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Friday, May 30, 2008

Corinne Returns To LCN... Only to Leave!

Corinne's other parts are as soft and sexy as her eyes...Mysteriously absent LCN hottie and splendiferously-boobed chat hostess Corinne is returning to LiveCamNetwork today...

Unfortunately it's with a bittersweet coda.

As she wrote in the LCN BBS, "time has come for my end here in the wonderful world of Chat Hostessing."

However, as she also wrote, "I will do my best to ease the transition into a Corinne-free life," and in that interest has announced the first of her last three chat webcam (well, let's say live high definition video) appearances.

This is your chance to get to see one sweet, sexy chat chick on the first of her three final live appearances, starting at 6:00 PM tonight with, as she calls it, the "Corinne Kingdom Countdown."

Her next appearances will occur once in June, and finally on her birthday in July. Bookmark to keep up on the precise days. (Well, I'll probably blog you about it too.)

Meanwhile online LCN Girls feature a fine variety of ladies for your pleasure, including the rock'n'roll throwback (well, to the 80's anyhow) DirtyDebby, who's currently telling us about "unrealistic" movies and how much she hates them; tall leggy brunette Cat is currently having problems with her music; and crazy-fun redhead Redd is entertaining the boys with her kink for lust and big toys...

Be prepared to be challenged and amused and aroused...

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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Sci-Fi Erotica and Live Webcam Nerdy Girl Pajama Party

When LCN Girls party together, you never know what to expect...When it's quiet, it's just the best live video sex chat around... and when decides to liven things up, they do it with style and originality like no other...

For example, they've extended their LCN Star Trek Erotica contest so that the winner is announced on none other than Ava's LCN Slumber Party theme night.

This Saturday, May 24th, the winner of the Erotic art and literature contest, which has to feature LCN Girls with Star Trek Universe ® crew members, will be announced to the tune of $250 in chat minutes!

Actually it will be two winners - one in graphics, the other in the written word.

There's still time to join, and read-up on the LCN Slumber Party (starts at 10:00PM EST and last's till the wee hours), at LiveCamNetwork and it's forums.

The ladies in jammies will be lovely big boob blonde in glasses Olivia, long raven-haired Cat, wild Sparklefox Starla, geek-in-a-bombshell body Cassie and miss licious herself, Ava...

Right now you can catch hot Asian firecracker Kitty420 (ask her about the 420 in her name hehe) and one of the Pajama Party Pretties herself, Cassie, on LCN. Beam me up!

Kirk out.

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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Hot New Webcam Babes Wear Glasses Too

LCN Olivia will awaken fantasies of sexy late night study sessions.There's new faces at and they're as usual delights to encounter.

Emlie is one sleek-bodied hottie who's been online a lot lately, and she's got one thing in common with another LCN newbette known as Olivia - who's online right now as I write this.

Olivia's a boobs-intese, blonde-haired brilliant English speaking babe who has great conversation. Though a debutante, a videochat virgin, she's got that gift of gab and the wit to cover many many people at once in free chat - including you...

One can only imagine her online, private chat talents...

But the thing they have in common is that they both wear glasses... and I think I'm either developing a fetish or these chicks are simply HAWT with specs... I dunno... I'll have to research some more, I guess.

Also online right now burning up the live, widescreen hi-def video chat screens right now are the long, black-haired Cat and busty brainiac Lizzie.

Variety, choice, selection - even if you don't like her look, you'll LOVE your average LCN Girl... try her today heheh.

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Monday, May 12, 2008

Violet Manson Is Back At LiveCamNetwork!

Holy geeze how did I miss this one?!?

Anyhow, web gothabilly mistress and LCN Chat Hostess Queen Violet Manson, who was mysteriously missing for months from LiveCamNetwork, has now re-emerged as raucous and rock'n'roll as she ever was....

I missed her first two shows, ok? So I can't tell you why - you'll have to log in and ask her yourself (next time Violet is Online according to the schedule is 1:00 PM tomorrow).

Anyhow this is a new photo of Violet for you fans and wannbes... meanwhile you can catch some totally fun and way-out shows with the indestructible (squirt QUEEN) Atish, and kitsch queen deluxe miss Starla Sparklefox... and if you don't know her, you should.

Joining is free, fun and very educational...

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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Big Beautiful Woman Kate Anson Is Back At LCN!

LCN Girl Kate Anson is back in the hi def chatrooms at LCN.That's right, after an unexplained (though I'm sure she'll tell you all about it in her live high definition chat room) absence, Kate's back as an LCN Girl and rarin' to go.

Here's from Kate's Profile, which begs to be quoted in FULL: "By day, Kate Anson passes among normal mortals as a mild-mannered secretary. But when darkness falls, she sheds her mousy demeanor to become SUPER SLUT! With her amazing superpowers of being able to leap (on) tall erections with a single bound, strip faster than a vibrating bullet, and orgasm on command, she patrols the Internet looking to end the misery of sexual frustration (mostly her own). "

Kate's delicious plumpness, glasses, extra long hair and complete brainiac dialogue & sense of humor make her the ultimate nerdy girl babe and a popular chat hostess.

Check her out our don't, you've got the embarassment of choice tonight at LCN as the HD rooms also feature videosex kitten Vienna with her plump lips, round butt and perfect, big boobs...

And of course you can't go wrong with a submissive, long-legged, ass-to-die-for like bi-girl Ava who invites one and all to spy on her sexy solo hijinks... (which seems to be the only option for some reason... she's in private one-on-one ALL the time...).

Ok and that's about it for me. I'll see you on the far side ot ecstasy, as they probably don't say but should in the live sex fantasy business... good night, all!

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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Hot Chicks With Glasses & Live Nerdy Babes

The LCN Girls come in every stripe and type... pun intended.It isn't easy to keep up with the line-up of hot babes that log in and get off on, but somebody has to do it heheheh... sigh.

Ok, anyhow I've got something of a system and also use this here old blog to make it work - and so can you if you have specific tastes.

For example, lately there seem to be lovely girls with glasses, very nerdy, very sexy girls with the specs, don't you know, like new gal Emlie...

Then there's some on like Corinne and Lizzie who are breastacularly endowed...

Or long legged lasses like Cat and Ava... or Blondes, like Starla or Olivia, or red-heads like Redd, Natalya... The list goes on.
Online right now along with the aforementioned Emlie, there's the steamin' 80's rocker chick DirtyDebby, who's got a tag all her own so you can find all the posts mentioning her and her manic sexy chat sessions... but then she's in her chat room now, so...

With this here old blog, it's easy since we started using the tags or labels or whatever they are, at the bottom of each entry, so you can find the thread on all the long legs or sexy specs available on our little old blog... and it helps you keep your minds and hands on more important things mouah!

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