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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry XXX-mas From The LCN Girls - New Year and New Happenings

DirtyDebby and PornDawgy wish everyone a Merry X-mas on behalf of the LCN Girls.I'm dropping off a quick mid-night post here to wish one and all a very merry Christmas, Hannukah and whatever other holiday you may be celebrating around this time...

I sincerely wish you and all those you love the best of your hopes and dreams in the coming new year, and all love and happiness possible.

I also wanted to wish the same good wishes to all the hot smart sexy funny and fun LiveCamNetwork Girls the same - and extend thanks from you and me and everyone at the LCN Girls Blog for being real troopers, doing what they do better than anyone else, and just for being online even during this holiday season.

Just check out their schedules to know what I mean.

And now - for the news. Well, it's good news. Following the successful launch of the LiveCamNetwork software upgrade, and all the good stuff that has been happening with this blog, LiveCamNetwork has decided to adopt us and make us the Official LCN Girls Blog.

Yes that's right we've been unofficial all this time.

So in the new year expect this site to start a whole new look and approach, as well as being relocated to what we'll call "home". No panic, though, we'll make it all smooth and easy for you and all our linking partners.

So Merry Yule Season, Happy New Year, and if I don't post here til then, see you next year!!

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Thursday, December 21, 2006

2-Girl Cam Shows, Xmas Limos and LCN Girls!

LCN Girls Tracii, Kedra and Debby at the office Christmas party.I'm hoping this won't be my last post before Christmas, people, but just in case I wanted to wish one and all a happy (insert-denomination here) and non-denominational holiday season!

Which reminds me: the pictures from the LiveCamNetwork/2much Christmas party have been posted in the site's BBS - just follow-click that link!

Also, announced recently on LiveCamNetwork, a 2-girl show featuring none other than LCN Kedra and Tracii (aka Wicked). This will take place Friday, January 5th, and it's offered at a special low price for several reasons.

As it says on the site, this will be Tracii's first time ever with another woman on cam, and they'll be starting off slow at 8PM eastern taking NO requests for privates until 9PM - when they will dive into the muff... er, I mean into the LCN Group chatroom to begin the show - so many and any can join in for a special price.

Online right now at LiveCamNetwork are rock'n'roll brunette DirtyDebby, the flirty blonde Rachel, and the feline Cat - and they're in live high definition, the nicest, sharpest chat rooms on the web - I swear it has to be seen to be believed.

To One and All!

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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Another Live Xmas Event at LiveCamNetwork

LCN Chat Hostess EveMarie getting into the Christmas spirit...
They're going to do it again :)

I mean, LiveCamNetwork will be holding a gift-giveaway live with all the LCN Girls (probably in live high definition again) for the second time.

Last year they made it a three-hour party where all the chat hostesses got a little tipsy and played air guitar and stuff for the boys at home who had sent them gifts to unwrap, but this year it's going to be a short, fast-paced thing. From 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM eastern time, and, "All of the LCN Girls will be be here as they open YOUR gifts to them! And this year, KITSUNE will be the SEXIEST SANTA EVER!" - According to a post in the LiveCamNetwork BBS.

So drop by and log into XMASLIVE and catch the fun!

Meanwhile you can catch a lot more reavealing fun with the online girls chatting this evening. There's curvy, busty Vienna, dirty, horny rock'n'roll brunette DirtyDebby, and flirty, naughty blonde Rachel, all waiting for you in live high definition video chats.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

LCN Girl Kedra Returns In Time For Christmas

LCN Lady Kedra is back from a long trip to England.Just in time for the holidays, here comes miss Kedra all decked out and ready to party... both online and offline.

Yes our MILFy favorite is back to chat at LiveCamNetwork (like she did yesterday, without warning, schedule or anything), and nothing's going to stop her.

Seriously, though, it's right on time for the annual LiveCamNetwork/2much office party which will be happening this Friday (tomorrow!) at the studios and in some big nightclub... I'll have more on that later. It seems they will have a live gift unwrapping for the chat hostesses online before the party.

You'll be able to check in with Kedra herself next Tuesday at 3:00 PM Eastern at LCN.

Right now online in their chatrooms are fabulous webcam babes Hollie, a cute newbie with a pierced lower lip; Neena, the big-boobed naughty girl with a sassy whip for a tongue; and Goth babe Violet, who's getting more and more tattoos everytime I see her on cam.

I'll be back with news on that online party a little later.

Friday, December 01, 2006

New Chat Hostess Line Up at LiveCamNetwork - And Debby Is Back!

LCN Girl Tracii is still wicked, even though she's not Wicked anymore...Some days are just like that... Today on there haven't been too many familiar names logged in.

There's nothing wrong with that, mind you, its just... weird. I'm so used to seeing Serena, or Violet or Cassie up there that NOT seeing one of them on is unusual.

But there's no strain in going into the amazingly clear video chatrooms of such recent additions to the LCN Girls as sweet, shy brunette Hollie, or popular vixen-haired EveMarie or the delicious Robin.

The recent much-touted software upgrade at the site has really done incredible things to the video, though - it is really, without a doubt, the clearest and most breathtaking image in live video chat.

Not all the rooms are in widescreen live high definition, but even the regular, standard webcam rooms are improved. Go check it out...

Oh, and it's true - there's a newbie who's not a newbie on right now, actually. Super horny Tracii is actually the same girl as Wicked, but she recently changed her name... ah, I see now. There's no fooling me is there?

Oh yeah and in other news, DirtyDebbie, who was gone to London for the last month or so, has been back to chat a couple times since, and is also on the schedule for tonight at 8:00 PM, EST. If you like your classic rock brunettes with streaks in their hair and sexy plastic outfits check her out!