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Monday, November 17, 2008

LCN Chat Chicks Return To The Roost!

LCN Girls Neena returns with her awesome boobs!Some amazing surprising news this week!

(Yeah, ok, I know, I've been neglecting this blog and I apoligize... but I been BUSY with... with... STUFF... ok??)

Anyhow, as I type this, boobaliciously sexy big-boobs babe Neena is back on LiveCamNetwork chatting like she never left!!

(Actually she's always in group or private so you'll have to spy on her; it's as if she's been gone forever, which she has... )

Then Fabulo rockin' short-haired Chelsee, who also wears glasses to just turn over your total nerd chick fantasies, is buggin' me cause she's never in free chat either...

Anyhow there's other babes on LCN tonight but those are the ones who are turning me on and frustrating me out the most ... LOL...

Maybe we'll have better luck Friday, when the babe with the sexiest skin-tone in the history of LCN ever returns... I'm talking yes yes miss Tracii!!

See ya then!

See you all there... actually, no... stay away, go, play golf, leave us alone... you ARE NOT WANTED!!!

(this is the part where I bawl like a baby)...


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