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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Cam Girls And Penthouse Pet Shay Laren Too

Penthouse Pet Shay Laren Chats With Fans At LCN.LiveCamNetwork is at it again. And that's good.

On top of their usual plethora of awesome chat hostesses and webcam performers, LCN will be presenting the awesome... talents of Penthouse Pet Shay Laren on Friday, February 1st at 8:00 PM.

The luscious busty beauty will be logging in to the site from home and one hopes they'll be setting her up to do the live high definition webcast the way Charlie Laine had it last month.

That way we can view all of her, from her long legs to her trim waist and ... well, all her natural attributes in one shot.

Online at LiveCamNetwork as I type this are a great line-up and surprises.

Hot Asian cam goddess Kitty420 is done up in latex and small chains, sitting back on a leopard-skin (some of the girls at the studio are saying they can hear her orgasms through the walls) that must be inspiring.

The mysterious, tall dark-haired Cat is in the dungeon decor doing her best to use the LCN Hi Def widescreen display to its full potential.

Busty red-head Natalya is sitting on a bean bag chair the same color as her funky bra (day-glo orange) and playing strip trivia with her chatroom guests...

It's a night for big boobs me thinks with curvy Kedra cuddling up for her very special chat sessions...

Oh, and there's a surprise girl-girl show happening tonight that wasn't announced with Lizzie and Marcy together in one room to wow the us with nothing on except their glasses and mardi-gras beads (SHOW US YOUR BOOBS! actually you keep getting nipple flashes from between the necklaces).

Alright I'm outta here I have to get back to the webcam fun now, so... see ya there!

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Friday, January 11, 2008

Live High Definition VideoChat Featured Tonight

You're in for a treat tonight at recently XBiz-Award nominated LiveCamNetwork with a plethora of hot live ladies in lingerie sex chatting for you in LCN Hi Def - as illustrated in very reduced fashion above...

You've got, as shown in photo, the long legs and smooth butt of Miss Ava in HD (widescreen too!) as well as the full sensuous pleasures of Kedra's curves and blue eyes, whose adventurousness and experience always bring 'em to their knees...

There's also tall, classy sassy Cat, who is tonight fully featured with her soft pouty lips brown hair and eyes fraimed in wondrous widescreen as well... and of course, who could beat brains and breasts so amply combined in the luscious Lizzie...?

Oh and very shortly the eletric petite powerhouse babe Atish will be logging in... really, why miss this?

This is just a quick update, a drive-by post to remind everyone that these many ladies may participate in the live Strip Guitar Hero Challenge next Friday nights, and the chances that you can read this tonight mean you very well might be free next week.

See ya later fellas!

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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Sexy Live Guitar Hero Event

LCN Pixie will be one of the Live Strip Guitar Hero Smackdown. Always out to have more sexy interactive fun and break new ground in live adult video chat, the ladies of LiveCamNetwork have decided to have a live Strip Guitar Hero Challenge.

You see, seems LCN Vienna is a Guitar Hero III Ace, and a group of LCN hotties have set out on a crusade to dethrone her...

Has Vienna been boasting? Does she play online and ultimately destroy everyone?

Who knows? You can ask the girls as they log in before then. So far, those who've confirmed are LCN camgirls Pixie, Marcy, Debby, Lizzie and Kedra. More are said to want to join in, too...

Right now you can log in (or just view as guests) and ask the online LCN Ladies Kedra and Pixie, or find out if blonde bombshell Starla, short-haired brunette Corinne or tall, long-legged Cat are going to in fact join in....

I know I will be, just to see hot chicks in lingerie try to out guitar-rawk each other while getting slinky and sloshed in live hi def video.

But the best part is that if you're set up with a XBox 360 and a good Internet Connection... you'll get to play against them! Seriously. Really. I'm NOT kidding...

See ya at LCN on Friday, January 18th at 8:00 PM Eastern time...

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