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Thursday, August 30, 2007

New Nude Nerdy Star Wars Cam Girl Show!

Those naughty nerdy chicks at have come up with another live sci-fi party to play with the gentlemen chatters of LCN with the upcoming Kedra Nerd Party: Star Wars - The Empire Strikes Back!

As with the first and second events, which featured a nude light sabre duel re-enactement and a sci-fi strip trivia contest watching Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope, respectively, this one will feature an ever-growing gaggle of giggly nerdy cam babes in the nude, playing drinking games and watching possibly the darkest and best Star Wars movie.

That said, some of the participants who will be appearing there (and a couple who were at the Best Adult Awards to claim the Best Webcam Site award at the Qwebec Expo last Saturday) are online right now or will be soon - so you can ask all about those two events...

Right now there's raven-black haired Lydiah, who with a fetching nose piercing and red stockings is entrancing a roomful of horny guys (and gals!).

There's also petite skate-punk chicky EveMarie, who sports a reeeeeeal short hair cut and a sexy bra and panty right there in free chat... drop by and I dare you to tell me it wasn't worth it ;)

Later today you'll be able to nerdy girl with glasses Ruby, as well as catch up on some ofthe action at the awards show with blonde babe Starla, the one who was wearing the fuzzy bikini outfit that night...

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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

LiveCamNetwork Wins Again!

Well, they did it again! The LCN Girls earned themselves another Best Webcams Site award from the adult industry at the Qwebec Expo (a Canadian adult tradeshow).

On hand to accept the award some of the behind the screens guys as well as long-legged Ava (in pig tails!), elegant Ruby, furry-bikini-clad Starla, sexy low-cut dressed Lizzie and Kedra, the gothically formal Violet Manson, insanely skimpy Atish, and girl-next-door Marcy complete with glasses (they're real!).

After the thank-you speeches and all the happy-jumping-joy picture taking and stuff, the gang went to party and some racy nightclub pics and fraternizing with the rest of the conventioneers.

Of the crew who attended and can tell you all about it tonight are the blonde-tastic Starla, raging red haired Natalya, short hair and big boobed Celia, and the classy, black-haired Cat.

Stay tuned and check these ladies' schedules regularly if you want the inside scoop on what happened the night of the BAA after-awards party heheh. All you gotta do is ask... also, you won't miss the special announcements and events coming up soon with LiveCamNetwork.

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Saturday, August 11, 2007

LiveCamNetwork's Ruby Returns

LCN Girls Always Come Back - see, it's Ruby! Hope you'll forgive my absence from these pages for the last week or so. Having attended the Internext convention in Florida last week, I had to attend to catching up... and now it's your turn.

Speaking of long absences, LCN Girl Ruby is back! She's been gone ffrom LiveCamNetwork for a while and recently posted up a schedule - here's a few words from her profile:

"I know that it has been quite some time since my last appearance online two years ago (has it been that long?) but I hope that you will forgive my absence. And if you cannot forgive it, I do hope that you will not punish me too harshly."

Heh-heh. Ok Ruby... (oh and she really does wear glasses, for those of you with that fetish...)

Also online tonight are a couple more hot, intelligent webcam girls that will more than just sexcite you.

There's long-legs and submissive lady action with LCN Ava, who writes, "rather than having you tell me to 'do something to turn you on', I may just ask the same of you. I hope you’re up to the challenge."

And don't miss the fun mix of "innocence and nymphomaniac" in live high definition video with LCN Lydiah's particular kinkiness. He profile pic is a terrifically sexy nurse gone wild, for example, and she likes to post sexy pics of herself in the LCN BBS too...

One thing... apparently she has a very special tattoo that you can't see in Free Chat... so you'll have to take her to group or private, because if you ask her she won't tell...

We'll be keeping up the fun here more regularly for a while now so keep on coming back and keep up the the nerdy chick's latest shenanigans and LCN.

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