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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Live Sex Toys And CamGirls and Sexy Toys and JoyToyz

LCN Girl Adele hosts a live sex toy party on LiveCamNetwork with an lot of webcam girls in attendance.Well it's appening NOW the live JoyToyz Sex Toy LCN Girl Party and it's hot and heavy - though stictly PG...

Adele is hosting the event and she's is in her lacy body stocking showing off things like The Inchworm, the Layaspot, the Butterfuly 16 and the Flexi-Felix.

And of course the ladies are BANANAS (ahem forgive the phallic imagery) over these things and the guys are just calling in or making the orders online for gifts to their favorite LCN Girls.

One of the more amazing things on tonight's show is the return of miss Alexxia who is wearing an insanely sexy cop outfit... oh, I forgot, in the spirit of the season, the ladies have not just dressed ahem down, but up in costume.

So Lizzie, for example is a Devil, and Marcy is an Angel and there's a couple cops, housewives and other weird characters out there...
The Ploethora of Dildos and vibrators and other great sex toys available from JOYTOYZ on LiveCamNetwork.One of the main reasons those two girls are dressed that way, by the way, is that right after the JoyToyz Event there's a live bi-girl show, Angel and Devil, with Lizzie and Marcy - who have really taken a ahem Shining to each other since their first such endeavour.

OK I'm tired of writing about it I'm going to go check out the show and so should you. Now.

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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

New Sex Toy Party and Girl-Girl Show!

LCN Girls Kitsune, Ava and a BIG favorite at the last JoyToyz Live Home Party.And I almost forgot to tell you before it was too late! LiveCamNetwork is going to be hosting another JoyToyz Sex Toy education and CamGirl Party!

That's right, just like the last live JoyToyz event, a bunch of LCN Girls are getting together with a BUNCH of fancy, freaky colorful sex toys and are having a party...

It's more like a Tupperware® party but with vibrators and sexy lingerie, though if you do buy your favorite camgirl her or your sex toy of choice you'll probably be able to take her for a private demo.

All those JoyToyz adult stimulation devices come out of the box clean and ready to use, if you know what I mean... so come by and check out Atish, and Cassie, and Cat and Lydiah, Starla and a whole lot more lovely live ladies on Thursday, October 25th at 7:00 pm EST for this cool live widescreen live high definition webcast.
Oh, and BTW, right after the JoyToyz thing, there's yet another live girl-girl show with LCN Girls Lizzie & Marcy!

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Thursday, October 11, 2007

LCN Girls Do TV Again, and Comments Are Now Functional

LCN Girls Kitsune and Violet Manson are interviewed live by TV journalist Richard gets a lot of mainstream attention, especially since they appeared on the Showcase Television series Webdreams not just one but two years in a row...

After MTV, CBC Television and Radio, IFC and more English-language coverage, the LCN Girls have now passed over to the French media.

Les Francs Tireurs ("The Straight Shooters") interviewed some of the office people but mostly focussed on two incredible chat chicks from LiveCamNetwork to feature an examination of what its like to be a camgirl.

LCN Kitsune and Violet Manson, who was personally featured in Webdreams 2.0, conduct a lengthy interview with respected journalist Richard Martineau - who actually let himself appear live on the site! - which is funny, informative and not in the least disrespectful of the chat hostesses. Catch it if you can, this Saturday at 7:00 PM EST on Tele-Quebec - or wait for the YouTube video.

On to who's online live right now - certainly of a more immediate concern...

As I write this there's teh exuberant and creative mizz Adele, a brunette with a great smile and bootylicious proportions - and a nutty love of costumes, from sci-fi and superheroes to burlesque wildness.

Asian hot-body Kitty420 is also on, and also in LCN widescreen and high definition, which so fully allows to feature her long shapely legs among other lovely parts - not the least of which are her easy smile and gift of gab.

Home-based LCN Girl Natalya is showcasing her red-hair and busty figure alongside the others - and she's a real hoot. You want to sit in her free chat for a good fifteen minutes before you take her off to private chat...

And finally and not in the least ... least! is super model Ashton Gray, who has adopted LiveCamNetwork as her live video chat home. I tell you I can't WAIT to have her using the LCN Hi Def chat rooms...

AH, and yes yes I wanted you to know that comments are now working and just waiting for you to give us feedback and commentary on the lovely ladies of LiveCamNetwork as well as the contents of this blog... so come on and let yourself be heard!

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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

More First Time Video Chat Chicks and Gamer Girls Too

LCN Cassie will take on all contenders in a high frag Halo 3 duel to the finish.
Oh my... as one member said, "You guys are such geeks!"

The LiveCamNetwork crew is getting ready to kick some virtual ass online in a live webcast Halo 3 tournament against none other than LCN Girl and sci-fi geek extraordinaire Cassie (who, as per BBS mod's words, will be playing in the nude...).

A challenge has been put out on the site's bulletin board, though no date has been set for this particular event... it's definitely something to come back for just to be sure you get it right...

LCN keeps on recruiting fresh faces for their latest chat chick compaign, and this time they've scored another good interview with cute auburn-haired alt-chick Vandal, who's in a live training session right now - so be sweet, guys...

And there's the fabulous blonde bonbon babe Starla Sparklefox (I know it can't be her real name but it's probably better than most last names you know) who is waiting for more new kinks and fetish suggestions she can video-sexplore with her growing number of chat-girl fans.

It's funny, right now LCN's Natalya is floundering around topless looking for her clothes, having just come out of Private VIP chat... heheh must have been a heck of a wild session (I'm often tempted to type "laugh out loud" in here because I'm so used to it - but I won't, and If I do, gimme shit!)

And speaking of topless, miss Lydiah is also not wearing much else than a pair of small silver heart stickers on her nipples, making ber full boobs quite the distraction in here (and in that LCN live high definition video that can be very distracting indeed).

There's other chat hostesses on right now and coming soon - check their online schedules and gather those bookmarks - I'll meet you in free chat!

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Monday, October 08, 2007

LiveCamNetwork Chat Girls Live Holiday Chat Rooms

LCN Girl Starla Sparklefox - Blonde and BrilliantHappy Thanksgiving Day to all Canadians out there reading this, and Happy Columbus Day for the US readers!

Just wanted to drop a quick note that LiveCamNetwork seems to bee rolling along at the usual clip with more and more live high definition chatrooms available and the usual roster of great camgirls in pretty lingerie.

So once those turkey and parade duties have been fulfilled, it's time to log in for some hot free chat and some real holiday gifts in the form of some truly different cyber-sexy private chats with one of the LCN Girls.

Hot blonde Starla is more than your average live chat hostess babe with her unique point of view and truly adventurous nature, both sexual and otherwise...

Incredible new-comer and hot Asian camgirl Kitty has caught on quickly, and, judging by her popularity (she's always in some Group or Private chat), has a natural, wild sexual side to her that comes out seductively enough in free chat to compel guys to take her private like a chat hottie who's been doing this for ever...
Then we have the curvaceous blue-eyed brunette Kedra, who has a voracious appetite for hot lesbian sex (her most recent 2-girl cam show conquest being sweet petite Atish), and some pretty outrageous private sex sessions...
Finally there is the busty long-black-haired Lydiah, open-minded and enthusiastic with one hell of a groovy tattoo - whose location or concept I will not report here heheh - who has a feitsh for costumes (such as the nurse uniform in her profile pic) and a slightly dark side to her fantasies...
Don't forget most of the LCN Girls now have their private chats archived and available on the site, as well as more and more free photos of them available through the links in their profiles... so you got something to do if you don't want to just spy on them in private with some other guy...

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Thursday, October 04, 2007

New Girl Show, Two Girl Show, and Hot Wax Pain Video!

LCN Tracii gives Atish a Live Brazilian wax job.All right now! Tonight is the night for the Kedra-Atish Live Lesbian Lust in the Loft - the new studio at LiveCamNetwork - nice and big and full of room for these pervy sweeties to play in.

They seem to be playing in free for a while until the chat room is nice and full, when i think they'll just jump into Group chat (and on each other) and make everyone follow them lol.

Check out the live high definition silliness and sexiness that follows...

Also online right now is the hot new Asian camgirl at LCN, Kitty, who for a beginner is really comfortable and a great chat too. Webcams being what they are, sometimes, it's hard of rnew girls to really come across, you know...?

Then there's the full sexy lips of Vienna to fill your screens with, or the classy sultry sessions with Cat that can be unforgettable live shows....

And finally, they posted the new video of Atish screaming... yes, in case you don't remember last weeks live special (and weird) show, Atish got a Brazilian wax job (that's when they strip your pussy of any and all hair using wax strips). As a first timer, it made her scream like a banshee, and you will squirm your way through both the teaser and the full extreme waxing video now posted at LCN... enjoy (?).

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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

New Chat Hostess In Training and More Goodies...

Cam Girl Trainee Kitty is a sexy live Asian babe to die for.Hey it looks like they've been recruit fresh new video chat girls at

Last week it was awesome Asian Kitty420 in webcam training, and today there's blonde hottie Scarlett W.

Look for long-lost LCN Girl Alexxia (who's now managing the studios) to be in the training room with her on and off, and remember, be gentle with Scarlet, she's a newbie camgirl...

Aslo online right now are the quite awesome hourglass-figured Vienna - who is also very very regular lately (I think I've seen her every day, and sometimes in the evenings) - as well as busty Lizzie - she of the infamous maid's uniform and other fantasy costumes that look quite fine on her curvy figure...

A little later, Kitty herself will be chatting, and you can drop in to drool all over your keyboard and enjoy a little free chat with her... she's a natural at this.

By the way tomorrow at 9:00 PM (EST) is the whole new brand new LCN Two-Girl Show featuring "pervy" Kedra and sweet Atish, together for a few hours for your lesbian fetish fun...

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