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Thursday, September 28, 2006

LCN Girl Suki Is Back (And So Is Gabriela)!

LCN Girl Suki back from a hiatus to everyone's sexual relief...After a long absence from LiveCamNetwork, LCN Girl Gabriela made a triumphant return to the site by barely staying in free chat long enough to say hello.

And I missed it.

And after a longer absence from LiveCamNetwork, LCN Girl Suki made a triumphant return to the site - and was instantly whisked to private chat and group chat for most of her shift...

And I missed it, ok?

Ah well the whole purpose of this blog is to tell you what you missed and what's coming up so you don't miss it...

SO with that in mind, I want to remind everyone that The Girl-A-Thong is coming up on October 20th... or Oct. 13th (both Fridays). I don't know anymore because it says on the site that it's the 20th, but I heard a chat hostess saying it would be the 13th... I guess a quick email requesting confirmation is in order...

Also, the site is planning something tentatively called "The Ava and Cassie Show" which will, according to the BBS thread on the subject, "feature lively conversation, surprise guests, sudden random nudity (Cassie can't control herself, sorry), phone-in, sex toy demonstrations, and much more."

Cool. Anyhow keep your blinkers open for Gabriela and Suki's next scheduled appearance (LCN Girls are good girls, good girls are girls who book and respect their booking, thank you) because you either don't know what you are missing - or you do and I don't have to tell you...

Online right now? Well I'd have to vote for the sexy lips and curvy hips of miss Serena. Drop in on her (she a SHY girl) and try to get her to go to the Girl-a-thong coming up - something tells me she's too shy to go for some reason...

Ok, yah right that's a joke. She'll be there! Maybe the newer girl who seems a little quiet, Mila needs a little encouragement - check her out she's online now.

You can bet Cat will be there though - and she's there in all her classy, feline slinkyness right now so ask her yourself... I'll be back with more updates and a pre-emptive news item about LCN too!

Later people :)

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

It's Official - Girl-A-Thong FOUR Is Upon Us!

Naked Twister: a popular Girl-a-thong activity.The fourth live all-chat-hostess drinking and pajama interactive online party known as the Girl-a-Thong is back for a fourth and most fabulous edition this October 20th, a Friday.

As any regular reader of this blog and LiveCamNetwork fan will tell you, Girl-A-Thong was originally a one-time, free cam girl-party aimed at the loyal customers who had stuck with the site through a series of technical incidents which prevented the LCN Girls from logging on for over a week.

Well, three Girl-a-thongs later it has become an irregular, much anticipated event at LiveCamNetwork.

One never knows who will show up at these parties. Long-time, long-gone favorites may return, or the shiest girl may show up to everyone's surprise...

So the next time you drop by your favorite LCN Girl's chat room, ask her if she'll be going to the Girl-a-thong...

Right now you can ask miss Emily (tall, blonde amazon with legs that won't quite quit), or DirtyDebby (classic brunette rocker chick with a twist and some funky leopard spot spandex).

I'll be back reeeal soon with more and more (and the girls with less and less).


Sunday, September 24, 2006

LCN Girl Live Star Wars Party Great

Hotter than a lightsaber, LCN Girls Emily and Kedra share a pause in the action at the Geekathon...They came, they chatted, they watched the movie and they had fun.

And so did all the guys who dropped in on the LiveCamNetwork live Star Wars Geekathon and Trivia Drinking party.

There aren't any mentions of stats, like how many guys were in the chat room at once, or how many shooters the girls had by the end of the night.

But that's not important, right? Those who were there know Tchii didn't stay awake for the whole time, let's say, and Cassie was dressed as ObiWan while Alexxia was done up as the slave-girl Princess Leia from Return of the Jedi...

What counts is all the fun they had that night, both guys and chicks, and you can read all about it in the site's BBS, as well as check out a few sexy pictures until the gallery is put out. And don't worry I'll let you know here when that happens.

Except for Cassie (in live high definition), none of the Nude Light Sabre Duel survivors are online at the moment, but you can drop in on Alice, Vienna or Tiffany Lee Fisher if you want - they have plenty to offer even if they don't have light sabres...

May the force be with them... and you ;)

Monday, September 18, 2006

Nerd Magnets and 2-Girl Cam Shows

LCN Girls Emily and Tchii strike up an online affaire...Well, it's official, another live nude Star Wars Super-Fans Event and Drink-a-thon has been announced for this Friday, September 22nd, at 9:00 PM Eastern Time.

I just like to call it the Live Nude Light Sabre Duel (though this time there's MANY more chat girls so Duel may not be the right word).

According to the LiveCamNetwork BBS: "The night will be filled with Star Wars Movie-Watching, Star Wars Drinking Games, a couple of Surprise guests, and of course, a LIGHT SABRE DUAL TO THE SEXY SEXY DEATH!"

Reading the BBS though I remember seeing there will be a whole BUNCH of babes during this one... such as Cassie and Alexxia and... Emily! In fact, LiveCamNetwork seems to attract quite the sci-fi geek/nerd chick crowd, I must say.

But who cares? That's cool. Nerd chicks are generally smarter than your average lady anyway, and so LiveCamNetwork has adopted this motto on their promo-shirts: "Talk Nerdy To Me."

BTW - Emily will also be appearing in another special little event - a two-girl live chat with Tchii, who's online now at LCN. I'll let Emily tell you herself from her BBS posting and then sign off...

"check out moi and Tchii doing devilishly delicious things to each other on Monday the 18th, 2-7 [PM, Eastern]!! Get prepared for this night of peirced babes, drinking, body painting, and sexy girl on girl action."

And by the way also online right now are the fabulously blonde Serena in live High Definition, and the fabulously brunette Blue.

OK... time to - Sign off!