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Friday, March 31, 2006

Girl-A-Thong to Introduce New LCN Girl

Sukhi is one of the surprise guests at tonight's Girl-a-thong - even to the organizers! It looks like even LiveCamNetwork organizers can be surprised in their surprise-guest line up for the LCN Girl-A-Thong III event tonight.

Turns out new LCN Girl-in-training Sukhi not only likes the job and has fun with her chat room gentlemen, but she is willing to participate in the 4-hour all-chat-hostess drinking party.

So there's another reason for dropping by the two-stream party event tonight at LCN - among other things, such as the sex-swing, the spanking contest, the free Webdreams DVDs...

Oh yeah, that's something I hadn't mentioned, isn't it? The company managed to get some advance copies of the 10-part Showcase TV Series in which they're featured as the 2Much Crew - and they'll be cranking up the interactive fun with clients by giving winners of various games and things with various prizes, among them copies of the DVD.

So what other reasons do you need? How about Alexxia (online now), Kitsune (online now too!), Hot latina Gabriela, and Carrie and Siouxie and Ava and more more more.

Drop by the Girl-a-Thong III tonight, you won't regret it.


Girl-A-Thong Reminder!!!!

Spanking challenge and contest hosted by LCN Girl Ava tonight at the girl-a-thong - 9PM EST.LCN Girl Ava will be the games hostess at tonight's Girl-a-Thong III and it seems that they're even taking bets on the spanking game - who is going to be able to take more?

Odds in the LCN BBS seem to be running in Ava's favor, though I wouldn't be surprised if Violet, who's presently live online in live high definition chat.

Actually Violet will also be training a new girl today starting at noon (EST), so that should be worth a fly-by.

I'll try to post a pic of the new chat hostess in my next posting here, meanwhile you'll just have to put up with this pic of Ava's office-butt while I go about my other busines...

See you tonight!


Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Her Dog Chews On Her Panties!

Videochat girl Kitsune can't wait for the LCN Girl-A-Thong III this Friday at 9PM.
LCN Girl Alexxia made a hilarious confession today about her dog - seems he's the main reason she's short on panties. It seems to get everywhere she stashes them - clean or dirty - and chews 'em up.

I don't know. I thought it was funny when I heard it.... anway...

Also chatting right now we have Gabriela - who is going to be co-hosting this Friday's Girl-A-Thong III with the lovely Ava. And of course Tiffany Lee Fisher is now a LCN Girl regular and will be on hand for the Girl-A-Thong as well.

Partygirl Kitsune wouldn't miss a girlathong for the world and says as much when it comes up in the chat room.

According to those chat hostesses I've asked, it looks like there's going to be a huge turnout for this girl-a-thong (they're promising 20!). All these Canadian girls going wild is going to be quite a site to see, and it looks as though the change in schedule was a great idea.

On a final note it seems that someone has been paying attention to this blog - because the gift of batteries is starting to be making itself felt at the studio. One chat hostess recently made the comment that a really nice chatroom gentleman has promised to send in a crate of double-A batteries for sex-toy use.

After batteries, I think some of the webcam ladies would like to see panties coming in the mail. Or those chewy dog bone things...

Monday, March 27, 2006

Miss Scarlette Chats Again

After a very long absence, LCN Girl Scarlette returns to LiveCamNetwork. Well it's been quite a while - and she hadn't even said she'd be back, but cute sweet Scarlette has returned her derrier firmly before LCN cameras once again.

She's joined tonight in an adjoining chat room by ever avalicious Ava, and seems set to schedule herself fairly regularly.

That's no guarantee of course... but with Faye's return also happening at the same time, could it be they're really only calling the ladies out of retirement just for the Girl-A-Thong this Friday?

Who knows? Maybe its just coincidence. School isn't over yet (though they did have March break and we saw even Neena return) so its not that.

I think I'm going to have to start asking around...

Later, boys and girls!

Chat Hostess Faye Returns!

LCN Girl and BBW favorite Faye returns to LiveCamNetwork tonight at midnight.
Fans of BBW and simply sweet cute sexy ladies will be thrilled to know Miss Faye will be returning to LCN starting tonight. She's also slated to show up for the third Girl-A-Thong coming up on us soon - this Friday, in fact.

The girls and boys at are busy busy, testing the Girl-A-Thong feed as you read this. The two-screen video streams are being set up in a special chat room that they've been reconfiguring and tweaking all day. I just can't wait to see them set it up with actual video - right now it seems to be just animated logos and some powerpoint ad of some kind.

However passing the time until that moment is incredibly easy with featured LCN Girls currently online, such as goth queen Violet with her unique sense of humor and sex... hot latina Gabriela is literally steaming up the lens - though not in live high definition for some reason, but that's ok cause the good old regular video at LCN is still heads and tails above the best...

Also online is Carrie, flying solo without gal pal Siouxie today... they do that sometimes, which is a nice change and goes to show that they don't have to depend on each other to put on good chat...

I'll be back to report on the progress to be seen in the double-video chatroom and more "who's online" updates for you...

Friday, March 24, 2006

Tiffany Lee Fisher Joins LiveCamNetwork

Tiffany Lee Fisher as she appears on her site,
Well it looks like online amateur sex siren Tiffany Lee Fisher has officially joined the LCN Girls!

She's been chatting there for quite a while actually and doing quite well. It looks like she likes

But now she has been going in regularly and has signed up for the LiveCamNetwork Girl-a-Thong III, to be held next Friday March 31.

She's also advertising the girl-a-thong event on her site so I guess this is the beginning of a booty-full relationship.

Tiffany isn't online now but will be starting early next week so look out for her schedule.

At the moment you can enjoy the cyber-company of the other featured LCN Girls online, for example bubblicious Evette and the tag-team, double-dynamo, sexy bi-sexual girl-couple Carrie And Siouxie.

I'll be back later with more announcements for you!

New Pic For Chat Hostess Zoie

Blond and blue eyed tom-boy growling cutie LCN Girl Zoie has gotten a new pic added to her profile at last - and from what I hear we can expect a gallery or two soon.

In fact she's not the only one they've been taking pics of lately but that's sort of a secret... just keep in tune here, and bookmark this page (click on the favorites link up on your browser, geeze).

Zoie will be online Friday, March 24 at 4:00 pm eastern, so don't miss her - she is just plain fun.

Also - there will be a new special announcement soon - a surprise addition to the LCN girls who is kinda already right under your noses.

These ladies will definitely blow your minds with their new technology, easy grace and fun attitudes.

This post will end now because I'm just bursting to tell you the big news but I can't - not yet. SO hold on.

Meanwhile, go play with the Girl-A-Thong ladies at and leave me alone!

Good night all :)

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Girl-A-Thong III Rescheduled Sooner!

LCN Girls Neena and Gabriela party it up offline and online...LiveCamNetwork has announced a new date for the Girl-A-Thong III.

The Live online drunk chat hostess playing lingerie and thong party with customers buying girls drinks webcast event will now take place a whole week earlier - that is, March 31.

Reasons weren't given for the change but it's sure not to displease anyone who was looking forward to this celebration of sexy cuteness and silliness.

They've already announced some of the naughty interactive games and fun to be had at the party, as well as some really cool prizes for the guys - you! - such as a copies of the Webdreams t.v. DVD, which features cast and crew members of and LCN Girls.

Participating in the Girl-A-Thong III will be some of tonight's featured chat hostesses, such as awesome tiny Kaia, rockin' french chick Amelia and the Avalicious Ava, who posted the announcement about the girlathong in the LCN BBS.

Check them out, ask them about the fun and games - even suggest a few in the thread. I'm going home to chat with my favorite...


Monday, March 20, 2006

Chat Hostess Neena's Gone Wild!

LCN Girls Neena and Gabriela party it up offline and online...Well LCN Girl Neena is back in town with time on her hands and fun on her mind... not to mention costumes in the trunk.

Actually she posted about it in the LCN BBS earlier: "Hello all, i am stuck in cold ol canada for spring break, so I guess I'll have to party at lcn! I'll be there Monday 4-8, Wed 2-7, and thurs 12-4...don't miss it...i'll be in my hawaiin outfit lounging in my beach bed, hoping to get some action from you come check out the neena gone wild spring break chats! Hope to see you there!"
Don't miss the action happening right now - log in (or register for your free username) and chat with LCN chat girls like Neena, or another live hi-def chat hostess such as Alexxia or even in the regular LCN video chat rooms - the quality is still pretty amazing...

I'll be back to report on more soon...

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

What Lesbians Video Chat About

Chat model Alexxia in live high definition video chat.They're cute and funny and attentive and chatty and ... lovers.

Not sisters, or friends, no... they're right out there and open about their love and hotness for each other. Chat Hostesses Carrie and Siouxie get along quite fine together and chat together, and though sometimes it's not as intimate as a one-on-one relationship with a webcam girl, it's a hell of a lot more entertaining.

For example right now they're bickering like an old couple about their first date and how one played a joke on the other after a bad experience at hot-dog joint... or something.

I don't know but it's hilarious to listen and watch them going at it, like a good late night TV show about bickering couples, but real. And fun - they get along really well.

I don't know who's the dom and who's the femme but that's for you to figure out in chat... More fun that way.

So if live bi-sexual couple-girls are not your chat hostess cup of tea (there's a pun in there somewhere) you can always chat with aww-so-cute solo girl Tiffany, or witness the grandeur of the LCN Hi-Def system with lithe toy queen Alexxia.

I'll be back later with more on the Girl-A-Thong and what other featured LCN Girls are coming online today.

Monday, March 13, 2006

New Girl-A-Thong Ad

STANDBY="iSN News: Video Ad for the Third Girl-a-thong."

The folks at have put together a short video clip announcing their third Girl-a-thong.

Made from footage taken at Girl-A-Thong II, it looks like silly fun was had by all and really nothing can beat that.

Apparently there were over 600 guys in the double-screen chat room last time, with two or three cameras covering a dozen girls having a silly 4-hour pajama party.

Hopefully this time they aren't going to get too carried away; last time a few were out of commission about half-way through.

Anyhow no big deal it was still great fun and hopefull will be the same this time again.

So here's to April 7th when Girl-A-Thong III will launch. Meanwhile, tonight, featured LCN Girls (and Girl-a-thongers) are, among others, Ava (of the long bod and the secret glasses - which she wears at Girl-a-thongs to read the screen), and Alexxia (who needs little introduction and can be seen frolicking in the above video).

They'll be logging off soon, though ultra-geek Cassie will be on very late, as will perennial college cutie Kaia, and nerdy-girl Vicktoria, who is on at 8PM eastern.

Then there's chat hostess Wicked, who's putting in an appearance with her ubiquitous neighbour, Mr. Temptation; if you're in the mood for some actual live porn, go right on ahead and join the couple in their chat room.

Miss Wicked has been invited to the Girl-A-Thong, according to the site BBS but there's no indication of her having said yes (apparently they're paying the airfare if she comes!). Keep abreast of the news here and bookmark this blog!

OK, enjoy the video and the live chat girls and 'til tomorrow I shall bid one and all - good chatting!


Friday, March 10, 2006

Live Video Chat Technical Issues Resolved

Free pic of LCN Girl Tawnee, chat hostess extraordinaire!
It seems the high-end quality of recent improvements to have challenged the machines of some customers and surfers, and site founder and president Mark Prince has taken the time to go into a brief but detailed explanation that could help some of these problems.

That response was posted as a comment in this particular blog entry, (or you can scroll down and find the post below, the one with the new Girl-A-Thong III poster).

Please don't hesitate to contact the folk at LiveCamNetwork or directly at if you encounter any problems...

So at the moment on LiveCamNetwork, the LCN Girls featured online are as follows:

Gabriela, who is finishing a shift soon, and will be replaced by sexy franco-canuck babe Amelia, is being supported ably in adjoining chat rooms by Misses Cat (who's Birthday it is in a few days woot! hope she has a party!) and rawkin' hardcore tattoed punkette Natacia.

Hopefully the dual dose of data in this entry will allow you to experience the online pleasures of the LCN Girls authentic live adult video chat, and thus saying, I bow myself out for the evening.

Have a wonderful time - and a wonderful weekend if we don't meet again until Monday.

(BTW - I just thought you'd enjoy a gratuitously sexy pic I randomly selected which has absolutely no bearing on this entry directly - for your visual pleasure - that's miss Tawnee, in case you don't know. She's online next week sometime. Enjoy...)

Does Not Come With Batteries

Even the famous rabbit can't keep up with these chat hostesses.
You know one of the better "special gifts" a webcam chat customer can give his favorite chat hostess is batteries.


Might not be romantic, might not be quite so memorable or long-lasting (definitely not that) but it will show a degree of thoughtfulness and consideration other guys don't show. And you don't even have to let them know you read about it here.

If you want it to be a gift that keeps on giving, buy her one of those rechargeable battery kits.

This way, camgirls like miss Evette, who's live online now as you read this, wouldn't have to take a five minute break and go find a place to plug in her charger.

Vibrators and other battery-operated sex toys apparently take a LOT of juice, if you know what I'm saying without dragging your minds through the cybergutter. A good pocket-rocket will last about 30 minutes on your standard battery, maybe a little longer with the high-octane batteries.

But the bunny has nothing on these chat girls - seriously, no rabbit can keep up. The things just dry up those D, C and AA cells.

Another thing to keep in mind of course is the type of toy your favorite live girl uses. There's a difference in the battery requirements of a pocket rocket and a King Dong electro-jackhammer or whatever. Know it. Use it.

Also online to teach you about pocket rockets, dolphins and rabbits and all sorts of other sexual enhancement devices is the gorgeous miss Gabriela.

As they say, the only stupid question is the unasked question...

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Finalizing the Live Girl-a-Thong Round Up

The LiveCamNetwork Girl-A-Thong III - April 7th 2006 A.D. is prepping the flesh fireworks for April 7th when the third Girl-A-Thong will be set off.

Though the ad says 9PM, the feed (feeds, actually, because it says three cameras will be feeding TWO simultaneous video displays) will actually begin at 8PM EST and feature the "set" gradually filling up with the LCN Girls as they saunter in to get ready for the party.

The cast of characters for this epic online chat hostess get-together is lining itself up day by day, as online the ladies confirm their presence online.

Right now, Cat and Ava are finishing up their live high-definition chat room sessions, as is red debutante Tiffany, to make place for the evening shift due on between now and 7PM (EST).

The evening will feature the graceful lines and hot tattoo of miss Alexxia, no debutante her, and maybe a game of sexy Hangman or some other equally entertaining party game (actually watching paint dry would be equally entertaining with Alexxia).

Then there's the rambunctious, growling Zoie, who dresses in camo pants and wears her hair short but is really hiding a sleek, athletic build under there that just HAS to come into evidence when in videochat... ask her anything about Star Trek.

Also tonight is the lovely hippie-esque Kaia - in LCN Hi-Def to boot. Log in to her chat room to discover why, especially with so much screen space, one can say big fun comes in small packages (? or something like that...).

A little later on (at 8PM) a newbie even newbier than Tiffany will be on - and ironically or strangely she's also a redhead... Roxxy will live up to her name surely as she is one of the new LCN Girls and seems to come in pretty often. Actually, not that often because her profile page is still blank (actually it says that she is going to be in training ! which has already happened).

So purvey and survey them all and come back to comment - you know, it would be fun if the regulars here did some contributing to the whole thing... (I know I'm sorry I didn't respond to the last comment or two - but hey, you gotta encourage me as much as I'm trying to encourage you!)

Well never mind - save that finger energy for the chat rooms ;) and see you online!


A Beautiful, Sexy Turn-on Mind

LCN's Ava isn't always known to use her best judgement but her mind is always engaged in her video chat..."Her body is amazing but the biggest gift this girl has is her mind."

This is the kind of statement mostly being made in the LCN BBS, about the LCN Girls. Actually it's a series of "Appreciation" threads from which many quotes are taken for the performer's bio pages.

And while there's the usual about great boobs and long logs, beautiful eyes, brown hair and all that stuff, you're just as if not more likely to see comments such as that above: words like "great wit", "positive attitude", "intelligence" and "great taste".

A hot, glam babe can certainly get the hormones raging for a night or a weekend, and there are certainly those among the LCN Girls which can be ascribed to that particular niche, but there's nothing really sexier than the mind, which, we're reminded by the popular aphorism, is the most potent aphrodisiac.

OR as Dr. Ruth Westheimer reminds us, "The most important sex organ lies between the ears."

Which could explain the popularity and enduring appeal of the LCN Girls in particular, and the longevity of the video sex chat hostesses in general. Despite the fact that there is no physical contact, no actual interaction beyond eyes and ears with mind to coordinate, it is becoming the fastest growing area of adult entertainment.

As the tv show used to say, it is a dimension of mind...

Let them bare their minds to you now, the following ladies are currently the feature LCN Girls online:

Violet in her live high definition chat room.

Siouxie, with more attention to lavish upon chat room guests because she is lonely without gal-pal Carrie.

Also in LCN Hi-Def is the aforementioned long-legged Ava.

And finally but most interestingly because we get to see the emerging awareness of mind-over-muff of a beginner chat hostess, there is Tiffany.

Updates coming up soon!

Monday, March 06, 2006

Live Girls Know Best

An Early picture of chat hostess Vicktoria. A couple posts ago, I wrote about the game of Sexy Hangman chat hostess Alexxia was playing in her chatroom.

The word was weird, and I missed the winner. Generally, the goal of hangman is that the winner gets a free flash. This time no one won because the one who had told the brown-haired Alexxia about the word had gotten wrong. It was Felcher and not Flecher!

If you don't know what Felching is I suggest you drop by her chat room and ask her, since it's better to hear it from Alexxia than from a cold, black-on-white site page...

Anyhow also online tonight is the wondrous, smart-aleck nerd chick Vicktoria, who also happens to be in her live high definition chat room.

And finally we have the sensuous hot latina Gabriela, who for some reason (and you can hear her from the other studios, say the other featured LCN Girls), has been giggling all night l0ng.

Go ahead and find out for yourselves. I'm tired and will take up the blogging only on the morrow :)

Friday, March 03, 2006

Cute and Cuddly and Goth and Sexy

LCN Girl Evette tying one on at the Girl-A-Thong II.It takes all kinds to make people and the webcam world is no different than the real world... just a little hopped up, if you know what I mean.

Featured LCN Girls today bear that statement out with the lovely redhead Tiffany. She's amplified her new camgirl cuteness by braiding her red hair into pigtails at either side of her head.

The other end of the spectrum is represented by ultra-goth Violet, who is wowing us from her live hi-def widescreen chat room right now, a dungeon-deco set piece around her as she listens to... hip hop? I don't know what that is, but you certainly don't have to have the tunes to have the 'tude...

And somewhere in between is the Bettie Page-ish chat hostess at, Evette - mixing cutie-pie pixieness with a kind of page-boy cruelty that has many turned on. The current topic of conversation seems to be Norse gods, and how she'd like a Thor-like guy, "Big Viking Type"... and she likes to be bitten! Aie.

Ok I think I'll be back a little later with a fuller update and some more little bits of info about the ladies...

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Fun And Games Live Video Chat Style

Chat Hostess Alexxia Playing Sexy Hangman - what's FLE_HER???As I write this the LCN Girls (those who aren't online) are partying their perky butts off somewhere, hopefully taking the photos that will appear here and on over the coming days.

The Girl-A-Thong campaign is already beginning and promises a huge turn out for Girl-A-Thong III - which means the more people click on "Buy a Round" the more fun will be had on April 7th.

And as you read this, chat hostess Alexxia is leading her chat room guests on a game of sexy Hangman - complete with board, marker, hints... and a prize? What would the winner get of this kind of thing? Well they're just starting so I'll get back to that after.

Carrie is sitting back and letting them have it on the value of inner beauty above physical beauty, from the standpoint of her physical beauty, natch.

Kaia is ... I don't know what Kaia is doing! I think she's dancing; there's some sort of conga music playing and guys are begging for "quick moon" and "show boobies" and she's just jiggling around... well, that's one way to deal with them.

Cat meanwhile is relating her weekend to her chatters... drinking on Friday with Violet, Saturday drinking with roommates, and this weekend... "I'll be doing it all over again!"

Sigh... and tonight they'll be joining the rest of the LCN Girl gang somewhere for drinking and dancing.

Damn! I missed the end of the Hangman game in Alexxia's chatroom. The word... what was it? What could it be? It's sexual, she assured us, an expert told her! Last time I checked it was FLE_HER... ?!? WTF? I guess I'll have to ask her before she logs out of her chat room...

Catch you tomorrow! Good night!

Live Video Chat Today

LCN Girl Asia will be fondly remembered by LiveCamNetwork regulars...When you read the title to this blog imagine a kind of action percussive soundtrack with a cymbal-finish - kind of thing you hear on the news.

Here is a round up of news for you and there's a little bit. Today way Asia's last day - yes the final webcast from a chat hostess who will be remembered as much for her brainy approach to chat (see her "Asia's New Adult Dictionary" thread in the LCN BBS, which will be around for quite a while despite its creator's absence) as her obsession-inducing affect on chat room guests and customers.

She is on the first leg of a journey whick will take her across the landscape of a professional carreer and everyone at iSN News and over at 2Much (not to mention her LCN Gal pals) wish her all the best and hope for an occasional return.

There is no news yet on whether Asia will be back for the next news item: the April 7th LiveCamNetwork Girl-A-Thong III. It's coming, that's right, but this time its starting at 9PM instead of 8PM... maybe that has to do with the fact that during the last hour of the last Girl-A-Thong, quite a few of the girls were out of commission or stumbling over the sound system. Drinking and Lingerie can be a dangerous thing...

Online right now there is the wild and fun miss Kitsune, and if you like women in braces you will go wild for Kitsune. She has a cute sassiness that is infectious, and a French accent that will make you hear her voice when you're not even online.

Another sexy franco-chat femme is newcomer and redhead extraordinaire Tiffany, who has taken to live video chat (fresh from college classes too) like a fish takes to water. While her accent is cute, it's more subtle than Kitsune's and her topics of conversation can range from the college intellectual type stuff to kinkier stuff since, as she says in her profile, she is out to explore her sexuality as only a fresh school-girl can.

In a nearby chat room you'll also find the irrepressible, nerdy Zoie girl talking about what you get in private chat, as well as changing her panties since, for some reason, she's wearing these ENORMOUS things... oh, and she has dildoes and vibrators and other toys... ok sorry I was in there so kinda drifting....

Back to business - to finish I'd like to go back to the Asia situation - although I heard that was gin she was drinking at 11:00 AM this morning in her final chat, she won't be having her party online; she's invited all her studio mates to meet in some big-ass chat-hostess GT send-off which I'm sure chat buddy Gabriela will faithfully capture in pictures and send in for a satisfying and no doubt hilarious gallery.

Onto the next blog!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Bad Chat News Is Good Camgirl News

LCN Girl Asia at the Girl-A-Thong II - will she be at the next one??Damn, it never ceases to amaze how mixed feelings can bubble up within those folk who have been following the LCN Girls over the course of these last few years, and sometimes even within the chat hostesses themselves.

Asia has announced that she is leaving LiveCamNetwork and going on to bigger and more permanent things with her life. Yes, she has nabbed that dream job that will launch her career in the "real" world, following her ambitions and dreams to a logical conclusion.

LCN founder Mark Prince has said that he encourages the chat hostesses to reach out for bigger or better, that this is in no way a permanent type of position and very rarely become a career. But it is a good starting point and fun.

So Asia's post in the BBS will probably be full of gripey-but-happy congratulations and return wishes, which is fine. But what's cool is Asia is probably going to do a special online event for her last show, as is the LCN GIrl tradition, and also throw a party somewhere which will provide us with another groovy gallery of blitzed chat babes having fun...

In other news, there have been no further announcements concerning the next Girl-A-Thong, but I'm keeping my ears and eyes gashed open...

Now online at LCN, check out Kitsune in her live hi-def chat room (she's probably wearing that tiara, I'll bet), as well as long-time chat hostess Cat who is also in the widescreen format.

Newbette and cute as a whip, redhead Tiffany has shown that she's as entertaining and favorite as one of the experienced girls on the site, so I think you should go find out why she's probably going to eb around the live chat site for a while.

Nerdy cute Canuck chat chick Vicktoria rounds out the featured LCN Girls at this hour, as she applies lipstick, wearing nothing but a frilly bra, and telling us about her chosen Lit subjects in school: politics, philosophy, current events and world culture... not your typical chat room blabber, but then LiveCamNetwork is simply not your typical live sex chat site...

Visit and enjoy....