punishment (if you know what I mean, nudge-nudge) and the "intoxicating" (according to one of many excited chat guests) Kitsune, who hails from Quebec and apparently embodies all the "nice and beautiful things in that city" (again, from user praise).

So head on over, I should be back with another update within a few hours, though you can easily see who's online now and later simply by popping over to LCN - not only do they have a schedule right there on the main page, you can browse around the Offline Performers page, which is a sort of gallery of bio-pages. Check it out!

LCN Girls Not The Only Hot Stuff at LiveCamNetwork

Chat Girls Neena and Teena amazed at how good their chat room looks on LiveCamNetwork.
It's very cool to be linked to by other sites although often it's a thing of convenience or traffic. But I owe this one to LiveCamNetwork's live hi-def video chat rooms, and to another blog...

In a blog called ConnectedByCam, the editor (who's been watching iSN NewsBlog for a little while, it seems) actually writes that LiveCamNetwork is Great! in one of the recent entries where the new widescreen, high definition video chat platform is praised.

Suffice it to say, site administrators and the good people at 2much have had that praise communicated to them... so keep 'em coming, and LCN will too!

Anyhow, to understand what's being written about there you really have to go to the site and check out the life feed for yourself.

The image at the top is linked to an actual-sized preview screen shot of the live chat room at LCN; now, imagine it moving, talking, taking off its... uhm, you know...

So this morning you're sure to get the bang for your buck in Violet's Hi-Def Room, where she's booked, if I remember correctly, for another 2 to 3 hours yet.

And for a double-dose of Hi Def live video, there's also Gabriela online and wowin' them with herself and the video right now (and for a full shift - she just logged on a few minutes ago!).

Then of course, if Violet's not your cup of tea, or if the room is too crowded, I'd recommend Asia, who isn't in a widescreen chat room but is still on what I've seen as the best live video feed online, on the web, on the net, interweb whatever...

Take a minute to see what I mean... and, oh, yeah, the chat hostesses themselves are pretty much the coolest, most fun, smartest and sexiest webcam girls too. They're like watching, or taking part in, an interactive late-night talk show with a lingerie babe instead of the rather unattractive likes of the Conan O'Brien or Jay Leno (all apologies to their wives).

Chat to ya later!

More Sad Goodbyes - And Hearty Fare Wells!

Two of chat hostess Faye's paintings: Blue Shadow (top) and Amy's Eyes. Well it's time once again for one of those bitter-sweet partings with an LCN Girl.

Popular, sweet BBW chat hostess Faye (who, let's be honest now that she's taking time off, is an authentic Suicide Girl too!) has announced that she's packing it in for the time being.

From the LCN BBS: " I'm taking some time off in order to redo my portfolio so I may apply to school in March. I do hope to see everyone there to say good bye for now."

So tonight was her last night for a while, as this week is also Neena's last week and a couple of others.

These things auger well for the future of these sharp, sexy intelligent ladies, don't get me wrong... but they do leave a sad note in the air...

But to leave you with a better feeling about all this, here are a couple of absolutely terrific paintings by Faye (they're linked to a BBS thread which features more of her artwork...) as well as some good news: though these ladies are taking time off for school, they insist they want to come back for spring break if they're allow (like, DUH).

So with that in mind and the fact that the absolutely sensuous, nubile, spring-taut Brittini is online tonight 'til all hours of the morning, cheer up - tomorrow is another day, and the LCN Girls seem to have a real, honest good time with you guys as well as a sincere loyalty to the site.

See you in the chat rooms!

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

More LIve High Definition Chatrooms at LCN

The Live Hi-Def Format is Catching on at
As promised, LiveCamNetwork has been adding more live high definition chat rooms to its site roster, and this morning is proof yet again that we're going to be seeing the next standard in interactive video emerging from the adult industry at this very site.

So joining Violet online this morning are chat hostesses Evette and Cassie, both of whom usually have a Hi Def chat room. For some reason, they've elected not to use them this morning, which is frustrating. But they are online, so you can ask them yourselves... maybe it has something to do with the heating problem they were having last week!

But later this afternoon you'll be able to catch Asia, Cat and Neena - of whom all but Asia have hi-def chat rooms. But you can't always rely on the schedule. Although it may say "Cat" is on at 3:00 pm eastern, it just might be "HD-Cat" that logs on - same chat hostess, different format.

Well, I'll be reporting back here then to let you know. One performer who will definitely be logging into the high definition room will be Gabriela, at 4:00 pm. I'll let you know if she is or isn't then...

Keep on chatting!

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

We're Back!

Chat Hostess Natacia is an LCN Girl who's an alterna-babe. Hoping everyone had a very merry Christmas, happy Hannukah, or whatever, and wishing everyone the very best for the new year, this blog is back with much to report and pursue.

But for now we'll just dive right into who's online, and do some back-fill later.

Catch Alexxia in her High Definition Chat room in widescreen with great sound now until 8pm eastern. She'll be replaced by Cat in the same chat room at that time.

Then there's Natacia, who's been absent since the LCN Girls Christmas party, which is over three weeks now. She's back with her customary blue hair and snazzy repartee so don't miss her (and no she didn't wear the mohawk, despite many asking her to chat live with it... oh well).

And a very special come-back tonight is Miss Tawnee, who preluded tonight's return to online chat hostess duties with a twelve-hour marathon chat on Christmas eve. Let her tell you all about it.

So head over there and check out these LCN Girls