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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Star Trek Erotica Contest And Nude Nerdy Girls Too

LCN Girl Ava with Captain Kirk's Log...Those geeksters and hotties at LiveCamNetwork are at it again, this time with Star Trek instead of Star Wars as a theme.

It won't be a live event, rather it uses the power of the imagination and could win the best entry $100 USD in live chat minutes...

The idea of the contest as posted in the LiveCamNetwork BBS is to "Write up a short story; a 2 paragrapher or a whole novel, about any LCN girl you want, and her first night's adventures on a Starship or (yawn!) Deepspace 9."(from the LCN BBS)

The story has to feature one of the LCN Girls with one of six Trek Universe captains, from "Young Cappy Kirk" to Captain Janeway (girl-girl sci fi sex!).

The contest ends May 16th so you have plenty of time to compose, or even register for a free account and test out some of the lovely live ladies, from funky kitsh queen Starla Sparklefox to cuddly (Star Wars phreak) Kedra.

So whip out those... pens, boys, and get to writin'...

Right now online you can catch catalyzing Cat in her non-nerdiness, captivating Cassie at her sci-fi-nerdiest, and Starla herself... all waiting in their widescreen hi-def chat rooms for you to ask them who their favorite Trek Captain is...

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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Photo Galleries Are Back At LiveCamNetwork!

Sexy long legs and a butt to die for: LCN Ava.Excellently back to the new design of LiveCamNetwork are the photo galleries of the LCN Girls, which had started surfacing towards the end of the old design, along with the video archives of some of the choicest moments in private chat.

Cheaper than actually taking a girl to paid chat, and simpler too since there's no chatting involved (sorry girls, but some of us just like to watch heheh), the archives feature the likes of long-gone brunette babe Alexxia, rare clips of red-head teen Tiffany Lee Fisher, and short-haired slinky Alice.

There's also vid-clips of current chat hostesses online, like the very flexible Ava, busty babe Lizzie and blonde kitsch kitten Starla Sparklefox.

Another very cool thing about the archives is that you can find out exactly what these gals are like before visiting their live chat rooms... and lots of them are recorded in the site's LCN live Hi Def feature - widescreen and all...

Though every model profile has a pictures link in her profile, they don't all lead to actual galleries... I don't know if that means there are none, or if the pics just haven't been added... but I'll email the webmaster and find out for you :)

Ok online right now we have the aforementioned Ava and Lizzie, as well as Retro Rocker Babe DirtyDebby, and that tall, leggy and gorgeous blue-eyed redhead (another one!), nerdy babe Cassie.

The LCN schedule informs us also that sleek squirting Atish will be cumming online at 8:00 PM EST so dont miss one of her very special private shows either...

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