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Thursday, September 18, 2008

LiveCamNetwork's Hot Kinky Nights

LCN Girl Ava is a kinky live webcam gal...The LCN Girls are hot as hell lately and sweet as angels.

But they're especially naughty and prone to lots of kinky stuff...

For example did you know long legged Ava is a total submissive and loves to get spanked, have clips on her nipples, and ... well, you'll just have to discover her for yourself.

On the other hand, mistress Xev is prone to almost anything, at least once to see if she gets off on it, but is most at home in a dominating positiong?

Then there's breastacular Lizzie, who is a sci-fi nerd (see her dressed in her starfleet uniform!) and more than bi-curious lesbian lover, as well as a complete costume fetish femme...

There's quite a bit moreto offer on the site so you'd have to browser the lovely ladies' profiles yourself to find the chick and kink that turns you on.

Speaking of which, we have our little Martina-watch now posted above - check that out! It's a countdown to the special event with Martina Warren LIVE at LCN. What? You're not registered yet? Do it now, free - sign up and ensure your place at Martina's special evening.

After all, you'll have plenty to distract you til then heheh...

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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Another Penthouse Pet At

Penthouse Pet Martina Warren chats life on Well it has been a while but the LCN Girls are still rockin' on without this little ol' blog to tattle on all their tales heheheh.

But I'm back and with me - some damn good news! Coming September 26th to will be a special 4-hour chat with blue-eyed blonde bombshell and Penthouse Pet Martina Warren.

Martina will be logging in at 9:00 PM EST and hanging out with you guys for a few hours, answering questions, taking on your suggestions and even getting down and dirty in special Group Sex Chat Sessions.

Naturally the online and offline star will get the star treatment and be chatting in the site's special LCN Live Hi Def video, which, in widescreen and all, is a pretty incredible viewing experience.

So butter up that popcorn and lubricant and get ready for a special fun evening. You can register to LiveCamNetwork free and load up time in your e-wallet ahead of time to make sure you get dibs on the evening (you can only free chat for 20 minutes before you have to load up your e-wallet with at least 20 bucks to get unlimited free chat).

Right now online at LCN you'll find sweet and sexy brunette Sophie, splendiferous alt-blonde Starla Sparklefox, and dragon-riding Asian fireball Kitty420... the real stars at LiveCamNetwork are the LCN Girls, after all...

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