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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

New Things Popping Out All Over LiveCamNetwork

LiveCamNetwork new chat girl Katya.
Well there's a few things worth of note besides the new LiveCamNetwork 2.0 upgrade that has tranformed the LCN Girls' video chat into something incredible to see...

For example, the mysteriously disappeared Tchii will be back to do her webcam thing tomorrow night at 7PM EST... The last time we saw Tchii was at the last Girl-A-Thong, and she hasn't chatted since.

You remember Tchii, right? She's like an alternative, suicide girl type with piercings all over her cute face, dread-lock hair shaved around the temples, and large boobs on a fairly curvy frame... she's also a no-bullshit fun and intelligent conversationalist with a Parisian accent who really fires up the chat room debate outside the sexual arena...

LiveCamNetwork is also upgrading all its LCN Girl profile-pictures or rather changing them for new ones... again! Used to be they changed them once in a blue moon, now it seems it's once a month... let's hope they get some photo galleries up for us someday.

So go see cutie-pie Tiffany right now at LCN, she's not in live high definition like Serena is (in the so-called "Jungle Room" heheh) but even the regular video chat rooms are improved and much clearer than in the pre-upgrade days (which was, like, last week).

Shift change is in a couple hours - and that means that at around 7, LCN Girls Alice, Cat and hot newbettes Katya and Claire will be online delighting your eyes and ears with the amazing new sound and video of their chat rooms...

Don't miss a bit, nip or word they say!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

LiveCamNetwork Upgrades!

LiveCamNetwork 2.0 is launched with amazing results and the clearest live video of hot cam babes online.Well it was about time! has finally upgraded to the LiveCamNetwork 2.0 platform created by, the company that built the site that first used the software.

Live video chat rooms at LCN now are insanely beautiful - the widescreen in live high definition so clear it stuns you. You forget about the pretty LCN Girls there in the rooms, it's really the best I've ever seen on the internet.

Of course it's not real HD - but its the highest definition live streams ever on the web. Earlier this year they introduced this when they used to use version 1.9 and it was an amazing improvement on the definition of live video, but this is insane.

Of course they've been announcing this switch to 2.0 for a long time, off and on it's been tried lately until you didn't know it would be ever really done... but then, one day, you just click on your favorite chat hostess and...

Just go see for yourself. There's even a cool new feature that allows you to swing from one chat room to another right there at the bottom of the screen...

On cam in the best video chat right now are miss Cassie - the Star Trek geek hottie - sexy Serena and wild Ava ... and they're all quite lovely and sassy and amazing... but now in this video... incredible!

AH - I almost forgot - LiveCamNetwork announced the winner of the $1000 in chat minutes on their site and it was Christian73! Wanted to congratulate him and wave him around as proof that LCN didn't just give it to one of their long-time regulars - this guy was relatively new and didn't even know he was making the 20,000th purchase on the site (which is why he won)!

Later now, gotta go soak my eyes!

Friday, November 10, 2006

LiveCamNetwork STUFF and Someone Won A Thousand Bucks!

Lady Kitsune in her LCN Girl attire, and the LCN Girls dressed up for Halloween at the last Girl-A-Thong.Ok this is cool - CafePress is actually selling LiveCamNetwork t-shirts to the world at large. They're pretty nice, seem to be quality, and have the new motto of the site: "talk nerdy to me". It would be cool if we could get them free, but heck if you're gonna get one might as well get one that has something cool on it.

Here's where you can order one:

Right now there's a new girl at LiveCamNetwork - Robin, a true cutie studio manager Alexxia seems to hold in high esteem and she certainly seems to have what it takes to be a real LCN Girl: cuteness, blabbiness, brains, fun and flirty, check out Robin before she gets too popular and you'll just have to spy on her private shows. I'll bet she gets her own widescreen live high definition chat room real soon...

You can also catch truly sulfuric Kitsune, with braces and kinks you can't begin to imagine, short-haired Alice and her sweet, sweet smile... and in live hi-def video chat, the lady of the hour would have to be class-act Cat.

I'll be back with more info and updates on Kedra (where has she been, and where's DirtyDebby, come to think of it?) and the guy who won a thousand dollars in free chat time on the site soon!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

MTV Interviews The LCN Girls!

LCN Girls Adele and Violet appearing live on MTV and Webdreams and LCN all at the same time...MTV is getting interested in the carreer opportunities available to young ladies in our current cyber culture - or something - because LiveCamNetwork models will be appearing on the MTV LIVE Show.

In fact, LCN Girls Adele and Violet are being interviewed live online, and live to tape, from 2:00 to 3:00 PM just now, by the MTV VJ's via phone, LiveCamNetwork chat room, and in live hi-def video to boot!

Drop by and check them out right now if you can - if it's still time heh - and egg them on!

On top of it all, the crew from Webdreams II (the second season of the porn-life documentary series that featured the LCN Girls and the 2Much Crew and was such a hit last year on Showcase Television) are also shooting that session for the series, which in theory should be airing this fall as well as being available in VOD (or Video On Demand) for the US market.

All in all pretty cool for the ladies and gentlemen before and behind the cameras at LiveCamNetwork, more power to them!

Also online at LiveCamNetwork are salacious Serena (also in widescreen format live high definition) and tittilating Tiffany.

Use all these factors to aid your decision to vote LiveCamNetwork the best live video chat of the year, at the XBiz Awards... just click the pic in the previous blog entry or click this link - but don't do it if you already have since it could be considered vote-spamming... but i don't really know. Actually this isn't for the win, it's for the nomination, and LiveCamNetwork should be at minimum nominated Best Live Video Chat... let the girls and the video prove it ... even on MTV!!

Go to it! And chat to you later...

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Voting Time Is Here Again!!!

Vote LiveCamNetwork The Best Live Video Chat Of The Year!Well they did it last Summer at the Best Adult Awards, and they should do it again at the next Xbiz Awards - LiveCamNetwork IS the Best Live Video Chat.

You can vote for LiveCamNetwork at the XBiz awards nomination site by clicking the XBiz graphic below - let them know who king of video chat REALLY is!

What's fun is that it's sorta is up to you to help nominate them this year. At the Best Adult Awards, it was mostly people behind the scenes who got to vote... now it's your turn.

And if it really needs to be proven - you must have never been there before...

Here's a little help - go to the site, register for free, and check out Hot LCN Girls Online like Emily (seen in the picture as an Awards Girls at the BAA), the ever-classy and perpetually nerdy though TALL Cassie (in live LCN Hi-Def), and very regular and increasibly popular Vienna...

You should have no problems voting for LiveCamNetwork as best live video chat chick site at that point ... heheh

Sunday, November 05, 2006

LiveCamNetwork Customer To Win $10000

Heavenly hottie and LCN Girl Alexxia could be the one who earns you a thousand dollar free chat time with her...Well some lucky guy is going to be the 20,000th client of LiveCamNetwork over the next few days, and that will be the one who get A THOUSAND BUCKS worth of private chat time...

That's some contest, and they're reeeeal happy about it... and you could be the one who wins if you register now (it's free) and happen to be the guy who makes purchase number twenty thousand... which, according to the BBS for the site, is less than 150 purchases away...

Go to LiveCamNetwork and sign up now then, but don't take my word for it - check out who's online...

There's the increasingly rare Alexxia who's in live high definition right now... and ultra-sweet teen cutie EveMarie, hourglass-figure Vienna, as well as the sexually hyped, pervy slender babe and Foot Fetish Favorite Ava, also in the incredible, wide-screen live hi-def format...

Rawk on!