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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

New Webcam Women and Return of The GaT!!

LCN Will be hosting another incredible live party!Wow... must be really planning on packing them in this Friday - their current recruiting drive has not one but three new cam girls in training live online right now.

What's that? About this Friday?

Ooooh well it's nothing really... HAH just kidding!

It's the return of yet another incredible live online all-webcam woman party featuring interactive games, round-buying functions in the chatroom, live high definition widescreen video and the whole thing is covered by multiple cameras so we can catch all the action!

But right now i'm wondering if these new girls will be joining in this Friday.

There's bettie, who's cute and sweet and shy - with shiny brown hair and a booty to behold...

Then there's Dott, an English redhead just simmering with that subterreanan sexuality those English seem to have.... and both these ladies have been graced with LCN's impressive widescreen live high definition video for their first-time sex chats, so they have every advantage. I can't guarantee they'll be free, guys, unless you rush on over to LiveCamNetwork ASAP.

But then again, you can always Spy on her too.

If you like the hot, blonde bombshell type, with all the curves in the right places and the thick red lips and all that, there's also brand-spaning new Starla who seems to be taking to this new "sex chat" thing like a natural... but you probably don't, naaaah.

And finally but not least, if you're not in the mood for being gentle to the rookies, you can always drop in on Marcy, who is reigning supreme in her chat right now. This brainy, nerdy brunette wears glasses in a much sexy way, and has that kind of hyper sexy energy only the whip-smart ones have.

Check her out and keep up with this blog - after all we will be featuring updates on this Friday Night Girl-a-Thong thing regularly.
Oh, yeah, and lest I forget - and she was new too not so long ago too - there's also

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Friday, May 25, 2007

New Chat Hostess And Special 2-Girl Chat Event!

New Girl At LCN isn't a new girl to the webcam game... SPECIAL NOTE:
The "Li'il Devils" show featuring Tracii and Alexxia has been rescheduled to tomorrow, Saturday night at 7:00 PM eastern! (For technical reasons...)
And now back to our regularly scheduled program... LCN Girl Alexxia was training a cute new brunette earlier - but not for long.
Atish is chatting for the first time at LCN right now but it's not the first time seh's ever done webcam chats. She used to work at other sites and has had plenty of experience blowing minds with her very special Privates...
Look no further for satisfaction... unless of course you're in the mood to experience the intensity of live high definition. Currently the only hi-def girl online is bootylicious Adele, but the evening is young and more are coming on - check the online schedule.
See you in the chat room!

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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Asian Cam Girl Suki Returns to LiveCamNetwork!

LCN Girl Suki is back with her rambunctious sexuality and chat style.I'm not sure from the post in the LiveCamNetwork BBS if she's back for a one-time shot, or will be back doing live sex chat at LCN regularly, but either way you shouldn't miss the return of Suki to her chatroom.

This busty Asian firecracker had a style that regulars to the site still remember, and attendance in her room today so far will testify to that.

If you find it too crowded you can always take her to private or group chat - if she isn't already there, in which case you can always spy on her. It's truly a show.

Or you can drop into wacky fun Adele - I don't know what she's up to but the bright-eyed smiling brunette has a funny hat on and is using a big inflated hammer to drive home some point... I wish I had my sound on but I get the general idea that it's almost too entertaining to interrupt with a private one-on-one chat - no matter how hot and sexy it is.

Drop in and fall off your chair with the LCN Girls' awesome, widescreen live high definition video - it's worth the free sign up!

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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Hot Live Video Sex Chat Events

LCN Girls Alexxia and Tracii put on a devilishly hot two-girl show.Well the LCN Girls are at it again! This time it's a great new hot two-girl show with Alexxia and Tracii, called two "Li'l Devils" who are born to sin (with a wink there).

The show starts at 7:00 PM Eastern Time at and will last until eleven... or until one of them drinks too much and can't take it anymore. Hey, drunk cam girls are better than no cam girls! Anyhow, the show will be full of the usual batch of fun and silliness and interactive games (you could win free private chat time!). So don't miss that, it would be a sin, as the ad says...

Meanwhile, online right now, we have the busty short haired chick Celia, who is currently the only chick on in live widescreen high definition.

There's also cute Black haired, curvy, red-lipped Lydiah... a young thang quite ripe for some new interactive video sexchat...

And then there's the long-leggedy luscious Ava, who tonight isn't twanging a guitar or reciting erotic poetry, but is wearing a kinda straw cowboy hat and sporting a healthy tan from her vacation to wherever the hell she went...

All in all a fine line up and all the more reasons to register, log-in and meet one of the hot LiveCamNetwork Ladies tonight...

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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Chat Hostess Returns and Online Party!

Ah, the girls and boys at are going to do it again - throw a live online party, that is.

This time it's in honour of LCN Kedra's first year anniversary with LCN as well as her birthday...

How old is she? Well, Kedra's profile says she's 26 so I guess she's going to be 27... though I don't put a lot of trust in these things personally.

So that is coming up this Friday, May 11th, starting at 7:00 PM Eastern time, and will feature all her LCN Girl buddies...

Rgith now online LCN is featuring hot teeny vampire-like chick EveMarie, the classy Cassie, and long-gone and since returned Anne - who I haven't featured here since we don't have any pics of her as she is now - she used to be blonde, but now she's much hotter as a dark-haired, big-boobed live webcam delight...

Check her out!!

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