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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

New LiveCamNetwork Stuff!

Wow cool, was the first thought when I landed on LiveCamNetwork's main chat chick page and saw the three new little preview videos there... in fact there's a lot of change happening there right about now.

The pages are ... evolving, shall we say. The backgrounds are changing to black from white, the colours are moving toward lucious purples... it's an interesting way to do things... Any reactions can be posted as comments here and I'll make sure to forward them to site admin.

What's NOT changing thank the cam gods are the chat hostesses - except that there are a few more in the line up (yeah!).

And a few returning gals too. For example, we got Serena in live high definition right now doing her whacky best Goldie-Hawn-like chatting.

And in the bodacious babe dept., also in the returning faves dept., there is the ravishing Vienna, who still doesn't have a good pic of her posted in her profile page...

Anyhow, more news and tabs coming up here soon, so bookmark and look smart - the LCN Girls are waiting...

Friday, May 26, 2006

Make Money With Your Mac - With Live Video Chat

LCN Girl Cat is also parent company's 2much Poster Girl...
The LiveCamNetwork BBS is sometimes a source of fun, information, silliness and now - money!

Most users of LiveCamNetwork have to use a PC and IE or Firefox as a browser, but apparently there's a way to video chat with the LCN Girls on the MacIntosh machine... but the site creators don't know exactly how that's done.

It's understandable since they use Microsoft's MediaPlayer technology and with IE being 85% of all browsers out there, there's no suspicious player downloads or any other technical stuff to perform to see the video streams...

Unless you're on a Mac. So site founder Mark Prince posted:
"Do you use on your Mac? Does it work well? Can you write a short, Step-by-step guide for Mac users to let them use If you're a mac user and can offer an easy-to-follow step-by-step list of instructions to other mac users on what they need and how to set up their macs, we would really appreciate it. Oh! And we'll throw in some free credits to your account as well! "

So can you do it? Wouldn't you like to see sleek and sexy Serena in live hi-def widscreen video on your Mac? Or perhaps the bodacious curvy Vienna? And then there's Cat, with the black hair, classy 'tude and ... schoolgirl outfit!

Oh and don't forget lovely Kedra, who's a new LCN Girl but has been doing webcams for a while now at another site... and people just can't place where. (If you figure it out let me know - it's bugging me - just post a comment here!)

This is stuff that has to be seen to be believed - and if you're on a Mac, it just might be free to see, if you post the proper, easy instructions in the LiveCamNetwork BBS...

Monday, May 22, 2006

LCN Girl Vienna Is Back

LCN Girl Favorite Vienna has returned to the chat room...LCN Girl Vienna's Lips...This set of lips is the only hint LiveCamNetwork gave of who was coming back to the site ... and I completely missed it!

LCN Girl Vienna, a favorite who left last summer some time, just recently came back to LCN - today actually! - and, well, Yours Truly failed to pick up on it...

Oh well it's your chance to head back there and check the schedule to see when she's on next... she just logged off and her next scheduled chat isn't posted yet... but I Googled Vienna and found the only pic of her I could... judge for yourself (place winking smiley here).

But online now you can catch a new girl in training, that's miss Alice for you - she's past the online training mode now and is flying solo for the first time. Check her out!

And who does the training now at the LCN Studios? None other than Ava, who is currently online and havin a grand old time. Long leggy Ava never fails to have her gentlemen chatters entertained...

In Live High Definition we have chat girl (can't really call a girl in LCN Hi-Def a cam girl, can ya?) Kitsune, who is in a hard rock goth mood for once - must be the gothy dungeon room she's chatting from...

And then there's lovely Kedra, who is new but not new - meaning she's new to the whole LiveCamNetwork chat hostess style and atmosphere. Like a true experienced cam girl though she picked up on it real quick and now seems to be one of the more popular chat girls online ...

Well I'll be back for a couple more posts today I think... there's lots happening but I'm waiting for details so I can post factual stuff, you know... which is why I'm going to the chat rooms and get the info first hand...

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Sad News, News and Chat Hostess Blues

Wherefore art thou Alexxia? The chat hostess has not been online for over a week!Well it has been a while since we've seen miss Alexxia chatting online in her live hi-def chat room... and one wondered why, didn't one, until reading the BBS clarified things a little.

Seems the LCN Girl is going up in the world and will now become another Junior Office Gnome, much like Ava. During the adjustment period it looks like they do chat hostess duties less, I think.

Maybe we'll be seeing less of Alexxia for a little while, but at least she's not completely gone.

Browsing the site BBS however brings us to sadder news, though. Seems that today will be chat hostess Amelia's last time ever as a LCN Girl.

Because of her summer vacation, moving to another city and starting a new school career, Amelia is hanging up the g-string for good it seems.

On a fascinating note, Amelia writes about the gentleman chatters and how the experience at LiveCamNetwork was good to her: "I had the greatest time with you all, i seriously did, you made me learn a lot about myself, youve always been so kind and supportive in any of my choices and more importantly, youve always let me be who i am. that's soooo precious."

Well today's your chance to wish one great camgirl farewell, and greet another again. Only at LiveCamNetwork...

Friday, May 19, 2006

New Chat Girls and Experienced Chat Girls... and a little in between.

New LCN Girl in training is not new to the webcam world... There's a new LCN Girl - in - training at who goes by the name of Kedra... but she's only in training for the relatively new way of chatting that LCN and studio manager Luna have developed. For the most part, Kedra is experienced.

I don't know what other site she used to chat at but that's what Ava said when she was training her earlier.

She seems very good and very used to it... that's why I didn't really post her pic here like I usually do with the new camgirls... also, if anyone recognizes her from wherever, post a comment and let us know.

Also online is an awesome selection of the LCN Girls, ranging from the new to the experienced.

Black and Sassy, big-boobied Neena is back online after long breaks due to school and other responsibilites... but she seems more popular than ever judging from all the guys in her chat room.

Then there's off-beat, brainy Ella, who likes to read poetry and other passages to her chatroom guests... and she does it very sexily I must say...

Tall, classy brunette Cat is also back despite a knee injury that kept her off the site for the last two weeks. She limps now though and it looks a little painful... so she does most of her show from the bed, if you know what I mean... don't ask her to stand up or dance!

That's it for this entry... now you can go check it all out for yourself... I'm going to read the BBS...

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Bye-Ya To Kaia, and New Pic Hubbahubba

LCN Girls Veriah and Suki Together? In a Pic? What's happening here? What's this? A new pic on the LiveCamNetwork main page of LCN Girls Veriah and Suki... together! In the same room... the same studio!

I'm betting there's a gallery and I've already emailed the site to find out if I can get the link to it.... of course, I wasn't drooling.

There's some sad news here too - if there wasn't, happy news would be meaningless (or somethng - anyhow it's quites for pretty, wholesome miss Kaia.

Yep she posted to the "gentlemen guests" and fans of the site in the BBS that, "The time has come for me to move on to other things.... its been one funny journey, im gonna miss a bunch of you," which of course ellicited much response and well-wishing posts in response considering the petite lady's grande popularity.

But, not to worry, as most of the most popular chat hostesses who "retire" from LiveCamNetwork, Kaia will no doubt be back to post on the BBS (as Melody recently did) or even to chat again (as Serena recently did).

Right now, however, you can wash away your melancholy with currently featured (and pictured) LCN Ladies like Tiffany (of Tiffany Lee Fisher fame), Suki herself, Violet in fabulous live high definition, or the half-lesbian couple Siouxie (that is Sioubie without Carrie).

Well that's it - there was a lull during/for/after mum's national holiday, but our little blog and videochat community is back online and ready to roar! And moan, and giggle...

Monday, May 08, 2006

And The LCN Photo Chop Contest Winner Is...

LCN Poster Girl Violet as the Silent Hill movie poster girl.The Results are in! The winner of the LiveCamNetwork photo art contest has been selected! So you can go right to the BBS Thread and see the winners OR you can build up a little drama here and check out the categories as they were broken down by gallery in the thread:

Gallery 1 ("Nice Try" Category)

Gallery 2 ("Good")

Gallery 3 ("Great")

And now that you've taken then time, here (drumroll time) are the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners: See the final post!

Some of the reasons for the posters here are a little... obscure. You really have to read a little in the BBS or visit the chat girls themselves to understand. But for the most part they feature LCN Girls who've appeared in this blog or are simply recognizable from the pics...

And now back to the topic at hand - ahem - the chat hostesses on line now:

Black and Beautiful Veriah is steaming up her chat room with with some funky booty and tunes - she's always a bundle of energy...

Shy redhead Tiffany is an equally enthusiastic chat hostess with her own membership site, btw, though she expresses herself a little more quietly and cutely... (is that a word?)

Somewhere above them both for hyperactivity (and you should see her in private chat - from what I hear of course, I'm a perfect gentleman heheh) is the sexy big-boobed Asian delight Suki.

And finally there's that newbie camgirl I mentioned in the previous blog entry, Lea... she seems to have gotten the hang of the job like mad! She's still online and playing and coming on strong, and is quite enthusiastic herself... Hmmm... I see a bright future here....

Blogya tomorrow!

More Chat Hostess Trainings, Cold Butts and Hot Cams

Another chat hostess vying to become an LCN Girl - will she make the grade?Well LiveCamNetwork is adding more performers to its roster and current trainee Lea is proof.

She's in a silent chatroom with experience LCN Girl Ava, learning the tricks of the trade and how to be a really cool camgirl.

Chat hostess training usually begins with no sound on so the newbie can feel more comfortable and the means and methods of being an effective online presence - using the medium well to be more "yourself" - can be communicated by the trainer without "spoiling the illusion" for the guests in the chat room.

The session should be over soon and Lea will be on her own - so drop by her room and say "Hi". Just be gentle, men...

Also online at this time are Kitsune, who is freezing her ass off and asking to have the air conditioning turned off. Poor her - she's in panties and a bra... oh, and a pair of really cool cat-in-the-hat gloves (blue and red stripes) that go up to her elbows...

Then there's very hot, model-type Alexxia (who's in live high definition, which gives a great full-body view) and give great... video sex.

Also in LCN Hi Def is hot-cha-cha latina Gabriela, whose caliente style includes laughing like a lunatic (this really has to be heard to be believed) and listening to music from her native Colombia...

From newbettes to experienced chat hostesses that will give you an incredible cyber-sex experience, this is the place to be...

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Actual Chat Room Happenings and Frustration...

LCN Girl has a new profile pic at last - much better!Here are some interesting Sunday night highlights from LiveCamNetwork... first off, there was Ava's pet trick, which involved getting real close to the camera and doing something that caused her nostrils to constrict completely... you know, the cute funny shit you used to do in high school.

If you can catch her in free chat long enough you can ask about Kitsune's hockey disillusion - yes, the French Canadian chat hostess no longer listens or follows hockedy because... well, ask her. It's too painful.

And then there's Veriah... and what can I say? NOTHING - Veriah is in pay chat all the time... you just can't get her into a decent conversation when POOF! she's gone again...

I should get an interview video for her... ah, well, Sunday night dreams... but I'll try my best...

Let's blog about it tomorrow! Ciao niao!

Friday, May 05, 2006

Playboy Fallout and Chat Hostess Inroads

I can't believe what I just read recently about the appearance of Montreal-based Phylis Syd (who you'll remember was identified by LiveCamNetwork users as none other than chat hostess Deja herself) as a McGill University rep in the Playboy College Issue.

A respected professor of Mathematics and award winning researcher who regularly published images and accounts of on-campus life and events in his blog had the site shut down by the University for running pictures of the ladies in their (equivalent-to-bathing-suits) undies... I'm beginning to lose some of that montreal-based pride in McGill University - a recognized institution of higher learning and free thought acting like some soviet repression machine. Shame on McGill.

On to brighter (in terms of intelligence and delight) subjects....

Online right now we have some fab LCN Girls for you - in case you haven't met already:

There's the latina Gabriela, with fiery hair and constantly smiling disposition; dynamic-lesbo-duo Carrie and Siouxie, who can fire up a private chat room let me tell you; and newbette Ella, who according to all reports is "Smart, fiesty, friendly and inviting. "

Coming up is hottie brunette Alexxia (that's her new profile pic up there), who will be on for as long as you can stand it...

Drop on by later for more updates!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Someone Should Really Review These Chat Hostesses

Click this pic to see the live high definition video screen in actual size.
I think it's time there's a few reviews of I mean, after all, this is no typical choppy silent videochat site with a thousand online girls who don't speak english and never look at the camera...

Actually, it shouldn't even be a review of the site. When I think about it, with the exception of the BBS, LCN is really just a place where these girls can be found. There's no fan clubs or extra content stuff to distract the viewer... just live girls on webcam.

SO a place like Sir Rodney's Porn Reviews, which really recognizes quality when it finds it, shouldn't even look at the wrapper here - I mean, the graphics and simple pics etc... No, no, no... what this site really has to offer is superlative live chat girls - who don't just use hot-key "Talk in Private" type messages...

Not only is the video awesome (does Sir Rodney have the machine to handle the widescreen live high definition video?) and the sound on in all chat modes... it's the ladies themselves who impress.

With their sense of humor, ability to keep 20 guys in their chat rooms entertained with more than titty-flashes, intelligence, and general chattiness, these chat hostesses cannot fail to impress.

Of course, like many such sites, LCN also features girls who don't use the impressive tools at their disposal - they seem to think they're still in 1996 in terms of technology... which is too bad.

But rather than focus on the negative, let's look at the positive here: what do you think Sir Rodney would make of goth empress Violet in her live hi-def chatroom? Or big boob Asian Suki (who recently got her own HD room too!), who can lounge around more sensuously now that the image can view her in that full position...

Now that's not to say that the regular, non-hi-def chat rooms are nothing to sneeze at. Well known single girl starlet Tiffany Lee Fisher is online at LiveCamNetwork now and seems to be enjoying it just fine - as are the guys in her chat room judgin from how often she's in group or private chat.

The same can be said for new-comer (oh, that's no pun anymore!) Veriah, a rather tasty example of what hot black booty can be on webcam, ya know?

Let's not forget the other regular LCN Ladies here either - on at any point this week ya got Amelia, Kitsune, Melissa, Serena, Kaia, Alexxia, bi-couple Carrie and Siouxie, Cat, Gabriela... anyhow, many many of them and they're just plumb great.

So here's to the ladies and their proper exposure (pun intended heheh) in such honoured venues as Sir Rodney's...

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

More Live High Definition Chat Girls Online!

An actual shot from the live video chat stream (featuring LCN Girl Serena) in regular, free chat mode.Hey Guys! Been real busy but thought I'd at least drop by and let you know who's on at LiveCamNetwork right now.

First of all, for the first time (it was invented back when she was a regular LCN Girl) recent returning Chat hostess Serena is in live high definition (that's not an example to the left there).

With her long golden blonde hair and tanned skin, she takes to it very well. I'll try to get better images or some actual video from her chat for later.
Also in HD is Suki! Yes, the Busty Asian (to name her niche) has finally deserved a permanent Hi Def account, and boy does she enjoy it - no longer just a choice of butt or boob shot, no no no... now she can show both ends in fairly close detail...

Also online are the soul sisters and lesbian lovers Carrie and Siouxie (now THERE's someone waiting for LCN HD accounts), as well as lovely Kaia, who has no lovers but her chat room gentlemen...

Drop by, check'em out, tell 'em I sent you... they'll say "So What?"

Hahahah - how else to end this??

See ya later!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Ashton Gray is Back In Live VideoChat

Top Model Ashton Gray is back online chatting with YOU - if you dare... Hey hey! After months on the road, launching her own membership site and posing for magazines such as Hustler, Gent, whatever - AND photographers like Ron Harris and Suze Randall - top model Ashton Gray is back online in her chat room meeting the guys... and yes she does do sexy private video chats.

I thought I'd bring it up because she has been off since around Christmas - months. And she is very popular because she is very good.

She seems to have learned from the LCN Girls - she knows what works, being a smart business woman after all.

In this case that means getting a good camera and good sound, and using the video and the audio to make yours an unforgettable video chat.

It's really cool to have a hot magazine photo model like her actually lounging back on her bed and interacting with you. And she is hot, as you can tell be the picture here.

But of course for fans of the original LCN Girls nothing beats an original - and though she hasn't appeared in Penthouse and all that, LiveCamNetwork chat hostess semi-legend Serena is back for her second time in months and has acquired a live high definition chat room - so check out who Ashton learned her stuff from.

For a study in contrasts you can always drop in on Kaia, a relative newbie who has also learned the LCN Girls way - she's hot and sassy and probably more available than the other two. Check her out now, or stop by Ava's chat room - she's wild and kinky and totally into the submissive stuff.

But between Asthon and Serena, you'll have to be quick on the credit card, otherwise you're liable to be waiting a while before you get your turn to chat with them...

Chat Hostess Zoie's Last Shift This Spring

LCN Girl Zoie interviewing Brittini at the Girl-A-Thong. Awww - looks like thisis your last chance to chat in Free, Group or Private with LCN Girl Zoie for "the summer" (not quite sure what that means).

She'll be leaving for vacation soon (this week) since exams and school are over for her... so run like a debbil over to her chat room and wish her a good one.

Zoie will be back later this season... like, June, I think.

Also joining the already impressive online live up of chat hostesses on LiveCamNetwork right now is miss Alexxia - who is NOT in live high definition right now and also didn't bring her flat skirt today (that's what I JUST heard her say, ok...)

But she did bring her Big One and Her Little One (the infamous Pocket Rocket) as well as her smile, her eyes, brown hair and long legs and...

Oh never mind - I'm going in now! Bye 'til later!

Another Full Line-Up Of LCN Girls

Silly pictures of LCN Girl Suki from the LCN BBS.LCN Girl Suki recently demonstrated what a cd rack was (see picture) and seems to have an unlimited imagination for things she can do with various parts of her body - especially her boobs.

This is rare at LiveCamNetwork it seems since usually everybody else in the chat room tells the guys who ask for freebies to pipe down or get out. Actually, I guess as a result of all us respectful chat room gentlemen we get freebies anyway - just never when we expect them...

Speaking of particular talents - ask Violet in her Hi Def chatroom what she can do with beads and a whip (yes!) and find out what that widescreen is for...

Tiffany is a really dirty chat hostess with her innocent schoolgirl style (though not always- she seems to have a wide variety of enticements for the guys). It's probably worth joining her site TiffanyLeeFisher for all those things you can't get in live video chat...

Zoie, smart-as-a-whip funchick and able to growl you into ecstatic convulsions (ok, so I exagerate) has been letting her blonde hair grow lately - I'm having a hard time saying she's a tomboy cutie now... she's getting hotter than that! And with her striking blue eyes, well... video chat in her hi-def room is something else.

The double-appeal of bi-sexual girls Carrie and Siouxie is pretty evident - and it's not always lesbian action I mean. After all, it seems these two are a real-life couple too and sometimes they come off like a comedy team, laughing or making you laugh to bust a gut...

Finally (I TOLD you this was a big line up) there's the golden-haired, sexy-bootied latina Gabriela who is also in her live high definition element...

Well I'll sign off here and be back real soon.

NB.: For those subscribed to the Atom feed instead of the RSS feed, know that there have been recent upgrades to the feed, making it more edible as well as date-indexable...

Monday, May 01, 2006

Who's Online, Chat Hostess Updates, And More

Two loving chat hostesses - LCN Girls Carrie and Siouxie. This is quite a varied selection of ladies we have here at LiveCamNetwork today - my my :)

Not only did we have the one and only Miss Tiffany Lee Fisher online with her flaming red hair and shygirl ways, there was also sassy Veriah, dark lady Violet, and tomboy cute Zoie, a whole new slew of sexy chat hostesses are lining up right now (caught shift change, ya see - two posts in one).

So now as I type this we have two-in-one bi-girl team Carrie and Siouxie (updated pic at left!) and they'll soon be joined by the mysterious Ella, hot latina Gabriela, and sleek sensuous Alexxia.

Now I don't know which of these fine ladies will be getting into live high definition chat - you'll just have to log in on your own to find out.

Now another interesting thing happening tomorrow, according to another post in the BBS, is starting at 11:00 AM EST: one of the regular clients on the site apparently impressed Tiffany Lee enough with his music that she will be playing it live online (and I guess for a special private chat with him?) for all to hear. As the thread starter said, "Be one of the few that can say 'I heard him first.'"