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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Chat Hostess Hellos

A strip of LCN Girl Veriah stripping. The popularity of a chat hostess can often come to less than good effect when lives and careers take a different turn than expected.

Mark Prince, who started, posted in the LCN BBS recently that LCN Girl favorite Laurelle had called to see how everyone was doing and to give news. Touching base, if you will, with a small but fun gang she used to work with and with whom she had memorable experiences.

One of those experiences was a pleasurable one which has come back to haunt the young lady.

Laurelle's story turned out to be one of the main plots of the documentary series Webdreams, which has been the most popular show on Showcase Television (in Canada - the show should hit US airwaves next spring) since it premiered last September.

However as the show documents, Laurelle's story took a turn for the unexpected after 2much servers were being attacked and kept the chat girls offline for an indeterminate period which forced Laurelle to pack up her things and head back home.

Since then things have fared much better for Laurelle except that, well, she's NOT a chat hostess anymore. But the exposure from the show means that she's recognized often, at school, on the street, coffee shops, etc...

As Prince writes, Laurelle was "a quiet, shy girl, and likes to remain quiet."

Among other factors of course there's family and friends and the general perception of people who work in something like live video chat - any adult oriented job, in fact. But you'd think that seeing the show makes people wake up to the fact that people are people, the same everywhere, regardless of their job.

I'll let Prince finish off this entry with a quote from the BBS entry: "In the closing scene of the Webdreams episode that Laurelle quits LiveCamNetwork (and introduces Brittini during the second Girl-A-Thong), the cam zooms passt the girls to a hand-written sign exlaiming "We'll Miss you Laurelle!" - We still do. "

Amen to that. So now the story continues with LCN - or rather begins again? With online now miss Veriah, who is probably the most photographed-from-the-screen chat hostess at LCN right now (and she's new!) and who also seems to be the person the term "Foxy" was invented.

Check her out and find out about HER story at LiveCamNetwork now...

Friday, April 28, 2006

Who's Online - Funky Sexy Niche Girls Live!

LCN Girl Suki is so hyper in her free chat it's hard to get a clear picture of her. Here's one successful attempt. Yes there's black girls, Asian girls, young (looking) girls and more at LiveCamNetwork and tonight's Friday Line Up is proof in the pudding.

Veriah is a bubble-butt black beauty with sass and an infectious sense of enthusiasm.

Suki, well she's a busty Asian flounce goddess with a boundless bounciness that drives the guys nuts ... one BBS user said she can't keep still and tried to take a picture with his camera (the result is at left, courtesy of chatter Dingo).

And near the end of her shift (catch quick!) is miss Alexxia, a fit trim hardbody who comes across really well in the live high definition chat rooms.

Coming on after her will be Ava, the long and luscious, as well a widescreen LCN Hi-Def delight.

There's more where they came from and you'll just have to drop by yourselves, 'cause it's Friday and it's time to go! Goodnight!

LCN Girl Serena's Online Now!

Original LCN Girl Serena is back online and chatting at! Looks like newcomers and long-time LiveCamNetwork regulars are going to be standing in line today as chat hostess Serena wasn't back eleven seconds when she was taken to Group Chat.

She's been there ever since.

Why did Serena leave? Who knows? But there might be a hint in her bio on LCN where she writes "I just got out of a long relationship and I am loving the single life."

Ah.... well that can happen... but Serena now has a different take on relationships: "My new mission: Explore my Bi-Curiosity!" she writes. "I would love to share my kinky fanatsies with you..."

So DANG what are you waiting for... oh right, the line up. Actually her room was crowded but back in Free Chat mode just a second ago... and she's still on for hours.

You can always drop by the other girls' rooms if you find the atmosphere too stuffy in there or get tired of waiting for her to come out of pay chat.

Also online this morning are Violet, in her Goth live hi-def widescreen dungeon chat room, and the incredibly popular Tiffany, who has her own member site and features tons of her content.

There's more girls and more news coming up - looks like LCN is shaping up for a busy time despite school and other pesky things such as "long relationships"... the lesson? Well, guys (and gals) can come and go, but LCN will always be there...

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Ex-Chat Hostess Does Playboy!

Phylis Syd aka Deja (according to will be in the next Playboy!Chat Hostess Deja disappeared from LiveCamNetwork some time last year, with little fanfare and no announcements... somewhat mysteriously, I would say...

And then her pictures started disappearing from the site - from the whole site in fact. Even properties of (the site that builds live video chat sites) had pics blurred for some reason (well, it said "image edited upon request" which is nice of them but really...)

Strange weird odd... Because now Deja has been spotted ... in PLAYBOY! (When I think of it why would someone who is going to be in Playboy, basically a dirty mag, give a damn about being on a softcore chat site where she was the most popular chat hostess ever? And then there's the fact that Deja was actually spotted by and recruited for the Hollywood movie The Last Kiss because she was on LiveCamNetwork... also, on, she's known as both "Phylis" and "Deja" in various portfolios, so she's not trying to hide it).

But anyway, really really and truly it's verified. She's using the name Phylis Syd (and for those regulars of LCN one must wonder if that's not more than a little... coincidental?) and she'll be appearing in the next issue of Playboy featuring college chicks and the "top ten party schools".

The LiveCamNetwork BBS where the fact was first spotted and posted is full of congratulations and adulation for the long missed chat hostess. It's good to see that The LCN Girls don't stay stuck in a groove, and end up fulfilling the promise they so shiningly display in the chatrooms on the site. Go Ladies!

Anyhow, that promise is currently on display in the gabby, bouncy energetic free chat rooms over at LiveCamNetwork in the form of classy, intelligent Cat (long brown hair); articulate and silly Zoie, as well unconventional and independant Kitsune.

One of the really great ways of endearing yourselves with these hot brainy ladies is to ask them about what their ambitions and dreams are (as opposed to "show me your tits"). Try it, you'll like it too...

Serena Confirms, Tawnee Schedules, and Something... Else?

The tantalizing busty LCN Girl Tawnee will be back as a chat hostess next week!Well the lady herself has confirmed her presence back online at LiveCamNetwork - Chat Hostess supreme and one of the original LCN Girls Serena will be back online this Friday April 28 at 11AM EST.

Not to be missed, Serena is a truly energetic, zany lady with a hiliarious sense of humor. She reminds me of a young Goldie Hawn, truth be told.

"I missed you!" She writes in the LCN BBS, "Cant wait to catch up and meet new people. Hope everyone is still around as well. Woohoo! I am soooo exxxcited!"

Another truly original and electra-sizzle presence in the chatrooms who hasn't been around in a couple months is Tawnee, who will be back next Monday May 1st at noon so you can ask her yourself where the hell she's been and why!

Meanwhile, stand by for another "come-back announcement" which should be posted here as soon as I get my facts straight. And if you don't care for verified facts, then just drop by LiveCamNetwork and their bbs and see if you can't figure it out for yourselves... heheheh.

Well I'll be back later!

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Good News For Chat Fans

LCN Girls past and present meet when Serena and Kitsune partied together recently.According to a recent post in the LCN BBS, long-time favorite and apparently retired chat hostess Serena is due to return shortly!

This is no doubt a result of her attending the recent 2much 9th anniversary party, as can be seen in the pic at left.

Fans are understandably excited as Serena was probably the most popular chat hostess LiveCamNetwork ever had. As BBS user Avasboytoy posted: "I'm sure we'd all love to have our monitors graced by the presence of a LCN legend once again."

Anyhow, getting back to who's online at LCN, right now we have the glamorous miss Cassie chatting away, whilst the bug-nut Ava is doing her screaming orgasm bit and Kitsune has assumed the widescreen live high definition duties for the evening.

By the way that's a joke for Ava - she's actually afraid of bugs and had this enormous millipede or something come crawling into her room. She actually shrieked! and ran out of the room to get site tech support and bug killer Sid to dispatch the beast...

Type to ya tomorrow! It's time for play now ;)

Friday, April 21, 2006

Timely Live Video Chat Update

LCN Girls Amelia and Gabriela at the 2much Celebrate 69 Anniversary Party.Well I admit I have been remiss in my duties - haven't posted here in a week! But to tell the truth I have been quite bogged down in catch-up lately...

So over the last week or so there have been events to report, such as the 2much Celebrate 69 Anniversary party, which occurred at the company's Montreal offices last Friday night.

The main reason I report this is that is the company that created LiveCamNetwork's awesome technology and that many of the chat site's hostesses were flown over to the corporate offices for the party.

There's photos available online somewhere and I'll find and post the link up soon, but the one gallery LiveCamNetwork has is more for the camgirls - WARNING: there is man-butt in these photos (they had a couple guy strippers for a couple of the boss ladies at the party).

But you can see Kitsune in her Rabbit Costume (remember the Girl-a-Thong?) and there's Amelia, Melissa, etc... But there is a gallery up that has TONS of pics and as soon as I get the link I'll post it up.

Right now online there are LCN Girls Gabriela and recent catch Tiffany Lee Fisher chatting live - though there's tons of others, these are the ones who are a sure bet.

We'll chat later.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

More Newbette Chat Hostess Trainings...

Ella is learning how to be a LCN Girl style chat hostess tonight...
LCN Girls is on a recruiting drive it seems. After ebony Veriah and asian hottie Suki, tonight sees cute short-haired Ella getting the LCN treatment - and giving too.

Sukie will be online Thursday on the 7 to midnight (EST) shift, to give those guys who DON'T chat from work a chance to encounter her unique busty sexiness...

Veriah is online though, as is rock'n'roll attitude no-nonsense Alexxia, testing the limits of live video chat from her live high definition widescreen chat room - more than eyeful guaranteed...

Finally there's long sinuous Ava, who actually kicked off Ella's maiden chat tonight (Luna seems to be on vacation) and is also taking full advantage of the pleasures of live LCN Hi-Def.

It's fun to watch these newbettes getting online for the first time, their cute awkwardness, the slow dawning of a new sensuous awareness and sensibility developing with each new chat session.

Check out the newbettes at LiveCamNetwork and then drop in on less new newbettes such as Suki and see the difference there is - as each develops her online personality, not quite unreal but rather an enhanced version of themselves, an emphasis on the seductive, wordy cyber sex mistress - ultimately it's not the sex that matters with these ladies after a while - it's the ladies themselves.

Later dudes :)

Monday, April 10, 2006

Bad Melissa is Online!

LCN Girl Melissa is online to show you why they call her 'bad'...Oooh! Guys drop by Melissa's chat room at LCN - she's hot and cute if you like her type and rocks in the personality departement!

On top of all that - she has her own site! It's called and features all the stuff you'd want to see - pics, videos, etc....

So drop on by and find out why they call her "Bad Melissa" heheheh...

On top of all that, live online in their steamy chat rooms tonight are newbie-but-hot (and getting hotter) Suki as well as the well-honed hottie Cat, in her LCN Hi-Def chat room... and miss Kitsune too is in Hi-Def.

Check them out, love 'em and leave 'em - but if you can't see the HD-name accounts, it's just because your machines aren't quite up to date... go to the other live video chat rooms and you'll be fine.

Talk to you tomorrow!

Friday, April 07, 2006

A New Contest For LCN Clients

A sample of the LCN Movie Poster contest - LCN Girl Ava in a scene from BattleStar Galactica...
Cool! They're having another LCN Girl photo contest at LiveCamNetwork, as mentioned in the site's BBS.

The Contest consists of taking pics available of the models and using an image editing program to blend them into movie posters (started off sci-fi originally since everyone there seems to be a geek, but seems that any movie is worthy of their contest now).

It's available only to paying members of the site - but that's not too hard since they have 1) Free Registration; 2) No spam; 3) no recurring or hidden fees, and 4) it's only 20 bucks to have unlimited free chat available (which ultimately is the reason for the one-time, pay per second option... you only spend what you put in to the e-wallet) .

Anyhow so you can use any of the chat girl pics online right now- and the LCN Girls available live for a .... fresh source of ideas include hot bisexual Siouxie, foxy latina Gabriela, busty asian girl Suki and sexy ebony Veriah...

Variety, the spice of life, after all...

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Nookie, Rookie and Cookie - Camgirls Galore!

Rookie Webcam Girl Veriah wows them inher first week at LCN.
What the hell am I doing in that headline??

Anyway... online today are a wide gamut of LCN Girls for your perusal.

Drop by brand-new camgirl Veriah's chat room and be good to her. Be a gentleman chatter and earn this newbie's respect and sexy smoothness and maybe even get to hear her laugh. It's a nice sound.

On the other end of the spectrum there is experienced, woman-in-braces cutie pie Kitsune, who knocked them dead at the girl-a-thong last Friday with her special rabbit outfit. Pretty sexy - check it our in the Girl-A-Thong III gallery.

Also on hand (ours and each others, har har) are the dynamic duo (and sadist spankers) Carrie and Siouxie, yukking it up online and playing the chatroom like a couple of old pros.

They're real cute - they remind me of a married couple. . . Actually, they are an item after all, and you can tell when they're together. Must be a pretty good job, when you can just sit around and talk and every once in a while get into some nookie with your girlfriend... gotta try that one day (in the supply closet though).

An finally of course there's miss Tiffany, who is none other than the single-girl site and online s personality Tiffany Lee Fisher. Check out her site, and come chat with her right away after joining!

I'll let you go with that. I'm sure you have better things to do than sit around and read this blog. Go chat with the chicks its about!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

New iSN Cutie, GAT Pics and Sore Video Chat Butts

Zoie is the new iSN Cutie. Well they're out at last - the Girl-A-Thong III photos.

Among them are funny butt-red pics of the latest iSN Cutie, Zoie, pictured there on the left and at this very moment live online at LiveCamNetwork.

Drop in to ask her about how good a time she had and don't forget to ask her about her whuppin' (they had a spanking contest).

Also online tonight, and featured at the Girl-A-Thong, are spankalicious Ava - who won the contest by the way, tall and sassy-classy Cassie, who did not but was very brave and tried it anyway - and had her sore bum soothed by gentle miss Alexxia - who did not go for it for reasons of her own (log in tomorrow at 3:00 pm EST and ask her about it).

And last but not least were two of the most vicious spankers the girl-a-thongs ever saw - Carrie and Siouxie, who will regale you with tales of their sore tails.

Anyhow there's always more - and I'm expecting a videoclip of the Girl-A-Thong III any day now - and the main reason for this post was to get you to see the pics. So see ya tomorrow.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Girl-A-Thong III Raged and Rocked

LCN Girl Ava takes a spanking and wins a lucky customer a free Webdreams DVD at Girl-A-Thong III.The LiveCamNetwork Girl-A-Thong was a raging success, according to site organizers...

There were so many highlights at last friday's event it's hard to name them all here.

And all was not good for site regulars, as mentioned in the LCN BBS. Many found the spanking games "too rough" and were turned off... however since everyone participating in the contest were given choices of being spanker, spanked, or simply voyeurs, it's hard to take any of these criticisms too seriously.

But I'm personally not a spanking or any kind of submission or domination fan, and quite frankly I thought it was funny/fun - you know? I mean if that's their kick, their kind of chick macho... no harm done.

Any how the first pics of the Girl-A-Thong III were put up in the LCN BBS so I thought I'd put my second - favorite up here - I mean, that's a hot butt, plus somehow that wireless mic transmitter makes it all the sexier...

I'll be posting more on the GAT here in the next few days... meanwhile, click the pic and see the first few photos from the thing. There's this AWESOME photo of Kitsune in a hot wabbit costume... yeah, you heard me ...

We'll be back tomorrow...