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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

More 2-Girl Shows Live At LCN

LCN Girl Serena and girlfriend meeting at a bar... and online!The gang at have been cooking up the two-girl lesbo shows lately and it's has been a rocking good time over there.

First there was Kedra and Tracii which was a balls-to-the-wall live lesbian bonanza (they were in Group Chat the whole time I was there; you had to join or spy on them to get in), which was followed this past weekend by the Serena and Candi show - another gangbuster.

The two girls actually met at a gay bar where they quickly became lesbian lovers and on a dare the LCN Girl invited the hot liason to do it live. You know what happened next - even if you weren't there.

Live video chat is alive and well at the XBiz-Award-nominated site and keeps on proving it with these amazing live high definition broadcasts that are usually as much fun as they are horny-making.

Proving it tonight are the luscious short-haired Alice and the previuosly mentioned hod blonde bisexual Serena.
Check them out and you don't even have to thank me :)

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Friday, January 05, 2007

2-Girl Cam Show At LCN - The Game Is AFOOT!

It's happening NOW!!!

The fabled 2 girl shows of LiveCamNetwork have begun again in the new year with the coupling of LCN Girls Kedra and Tracii together at last - plus they brought a couple surprises!

Will I tell you what they are? Are you nuts?

Go to the site, free register - or of course log in as most of you will do , this has been announced for the last couple weeks anyhow, so you're prepared....

Also in the schedule for tomorrow are Serena and Candi - starting at 7 PM and going on until MIDNIGHT... hehehe (this is of course Eastern time).

Anyhow I don't know Candi, apparently she's a chick Serena met in a lesbian bar or something and now they're "performing" live online together because they're a couple of horny bi exhibitionists or something...

Serena is online right now and pretty bored probably because of the live lesbian show also online right now, so drop in and check her out why don't you?!!?

There's also boob-licious Rachel flirting with you live so don't miss LCN tonight and tomorrow it is action filled, people!

Long Live Live!

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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Changes and New Stuff On The Way

The LCN Girls Is Moving UP and into officialdom... Sorry about the looks, crooks and fooks you've been seeing here over the last few days, but The LCN Girls will be moving, adopted by venerated Live Video Chat site, and the look as well as the actual location of the blog will be altered as a consequence.

Needless to say this has meant a lot of work and revision and link verification and partners as well as regular visitors to this humble page will have to be patient with us.

The ladies of LiveCamNetwork of course make all this easier so I know I won't have to worry about losing your allegiance, now, will I ?

Over the holidays we did have some sadly lacking chat hostesses, but that's to be expected.

However the schedule picks up full blast tomorrow (or today, depending on when you're reading this) with a fantastic line-up featuring Violet, Adele, DirtyDebby and Neena - just for starters!
So don't hesitate any longer come on down and check us out! And leave comments if you feel there's anything missing or whatever input you want to leave...

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