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Friday, March 30, 2007

LCN FlirtyRachel Plays FLASHJACK Live!

LCN Girl FlirtyRachel Plays With You Online...LCN Cutie FlirtyRachel loves to play cards. She plays 'em for real, plays them online, and plays a special variation on blackjack in her chat room - she calls it FlashJack.

What is FlashJack? I have NO idea yet... though from the name and the webcam but FlirtyRachel says she started playing that the same night two other really popular chat hostesses were doing a girl-girl show.

Despite that draw, the FlashJack still "became a hit, so I make sure I always keep my cards close by. You never know when a good ol game o flashjack is in order. "

Ah nothing like NOT playing with your cards "close to the vest" heheheh.
Later on today we'll have "avalicious" Ava as well as Adele, who will... oh, well, never mind, I'll just come back and tell you later...

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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Sweet Live Hi Def Webcam Delights

Miss Violet as she appears on the trailer for this season's Webdreams.The girls are live and in LCN Hi Def once again at LiveCamNetwork today... probably wherever you're at in the world it's nice and sunny outside but still got that bite of cold (people in the southern states don't need to pipe up here lol )... so it's nice to have the likes of hot super video chat models like Alexxia online, in bikinis or bras and chilling out with the guys...

There also the hot curvaceous doll called Vienna who is just jamming with that bod bursting with ripe sexiness lounging in her chat room...

But i wanted to talk about our hot chat chick of Goth miss Violet Manson today... yes, yes, according to the site she'll be on national television soon, featured on Webdreams - the second season. They'll be following her upwardly mobile career in the XXX game as she endeavours to launch her own site - which is apparently due any day now... but she isn't telling (well maybe she'll tell you if you take her to private chat eh?)

Better give it a try and then post your comments on the session here (PLEASE heheh)...

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Friday, March 23, 2007

DirtyDebby And Alexxia Online Tonight

So it's Friday night and a couple of hot, cool rock 'n' roll chicks are lying around in bras and panties drinking beer and chatting about whatever comes up...

Fantasy? No, no... at that's par for the course.

Tonight there's the newly regular Alexxia in live high definition - truly, something to behold, gentlemen...

And in another LCN Hi-Def room there's DirtyDebby - another rawkin' brunette (here pictured naked on a motorcycle) who will truly redefine your idea of what a hawt chick is...

She recently had a popular-demand return performance with Kitsune in another incredible 2-girl show that would have melted your bi-focals... keep your eyes open for more girl-girl shows at LCN it seems they're becoming a tradition.

There's no news to report unfortunately, it seems all the good stuff happened just before my sabbatical from this blog... but I'll try to get some inside dirt on upcoming events...

Actually, the company that created the software to allow the LCN Girls to video chat with sound and in high definition with us seems to be having a tenth anniversary party soon, so maybe they'll have ALL the girls live on a bed in the middle of the room like they did that other time...

I'll keep my spy eyes open for ya...

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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Live Video Chat Returns

She's sweet, smart and hard to beat and one of the first LCN Girls ever.

LCN Ruby is back on, seducing and reducing strong men to mush with her winsome, wily ways...

Plus she's hot in private chat - don't miss her!

There's also the curvaceous, sexy Vienna doing things you would not believe with her perfect body - when you're in VIP sex chat.

The best thing with all these LCN Girls is that the chances are they're all in widescreen, live high definition video chat. Check it out if you don't know what I mean...

And finally there's DirtyDebby, who's online for most of the night for your viewing (among other) pleasures...

All in all a great night at - don't see why you're not registered NOW!


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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Live And Wild And Free Chat Hostess Pairs!

Alexxia and Violet - LCN Girls extraordinaire.

Well last Sunday's online sex toy party was a blast and all the ladies and they wanted to extend their thanks to you each personally and very, very warmly...

Or you can get your gratitude personally at - with miss Alexxia live online right now as I type (and you read) this line.

She got some interesting toys I'm sure - though some got more than others that night. It was quite enlightening to say the least.

If you were at the JoyToyz Live Sex Toy Party at LCN then maybe you can drop in on miss Violet, who is also online right now - and fill her in on what she missed, since she couldn't be there...

Don't forget the LCN Girls will be doing more and more online parties for you soon so don't miss your chance to book mark now - or click on our rss feed down below and subscribe for all the latest news...

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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Live Webcam Sex Toy Party Tonight!

JoyToyz will entertain you and the LCN Girls tonight Live!

LiveCamNetwork has come up with a novel idea for one of their online parties: they're hosting a Home Sex Toy Party at the LCN Studios in live hi def hosted by none other than those cool people at JoyToyz!

Basically a Home JoyToyz Party is like a Tupperware party for dildos and buttplugs and many many other fanciful and fun sex toys - with explanatory presentations on how to use them...

Not that I think the LCN Girls will be needing any explanations, but the best thing about this live event will be the fact that at any time you can buy one of the chat hostesses the sex toy of her choice, and then take her to a private full-on demonstration.

The show starts at 7 PM Eastern and will last two hours - so get those timers ready or register right now if you're not to be able to log right in at seven. Registration is free with a validation email plus you get a half-hour free with any model or in the show before you have to become a "customer" to get in to the "free" chat.

Attending will be the LCN Girls of choice, of course: just look at the list to the right here to see who I mean.

OH - a little surprise for AFTER the show is the return of the DebbyKitsune show - that's right the two who love to woo for you on cam live will be back in girl-girl bi-duo show at 10 PM EST.

So see you online tonight at LCN and get those batteries - and credit cards! - ready!

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