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Friday, June 20, 2008

Parade of Live Hi Def Cuties at LiveCamNetwork

LiveCamNetwork features such cuties as Dexi...Well here's some news straight from the chat rooms at

First of all DirtyDebby is going on vacation so she won't be around for the next while, tonights one of your last chances for a while to hook up with a great, no stops barred sexy chat experience.

We've also got the volcanic orgasmus maximus Asian sex babe Kitty420 doing her... "thing". Damn there is no better word to explain...

i don't know who Dexi is but damn she's new and blonde and CUTE and she has long white plastic boots that drive me wild!

And finally and so NOT least is the nerdy sexy French Canadian girl with glasses Ms Emlie, who is wearing a wondrous pink-red nightie and recently showed us how it complemented who sexy small munchy boobs and rounded her rapturously rounded derriere...

Ok, so it's not "news" per se, it's just an update... but these ladeis are worth checking out, especially in live high definition widescreen... go go go!

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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

LiveCamNetwork's Modern Virtual Harem World - An Online Party

An incredible simulation of the upcoming LiveCamNetwork Harem Night Party.The Girls of LCN are at it again with some more variations on the live online buncha girls in panties party concept... except this time they're not wearing simple lingerie.

The LiveCamNetwork Harem Night party will feature a bevy - nay! a HAREM - of luscious live ladies preening and carrening in veils and various I Dream Of Jeannie outfits while you click away at the shooter button and interactively win and lose silly game with them.

Also, the site will be featuring a brand new (Harem style) studio big enough to fit everyone, "special lighting" and multi-cam coverage will make sure the whole thing goes off in style.

Online tonight at LiveCamNetwork are some of the participants of the event, coming up on June 27:

Sulfurously figured Lizzie is currently in her school girl get-up (well, what's left of it being the glasses, the loosened tie and black bra), insanely ebullient Atish is thanking and blowing kisses to all the guys telling her how hawt she looks tonight as she starts her shift, and Cat, as usual, is taking full advantage of the widescreen live hi def video to put her long legs, long brown hair and all sorts of other things to best advantage.

Ask them yourselves if they'll be showing up and dressing down on Harem Night... (starts at 8:00 PM Eastern Time!)

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