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Thursday, November 22, 2007

CamGirls: Where Are They Now?

Then and Now: LCN Ava used to chat under the camgirl name of Brandy.LiveCamNetwork is the kind of place, to hear the chat hostesses tell, that would logically attract a lot of camgirls who had left one studio or site or another.

Apparently the LCN Studios are clean, well-lighted places where it's fun and comfortable to work and no one pressures or bugs any one else. From home, the site is a joy to work for because the chatrooms are not filled with beggars, psychos and loonies.

And the girls get paid on time, each time, every time. So you know your hard-spent cash is not going to some profiteering chat studio owner who are all too often found in the trenches... (or so I'm told).

So you can now find some long-lost performers here that used to be... there, if you know what I mean.

LCN Girls include chat hosts that did webcam shows for PeekShows and iFriends and PrivateFeeds and more sites that have studios a little all over and can't always control the work conditions of the live ladies.

So for example, LCN Girl Ava, of the long legs, the power-butt, the nipple-clamp loving submissive used to snap clothespins on her tongue under the name of Brandy at another site.

You can find her now at LiveCamNetwork, alongside other performers who cut their teeth for at the venerable chat site (going on eight years online now folks!) such as LCN's Lizzie, who is currently simulating ecstasy in her girl-next-door camisole and panty get up stretched out on a couch in widescreen live high definition...

Or the newest recruit Ellyse, who wears sexy glasses and has the fabulous curves only native mediterranean women seem to possess...

If you're a fan of adult video sex chat or were a fan of some of the best the live webcam world had to offer, rest assured you'll find them all at LiveCamNetwork better than ever and ready to seduce...

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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Lovely Live And Wide New Cam Girls

New Webcam Woman on LCN Corinne is a bundle of fun.Corinne was looking for other fun jobs that wouldn't take up as much of my time as just working, when she drifted into LiveCamNetwork's studios... and i guess she found it!

The newbie camgirl is turning into quite the reliable chat hostess and soon to be official LCN Girl (when does that happen, I wonder... i guess when I stop posting about them as "newbettes").

Right now as I'm writing this she's taking orders for stockings... because it seems the busty brunette likes them and likes the fact that her chat room guests are asking for her to get fishnets, or those filled ones with a line in the back, or... anyhow - you get the picture.

And while she's talking about how everyone thinks her boobs can't be real because they're so nice, other chat rooms on the site feature breast-and-booty black haired sultriness of Lydiah, the blonde boombasticness of Starla, the hourglass pulpiness of Vienna and purring long legs of LCN Cat...

Stay tooned, I mean tuned (I was looking at the LCN Girl logo because once again Corinne has been jacked into private chat) later for more amazing cam ladies in widescreen hi def chat, and don't forget there's a special show announcement coming up soon so keep clicking back.

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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

A Good Day For Video Chat Chick Heat

New LCN Sweetie Scarlett is new to the webcam thing, but she took to it very nicely.Ah, the leaves turning a hot amber colour and the air getting a little nippy can only mean the onset of winter.

Hope you turned back your clocks, started taking out the sweaters and mitts, and are getting ready for another season of short days and less than friendly temperatures... and, depending where you are, grey skies of snow and ice.

Ah, well what better day than a blah Fall Monday to hunker down at your desktop and enter the warm cozy confines of the LCN Girls chat rooms(in widescreen and live Hi Def to boot)?

Online right now you'll be able to cuddle up with lovely new blonde chat hostess Scarlett_w (a real classic cutie, too, with her Marilyn Monroe beauty mark on her right cheek). She's a newbie but very comfortable and sexy in her naughty French way... You can catch new pictures of her by going to her LCN profile now, by the way.

There is also the live hot chat presence of Asian beauty Kitty (actually it's "Kitty420" - but I don't know if that's a pot reference or not), who also has a few new pictures in schoolgirl attire - short plaid skirt, white blouse tied under the cleavage - posted up on the site now.

And for a little spice and variety there's the red-lipped, black-haired camgirl Lydiah, whose "Innocence meets nymphomania" sultriness is a great turn on for many LiveCamNetwork regulars - find out for yourself, though.

Actually that's been made easier now; a new feature at LCN is being able to just jump right into a girl's chat room to check her and her video out without registering. You're just "anonymous" in the chat room. Registration is also free, by the way - so you can enter free chat and ask her before hand if she does whatever it is that turns you.

Turn back the oncoming cold season a little with a free visit to the hot webcam women of LiveCamNetwork - just to see how cool they are heheh.

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