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Friday, June 30, 2006

Pretty Sweet Teen Chat Girl

New sensation EvaMarie at Here's recent LCN Girl trainee EvaMarie- whose cute innocent sexy looks have made her a sudden favorite at LiveCamNetwork.

Newbies always have a nice spike in popularity at first that dives after a couple weeks - and then a chat hostess has to gather her regulars and other guys who find her favorite over time. Not so with EvaMarie - so surf on over there and check out why.

Also online now as we speak are returning favorite hot-bod Vienna, chat hostess veteran Cat (need I add in live high definition widescreen chat?) as well as cute, charming newcomer Alice.

These chat girls are experienced, trained to be interactive and sociable and each have their own unique personality and quirks. They aren't babes (well, some are) they aren't models (well, some are) - they are real, live amateur online entertainers - in lingerie.

What are you going to do about that?

New Latina CamGirl, Eh?

Will this hot latina chat hostess become a LCN Girl? Well in Canada it's Canada Day weekend, eh, and most people are off on Friday, today, and getting ready for a long weekend like this should start off with some original, live sexy encounters online...

And I missed her original training session, but for your visual pleasure I'll post new LCN Girl Angellina's pic there for you - as an enticement to head on over there and meet and greet her in her chatroom.

She's a chica caliente in fact, that's latina babe to you, and though a beginner is actually quite mesmerising.

Speaking of mesmerising, go in and check the live high definition chat room where Alexxia does her thing - oh my god she's faking an orgasm as I type this! - so well and idiosyncratically.

Then there's the "Queen of LiveCamNetwork", miss Violet Manson in her LCN Hi Def room, with her flaming red hair and pierced lip that match so well her taste in raunchy or weird music and the leopard spot spread on her chat couch...

Later on today there's another bevy of unique smart and hot chat hostesses at LCN - and it's up to you to check the schedule and see which ones... or drop by here and I'll let you know...

'Til then... Happy Canada Day eh?

Monday, June 26, 2006

Webcam Women Goodbyes

Tonight is the last live video chat with Siouxie and gal pal Carrie...
Well I was hoping to report back on the live Cut-A-Thong that Kedra and Blue were holding last Sunday night... but nothing in the BBS and nothing in the chat rooms... maybe later.

For now there's some boohoos and sad going at LiveCamNetwork - yes that's right the dynamic bi-girl duo Carrie and Siouxie will be leaving the site for good. It seems tonight is their last time online as LCN Girls.

So you can bet its going to be a supercharged chat - these last nights usually are, and fun to boot.

Also online tonight is awesome LCN Girl Ava and her long sleek frame is perfectly framed by the widescreen of her live high definition video chat room.

Also in LCN Hi-Def is the lovely Asian bod of Suki - usually a definite online party chick I'll tell you...

Check out this blog for more news of the LCN Girls... for example tomorrow I'll be announcing some new girl trainings at the site soon and might have some might fresh pics for you. Later!

Friday, June 23, 2006

Live Chat Hostess Grooming

Hey this is a novel idea! LCN Girl Kedra has posted in the LiveCamnetwork BBS that she and real-life hair-dresser Blue will be putting on a live grooming event.

And Blue won't only be doing Kedra's hair... on her head. She'll also be doing what Kedra refers to as "that newly acquired landing strip that seems to be causing some *evil grin* friction with some of the regulars!"

So that'll be happening this Sunday June 25th at 6pm EST - don't miss it!

And besides all that there's some pretty DAMN hot chat hostesses online right now at LiveCamNetwork.

Witness: Alexxia is in her live high definition video chatroom doing a full-0n strip show in free chat!

And new girl Blue is rockin' us out with her incredible blab - I mean, she TALKS and it's always incredibly fascinating and interesting... anyway, check her out she's too much of a nut ball to explain...

And then there's Cassie - also in LCN Hi-Def - and she's so ALWAYS in private chat you have to spy on her to find out what's going on. It must be... incredible, though...

Anyhow check it all out this is really the "best chat site I've been on" (in LCN Girl Alexxia's words) so believe it when I say it... I'll see you there... heheheh.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Further LCN Girl Returns

Desira returns at long last to Well this was a pleasant surprise: long-departed LiveCamNetwork chat hostess Desira has returned at last!

The goth cutie who likes leather, skulls and crossbones among other dreadfully delightful things logged on today and surprised the regulars with her first appearance in months.

There were also some other unexpected events at LCN today, not all so pleasant - Gabriela had to log off early because the Air Conditioning in her chat room was overworked and the repairment came in to repair the thing - it was apparently dripping all over the floor - a bad thing for naked ladies in lingerie chatting on computers and cameras with big sound systems booming... Well, goes to show the effect a hot latina will have on even industrial refrigeration equipment...

But enough with what was - here's what will be. Desira is definitely back since she's scheduled for this Friday afternoon, and later today will see miss Carrie logging on with out her bi-gal partner Siouxie (all the more for you guys then...)

And right now LiveCamNetwork is featuring another returning pair of chat hostesses. Vienna is saucy and sexy while Neena is sassy and bouncy - both if you described them would be light-skinned black girls with great boobs... but they are both so utterly different from each other you just have to check them individually.


Friday, June 16, 2006

Double Chat Hostess Trainings!

New LCN Girls Blue and EveMarie.
Things get a little steaming when the new girls double up on the staff at - well, at least we'd all like to imagine so.

What's actually happening is that there are not one but TWO new chat hostesses getting their first-day, online LCN Girl training at the same time...

Alexxia is in one chat room with the cute and perky EveMarie going through the how-to and how-not-to be a cool, smart sexy chat hostess and truly interact with us guys at the other ends of their webcams.

And if you need an experienced chat hostess to train a newbette, you can't get much more experienced than Ava, who's been camming for 3 years now and is sharing the wisdom and experience (and anti-beggar tactics) with Blue.

Also online today you have funky Neena who is naked in free chat!! Well she's sexy-naked because of the way she's lying there on her belly, her boobs pressed up against a big old pillow... and you just can't wait for her to get up for something... anything.

Cat is grooving along waxing eloquent about pleasures and perils of anal sex, acting as an instructional therapist... very enlightening. Did you know anal lubricant contains some sort of ingredient that induces numbness? I didn't ...

You learn something every day with the LCN Girls...

Friday, June 09, 2006

Miss The Drink-a-thon? Me too!

LCN Girls Neena and Gabriela kissing at the Drink-a-thon...Haven't been able to update here in over a week - and what do I miss?!? Only one of LCN Girl Gabriela's infamous Friday night Drink-a-thons!

They always take place on Fridays, but not every Friday unfortunately - Gabriela is the kind of girl who organizes parties with the cam girls every weekend, I think.

Where's the pics, there, Gabby??

Anyhow she usually has these drinking sessions on Friday nights when she can get a new partner in the chat room with her. So this time it was none other than busty black beauty Neena and this spicy Latina mixing it up with what ever booze (Gabriela is partial to vodka).

And Tonight? Well, only the usual excellent high-calibre hot to trot young sexy amateur girls live on cam for you, that's what.

For example there's Cat, who is purring right along but not in her usual live high definition chat room. And there's the half-lesbo-duo Siouxie, who is without her usual bi-girls partner Carrie tonight. And of course there's the fabulous babe and general whacko Serena, who is one of the funniest and most charming chicks you'll meet anywhere.

Enjoy them, have fun, and don't miss a minute 'cause you never know what might happen...

Oh, and by the way, Neena is actually online right now - why not ask her what happened last week with Gabriela?