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Friday, June 29, 2007

Terrific Live Friday Night Chat Chick Line Up!!

Well the show is on til midnight at LiveCamNetwork, with Debby and Marcy doing a special two-girl show called "Hell's Belles" in the LCN Dungeon Room (in live hi-def no less!)... and they've been kicking butt (softly, heheh) all night with live online games, secret group gang chats and all sorts of funnin' - drop in while there's still time!

Now apart from the rocker and the geeky specs-wearing chick duo, there's also hot alt-blonde chat hostess Starla doing her absolute best - without trying. She's just a complete charmer and fun to sit there and listen to - I mean any girl with a white polka dot red dress and tattoos is something to see.

Oh, and Starla has a balloon phobia you could help her overcome if you have a balloon fetish...

Meanwhile, in other rooms... Classy sassy Cat is wearing her bowler hat (very sexy) and discussing a variety of semantics while giving what any lingerie/panty fan could want from a tall leggy brunette who'd rather talk you to climax than walk you there.

And the cute fiesty horny charmer Atish is driving them wild in her webcam wonderland with insanely sexy moves of her slender waist and fine-legs petite-ness...

Not only that but insanely popular Kedra will be coming up with her unique brand of live cam chat at eleven PM Eastern. Her sexy eyes and full figure don't quite seem to explain anything about why she's always in group chat... though you could discover for yourself by clicking on the "Spy" chat mode button...

Enjoy the live cam girl cornucopia that is LCN ... on nights like tonight, I know I will...

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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Two Girl Show Coming Up and Live Girls Tonight Too!

LCN Girls DirtyDebby and Marcy will be Ok these live girls are real troupers, let me tell you... come rain or snow or heatwave or hackers, they keep on comin' and keep us comin' too.

Did you know that once, when they couldn't charge for the sexy chat shows, they did them free?

The stories these LCN Girls could tell you... well all you really have to do is ask them, really.

For example, best-selling chat hostess (she's ALWAYS in group or private one-on-one chat, anyhow) Kedra is currently doing her best with a live high definition group gang chat that's lasted forever, it seems... well actually, she might not be a good example. You'd have to catch her in free chat...

Ok, well there's always Alice, who is at the moment NOT in pay chat for once... so you can sample her slender features in free chat if you want... but she won't be there forever that's guaranteed.

But it makes you wonder, they must really enjoy their work... right? I mean, wouldn't you like a job where you can orgasm at will, and satisfies your exhibitionist fetish as well? As well as... well your lesbian fetish? (Ok, ok, in these wild webcam women's case it is a bi-sexual or bi-curious thing)....

For example, this Friday t 8:00 PM EST you can catch long-time DirtyDebby doing naughty things with LCN Girl Marcy... and if I'm not mistaken, this will be Marcy's first time out. A lesbo virgin, so to speak... check out the action this Friday at the Live Video Chat site that never quits!

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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Wild Live Late Night Webcam Girls

Natalya does it right even chatting from home - click the pic to view her video!Whoa it's hard to believe such a line up of high quality live babes - and something for everyone, I must say.

We got LCN Girls lined up for the evening, gents, from hardcore rocker chick DirtyDebby and her awesome tune line-up (from Scorpions to Twisted Sister), to scrumptious cat-eyed Alice who likes to listen to a type of house jazz thing I don't know the name of...

And then there's doll-like tattoed blonde chat hostess Starla, who seems to like fishnets and black latex bras, as a sharp contrast to earthy, voluptuous mountain girl KateAnson, whose prediliction for erotic versions of fairy tales and lusty limericks mark her as a distinct intellectual...

Finally, enterprising home girl Natalya has applied her wit and imagination to creating a fun, funny intro video of herself just saying... hi. Heh. Click on her pic to know what I mean...

Which is just as cool as Tracii setting up some nasty blue-eyed tan-skin live home-based girl one-on-one shared webcam chat appointments.

So now I have to sign off this is nearly too long an entry for this blog, no? Click your way to the most amazing selection of chicks on live video chat and find out why rapturizing is just a part of entering this unique live 'webcam' community...

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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Naughy Nurses, Live BBW, Smart Specs and Rawkin' Mohawks!

LCN Lydia does the Naughty Live Nurse fantasy. Allrighty then a quick fly-by right about now will reveal to us the spice and nice of the site's unique approach to webcams.

First of there's the black-haired beauty of Lydiah, who with her light piercings and red lips still manages to remind this old fart of Linda Rondstadt, that singer chick from the 70's. But Ronstadt had nothing on Lydiah's curvy booty and boobs-appeal though.

Then there's is the nasty-pixie appeal of petite EveMarie, whose red mohawk cut is yet another extreme variation in her ever-evolving hair statements. A quick search through the LCN Girls Blog here wil give you an idea of what I mean.

Like EveMarie, LCN Girl with specs Marcy is chatting in a live high definition, or LCN Hi-Def, chat room - which brings out the loveliness of her slim and slender form. I have a really cool pic of her for you if you bother to click on Marcy's profile link here.

There's no denying the absolute presence of big beautiful webcam woman (BBWW?) Scylla, whose hair has changed yet again to a deeper wine-red - changes that always bring out the the frank and finely chiselled features of her face. She's online 'til late tonight so try to get some time with her when she's not in group or private, to get a sense of her coolness.

Ok, and finally there's LCN Tracii, with tanned skin, great blue-green eyes, and that ass... lordy, just a look at that ass and I swear you're going to want to discuss politics, philosophy, society... anything, just to be in proximity of the brunette's bootilicious bottom.

Like I'm going to do right now... so, you can keep clicking or you can join me there. Chat with ya later!

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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Adele Is a Belle On LiveCamNetwork!

LCN Girl Adele sucks... her finger! mOUhahahah... just kidding heh.She's really fun, really funny and really sexy in an elegant mademoiselle way which will thrill those with a Jackie Kennedy - though LCN Girl Adele's hair is a shade more to brown than black.

But she's also a nutbar who has a super-hero-chick fetish sometimes and does some pretty great private shows along the way (not in the cape and silver bra though). I'll have to get some pics if possible of this brunette wunder webcam woman thing she did one night.

She's online right now at LiveCamNetwork, as well as another classy black-haired beauty with the feline suppleness and sleak lines of her name-sake, LCN Girl Cat - who's also doing her camgirl thing in live widescreen hi-def video.

Also in LCN HD is big breasted ebony chat girl Vienna, whose full lips and sexy hips are finely and fully featured in her chat room - and she's a smart and very conversational lady on top of that .

Finally but not least in any way is the full-figured BBW live cam lusciousness of LCN Scylla, who's been on fairly regularly lately due to her great demand - she's the only big beautiful woman online most of the time.

SO head on down, over or up to your favorite online live adult webcam chat girl emporium, there are so many fine lines to sample there that if it's NOT your favorite... it will be :)

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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Rocker Chick DirtyDebby and Dirty Laundry

Rocker Party Grrl DirtyDebby at the last LCN Girl-a-Thong. Well it's the end of a shift and the start of another.

I'll just report on what's going on right now online....

Looks like LCN DirtyDebby has a lot of laundry to do so she has to go... but she's working at sticking around just to get one more private... what are you waiting for?

She's actually quite hilarious - she's a spandex-wearing hip-huggin' party chick who doesn't really want to do laundry, you know? Black hair, with blonde streaks, and pink-and-black leopard-print mini-dresses are her style, don't you know...

Then there's also our regular big-boobed and BBW Scylla, who's a little too popular to make it worth your wait... or maybe not... heheheh with those tattoos she's like a voluptuous Suicide Girl, you know?

And then of course there's the grand, long black-haired stylish mizzzzzz Cat, who loves to tease and keep that bra and slip outfit as long as she can... though sometimes she doesn't just wait for pay - chat... but don't bug her for it, it's free chat, after all..

OK I gotta head off to LCN before they log off... what are you waiting for?


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Monday, June 11, 2007

Hot Blonde, Short Hair and Big Boobs Too

New Cam Girl Starla is a sunny addition to the LCN Girls. The photo at left hardly does justice to new webcam chat girl Starla, the latest in a constant line-up of new cam girls at

Bright blonde hair and red lips and brightly coloured dresses and various bits of underwear are more representative of the impression she makes on live cam.

Also online tonight are hot to trot regulars like the nymphette cuteness of long legged, short brown haired Alice, and the bodacious no-nonsense attitude, scarlet hair and big boobs of Scylla.

And don't forget these last two are chatting live from live high definition chat rooms the likes of which you've rarely seen.

Most people see these incredible chat hostesses and the video (and audio too!) they're wrapped up in and can't get over it. If you haven't seen it yourself be prepared to be unprepared.

See you in the chat rooms!

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Friday, June 08, 2007

Live BBW, Punkette and Rocker Chicks Tonight!

The great thing about is the variety. If you are a lover a women, real women, and don't care about their height, race, hair, sizes, etc... then this is truly the place for you!

Look at it this way - this is the only place you'll have a ravishing BBW like Scylla next to a cutie-hottie like Atish, or a rockin' Italian chick like Debby with a punky smart short-haired wispy chick like Alice.

Because Variety is truly the spice of life, The LCN Girls are a truly great breath of fresh air in live webcam chat.

But it's not just variety. It's the girls. It's the way they talk to you, interact, make you laugh and laugh in turn at your comments. It's the incredible video (widescreen live hi-def!) and audio... but mostly it's these great chicks...

Check it out, cause I'm going now so this entry is done. And you can tell me what you think in comments below :) !

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Monday, June 04, 2007

New Live Girls and Girl-A-Thong Follow Up

The LCN Girls having a great time live online at the latest Girl-a-thong. Well the ladies of LiveCamNetwork had a grand old time and outdid themselves once again at last Friday night's live online party and Girl-a-Thong.

The theme was balloons and lots of sexy fun was had by all. There's a few photos published in the LiveCamNetwork BBS for those who can't wait for the vids and pics that are sure to come.

But I won't describe what happened... instead I'll invite you to ask the girls themselves. Online right now at LiveCamNetwork are three of the participants...

Rock'n'Roller DirtyDebby is doing her naughty thing right now - and she was a wild woman the other night too.

Then there's the shy, short-haired Alice, who may have a demure demeanor but partied as hearty as Debby did.

Marcy may wear glasses and speak wittily, but she also hides a simmering sexuality and party beast within...

Finally there's cute, red-hair Dott... who I don't know at all, yet. She wasn't at the GaT either so really there's been no "official" intro with her. It's time you go meet her in her chat room, don't ya think?

Chat to ya later or see you online!

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