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Saturday, April 28, 2007

LCN Tracii Cools Down, and More Wet News...

LCN Girl next door Tracii recently went to the beach... LCN Tracii recently took a break from her chat hostess duties at and went to some sunny, tropical beach... and brought back pictures!

This one is the first of a series she should be posting up in her bio as time goes, so keep abreast of the changes by checking it out every so often.

She's live on cam now at LCN, using those striking blue eyes and dark brown hair to give you an idea of what its like to be in private chat with her... she even has a neighbour drop by now and then for some real, live hardcore action for those intimate sex chats...

Then there's this wondersquirt girl who's been showing up lately... speaking of hardcore, you should SEE this girl in private - when she comes, it POURS!

No wonder her name is wondersquirt... until I can "fill you in" some more on her, drop by and check out this latest addition to the LiveCamNetwork line up, she's live as of the hour of publication of this entry... and bring a raincoat!

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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Online Now In Live High Definition

LCN Girl Alice is a peppy, leggy short-haired brunette... Here's a quick drive-by entry to let you know who's online right now at

First off, pictured at left, is sexy, leggy Alice, with her short brown hair and small pointy perky boobies... and a wealth of experience, funny stories and good advice to share.

Then of course is the flexible submissive fem prinscess of LCN, dirty-blonde Ava - who has even decorated her torso as a sad smiley with eletric tape in the past... (don't ask).

And then there is the LCN rock'n'roll queen, black haired, streaked, party animal DirtyDebby, who has managed to blow through Lynrd Skynrd, Led Zeppelin, and even Twisted Sister... just to give you an idea of what to expect from her live hi-def chat room...

I'll be back tomorrow with news and more fun stuff from the gals...

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Live Hi Def Ladies and Special Show Announcement!

LCN Girls Celia and Redd will have a go at each other this week in high is always setting up some fun, whacky or simply sexy chat hostess shows together.

This week, on top of the "Strip Trivial Pursuit" game Kedra will be playing Friday night at 11:00 PM (easter), LCN Girls Celia and Redd will be getting together for a show of their own - "Get You Kink On!" is what the ad on the site says... with images of handcuffs...

The Celia and Redd Show will start at 7:00PM Friday, a sorta lead in of its own to the trivia thing... Don't miss either, these things always end up as much fun as sexual.

ONLINE RIGHT NOW: Check out the lovely ladies in live hi-def video chat at LiveCamNetwork and get a little taste of what's coming Friday with LCN Celia right now.

And of course you can't go wrong with Black haired red-lips curvy Lydiah, very sensual and a silky deep voice on top of that (you get free chat sound and perfect video too...)

Will be back with more later!!! Enjoy what'cha got while ya got it!!

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Saturday, April 21, 2007

New LCN Girls Live Tonight

Well what else can I open up with than: Online tonight and right now at LiveCamNetwork, we have a wonderful variety of hot live amateur cam girls for you...

Let's start with the newbie (or newbette?) on line with Marcy, a wonderfully whacky and witty young lady fully energetic and like a natural was able to pick up on live webcam chatting just like that.

Then there's the popular but rarely seen Alexxia, who tonight is sporting something particularly frilly and pink... unusual for this cool grrl with gams and guts to spare.

Then there's the ever-cheery, bootilicious Adele, who's got a thousand-watt smile and positiveness to spare.

Finally the tall, thin intellectual sub-girl Ava, who has some awesome new pics available - though for now just the one in her bio will do (see last blog entry).

Later tonight, catch cutie Maybells, who says in her bio: "i may look spanish....i am not...So, please don't expect me to be able to speak spanish...'cause i don't know how...Even though i wish i could".

Why don't you drop by and teach her... ?

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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Live Hippie Sex Chat Chicks and College Girl Silliness

Hot New Pic of LCN Girl Ava.Having fun online and off tonight we gots some mighty partying live webcam gals tonight at LiveCamNetwork...

First off there's the pierced, long and luscious submissive Ava, who's acting all hippie like tonight with her acoustic guitar and weird folkie interpretations of songs...

Then hey there's cool ex-rocker cutie EveMarie who's completely cut her hair to a short punky red brush cut - and she still manages to be hot cute and all that stuff...

And then there's Hollie, cute brainy brunette with some pretty sexy ideas in her head and on her live bed, heheheh...

Finally, Miss Adele is also on the party tonight, with Ava - they're drinking a good time, though I don't know what it is exactly - and every now and then Ava drops in on Adele and they sing a tune together... I know it sounds weird but it is the single most adorable and fun online college girl nonsense you can imagine.
And fun, did I mention that?

So come see the punkette, the blonde, the brunette and the dirty blonde party online tonight and find out why "talk nerdy to me" is the LCN Girl motto...

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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

LCN Girl Special Show - Teacher's Pet

The LCN Girls are always coming up with new ways of spicing up their live video chat, especially when it comes to special girl-girl shows with a theme...

Take for example the new "Teacher's Pet" concept, where American LCN Girl Kedra gets it on in a special drinking game and French lesson webcast with French-Quebecer Alexxia.

I don't quite get the ad/picture for the webcast which says that Kedra will make Alexxia her teacher's pet... unless it's a play on words I don't grasp... but whatever.

The special girl-girl show will start at 7:00 PM Eastern Time on Thursday night and last 'til eleven - unless of course the contest is too one-sided and the winner gets knocked out...

Oh and did I mention the show will be in widescreen, live high definition like only has done it?

Speaking of which, currenlty online in in LCN Hi-Def is the lovely EveMarie, who recently SHAVED her head dang... she's cute though. Actually it's not completely bald, just real real short... check her out - anyhow it's her utter cuteness and fun personality that will win you over.

And of course those special private performances...

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