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Thursday, January 29, 2009

LiveCamNetwork Kedra on The Jon Dore Show

Here's the clip from the Jon Dore Show featuring LCN Kedra as a "sex expert" in his quest to discover the reason he is just... so... horny! (This is especially for our American fans of Kedra who don't have access to the Canuck-only broadcast or website, TheComedyNetwork Canadian edition of ComedyCentral)

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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

LCN Kedra on Jon Dore Show Tonight

LCN Kedra to rock the Canadian airwaves with Jon Dore.Jon Dore Gets Horny and guess what he does?

Well it looks like he turns to kinky bisexual LCN lady Kedra Alliard for advice ... or therapy or something.

The LiveCamNetwork favorite was selected by the ComedyNetwork's producers to be his chat hostess of choice for the episode

She'll be appearing on The Jon Dore Show tonight, Wednesday, January 28th, at 10:00PM eastern.

The show is usually posted on the Comedy Network website but those of you in the United States won't be able to watch it.

It seems that allows only Canadians to view its content, and only Americans... go figure, since the US site and Network don't have the Jon Dore show...

No doubt his YouTube, MySpace and FaceBook channels will feature clips in a few days, but LCN is going to set up a special camera for those who can't watch the show... that's right, they'll get to watch Kedra watch herself on the show, starting tonight at 10 o'clock eastern...

Kedra herself is nervous and writes in the LiveCamNetwork BBS: "NO TALKING ABOUT IT IN OTHER CHAT ROOMS least not until I get to hear how stupid I looked from you guys first."

Meanwhile, Americans can get a preview on this MySpace page: and you'll get an idea of how horny Jon Dore is...

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Friday, January 23, 2009

LCN Ava's FIFTH Anniversary at!!

Ava parties with pussy on her fiften LCN anniversary.Here's a special message from LCN Ava about her upcoming fifth anniversary with and a very special event announcement that very same night - a surprise guest will partake in girl-girl anniversary celebrations (this from the LiveCamnetwork BBS):

omg...5 friggin years. yes, this Monday, January 26th will mark 5 years since my first ever day of training at LCN... and they still haven't gotten rid of me!

i would love it if you would all come and celebrate with me Monday the 26th from 7pm-midnight eastern. 5 years is a long time; this place IS my home away from home, and a second family...well, not in a creepy way.... i don't do *these* sorts of things with my family! so, despite uncomfortable metaphors, i hope everyone - those who've been here longer than i, and those who are just arriving - will come join me for funtastic times. 


as part of the special event, i have a *special friend* coming in to play with me for the latter part of my shift. some of you will remember her from a few years ago, some of you maybe not. but regardless, you will not be disappointed! i guaren-fuckin-tee it .

***disclaimer: so there are no unfortunate surprises, i want to make a quick note that my friend and i will only be engaging in safer sex. this means condoms, gloves and dental dams/no direct genital-genital or genital/oral contact. don't worry, we'll show you how hot safe can be 

So *ahem* I certainly hope you're there to enjoy that special... moment or two heheh. I know I will... 

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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Tattoos and Classic Hollywood Pinup Style With LCN Ivy!

Ivy mixes the best of modern and classic beauty..Things are swingin' over at LiveCamNetwork lately. There's tons of HD chatroom girls on and plenty of regular ol' webcam women too, plus nice comebacks like Alice and Neena.

But one of the most significant events I've neglected of late was the addition of brand new tattooed babe Ivy.

First she has such incredibly nice tattoos across her chest, on her arms, and... other parts of her smooth, silky body... plus they're a great contrast to her classic features, high cheekbones, finely drawn eyebrows - like one of those great Hollywood beauties from the 50's... with tats.

Also online is the glorious, ridiculous and sublime mizz Ava, of the nipple clips and looong legs... who by pure coincidence happens to be decked out in a Hollywood 30's flapper style, with pearls and black lingerie, and pearls, and setting her HD Widescreen room to black and white, or sepia tone, while she plays Edith Piaf... COOL!
Anyhow, I must be going, there's many other new amazing girls at LCN so I gotta.... I have to go check'em out so I'll just forget about posting more now and...

...uh, yeah, go do more research, for more material, for this blog, yeah, that's it!!

Talk to ya later, boys...

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Saturday, January 03, 2009

Happy New Year!! From The LCN Girls

Alice just couldn't get enough of her fans! She's back=!It has been long, much too long, since we've updated this blog.

However the LCN Girls Blog has a steadfast resolution for this bright, shiny new year coming up on us:
  • We will update more.
  • We will provide "where she been" info.
  • We will furnish juicy private data.
  • We will announce special chats and events.
  • We will provide galleries!
  • We will not slack off because of "important" things like real life, loved ones, or employment.
So is that cool? Is that a deal? Can we please find forgiveness in that morass of promises, hopes and ambitions?

So saying, let's do some catch-up on LiveCamNetwork...

If you want to skip this, go for it, since tonight we've had the the salacious Ava, dirty rotten angel Ivy, as well as perfectly perverted Vienna. AND  still online we have the surprise return of long-time LCN Girl Favorite ALICE!!! Now, go.

Meanwhile, let us not forget: 

Maxine-X, the Canadian fetish queen featured on Webdreams 3 (reloaded?) started chatting regularly on LCN in 2008,  and will be back regularly...

The Girl-a-Thong has been gone to long... so it should make a return...

Christmas is over and Great things are coming... so won't you come back?


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