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Monday, August 28, 2006

LCN Girls Win Best Webcams Site Award

Some highlights from the BAA industry awards, and click to see more!Hoorah! Congratulations to the LCN Girls and for winning the best live webcam site at the Best Adult Awards this last weekend.

The show took place in Montreal so not all the ladies were there to accept but there WAS Kitsune in her rascally wabbit costume, and Kedra and Alexxia, as well as Violet and Desira, who were presenters in the Fetish Category (no kidding).

Also, Emily and Serena were the trophy girls for the show, wearing some pretty hot 2much dresses for the job.

They totally lost their cool and jumped and screamed with excitement when the winner was announced though, and I don't blame them, basically having to present themselves an award hahah.

Anyhow - you can ask Emily yourself right now if you want, she's live and online at LiveCamNetwork. And you can tell her I was told she gets to keep that dress, too!

Don't miss Debbie, who is also live and chatting - she went to the Warm Up party for the show and I heard had some fun and adventures she might want to tell you about.

Serena will be live tonight starting at 7:00 pm EST if you want to ask her about the experience too, so don't miss her - or any of the reasons why LiveCamNetwork is the 2006 BAA Webcam Site Winner!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Chat Hostess Comings And Goings

LCN Girl Melody Returns to LiveCamNetwork, transformed!The LiveCamNetwork BBS is a great place to get bits and bytes of news and upcoming events about the LCN Girls.

For example, this just in - Melody will be back to work online this Sunday at 8:00 pm EST at the site. As soon as this news was posted in the forum, responses started popping up. So you know the cam girl was popular and well-liked...

The Thread also mentions Brittini in the title - a chat hostess who left the site not too long ago - but makes no mention of her anywhere. Maybe there's another thread somewhere, but I'll just wait for her to appear in the schedule.

There's always a downside to any good news, and in this case it's that bodacious Suki will be leaving LiveCamNetwork for a little while - though she promises that she'll be back. I believe from the post-reactions in the BBS, her return will be a smash...

Anyhow, online right now there's the tall blonde hotbody Emily, who is a very recent addition to the LCN Girl line-up.

Hot Latina Angellina is also online - busty cute and classy should sum her up - but you gotta determine these things for yourselves, don't take my words for her ;)

And don't miss Violet in her widescreen live high definition video chat room - you really have to see her - and the video! - to appreciate this site's various, uhm... qualities (heheh).

See you live and online!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

LCN Girl Live Events Announced!!

This is what happens at a LCN Girl-A-Thong. A short read through of the LiveCamNetwork BBS reveals a pleasant surprise - the announcement of not one but TWO past favorite live events.

First there's the all-time-greatest wild webcam woman drinking party - the Girl-A-Thong! This one is roughly targetted for October 20th - but wait for confirmation!

If you don't know what a Girl-A-Thong is, well perhaps these pictures from Girl-A-Thong III will give you an idea...

The other thing is yet another Nude Star Wars Light Sabre Duel (or something along those lines). Now if you haven't seen one of these yet, or read about it here - then all I can offer is this gallery of the first and one and only Live Nude Star Wars event.

Both of these feature many cam girls, with many cameras, and while Girl-A-Thong features a two-screen display (to cover more action and more chat hostesses at once), the other is webcast in wide-screen live high definition video, or LCN Hi-Def.

Both are free, and offer you the chance to buy rounds and shooters for the girls... sound cool?

Any how I don't know who is going to be in the Star Wars thing except Kedra, who apparently has to go on a recruiting campaign now. But you can be sure the majority of the LCN Girls will be present for some part of the Girl-A-Thong.

Go check them out now - they're live and online waiting to chat. here's who's on now:

Tiffany, of Tiffany Lee Fisher fame, has chosen LiveCamNetwork as her live webcam home. (She's also dyed her hair a dark reddish brown now!)

Then there's the wild-ass Blue, who is just so much fun online that you want to drop in just for her free chat... until of course you spy on her in private, and, well, you

The shy but sly Vienna is just screaming for a live hi-def account, and when you see her body you'll know why... but I don't see what's holding it up.

Finally and never least is the irrepressible, fun and goofy Serena, who tonight is in the LCN Hi-Def format and all the more spectacular for it. And SHE will definitely be at the next Girl-A-Thong...

Oh, well, if we must return to check it out again and again... we must. Good night and good chat all.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Cool LCN Girl Internext Photos

Well the gang is back at last (as of last week actually; i haven't had time to post) and quite refreshed and having fun in the LCN chat rooms.

Actually there's tons of pics of the LCN Girls in the galleries posted up on the site, on a day by day basis... you have to hit the main page of the site and then choose. It's worth it though... to the left is a tiny selection of the pics.

At one point it seems they even did a live sexy chat from the hotel lobby!! (You see, when the adult business tradeshow Internext hits Florida hits, they book the ENTIRE hotel, the whole place is filled with adult industry professionals!).

Any how it seems they all had fun and deserved the break and the fun and sun... though it was apparently a "working" vacation ... they had to network, schmooze, whatever, go to seminars, and all that stuff you do regardless of how much you partied or drank the night before...

Meanwhile, only Violet of those who went is online right now, but that doesn't matter - there's desirable goth chick Desira, resplendent in her latex bra and panties, and also Rock 'n' Roll queen DirtyDebby (or just Debby, you know), who has a penchant for the classic rock of the 70's and 80's.

Fun gals and more coming up - stay tuned - this blog returns to its regular updating today!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The LCN Girls Off To Internext

Lovebites from Florida with Violet and Serena on the beach last year...Well, they're off. Some of our favorite LiveCamNetwork girls are off to the biggest adult tradeshow in the world... and here's some of the fun that can be expected (from an iSN News press release):

(Cyberspace) Aug 2, 2006 - In an orgy of cross-advertising cooperation, popular adult broadcasting company, has signed aboard the 2much Power Networking Cruise and Yacht Party to cover the event which will include a broadcast from Cabana18 and lead to an on-board photoshoot for the Booble Fan Sign Contest with the LiveCamNetwork Girls.

In a special arrangement with, TheAdultBroker and Booble, KSEX personality, Wankus, along with adult megastar, Tyler Faith, will start at Cabana 18, where the LCN Girls will be interviewed by MrSkinCash's Derek on live video, starting at 3:15.

Then they'll head for the yacht boarding where the girls will get on to become Booble Logo Girls, while Tyler and Wankus cover the red carpet reception of the exclusive yacht party's impressive guest list.

The party is completely sold out, so those boarding passes are like gold at Internext this weekend. The whole wild day will climax with the chat hostesses doffing tops to join the Booble fan sign contest and special photoshoot for the chance to win cash, glory and traffic from the adult search engine's unique contest undertaking.KSEX will cover all the action on the boat from stem to stern, from steel drums to the suntan lotion girls ...

This incredible tape for broadcast event featuring interviews with the biggest and the brightest in the business will be seen on various shows beginning August 7th and then archived for anytime view, exclusively for KSEX members.

Unquote. So there you have it - one of the many fun things some of our favorites will be up to for the next five days: Cassie, Violet, Kitsune, Cat, Alexxia, Gabriela and Serena.

But have no fear - the lovely ladies who are left behind are nothing to sneeze at:

There's Kedra online NOW doing her sweet American best to put the boys to the test. There's Fresh young thang Lydiah actually excelling in such a short time at being a fully interactive chat hostess. And of course Alice, sweet Alice, of shy but extremely naught demeanour... none are to miss.

OH but wait - just checked the schedule and Miss Violet will be on tonight in live high definition from 11:00pm EST til... whenever she falls asleep? HA we'll see, anyhow.

And while the gang is gone over the next few days there's going to be Blue, Desira, Angellina and more to keep you entertained. Don't miss it, or they'll miss you...