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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Cam Girl Double Birthday Show!

LCN Girls Ruby and Kitty celebrate the same birthday... online.Damn I almost missed it! Right now two LCN Girls are celebrating the same birthday - in the same chat room heheheh.

That's right for fans of the site it's a big show with Kitty420, LiveCamNetwork's resident hot Asian chat chick, and Ruby, geeky spectacled hot nerd chick, share the same birthday and for a while at least will be sharing a chatroom... and whatever else happens.

There's been surprise drop ins from LCN Ava and Cassie, who are also online in their own widescreen high definition chat rooms

Apart from those two similarly long legged hot assed webcam women, who are of course completely different from each other in terms of their... sexual tastes, let's say, there's also the raven-haired Lydiah in LCN Hi Def, and the Goth-a-billy Violet Manson, among many others.

Go discover them after you drop in and wish the girls Happy Birthday!

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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Live Cam Chat Tonight... And Last Friday!

LCN Girl Ellyse has curves worth featuring.Well, she came, she came several times, then she went and it all went too fast!

Penthouse Pet Charlie Laine had a great time and gave a great time to LiveCamNetwork regulars and newcomers who gawked in awe at the hot model and girl-girl adult actress in the LCN Hi Def widescreen format, which doubled the impact to say the least and if you know what I mean...

She was a natural, as if she'd been trained by LCN Studio Managers, and conducted herself with great charm and cuteness without being coy or fake.

"I heard so much about you guys and how great a bunch you all are," she was saying at first. By the end of her session, she was just as enthusiastic: "I love you guys, you f-ing rule. I'm coming back to LCN as soon as I can. "

A nice bonus was that she ended up being in the site's unique LCN Hi Def, amazing widescreen and high resolution video that's almost as good as TV.

I for one will be back for the next live celebrity chat at LiveCamNetwork- especially if that happens to be Charlie Laine.

Right now forget celebrities, we got the real amateur deal, for example, with miss Ellysse who is turning out to be a real deal sexy flirty brunette with killer curves and a sassy, sexy smart girl-with-glasses appeal that's hard to beat.

I'll be back tomorrow with more of the stuff happening at LiveCamNetwork - and there's more than a few surprises, especially for those of you who bookmark LCN and know about some of the past stuff... heheh.

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Monday, December 03, 2007

Penthouse Pet Charlie Laine Live On LCN

Penthouse Pet Charlie Laine Videochats Live At LiveCamnetwork. LiveCamNetwork is always full of surprises.

After offering us off-the-wall events like the Girl-A-Thongs (various kinky themes), Sex Toy Parties and Nude Light Sabre Duels (sci-fi geek chick trivia parties in lingerie - or costume), now they're going after the big names with a live sex audience with Penthouse Pet Charlie Laine.

Pet of the Month in February 2006, Laine will be chatting at LCN this Friday, December 7th at 8:00 pm Eastern Time.

She's done other chat sites before but according to her new LCN Profile, "I heard alot about the community on this site and I think its fantastic! Its true. I like sites that are FUN to hang out on, ya know?"

Meanwhile log in or register free and check out the crystal clear video and audio with LCN Girl Cat or Marcy or any of the other chat hostesses currently waiting to entertain and seduce.

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