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Monday, October 30, 2006

LCN Girls Getting Noticed and Overlooked?

Classy webcam girl, StarWars Geekathon veteran and Girl-a-thong survivor CassiePretty cool links surfaced in my surging surfing habits lately... after the LCN Girls who are participating in the Booble Fan Sign Contest (the bustiest got the most votes, of course...), there's this overlooked little thing I found at KSEX Radio, about how some of the LiveCamNetwork Girls went to the big convention in Florida and participated in some cross-site publicity stunt that lead to several of them joining that contest...

Now OBVIOUSLY there were more pics than those of the entries to that contest taken, so I shall be digging around looking for galleries or individual pics of the girls on the boat at that adult webmaster event... but for now I'm still trying to find a link to the Girl-A-Thong gallery they must have taken pictures for from that event. I'll keep you up to date!

Meanwhile you can drop by LiveCamNetwork and chat with Tiffany Lee Fisher, whose lovely fire-red hair seems to have darkened, giving her a more sultry, less shool-girl appearance... well, except for that plaid skirt and sexy shirt she wears so much.

Also Online is the curvy, thin tight young bod of miss Vienna who seems to be the shyest of the LCN Girls... except in private chat. Check her out for what she's always hiding behind those relatively conservative outfits (actually almost anything Vienna wears turns out sexy, but this would be conservative by webcam girl standards...)

And finally there's the eternally classy and hot, tall and nerdy but babelicious Cassie (who, btw, is in LIVE HIGH DEFINITION VIDEO!!! No, I mean really, you have to check this out...), who has a new pic up in her profile at LCN - check out this live hot model's BRAINS while you're in her chat room... you will not regret the conversation, that's for sure...

Chat later!

Saturday, October 21, 2006

GAT IV Amazing, Hot Chicks in Cool Costumes

Costumed to Consume... The LCN Girls decked out the Girl-a-thong IV event in style.Well it has to be said: LiveCamNetwork certainly serves up a GREAT live event, and has a lot of fun with all their girls.

It's rare too to hear such love and fun coming from a gang of girls at work on a sexy chat site, but at one point during last night's FIVE-HOUR long Girl-a-thong, they all sat around one of the three or four cameras covering the thing and passed the mic from newbie chick to experienced old-timer and basically told us how much they loved working with each other, and how cool the site was, and so on and so forth.

I know it might sound like so much schmoozing but in fact it was quite touching and perfectly heartfelt. You knew they meant it.

So anyhow - all the hot LCN Girls were in attendance (a few couldn't make it, apparently), and they were in costume. For Halloween. Really. You had she-devils, and pirates, and army girls, and hollywood starlett types and even one blue cellophane chick I never quite got...

There's only one Girl-A-Thong girl online right now from last night - after all, they could be a little hungover, you know - and that's Alexxia, who was quite simply the hottest She-Devil girl you've ever seen (she had those spooky cat-eye contact lenses that are a little disturbing no matter WHO wears them...)

Drop in on her now, she's actually wearing the disguise and chatting online at LCN.... I'll be back with more coverage and photos later...

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Girl-A-Thong Approaches, And Other Cool News

Part of the ad for the fourth Girlathong being held this Friday Oct. 20 at LiveCamNetwork.Ok there's only a few days left before the LiveCamNetwork Girl-A-Thong (starts at 9:00 PM EST this Friday), so are you getting ready? This is one of the funniest, and funnest, events online - and its perfectly free and interactive - not recorded. All you have to do is type in a few requests, or buy the girls a round of shooters, and they'll repond...

Who will be there? Well according to the site's event page, most of the LCN Girls: "As per developing tradition, we're going to be at least fifteen, maybe as many as TWENTY!! Girls in thongs (among other assorted bits of lingerie) drinking and playing and doing what we do best - have a great time and party!!"

From browsing the different chat rooms and the site's BBS, I've also ascertained that the event will also be a Halloween type thing - with the girls in sexy groovy costumes competing for prizes and such. There'll also be interactive games where we can participate and win prizes from the site as well....

Right now on line you can ask some of the girls for sure if they'll be there - statuesque leggy blonde Emily, for example, is romping it up in free chat, and rock 'n' roll Debbie is also chatting it up with the boys.

Don't forget also that some of the LCN Girls are in the Booble Fansign Contest - you can check them out there, or just vote for the front runner among the LCN chat hostesses, Neena, who's got lead over all the other participants (obviously it seems that big breasts are part of the criteria for voters... you can vote for her here.)

Make sure to leave a comment if you go or wanna go to the Girl-a-thong, as well as if you vote for a Booble Cover Girl from LCN...


Friday, October 13, 2006

LCN Girl Violet Manson Back At LiveCamNetwork!

Violet's been gone from LiveCamNetwork for weeks... find out why!Well things are getting back to normal at last when you see that long-gone (mysteriously too) chat hostess Violet has at last returned to LiveCamNetwork.

The beloved Goth Queen of LCN suddenly appeared unannounced this morning at the site and razzle-dazzled chat room guests who were surprised to see her back.

The only thing I caught was that there was some family matters she had to take care of, but wasn't around long enough... and besides, Violet ended up in her private or group chat mode quicker than you could click "buy time"!

Drop by for yourself she seems to be there until at least 3:00 PM EST.

And if she's too busy in Private and you don't feel like just spying on her (shhh) then try out the other girls online: there's a newbette called Ariell, who has insanely long red hair and a saucy French accent; sexy hardbody Vienna, who is really like those amazingly drawn curvaceous comic-book naked chicks; the every-present Tiffany Lee Fisher, who has made LCN her live video chat home; and super-newbette Brody, a super-sharp ex-stripper who seems to be a natural for the live webcam arena.

Check them all out and comment here - feel free, we'll publish anything that's relevant or constructive!

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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Short Updates On The LCN Girls Front (and Derrieres)

LCN Girl Emily is the new iSN Cutie!OK well it seems that the news on Girl-A-Thong IV is that it will be a Halloween Costume Contest too, seeing as its so close to the fateful holiday and all that, and the viewers themselves, the chat room guys, the online gentlemen, will have the honours of voting for the winners.

They haven't officially announced it in their press or anything except via the LiveCamNetwork BBS, but it does seem to be pretty confirmed on all counts.

Tests have been running on and off all week with the site's new software, running tests with the chat hostesses live - which can be frustrating sometimes because the video will freeze or log ins not work - but for the most part everything has been smooth. There's even some of the more trusted regulars who are offered from e-wallet money in exchange for testing the site out under the V2 platform.

In other news... yesterday saw the return of LCN Lady Kitsune, who was around for a special Birthday chat for most of the day (and, YES, of course I missed it). And mid-October will see the fabulous return of long-missed original LCN Girl Ruby!!

And finally in current news... well Emily has become the new iSN Cutie (they changed the pic at last!) and promises more two-girl show like she did the other day with LCN Girl Tchii. And currently online, you'll find the returning Melody, boobilicious Neena (in live high definition!) and Cat (her too!).

Keep up with the news at the site - I tend to be too busy sometimes to update this here old blog to everyone's satisfaction!

Oh, and don't forget - you can leave comments down below each post if you want - the option is open. I'll be mederating these actually but as long as you don't spam or anything ugly, I'll allow it.

See ya next time!