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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Hot Live Video And Coool Chat Chicks

Suki is hot and bothered at LiveCamNetwork...The chat is cool and the chicks are hot today at LiveCamNetwork, featuring the return (which happens about once every three weeks) of hot live busty Asian doll Suki in her laid-back in free, wild-ride in private chat style...

Another shouldn't-miss cam girl currently online is the low-key, intelligent college girl Lydiah, who could talk to you about art and music and literature, but really - you wouldn't hear a word, so entranced by her jet black hair, red lips and clear green eyes would you be.

And busty Celia is currently in Group chat so I can't really tell you what she's up to - well, I probably can guess - but you can join her in group - or spy - right now if you drop in. She's exploring the depths and quality of (among other things) the live widescreen hi-def chat room she's in, that's about all I can say.

ANd if you do drop in, stick around for the long logs and red hair of Cassie, who'll be loggin in at 7:00 PM EST according to her schedule.,...

They don't let one go that another gets on to get you off at this site ...

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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Ashton Gray Returns To LiveCamNetwork!

Ashton Gray returns to LiveCamNetwork at last!LiveCamNetwork will be welcoming the sleek graceful lines, long dirty-blonde hair and honest natural girl features of miss Ashton Gray again very soon.

And it's not a rumor - the adult super model herself posted in the LCN BBS:

"I am a tall, leggy webcam hostess! I am also an adult model and if you dont know me from here at LCN you may know me from some magazines and websites such as Hustler, Swank, Just 18, Gallery, Club, High Society, Fox and almost every Leg Mag known to man!"

The luscious long leggedy babe will be starting on August 8th, she says... we'll see then....

On Line right now however we have other amateur beauties for you along the lines of Rock And Roll Queen Dirty Debby, sporty some really hep granny horn-rimmed glasses for ya....

The Equally rocky and rolly Celia is also heating up the webwaves at LCN ...

And superciolious Alice (because it rhymes!) is gracing you with ehr fabulousness too...

It's always a great night at LiveCamNetwork, but in this case it's actually a great night because the ladies are there for you all night long!

Me? I'm tired, I gotta sleep, so post a comment or ten about it here and let me know what I missed tomorrow, ok? G'night!!!

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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Live Boobs Night At LiveCamNetwork!

Looks like tonight is live big boobs night at LCN, what with a line up up chesty chat chicks that will have the booblovers drooling, I think...

For example, there's Celia, whose piercings and tattoos would put her in the suicide-girls/alt-chick category of big naturals, and who at the moment happens to be modelling her geeky glasses which she admits she got "So I could look like a nerd."

Then there's busty Lizzie, who really likes costumes like her French Maid outfit - which she's not wearing tonight but if you click on her pic in the last entry, you'll get an eyeful from her profile at LiveCamNetwork. As I write this, Lizzie is modelling her different dildos and vibrators (in a nifty chesty nighty!)... hmmm...

And then there's topy-heavy, small-waisted boobalicious Vienna, whose profile pics just don't show enough so I'm afraid you're going to have to go in there and Spy on her or at least check out her free chat to understand what I'm talking about...

I wonder what tomorrow night's line up will bring... and checking out the schedule I can tell you that there will be cute teen, ebony beauty, hot-ass and nerdy glass wearing chicks, as well as more BOOBS! Ok see ya there...

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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Live Video Sex Chat Goddesses... NOW!

Long leggy LCN Live Chat Goddess Ava. You gotta love for the variety and selection of babes available live online at any time...

For example, tonight there's the TALL long legged sweet-assed blonde-haired Ava, who recently starred in a number of pics featuring her and her red negligee...

And on the other end of the spectrum there's the lovely, energetic Atish, who is petite, sweet, short and sexy as all hell...

LiveCamNetwork also features BBWs, black girls, asians, and all sorts of live flirty girls that you won't be able to resist...

Enjoy the night!! and party on - these chixxx are party time let me tell you!

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Thursday, July 19, 2007

New Girls, Hot Girls, Big Girls and More at LCN

New LCN Girl in traineing AimeeLiveCamNetwork seems to have added a new chat chick in the form of Amee, an ebony beuty with some tropical isle traits that is sure to drive live ebony babe lovers batty... and it's her first time!

Yeah, apparently she's not just new to LCN but new to the who adult webcam thing too... but you wouldn't know it to chat with her.

Time will tell if she sticks around, but you don't need time to know that hot slim brunette Atish has been and will be around for a while. First of all, her energy and spunk is just infectious... and she's also apparently done this at other webcam sites before finding a permanent home at LiveCamNetowrk.

The pic at left features the busty lusciousness of LCN Girl Lizzie, who is NOT online tonight but seems to have had a new buncha pics taken of her - and you can catch her tomorrow night starting at 11:00pm Eastern - but tonight's LCN live big boob babe is none other than "wet woman" Kate Anson - a little something for everyone always at LCN, eh? (that's a canadianism in keeping with the site's Canadian babe theme, heheh).

Drop on by and don't hesitate to say that Sid sent you wink wink...

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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Live Cuties Chatting Online Now!

Alice embodies the essence of cute, sexy LiveCamNetwork energy...Some night have a mix of dark, sultry beauties and serious babes... and some night are all made up of the cute, the naughty and the delicious.

Tonight is such a night at LiveCamNetwork, with first of all LCN Girl Marcy, who in the last two weeks has gone from brunette to streaks to blonde to red head!! Yeah! And now the brainy nerd in glasses (in panties and bra!) is showing us cute funny pictures she's drawing.

If you like those kind of hose that just go up to half-the-thigh, then you're in for a treat with her.

Then there's young miss Lydiah, who is always fun and loves to talk, learn and dsicover new thins. Right now the black-haired beauty is in the chinese room at the studios, and DAMN has had her night-clothed booty taken to private chat just as I was getting into her!

Oh well... there's still rockin', naught miss Lizzie, a busty brunette currently using the site's amazing live high definition video chat so that her incredible energy and intelligence (look, she's studying to be a neurochemist) is finely framed and featured fabulously.

But dont miss the nutty fun of short-haired brunnete Alice, who has decided to get online completely DRESSED and dress-down to her sexy baby doll and panty get-up... she has some pretty funny stories from some barbecue she was at earlier, and seems to be fairly mushy from a few drinks at the party lol.

Ok log in or register free, drop in on these fabulous ladies... you can say hi if you see Sid2 chatting them up - that's me!!

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Friday, July 13, 2007

Live Schoolgirl Cuties and Hot Sultry Chat Vamps

LCN Ava in her red-hot body dress.It's a pretty darned good afternoon in some parts, nice and sunny, but not everywhere... though it's always nice in the chatrooms at LiveCamNetwork - especially when you have the likes of these ladies to ... exchange view points with (heheh).

So black-haired Cat has her long locks tressed up in two pig tails which suits her insanely cute... you can discuss why she did that with her...

And Adele's get-up today continues that girlishness with a sweet and sexy schoolgirl theme, plaid skirt and white blouse knotted between her perky, pierced-nipple titties. She can teach you things, to turn a table on you.

Lydiah is looking rather serious and sultry in her black lingerie and straight black hair right now, in a dramatically lit room that matches her vampiness.

And of course there's the irrepressible, eclectic bondage fan and sub, LCN Ava, who instead of cut off jeans and a straw cowboy hat is today done up in enormous heel and a skin-tight tube-dress, making the really tall woman that she is appear GIGANTIC.
Ok, giant amazon women and funky schoolgirls is a fine way to end a day, so I'll signoff here with reminder to come by tomorrow at 7:00 pm (easter) to catch the Redd and Mona show tomorrow night - see ya there!

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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Two-Girls At Once, Who's Online,

Mona loves when LCN Redd makes her... moan.Hey it's summer season and things are heating up inside and out the chat rooms over at LiveCamNetwork.

The first thing you see when you hit the main page of the site is a big ass banner - of Darth Vader light-sabre dueling with a hot cam girl. So they're at it again! A Sci-Fi Trivia Geek Chick live event will be coming up in the first week of September with chat nerd Kedra and ... whoever else.

The first time they did that kinda thing they called it a Nude Light Sabre Duel - and the ending was hilarious!
But that's far, far away, etc... THIS weekend, LCN Girl Redd is inviting personal friend and video virgin Mona to chat with her in a special 2-girl show that is ... simple. There's no theme or concept other than "Redd Makes Mona Moan". Sounds good. Don't miss it - Saturday at 7:00 PM Eastern.

Online right now there are some truly shining examples of LCN's proud luscious line up - including curvy, big-boobed Vienna, an ebony beauty whose awesome skin tone is best highliighted by the site Live high definition widescreen video.

Also in LCN Hi-Def, and need every pixel of that widescreen, is the long-legged, hourglass figure of LCN Cassie, who's been playing with us online more and more lately. I approve.

And there's also cute black-haired vixen Lydiah, who has a fondness for nurse costumes and other interesting fetish play.

The usual awesome line up at LCN, what can I say? GO!

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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Tall, Long Hair and Sassy Live At LiveCamNetwork!

Classy Cassie is the LiveCamNetwork Tall Hottie of the Week! Tall women with long hair and classy suits can either be intimidating or arousing or a challenge - or just plain frightening.

But not these LCN Girls - like tonight we have missus Cassie, who is quite tall, has great wavy red hair, and a generally sexually leonine appearance that should bring out the cat lover in anyone. Plus, she can hold up a conversation on any nerdy sci-fi trivia topic you can, buster.

Then there's the equally aloof and classy black-haired Cat (hmm, I sense a theme here...) who is just plain "witty, smart, funny, and downright challenging." according to some of the Chat Praise bestowed upon her in her profile.

And finally but never least are the curvy bod and hot sexy eyes of the fabulous electra Kedra - a plugged-in, web-wise brunette who is all sass and class - just not tall and scary like all those other girls.

A fine mix and not always SO varied - but hey I like my pleasure concentrated. Check out and chat up the ladies at LCN!

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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Cam Girl Marcy Goes Blonde!

LCN Marcy goes from an auburn-haired girl with glasses to a blonde!Sometimes a little change can be very refreshing indeed, and such is the case with LCN Girl Marcy, who is now a hot blonde!!

Glasses-wearing nerdy geek brunettes are hawt, don't get me wrong - but so are blondes, no? And Marcy fits the bill either way.

Other ladies online tonight include the webcam tigress (and brunette) Tracii, whose amazing eyes will have you under her spell before she even opens her mouth - to make you laugh out loud or ... other sounds heheh.

And of course there is the ever-present Atish, who tonight is porty (brunette) pig tails and a sexy plaid halter top.

All-natural is all right, but not all the time, right? So it's cool when someone tries something different and provides a little extra fantasy "spice" to something nice...

Meh. Don't believe me? Check out the chat chicks!

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Friday, July 06, 2007

Hot Live Chat Chicks: A new Source Of Natural Energy?

LCN Girl Alexxia Jones steams up the lense - live!Quite a night over at little old There's been a sensational line up of webcam girls (in live hi-def to boot), and now they're gearing up with some top notch cam chicks on for a night of live shows, sex toys and big orgasms.

The line up fun starts with that black-haired 80's Rocker chick DirtyDebby and her endless run of positive, hilarious energy - she just doesn't stop.

Then there's the slender petite charms of Atish, who is always in group or private chat, so you might as well spy on her when you get in there! And she's another inexhaustible source of natural positive energy.

I guess that's what it takes... and maybe if it could be channelled or bottled we could use it so save the environment, in a make love not hydrocarbons way... whatever.

Getting more sultry, dark and torrid you have the live hi-def room of Kedra, a curvy full-figured brunette with an addictive quality to her private chat shows - they just keep cumming back again and again...

In the same vein, there's the hot-bod goddess of many night time fantasies embodied in the intense Alexxia, who just knows what a pocket rocket can do for you...

All in all a heady experience; if you care to sign up for free and peruse the rooms, you'll find out exactly, and more than, what I mean.

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Monday, July 02, 2007

Big Boobs, Nerdy Girls, and Sexy Petite Chat Chicks

Firm Big Boobs and hard attitude - this is LCN Girl Celia!This is going to be a quick drive-by report on the state of things at LiveCamNetwork tonight... but I'm sure you won't mind...

First of al there's something wrong when I can't get pics of Celia, that hot, big-boob chat chick with the cool tattoos, piercings and droll attitude and fun loving spirit when I try to... maybe they should add more more more pics of these girls all over the place.

But then there's just the right dose of come-down and serentiy when I drop into Marcy's chat room - (by the way BOTH are in live high definition tonight and it is SO amazing to see them like this for a change) - and she's her usual weird, quirky nerdy geeky self - glasses and all. And naked. Damn, she was doing a nude quick-strip in free chat and I missed it! Argh!

Oh well, and on to Bettie - who is the shyest, sweetest little thing... with the hard, lean curves of a truly buoyant petite sex machine... what can you do but take her to private chat? Try to break the ice, so to speak...

All right, this was a quick drive-by - I'll try to get more in-depth tomorrow... meanwhile, happiness and chat room bliss to you all...

Yah mon.

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Sunday, July 01, 2007

Live Hi Def Video, Erotic Canada Day Specials, & Other Sexy Chat

LCN BBW Kate Anson does the down and dirty with Canada Day celebrations tonight.They're nutty and luscious and more fun than a barrel full of SnackBars, the LCN Girls are doing their funnest and funniest to celebrate Canada Day from their Toronto studios, LiveCamNetwork style.

For example, the most extreme one at that, there's the big-boobed, big-hips action of KateAnson, who today is playing all-Canadian music... AND has fashioned a Canadian maple leaf flag from her ample hotters and some red bondage tape...

But that's the most extreme example... I'm almost afraid to wander into the other chat rooms at the moment.

Marcy, for example, who's also known as the bondage tape queen (I'll find the picture and put it up here rather than explain), is often known to give straightforward relationship advice, have wild intellectual discussions like sexy college girls with glasses are wont to have, and do hilarious, raunchy crazy shit when she's bored...

And Vienna, who has the breasts of a hentai goddess, wild hair and likes everything from punk to The old Jackson 5, has a great tendency to tease and goof on guys in chat who don't chat, just to bring them out. Tonight, she's wearing hot pants that show off her slender thighs, and calf-high bobby socks. Oh, and she's also in live high definition video, making just a drop-in to her free chat a complete delight...

If you want ebullient, chaos-friendly blonde bombshells and leather and straps, drop into Starla's chat room - she's in regular video, but at LiveCamNetwork that's better than anyone else anyway. I caught her totally nude inf free chat earlier (shhhh!) but that was because some guy was going to take her to PVT one-on-one and forgot to add a couple bucks to his e-wallet - which pushed them both back to free in the midst of ... the action.
More fun, more wierdness... I'd tell you more, but I have to go on in there and see it for myself... and yourself! HEY - happy Canada Day - Canadians and everyone else too!!

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