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Thursday, October 30, 2008

New Pics, New Chicks and One-Night Stands!

LCN Girls rawk out in the fetish department.Rumours have been flying around the LiveCamNetwork BBS and have finally been confirmed: LCN Girl Cassie is returning during a break in her studies for a quick one-night-stand chat today at 4:00 PM EST (ok, "one-night-stand" depends on your timezone, nyah).

It's been a while since the blog was updated so let's get up to speed on what's happening over at LCN:

New Chat Hostesses! Yep, they've been driving up the recruiting lately, and added some fine cuties to the line up.

First there's the newest, Chelsee, a sweet short-red-haired girl with glasses "with a little bit of a dirty punk rock side."

Another I've only mentioned once is Sophie, a "good little Catholic girl" who's been rebelling live in her chat room... again and again...

And then there's... well, I won't say she's new - she's just LCN's Xev, who just keeps changing and changing, keeping herself fresh and new and stimulating each time she logs in. This week, she's a redhead... and so's Violet Manson, and so's Chelsee and quite a few others... what is it?

Is it a fashion thing? Is it an Autumnal change in look and feel? Is Cassie going to be a redhead too?!?

Hmm... stick around to find out, and you can entertain yourself with Violet, online now, as well as DirtyDebby, that dirty rockin' 80's spandex chick who USED to have black and white streaked hair and is now a nice, shiny soft shade of... you guessed, RED.

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Thursday, October 02, 2008

OOOMPH and LiveCamNetwork Kicks Booty

LCN Girl Vienna has the sweetest ass at LiveCamNetwork.OH my my well I love LCN and all, but every once in a while I come across something hotter than usual, and Vienna, though always hotter than your average gal, was stumpafying tonight.

She's usually a really shy girl and wears her glasses and chit chats politely and sweetly with us... but shyly, demurely... it's adorable, until you get to private chat, of course.

And then the walls of LiveCamNetwork studios must shake with the energy this hourglass-shaped nerdy girl releases when she has an orgasm...

Anyhow, it was much more than we usually get in free chat tonight when she started doing a gyrating fishnet strip to some old corny blues song, and when she dropped that black mini skirt... anyhow, I think you don't have to imagine what happened...

Vienna is on pretty regularly but she likes to keep her sweet, thick lips and brown eyes for the live stuff, not pics... so feast your eyes on those cheeks above, heheh.

Also online tonight you'll have great brainiac fun and kinky submissive tease with the tall sexy Ava, who has been rocking her chat room tonight with her black leather boots, dog collar and leash and slut paddle...

Sigh, gotta love the LCN babes, no?

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