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Thursday, February 28, 2008

LovelyLiveShow Leap-Year Lust At LCN

It's a day that doesn't exist except once every four years and LiveCamNetwork will fail at nothing to create a mini event.

In this case, LCN ladies Kedra and Atish - who was once known as LovelyLiveShow at PeekShows - are getting together to celebrate February 29th.

You can register free at LCN now so you don't have to go through the simple email validation when the show will be on, or you can wait and use the site's new "anonymous" guest entry which doesn't require anything...

Remember that even if you're registered as a LiveCamNetwork user, you'll still be sent to a buy-time page after a certain amount of minutes in free chat, so you might as well top-up your e-wallet (or "Hot-Wallet" as they call it) as soon as you register.

Just don't forget the site is optimized for use by IE and that the latest java runtime update is required for LCN's Hi-Def video stream... it's worth the extra work...

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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Wild Webcam Women Chat And Celebrate

Self-posted picture from LCN Cat's LiveCamNetwork profile.

A few notes about today's online chat chick selection at LiveCamNetwork, real quick here:

As posted in the LiveCamNetwork Forums by Zarniwoop, LCN Girl Cat is back online after a bout with a bug for some "belated celebrations... both Valentine's and her 4 year LCN anniversary".

Also in the BBS, cuddly Kedra, who's been around a few years too, suggested a return duo bi-girl cuddle-chat event for the wildly popular (and naughty, oooh so naughty) pairing of herself with petite Atish as a "Leap Year Late Night".

"We won't have the opportunity to do anything like this for another 4 years," she writes. Your input would be appreciated.

Kedra won't log in until 8:00 PM tonight, EST, but you might want to drop by to check out who's online now to give yourself an idea of the kinda kinky fun to be had.

An event that happens nearly every day and worthy of celebration is hot Asian orgasm queen Kitty420, who is currently occupying a highly vetted live hi def chat room, delighting her guests with her delight...

And let's not forget timid, curvaceous Ellyse, with her glasses and soft, sexy voice, and dildos, and fingers, and long brown hair and...

...and well I'll just leave off here and let you make up your own minds...

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The LCN Girls Blog Is Back!

Lola Chats live for the first time tonight at LiveCamNetworkAfter a hair-raising discovery that the site had dissappeared from the net, The LCN Girls Blog is back with its wild webcam women, cute camgirls and chat hostesses from

It was a close one.

Currently we have NO idea what happened... except the whole thing just went poof, disappeared, along with all the great pics and images we've posted. We're back, though you may notice some stuff missing here and there...

Anyhow that's not important - The blog is back and the girls too in live high definition video chat. That's important.

If you like long legs and short hair, brunette sweetie Lola is on right now and always in private despite the fact that she's doing her first solo chat tonight after an intensive training from miss Ava the other day.

Also online is the rock'n'roll DirtyDebby, who likes to blast Iron Maiden and wear leopard spot spandex before doffing all for the boys and her toys...

You won't want to miss another short-haired, brown-eyed brunette online now in the comely form of Corinne, who is a free spirited, open-minded sexual adventurer, a brainy camgirl with breasts like ice cream who will challenge your conventional attitudes on sex... virtual or actual.

Also in the tall-woman category, and fitting the strawberry-blonde, sci-fi nerd hot-bod category, is Cassie, currently more than doing justice to the live widescreen chat room she's in...

And finally there's the ultimate girl-next-door chat chick Natalya, she of the medium red hair, ample bust and swervy hips - an hour-glass shaped hottie who will make you laugh as much as... well, you know, that other thing these hotties are supposed to do heheh.
That's the line up for now! The Blog is back and we'll be back with more news in a short while.

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Thursday, February 07, 2008

The Heat Is On For The LCN Girls

Does This LCN Girl Deserve To Win An Award? Tonight's the big night for the LCN Girls and the people behind LiveCamNetwork itself.

In Los Angeles, it's XBiz awards, an industry award show sorta like the porn Oscars, and a nomination for LiveVideo Chat Of The Year for LiveCamNetwork, and also Software Company of the Year for LCN creators

It would be a third year in a row for LCN, since last year and in 2006, they were awarded the BAA Award for Best Webcams Site.

Will the LCN Girls clean up? Judge for yourself:

Online right now in the site's LCN Hi Def widescreen chat rooms you have the long-haired, long-legged Ava whose hair has gone back to its strawberry-blonde glow. She's wearing a tight red latex dress and excusing herself for having a runny nose - and no kleenex! Hah!

And there's also the firey Atish, whose name means "fire" in Iranian, and though she's not wearing the hot red fishnet number at left, I put up that pic because she's got two new ones like this in her profile, plus a whole slew of new pics in her gallery! (yep the LCN Girls have their own galleries now).

And of course there's the unique blonde alt-chick kitsch of Starla Sparklefox, who's using live high definition but for whom it matters least because you can't get larger than life than Starla.

Finally there's short-haired brunette Corinne, whose big china-doll eyes and toothy smile win out over the intesity of her smooth pale skin and puffy nipples...

There's more for you to judge, but really, just from that short sampling, you gotta admit the LCN Girls should win the Live Video Chat of the year hands down...

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