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Saturday, July 29, 2006

LCN Girl Alexxia As A School Girl!

LCN Girl Alexxia poses and laughs with her new present from a site regular - the schoolgirl outfit. Wow! You wouldn't think it, but a schoolgirl outfit (you know, classic short plaid skirt, white top, etc...) really really suits Alexxia... amazingly.

I say that because she's usually more of a feisty, rockin' chick with attitude, more likely to put on full body net and wear a studded collar and leash than, well, do the school girl bit.

But then it was a present from one of her regular chat gentlemen (it was her birthday last week) and she seemed to really like it... like, as in maybe we'll see her wear it again? Hope so...

Also, steaming up the live video streams this evening are bodacious Asian dream Suki, the now red-haired EveMarie - a sweetie pie who loves doing air guitar live - and another busty beauty, Vienna.

Vienna tonight is in fine form by the way, in live high definition, with a new hair job that suits her marvelously.

Check 'em all out while you're there (hey, whattawant, it's not always easy to end these things neatly!).

Thursday, July 27, 2006

New Newbette Chat Gal Training Happening Live!

Blonde fresh LCN trainee Emily is coming off just right with the boys...Hey all and welcome back to the blog... and another dang pretty face to the LCN Girl roster.

Her name is Emily and she's currently in training with long-time chat hostess Alexxia, who may or may not be appearing on cam during the session.

Anyhow, I know nothing about Emily, can't help you there. But it shouldn't matter, should it boys? You should always be kind, courteous and gentle when meeting a new cam girl. I mean, after all, when you meet a girl at work or in a bar, you don't ask her to show you her tits, do you?

Also online right now entertaining their gentleman chat room geusts from a finely honed, honestly appealing, trained chat hostess base are the hard-rockin' DirtyDebby, the ultra-Goth, live-alt-lady Desira, the cute perky Alice.

While none of them seem to be in live hi-def right now, later on there will be two or three in the widescreen format according to the schedule - drop on by, but don't miss Miss Emily just because she's not in Live Hi Def...

Monday, July 24, 2006

Live Video Chat Talent On line and Off

LCN Girl Kedra in action, as ketched by a fan who caught her on the fly... heheh.Well I know its a fact that there's lots of talent out there that's untapped, and the web is allowing a lot of it to come out.

And LiveCamNetwork has been doing its share as an outlet, even if it isn't a forum for this kind of thing.

But... remember the paintings by one of the chat hostesses here? And some of the wonderful photography? Well, now there's a budding artist doing portraits of the video chat girls and posting them in the LCN BBS.

The muses inspiring user Taliesen to expand his artistic skills include the ubiquitous Poeallen as well as the long-timer Serena, and just lately featured a wonderful sketch of Kedra.

Site owner Mark Prince actually asked permission to have them signed and reproduced for hanging on the walls at LiveCamNetwork studios in a latest post. I think maybe they should do a gallery of the best of the images.

I wonder who he'll do next?

Although he's already done Desira (who's online as I type this and for a few hours to boot) as well as Violet (ditto for the online, except she's in live high definition), he hasn't done DirtyDebbie - a newbie but hottie who from all indications is bound for wild success in the world of webcam women.

Drop by and let the LCN Girls inspire you why don't you?

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Interesting New Stuff Coming Up - 2 Way Chat With LCN Girls?

Cassie is typical LCN Girl Material: smarty, sassy, sexy and not to be messed with...HM! Very interesting indeed ... I was a LiveCamNetwork a little while ago. They've been talking all week about upgrading the site to a new system, though it hasn't happened yet, but one of the features they mentioned was a totally cool think I just gnoticed.

Along with better live video and audio (and if you've seen their live high definition videochat rooms, that's almost too hard to believe) they're going to feature two-way audio in the private chatrooms.

That should make "chat" more real than ever! Especially considering webcam girls like Cassie (pictured here) or Cat, who just logged off, and Kitsune... wild, wacky, fun and fun-loving lively ladies all...

And imagine with the widescreen hi-def platform this should just be the ultimate...

Anyhow, the 2.0 system isn't up yet. Remains to be seen (and tested, which we're invited to participate in). But meanwhile, there's the LCN Girls already in pretty much the best video and audio I've seen around... enjoy.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

DirtyDebbie Does LCN

New LCN Girl Debbie has some professional pics to offer, it seems. As usual I have some tasty offerings for you from the gourmet chatchick selections at

The LCN Girls are a varied, wild bunch and not the least of them is long-term Serena, who was a regular - one of the founding LCN Girls, I think - and then took a break for six months or so before coming back in full-force.

Even longer-standing than that is miss Violet, who rocks the goth chat dungeon she's had made for her at LCN Studios almost daily.

All this though to introduce the clean girl-next-door (hmm...) latest addition to the LCN roster: DirtyDebby (one of the few to have that kind of a kinky-dirty name at LCN), who is turning into quite an impressive chat hostess all her own.

The only problem is her bio is empty. I would suggest you start an appreciation thread for her on the LiveCamNetwork BBS so they can start posting YOUR comments as her bio description... that would also help a newbette get better sales, I think, than just a blank page...

Monday, July 17, 2006

Another Sweet Live Video Chat Night...

Lydiah is turning out to be an exemplary LCN Girl...
Well it's another hot warm muggy summer night... so might as well chill in a cool room, or with a cold beer, and log in to LiveCamNetwork.

The site is all abuzz about its new software upgrade and so on, but for now it doesn't seem to have made a differenc... business as usual with the sweetest and coolest and smartest chat chicks I've met online...

Live right now we have the newbette and super popular EveMarie, as well as another raw recruit, miss Lydiah, who happens to have a pierced nose-bridge, a rather unusual piercing actually...

Neither new nor old (and NO I don't mean old, I mean young but experienced and used to live video chat hostessing like a true trained LCN Girl) is the sweetie-pie Alice.

All these ladies were trained by the long and flexy-sex long-time chat girl Ava who logs in regularly (in live high definition) as well as handling studio manager and webcam training duties with Alexxia.

See her work, praise her work, and tell the new girls what you think... but be cool, 'cause it's a hot muggy summer night most places...

Thursday, July 13, 2006

LCN Dolls Live Online

LCN Dolls Desira and Violet fulfill doll fetish fantasies live...Those LCN Girls are truly a varied and adaptable lot, as are the gentlemen chatters who join them in their video chatrooms.

Seems like any fetish many fetishists may have can be found and satisfied live and interactively with one or another of the versatile LCN Girls...

LCN Dolls Violet and Desira were playing an odd game today, for example, fulfilling doll fetish fantasies for an evidently satisfied client by having Violet done up entirely in a life-size doll type get up (other regulars not quite into the fantasy still had a lot of fun though) while Desira would "manipulate" Violet and pose her like anyone playing with a doll would.

Personally dolls aren't my fetish - but hey, whatever makes the world such a varied and wonderful place and is harmless is Good, I say.

Also online at LiveCamNetwork right now are busty Latina Angellina and sweet young EvaMarie - two newbettes to the chat hostess thing that are sure to blow your socks off.

Check them all out...

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Hot Babes Massaging Each Other ...

LCN Girl Alice has been chatting for a while now and is still a shy girl...This was an interesting little moment in webcam intimacy. LCN Girl Desira had finished chatting for the day and she dropped by Violet's live high definition room.

It was a sweet tender moment, with Desira offering tired Violet's back a long massage while Violet chatted with the guys in the room... who were drooling for a duo-group chat all along I'm sure.

Oh, well, Desira had to go - but there seemed to be a little something, a little spark between those two that may go beyond the co-chat hostess standing they enjoy... hmm.... are future bi-girl privates far away?

Then Violet logged off as well, leaving room for the next round of lovelies to log in and chat live - what are you waiting for?

Sweet, shy Alice is now waiting for you with her coy manner, short hair coif and soft voice.

Also online is the bodacious Suki in all her oriental splendor and ardor. Check her out for a rocking good time.

Finally there's yet another newbette on LiveCamNetwork - chat hostess training for Lydiah started earlier today and she's now on her first solo flight, so be gentle on her and she'll stick around for you...