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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

LiveCamNetwork Announces NEW Girl-a-thong!

Poster for one of the original Girl-A-Thongs.They're not making big noise about it yet, but has a little notice posted on their main page right now that says: " Girl-a-Thong III: April 7th 9pm eastern time. 21 Models in 1 chat room. 2 Simultaneous feeds.ALL FREE! Don't miss it! See pictures here and here of the last two Girl-a-thongs!"

So finally Girl-a-thong III is upon us!

Expect trailers, more galleries and ads from the first two girlathongs - or Google the thing!

So most probably you'll be seeing the featured LCN Girls online tonight.

So expect to see Alexxia and her lithe panther like body, Zoie's cute sexy spunkiness, Gabriela's Latina heat, and Asia's sultry curves - all lose their poise and tumble around drunkenly and hilariously as the horde of men in their room keep buying them drink after drink and chat mistress Luna guiding them through game after online game. Live!

See you again before long...


Monday, February 27, 2006

LCN Chat Hostesses Do It Right - They Chat!

The LCN Girls do Real Live Video Chat.Talk talk talk: blabby Gabby, aka chat hostess Gabriela, will probably be logged in and chatting up a storm by the time you read this, and that's just at shift start so you can get her fresh and early before the crowd rushes into her room (she's very popular you know).

But she's an example of what these LCN Girls are to the webcam arena - something new, though you'd think being video chat it wouldn't be. They chat!

They don't hide and say nothing but "Talk in pvt" over and over, or insist that their video is better in pay chat. Nothing of the sort - they actually chat it up with you, if you aren't of the "show me your butt" variety of conversationalist.

Actually at the moment you can see that kind of sociable sexiness from several featured LCN chat hostesses in the form of raw, fresh newbette Tiffany (who invites guys to "transformation from being a sweet and innocent girl to a naughty one.") She's a cute, talky girl with a slight accent (French?) and fiery red hair... redhead enthusiasts take note.

Compare her for example to the more experienced Asian cam girl Asia (who says of new girl "She seems very sweet, and nice, and funny..."); fresh recruits rarely have the sultry appeal and almost instantly obsessive result on guys as Asia...

There are others available, drop by and check them out. And if they just sit there and you hear them clickety clackety type out to you - remind them that you'd love to hear the sounds of their voices...

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Chat Hostess Birthday Special

Hot Chat Hostess nipples live online with Alexxia (if its your birthday).
Just thought I'd drop by on a day off (as if there is ever such a thing, working on the net) to mention that LCN Girl Alexxia just provided one happy chat room viewer (as well as everyone else in the chat room) a free birthday suprise...

It involved nipples and matches.

This is an old trick performed by strippers and other sex-show workers since before the days of burlesque (no research here, so I won't confirm this is a fact), and it now available (with the certain right chat hostesses) live online :)

Hey - don't try to talk other girls into doing this when they have no experience, it could result in unsightly, painful nipple burns. Get them to train live online with Alexxia or Vicktoria instead.

Chat hostess Ava, who is also live right now, can do other things with her nipples though, and I won't describe them, you'll just have to discover them for yourselves...

Have a good end of weekend!

Friday, February 24, 2006

Chat Hostess Neena Is Back

Chat Hostess Neena Gets Naughty with Teena... Well she's back as promised. As blogged in an earlier entry, Chat hostess Neena has returned to her online home after grueling, hard working hours as a full time student.

She had an official going-away party almost 2 months ago, with a favorite lingerie parade, drinking games and stuff like that. And her chatroom was packed.

Tonight she's back for one of her intermittent returns and you can bet the regulars will all be in there, yukking it up with her.

That's going to be hard competition for the other LCN Girls featured tonight, even though some like Cat ("Normally, seeing beer go to waste is kinda sad," she just said) are in live high definition.

Also in LCN hi-def tonight is Gabriella, who seems to be ready to spend the entire evening in group or private chat. Haven't seen her once tonight. But then, spicy, spunky fun latinas would tend to be pretty popular, and Gabby is more so than others.

Then there's miss Carrie, once again without girlfriend ("We're not sisters, we're lovers") Siouxie. They seem to be shifting weeks - one week both of them, one with Carrie, then the next with Siouxie alone...

So when you drop by tonight try to give the girls equal time, though, if you've been there before and you've liked her you'll tend to want to shoulder your way to the returning miss Neena.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Live Video Chat Chick Update

Chat Hostess Carrie, solo video chat tonight...This is just to let you know who's on at LCN right now and to announce that more videos are coming to this blog in the near future.

Updates have been scarce last couple of days because I've been real busy with that, in part...

SO here we go: in live high definition corner number one we have the feline, sexy slinky Cat, doing her best to provide top notch gentleman's erotic entertainment videochat.

In corner number two, there is, again in LCN Hi-Def, Gabriela (she whose pass-out drunk-girl-party video I have yet to post).

And finally there's savvy miss Carrie, who is Siouxie-less tonight and sometimes more appreciated for it simply because there is less sharing of her to go around - that is, she is all yours, eyes, ears and various other parts, in private or group chat.

So enjoy them a little for me... tonight, I'm off to rest early.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Another New Chat Hostess in Training!

Newcomer chat hostess Tiffany just might be one of the many LCN Girls who leave a video impression... Well hope you enjoyed that video of Melissa in private chat earlier today (scroll down if you don't know what I mean).

And now for something entirely similar, though different. It's fun to have a good chat hostess, who's comfortable and easy with her self and sexuality and maybe even a little agressive.

But it's also fun to have the shy, inexperienced, not quite so comfortable newbette chat hostess online just learning the ropes.

And the LCN Girls are actually trained with another experienced chat hostess (and no not like that, get your minds out of the gutter) who is usually studio manager Luna, who sits with the new webcam girl and basically shows her to be comfortable, introduces her to the regulars, prepares her for the morons, and basically breaks her into the medium.

So tonight Luna will be sitting in with ms Tiffany doing what she does best and teaching her how to do her best. The first half is a little uninteresting admittedly because they turn off the sound so we can't hear them exchanging professional secrets, but after that is time to meet the chat gentlemen in the room so things pick up.

Pretty soon Tiffany will be up there with the likes of Ava, who is one of the longest-running LCN Girls and also online tonight (in case you feel like a more challenging chat, that is).

For a dose of extreme sexiness you can always drop in on Alexxia, streaming out those long legs on that widescreen video, or Vicktoria - sage of the sci-fi set, cute geeky nerd chick who would draw you a tie in most trivia competitions on the topic of Star Wars (the movie, please)...

So drop by and experience the contrasts involved - and and speaking of even more contrast - new but learning fast chat hostess Wicked and her assistant stunt penis neighbour are also chatting away at this hour. Stop this now - go!

Back Live With A Video Clip

STANDBY="iSN News: 2much Chick Chat Preview..."

18 U.S.C. & 2257 Record-Keeping Requirement Compliance Statement for
iSN NewsBlog and iSN News

Well, what to say? I've been promising the now-infamous and hilarious video of Gabby passing out in live chat and haven't delivered. I think I'm going to stop trying. The first time I came to render the work, the computer crashed on me. The second timethere was a power failure... I think I'm getting the message.

But luckily another video has been posted to the LCN BBS which should interest many... readers (ahem) of this blog :)

THIS IS A WARNING of course - not to view this video if you are not of legal age in your area or if frank, sexual imagery disturbs you. This is quite explicit - more so than we usually publish here. But ... a promise is a promise.

I will give the Asia and Gabriela video one last shot, but if fate kicks me in the nuts again, forget it.

Finally, online now for live, non-recorded, interactive video chat entertainment pleasure are camgirl Asia, who could maybe fill you in on the events of the Gabriela drink-a-thon, ultra cool Violet, who always has some fascinating insights to offer as well as her own brand of kinky fun, and the steady-girl duo of Carrie and Siouxie.

This blog hasn't been updated for a variety of reasons, but I can assure you these ladies have been logging in regularly since last Friday, when my fingers took a well-deserved vacation from blogging.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

A Live Video Chat Grab Bag and a Broken Promise

CamGirl Laynia4u: popular new girl might be around a while.Well I promised yesterday and I didn't live up to it so I apologize. I should have time to finish that video of last Friday's two-girl livechat party by then and post it up here.

Meanwhile there's reward in consolation online with the LCN Girls.

In the order I see them online in their chatrooms now let me introduce (or simply announce): In free chat, Ava, who is rocking the live hi-def chat format for a slew of satisfied chat gentlemen... and who has apparently caught Kitsune's bug - she is wearing the Tiara.

Then there's the antithesis to the slender, uber-flexible chat hostess in the form of Kaia, petite and sweet and cute as a button... and in high definition able to use the widescreen to even better advantage than the taller webcam girls.

Then there's Tawnee who's proclaiming herself "A good girl..." followed by "Fucking technology! Fucking me and technolody," because her CD player is apparently stuck on track one. (She has also just manged to say "fuck" more in one fifteen second period than I think I've heard it in the last month.)

Back together again are the online duo and apparent real-life girlfriends Carrie and Siouxie. We were wondering there, for the last ten days or two weeks there, what was going on in the gal-pal couple. They were chatting more and more apart - one or the other alone in a chat room.

But Valentine's day seems to have changed that and their sexy matching lingerie reflects that as sweetly as their live repartee and obvious lust for each other ("We're not sisters," said Siouxie just now. "We're lovers...").

And finally a new LCN Girl seems to be making her way up the echelons here, Laynia4U seems to have something to make up for her sometimes lack in video since she seems to be in Group Chat at all times, very popular especially for a new girl.

New girls, lesbians, slinky and chatroom-veterans, tonight seems to have something to satisfy almost anyone who drops by LCN.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Live Melissa and Bisexuals Live!!

LCN Girl Melissa and Asia getting down at the last LCN Girl-A-Thong.They're online for a little while now - but not long. I'll post who's online now and coming up next in this post because my next post is going to be a fine video clip featuring... well, just wait.

Ok, so we have presently online "Bad Melissa" and her sassy mouthy self. Nothing seems to faze this girl, especially in private.

And then we have a two-for-one live adult video lesbian couple chatroom in the shape of Carrie and Siouxie, two girls who've been chatting apart so long now I think there's going to be some real sparks flying today.

Speaking of girl-on-girl sparks flying... well, they were not the type you would think I mean when I say that about this little video I'm editing - a short excerpt from last Friday's bi-curious girlchat at LiveCamNetwork between Asia and Gabriela...

I will say no more... you can check it out later yourself. Also later for you will be featured LCN Girls Alexxia and Cassie - among others. I'll be back with a full report!

And a short videoclip heheheheh.

Right now go on and check out the other

Sunday, February 12, 2006

First Chat Hostess Duo Pics Posted!

Happy happy, joy joy. Last Friday's live bi-girl drink-a-thon did not go unnoticed by the powers that master the site!

Here are the first photos from the two-girl online party, which were posted on the site's BBS.

Now... remains to be seen if the rest are not too explicit to post, eh. One suggests dropping by LCN or the LCN BBS in order to keep an eye on the progress, though the main gallery will probably be posted on the site's main page...

Anyhow, and although you probably won't have time to check in on her, right now the only featured LCN Girl is none other than Ava herself. Check it all out!

Chat Hostess Amelia is Back!

Hmmm LCN Girls Alexxia and Siouxie go missing - could there be a link there?The beginning of school and other seasonal activities and duties often frustrate regular chat customers due to the sporadic appearances of favorite chat hostesses, and LCN Girls are no different.

But Amelia is back in town and that's sure to lighten many a frown (sorry, I had to).

And she's not alone, of course, at LCN - right now you've got the sexy, bi-sexually open Carrie alone (without usual partner Siouxie) showing us a close-up of her belly and navel, as she explains why her favorite gal pal isn't there with her.

But You'll have to find out why for yourself.

Missing though is miss Alexxia - who was booked at five pm. I wonder why. Many will be posting with worry in the BBS after this... oh my.

OH that's right and the LCN Girls had a big party last night - heheheh - so I'm expecting some pics or/for a gallery to come in real soon now.

Remains to be seen if they will have a gallery of the Friday night two-girl show between Gabriela and Asia. It was hard to see them together unless actually going into spy mode on the site since they seemed to be either in group or private chatrooms all evening... could turn out to be too explicit.

Well I'll take a look around the site and the bbs for any new links and report back here.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Blogging the Live Babes - LCN Girls On A Saturday Night

Why piss off a chat hostess? Just watch a video!The babes reveal more than boobs and butts in pay chat at LCN... sometimes they get into the soul-baring stuff too.

After all it seems some of the guys who chat with the LCN Girls in free don't even take anyone to pay chat... but as one chat hostess let me know - sometimes there are just so many jerks asking to see daboobs and booty that a well-versed gentlemanly type who won't ever talk about that - and will in fact converse as he would with any other person - will be allowed to remain as a chat-room comptroller - a sort of example for those who would be moronic and a conversational buffer for the chat hostess herself.

Lately, with a new influx of very crude traffic coming in from various sources, these gentlemen have been an invaluable sanity-guard for the LCN Girls, and they just wanted these guys to know that. (You know who you are, and we wouldn't want dorks to target you based on your online-name, so... it'll only be mentioned in further entries if you let us know...)

So having said that, it's time to see who's on LCN right now as I listen to their rooms, wondering what the level of chatters there is.

Evette, in her LCN Hi-Def room, is telling us she's in fact into girls... and graciously saying hello to every one of the new ones in her room. Another asks if she'd be into LCN Girl Neena, and it would seem yes. Well, this is worth noting down. Evette, with a women, would pay attention to "...nipples, a lot of oral, and definitely some strap-on sex." And she expresses a personal interest in Cassie...

Who happens to be online now - but she's in private so we'll go into Natacia's room. Oh. She's on break. Ok then - Kitsune!! Here she is saying hello and talking about the music she's listening too... and the main topic seems to be how obnoxious (and illiterate) the last guy she had to kick out of her room was. What a coincidence!

Cassie is back in free chat now so I'll drop by for a quick look-hear. She's listening to excellent David Bowie and graciously giving some thong-butt peeks, singing along... and checking on the chatroom guests. "I'm fine," she says, as she tells one of the newest beggars that her bra is SEE THROUGH - so he's seeing enough in free. I'll leave her with this nice retort to him:

"I AM a piece of ass, and a pretty fine one apparently, but you can talk to me too, you know, instead of just asking me to do things..."

And just a few minutes later Natacia has returned from break - and is listening to what appears to be klesmer music. Good punks are intelligent, cultured and don't just like the likes of Sex Pistols, you know - and so Natacia is a fine punk in fact. Though tonight she's not sporting the spiked mohawk.

And coincidentally there they go again. I'm not reading the chat but I can hear her say, "Would you guys just stop asking for things... geeze..." as Devil's Dancefloor kicks out of the sound system in her room.

Poor them - and I don't mean the girls. I'm talking about the sadsacks who sit around asking for free nookie. I knwo there's places they can go... if only they would learn...

Perhaps the girls can teach them - or teach you ... what side are you on? Are you a man, or a beggar? I think the LCN Girls will teach you something about yourself...

Friday, February 10, 2006

Tonight We're ON With A Hot Live Video Chat Or Two

Asia and Gabriela, webcam girls going wild on ... each other!Live video chat is going to get a work out tonight with a scheduled two-girl live drinkathon in high definition widescreen, and the return of perennial favorite chat hostess and nutbar Tawnee.

Apparently a fairly well known satellite radio host will be chatting with the latter live on his show, which will cause all sorts of ruffled feathers and comments.

And apart from Tawnee (who's in her LCN Hi-Def room too!) there's also cutie Zoie and freaky Kitsune in their respective chat rooms. The latter two chat hostesses are due to shift off soon though, to be replaced by the sinuous Ava and the girl-couple Carrie and Siouxie.

Actually there's two bi couples online tonight. Carrie and Siouxie are only the most popular such couple to ever grace LCN. Usually, it seems, guys don't like the dynamic of chatting with more than one girl per chat room. The only time these situations would work would be when special events (wait til the end) occurred, such as Girl-a-thong or one webcam girl deciding to do a "special" with another.

Well such an event is occurring tonight. LCN will be presenting Gabriela's special Drink-a-thon in live high definition beginning at 7PM Eastern, but the really special aspect of tonight's adult webcast is that Asia, Gabby's long-time friend and co-conspirator, will be in there with her. In thongs and lingerie. With alcohol flowing freely...

And they expect it to become one of those things when silliness and bi-curiousity take the fore and a splendid (though eventually head-splitting) time is had by all... especially the voyeurs.

So Bring Your Own Booze and hopalong to tonight's dual duo live chat event at LCN. You're sure not to regret...

A Little Taste of Private Live Video Chat

The video to the left is a little gift courtesy of LCN and an example of chat hostess Alexxia at her ... best heheh. Take a moment to enjoy her as it seems that she is not going to be chatting today, and that's rare. She's popular and thus probably very tired. I nudge and wink that.

Once you've massaged your eyes on the video to the left, you can go right on over and check out current featured LCN girls Violet, who is again a vision of goth chick splendor in her live high definition chat room, or for a distinct and savory change of pace, have a sit-down with Evette.

She's all about fishnet and Betty Page hair and ribald tales of her weekend sex activities... and whips and paddles and other interesting devices.

I wonder if she brings them into chat with her...

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Double LCN Girl Live Chats This Week

LCN Chat Hostesses are often up to live lesbian shenanigans...Cool. The LCN Girls have a few goodies in store for us over the next few days, bless their sweet soft curvy parts...

First off I want to remind everyone that tomorrow, Friday the 10th of February from 7PM Eastern to Midnight, chat hostess Gabriela will be delighting us with a live girl-girl drink-a-thon (so Gabby has come to call them) with her long-time gal-pal Asia.

Gallery? Are you kidding? Of Course!

Then there's the new video posted on the main page of the site. It shows a sexy swirly hip dance and sinewy curve-fest with Alexxia (who's online now in her live high definition chatroom) which makes my mouth water...

And of course this weekend there's another party at Casa Britawn, the name the two chat hostesses have given their shared apartment since moving in together. Brittini isn't on the schedule this week, but Tawnee is actually live now as you read this (if it's before midnight EST February 9th). So that's another gallery probability for us all... heheheh.

And finally there's the wild wonderful webcam women on LCN online right now. Let me fill you in.

Natacia is back and is turning into quite the popular chat hostess - despite or because of her obviously alternative tendencies and tastes - and is online now as we share this wonderful medium called the blog...

And for a double chat dose we have the cute sexy Siouxie reunited at last with her bum chum Carrie - they haven't been together online all week.

So that double-chatroom alone should indicate all the heat and steam the girls will generate for you online tonight... step into the sauna, gentlemen, and let's get a litte wet...

Seeya'll later!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

WildWebcamWomen Update!

Chat Punk Chick Natacia chats with LCN Girl Cat.Live ladies online now - off shifting and on-shifting since I didn't do a post this morning - display the width and breadth and variety of live online lovelies available for your chat pleasure...

In Room #1, chat hostess Cassie delights with her long, cool and classy demeanour, is wearing the long gloves and sexy warmth in her eyes that speaks of the kind of smarts taken to social affairs in high society...

In Room #2, punker, mohawked Natacia belies the image by in fact having excellent taste, fine literate knowledge and cool tatoos on a slim, athletic frame that bespeaks of street smart walk and talk.

Room #3 has the delightly, purring, growling tom-boy sexy of Zoie, an admitted geek and Star Trek Nerd who delights in sexy antics with a childish playfulness.

And finally in Room #4, the top model-type, the exotic element, the slight french accent and cool-chick, rock-n-roll attitude of Alexxia will make you wonder if you would ever really let her meet your friends, for fear they'd hate and envy you.

And there's obviously many more rooms and chat hostesses online there, but those are the high points, the hallmarks, the benchmarks, the roadmarks, the foundation stones upon which the incredible LCN Girls are presented.

If you don't at least register a free chat username and look in on them once, you'll never know what you're missing.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Sweet Video Chat Muses...

Sweet Chat Chick Melissa sniffing a flower on The Luna Show.The Allman Brothers sang: "There are no blankets where he lies. / In all his deepest dreams the gypsy flies / With sweet Melissa... mmm..." and sweet Melissa will make all visitors to her chat room feel the same.

(or, as one gentleman chatter, MrFootFetish, put it, "Melissa is the reason I have a weakness for blondes. I've always been more attracted to women with dark hair, but then there are girls like Melissa. ")

Chat hostess Melissa is back after a long break tonight at LCN and it might be a regular return, which will have regular surfers to the site in fits of joy. She's also in live high definition... worth it even if blondes are your "thing".

For those who won't be able to get a word or private chat in edgewise, there's always plenty other girls on cam to inspire the wayward chatter.

Alexxia is beaming from the LCN Hi-Def chat room originally created for her and chat-sister Violet, curious, intelligent and bi-curious Zoie is comin' at ya from the depths of her science fiction convoluted mind, and pretty petite Kaia, who is off on a globe-wide trek to view the next major solar eclipse soon, will be on hand to stimulate more than just the little heads among you.

Take a turn for the different and discover these fascinating chat hostesses - before they log off forever, never to log on again, leaving with and leaving behind only good memories you'd wish you were a part of.

Adult Live Video Chat Spins

Chat Hostess Gabriela aka 'Gabby' is Live online now at LiveCamNetwork.comOk there's no topic today and that title is just something to tag onto a "who's online" update of LCN Girls... do you mind?

We're graced with the wonderful presencese of Kitsune and Cat in high definition rooms right now.

In case you don't know what those are, they're widescreen and just about the highest definition available on the web. The sound is sweet and the chat girls' sweetness is simply magnified by this wonderful new technology.

Then in regular high-end still-better-than-the-rest video chat rooms are featured LCN Girls Gabriela, who will be doing a first-time girl-girl show with long time gal pal Asia this Friday at 8:oo pm Easter, and Siouxie, a new girl who is on the third or fourth of her first live chats without her regular gal pal, chat hostess Carrie.

All in all an excellent line up - and that's just the featured performers at the site. There are more you just have to log in and browse the live girls online at LCN.

Monday, February 06, 2006

To Be A Chat Hostess... The Hard Way

The LCN Girls are good because they were trained and learned the medium. You know, they really really make it look easy, the LCN Girls and their online cam sisters.

You could think that since they have that exceptional video and smooth motion, they've got it made as long as they ... are themselves.

Or, you'd think all it takes is a good rack, round butt, pearly whites, and a sexy way... but those are extras.

The LCN Girls are what they are not only because of the incredible video quality, the sound at all times, or their winning ways. But just as in acting, dancing, good salesmanship - or even in the difference between we act in front of authority figures (bosses, judges) and the way we act with our friends - or in the difference between acting for the theatre and acting for the movies - there is a way to act to seem "real" in front of a webcam.

So the girls make it look easy. Natacia (overlapping shift!) seems just as cool and laid back in her chat room as Cat does, you'd say. But they are completely different women - and you can tell that they are completely different in life - as in their Christmas party pictures.

You see, they received a training, an education, to make them aware of the difference in mediums and the way they're perceived by people on the viewing end of a cam feed.

So next time you're in, say, Cassie's (who is online now) chat room, although she definitely makes it look easy - it's more than good personality - it's technique and method. She's sitting all alone in a room with a bed, a webcam and a computer and a few lights. And she seems just like she's sitting around with you and shooting the breeze, making jokes, flashing a little nookie - easy as pie, you'd say.

But I'd like to see any of us try this one day. We'd come as doofusses for sure, awkward, stuck forwards, caught with out confused looks and our fingers up our noses accidentally half the time.

Take the full time to appreciate what can't be called a performance but can't either just be called "being" when you're chatting with your favorite cam girl. You might find yourself with your eyes opened up a little wider when you ... come out the other side.

Until tomorrow, enjoy the online ladies and their company. No... appreciate them.

Live Lovelies Vie For Video Virility

Punk Webcam Girl Natacia Sports a Sharp Looking Mohawk at LiveCamNetwork...Nerds, students, punks,bi-sexuals - you know, real women, typical everyday girl-next-door gals - only they happen to be online.

They don't act like sultry hot models, have silicone boobs or phony tans with spray-on bikinis... but they are cute, they are smart, and they are sexy charming fun and worth a while to spend with.

Natacia does sport a cool blue mohawk that has to be seen to be believed.

Vicktoria is an unabashed sci-fi fan and wears glasses - funky horn rims too.

Ava (in Live High Definition!) is a pierced submissive kink machine with the flexibility of long, slinky women whose bods are the envy of women everywhere.

And finally Siouxie is a perfect pleasant, no-bull dyke, guys. Really, a lesbian whose regular partner Carrie is off tonight. This is three shifts in a row that Siouxie is online alone - and though they're not together, she's cool enough to be a great conversation maker and perfectly rockin' person.

So log in, turn on and drop your preconceived notions of webcam girls, or live porn chicks, or I don't know what they're called anymore. These are chat hostesses. These are The LCN Girls.

You betcha.

Blue Monday Video Chat Hostess Cure-All

A New Form of internactive entertainment - Live Video Chat Shows.These new chat hostess line-ups at LiveCamNetwork are sure to make you forgot those Monday Morning Blahs with the LCN Girl spirit, wit and sexiness... and just plain sense of fun.

Actually it's not like any regular run-of-the-mill live video webcam chat thing with them. Being in one of the chat rooms is more like watching one of those late-night talk shows that have modelled themselves after David Letterman and become boring, stagnant, repetitious and formulaic... without the boring, stagnant, repetitious formula.

So for example, the "Asia Show" this morning will feature Asia and you, and her chatroom regulars and the usual newbies asking for free butt flashes, etc..., and that's about where the "repetition" ends. The rest is always unpredictable, humourous and fun. It's interactive - so Asia's - and any LCN girl's - "performance" (gotta think of a better term for that) depends entirely upon the input she receives...

The day cranks itself slowly to a full head of steam this morning with a 10:00 AM (eastern) log-in from Asia, and have a featured chat hostess added to the line up on an hourly basis virtually all day.

Eleven o'clock will see goth temptress Violet in her live high-definition dungeon chat room, and a little later (at noon) Gabriela will be logging on. It's not clear whether she's going to be in the widescreen hi-def format, though, as she has been scheduled as "Gabriela" before (as opposed to "HD-Gabriela") and still been in hi-def...

Check back to find out!

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Hot Babes Live In Video Chat - What DID You Expect??

She's cute, but can't we have an updated picture of chat hostess Siouxie?Ok as promised back with a little update on the live video chat chick situation right now...

First off we have not one but two live hi-def chat rooms on line right now with Alexxia and Cassie both camming from their studios with the "widescreen" ON.

There are also two people in once chat room with the presence of WickedTemptation. Wicked usually chats alone, but tonight is joined by sometime lover and / or (I don't know - why don't YOU ask 'em?) stuntcock "Temptation".

Then there's the missus who's usually NOT alone - that would be little Siouxie - who seems to be taking a shining to these solo-girl chat sessions after chatting only with girlfriend Carrie... hmmm is there trouble in lesbian paradise?

And finally the fun-time Kitsune is out and about on the web, doing what she does so well... which is being fun and freaky all at once. When she first logged on earlier she mentioned something about playing a 3-D Tic-Tac-Toe game or something... Don't ask me.

Anyhow they are online and waiting for some cool chat. And if you're thinking about asking for free boobs, butt or pink-bling, forget it. Go elsewhere, these chicks have been booting a record number of guys who treat them like they were nothing more than robot pic-galleries or some other pre-recorded thing.

Remember (I'm surprised I have to say this but hey) even though they are on your desktop - on a machine - doesn't mean they aren't real, live, breathing, thinking (and sexy) people - treat them accordingly.

They aren't webcam girls, camgirls, or camwhores (that's the worst) - they are Chat Hostesses, and you are gentlemen chatters if you frequent their chat rooms, so don't forget it. You get so much back when you treat 'em like a lady...

Superbowl Live Hi-Def Event Annouced

Chat hostess Tawnee presides over the live hi-def post game event.The LiveCamNetwork High Definition format gets another big work-out this weekend with SuperBowl Post-Game Chat now being announced on the main page of LCN.

Apparently Tawnee will be the main culprit in this live hi-def "event", but video chatroom rumor has it that it will be Tawnee and Brittini, of Casa Britawn party fame, who will be mastering the ceremonies.

The ad posted on the site says its a post-game thing ("kick your low-life beer-guzzling friends out of the house and log-in" says the banner) but from the chat it seems like its going to be going on during the game.

Although this seems very last-minute, I guess you'll have to check back here later for an update, or just look in on the site for the details.

Tawnee is a sports fan, and so may be Brittini (they get along famously) though whether or not game discuession is that important will remain to be seen.

Stay tuned, I'll be back with a "Who's On Line Now" in a little while...

Friday, February 03, 2006

Of Video Chat and Fantasy

LCN Girl Kitsune dresses the part in the LCN high definition dungeon room... Allrighty now who do we have online tonight?

The powerful geek factor of the chat hostesses at LCN must inevitably draw those surfers who've been computer nerd types since earliest childhood. Or at least for as long as the web and become what it is...

So that guy who used to tinker with his TRS 80 must have a cushy job now and still follow Star Treak or Battlestar Galactica - or Star Wars of course.

That blanket Vicktoria chats on is full of little robots and stuff, for example. You can check it yourself right now, you know...

And kinky Kitsune, who is an avowed Battlestar Galactica follower (as is your humble chat hostess chronicler here), is also wearing a little dollar-store tiara tonight... in the awesome widescreen hi-def chat room!!

I don't know what the tiara is about - maybe a fantasy role-playing sex game?

Also online tonight is ... AndSiouxie. What, you say? Well Siouxie of the CarrieAndSiouxie bi-curious and bi-sexual chat friends is alone tonight for the first time. Can't tell you too much about her because I haven't gone in there much and neither chat girl has been a LCN Girl for long.

Also far along in the webcam arena but definitely NOT one of the geeky-sci-fi breed is avalicious Ava, who's more the brainy bookish alterna-chick type. But equally fine, though don't talk to her about your love a Trek or anything... she'll get a strange little smile on and... well, it doesn't feel good.

Well that's if for now. I should have posted when geek-friendly Zoie was on a little earlier, that would have made this whole piece more whole - but heck we're dealing with real, live humans here who have sexy online and offline lives here.

More live video chat chick updates coming over the weekend.

Good Morning Chat Hostesses!

Violet is a catty Halloween camgirl at the last LCN Girls costume party.Ahhh... I've had my coffee and am ready for the day and what it throws at me...

Outside it's raining and I don't care, inside and online there's the new morning duo who seem to have switched from evenings to daytime and have added variety to the mornings (from a goth-dominated line-up to nice mix of goth, Asian and latina camgirls).

Gabriela (she of the offline and online parties and admitted "oral fixation") is online at the same time as her gal pal Asia - whose online dictionary of weird things typed to her in chatrooms is a roaringly funny BBS success - and you can ask them what time their two girl show is going live on Friday the 10th of February.

Also chatting is the naughty dirty girl Wicked, who occasionally likes to chat as a couple with her neighbour (or something - you'd have to ask who the stuntcock is, I'm not sure). But this morning she's solo - just a girl and her toys...

And finally, goth babe Violet has the live hi-def chatroom honours this morning - and she honors the widescreen nicely, thank you very much.

Back later with more on the LCN Girls guys!

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Chat Hostess Anniversary and Updates

Chat hostess Cat celebrates 2 years at LCN - now that's loyalty-bred fun and flirty!I was really disappointed when I missed the chance to wish Cat, one of the longest bestest chat hostesses among the LCN Girls a Happy 2nd Anniversary at LiveCamNetwork today.

She logged on and worked her shift and I don't know if anyone else wished her a happy anniversary or what. These things usually whip up that kind of enthusiasm and response at LCN.

Someone owes that girl a martini-night-out sometime soon, methinks...

Anyhow - LiveCamNetwork was mentioned in the ConnectedByCam blog because of their attention to service and responding (as well as keeping a decent back-and-forth exchange of exchanges with this blog) to complaints by one user over there who commented that he couldn't see the widescreen live high-def video.

It's good to keep a little response attention to people who aren't customers as much as those who are. And since this is all about interactive sites (how much more interactive can you get than actually talking and listening to humans via the medium, after all?) then the interactivity should extend to everything.

I hate answering-machine-multiple-option-touch-tone menus on phones and online. I like the real deal, yaknow? People?

Anyway, so tonight there shouldn't be a problem with the live high definition since none of the models are logged into one of those rooms... Though out of everyone, the dynamic fun-duo of Carrie And Siouxie should definitely get a widescreen room. After all there're two of them! And when in their room it's always laughing and giggling and playing - worth the extra screen space, no?

Also cavorting across your desktop tonight are alternative LCN Chick Natacia, and diminutive Kaia, who is apparently going t see a total eclipse happening somewhere on the globe.

Allrighty then I'll bid you all good night and good chat and be back here tomorrow with more news and updates on my favorite web girls.

Chat Hostess Memories... Past And Future

Alexxa has been missed and will be back live as an LCN Girl very soon...Well it's a busy morning at LiveCamNetwork and of all the chat hostesses online right now, I'd have to wager on Gabriela and Asia as being your best bets. But don't take my word for it - check them all out.

Now as for the title for this post, that's because Alexxa is coming back to the LCN Girls soon. Those green eyes, that Starlet attitude, that sweet smile all bring fond memories back to regulars of the site. Check the schedule for her imminent return.

She is not to be confused with Alexxia, who never left LCN and is one of the most popular chat hostesses around.

The other part is about future memories - ah, yes Gabriela and Asia are planning a live online party on Friday, February 10th and are promising naughty girl-girl action and plenty of drunk girl shenanigans. And no doubt a funky, funny gallery will come out of it too...

And continuing in the LCN Girl online and offline party tradition, another post in the LCN BBS is inviting all the camgirls to a party at the Casa BriTawn (so called because Tawnee and Brittini have moved in together) for the following night (though whether Asia and Gabby will be in any shape to attend remains to be seen), which should also provide for hilarious stories and, if not a gallery, a slew of cool post-party-picture-posts in the BBS.

All they need now is to have another Girl-A-Thong...

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

LCN Girl Better Than a Cup of Java

Click on the chat room to see an actual-size screen shot of LCN Hi-Def.I don't know how they do it, these cheery, perky, happy, energetic, positive, up- beat, lively chat hostesses from ... well, I was going to say "from hell" because I haven't had my first cup of coffee yet.

But that's just morning crankiness and caffeine deficiency talking. They're actually heavenly creatures, and if you catch one of the LCN Girls online first thing in the morning you almost don't need that cup of java...

Almost, but not quite. Let's get real here. Still, if you're waiting for the coffee machine to brew it's potion and can't get behind deleting spam, scanning e-mail or other daily office duties, you might as well drop in on Gabriela and see how she deals with reality.

And she does much better than you or me, I must admit. She's listening to her funky Colombian rumba music and laying back answering questions about the state of her pubic hairs, smacking a butt cheek, and greeting new guys and regulars with her desire for a nice hottub...

I was surprised to see her before coffee this morning. usually she or the other featured LCN Girls log on at 10AM (eastern), and I was there at 9AM...

This is all fine - amazing, sexy interactive adult fun actually - but, the coffee is ready now, so I'll leave you to her and come back when I'm in a more human mood.