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Monday, September 24, 2007

Live Lesbian Love Show and More Webcam Wildness

LCN Girl Atish gets a taste of Kedra live on webcam...The night the LCN Girls had their crazy Star Wars night and some fun and games and lived to tell about it, it seems Kedra and Atish also hatched up a little plan to do a two-girl show together.

The result of that will be seen this Thursday, October 4 th at 9:00 pm (EST) when curvy pervy Kedra takes sweet petite Atish for a hot ride at

It was obvious on that drunken silly Star Wars night that the two were hitting it off quite nicely when Kedra started drinking rum right off Atish's body, among other things... so this promises to be a great little event. And yes of course it will be in live high definition!
Currently to be savored online at LCN we have the Rockin' DirtyDebby - whose motto is "SEX, CAMS, AND ROCK N' ROLL" - just so you know where you stand - as well as the tiny waisted bombshell Vienna, and long legs and nipple clamps with Ava.
Check them out and don't forget that even if your favorite lady isn't online, you can check her out anytime with the new archived videos of the LCN Girls' hottest, sexiest private video chat sessions, with more always on the way.

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Friday, September 07, 2007

Nude Cam Girl Star Wars Night

Kedra, Adele and Ava doing the LiveCamNetwork nerdy sci-fi chick thing.They're at it right now as you read this - if you're reading this between 8 and 12 in the evening, eastern standard time, that is...

What's that? Oh it's the LiveCamNetwork Star Wars nerdy camgirl party, featuring LCN Girls, The Empire Strikes Back, sexy costumes and booze!

So live right now we have Kedra and Atish and Ava and Adele and Lizzie in their favorite costumes from Star Wars (really), as well as Cat and Lydiah and Marcy along for the ride in regular sexy clothes....
And they do this in real life, I've heard... they're just bringing their pajama parties to viewers of LiveCamNetwork...
There's also Cassie in regular live high-definition chat - but she keeps hearing all the noise and silliness and popping into the Star Wars room for the free booze and lusty nerdy fun... and so should you!
Ok I'm done here I gotta go check it out - see you there! (you could also win free chat time if you win their Trivia game, by the way!).

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