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Monday, February 23, 2009

Kedra Turns On To New Studios

Hawt Brunette LCN Kedra discovers the new studios at LiveCamNetwork.Back from the warmer climes where she's been chatting lately to get away from the severe Toronto winter, LCN gal Kedra tonight is doing her own discovering of the new studios at LiveCamNetwork...

I wish I could have had a screen grab or something for you to see this... it was quite funny and at the same time quite cool and intense.

She had this absolutely amazing, authentic looking Bat Girl costume (in that shiny latex look from the 60's version of the BatGirl) and actually went into a group chat for all interested comers... 

But I missed it, only saw the thing when she was taking it off sigh.

If anyone has pics or something (shhh you're not supposed to do those things) send them to me?

I'll be very grateful... take my word for it.

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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

New Studios Christened by Xev

Xev is the first LCN Girl to orgasm in the new LCN Studios.Fire-haired Xev will be the first of the LCN Girls Crew to christen new studios today on, drenching its walls with her orgasmic energy.

Who will be the one to make her cum?

Whoever it is (or way, depending when you read this) will surely not regret the experience, and also be the lucky guy to have the honor of trying out the new studios with the girls.

Oh and check out this fine cleavage picture of Xev posted in the LCN BBS before she logged into the new chat room... quite breath-stopping.

Also online today to spread the joy will be short-haired nerdy glasses Chelsee and tattooed lust goddess Ivy.

There's also non-studio babes online today and tonightyou won't want to miss like kinky Sablegirl and busty Jenna69, so rev up the popcorn machine (and whatever you might use to get off with) and prepare for a great time today and tonight on LCN...

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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Ava's Anniversary Chat Surprise Guest? Here she is...

Ava's Surprise Birthday Present to herself was Succulent Suki.The yummy picture to the left is none other than surprise comeback and special Ava Anniversary guest-chat hostess Suki.

That's right, for the fifth year celebration of her being an LCN Girl (and now studio manager, ahem), Ava decided to treat herself to treat herself right.

Busty Asian Suki used to chat regularly at but was taken away by University and related school chores.

But she loves LCN... and she comes back whenever she can. This time though her cans were personally requested by Anniversary girl Ava and the result was a raucous roll in the futon with the boobs and butts and legs of these two wild webcam women...

Sorry hot sex leads me to alliteration.

SO that was a great night I missed... did you? did you see it? Can you tell us more?

Check out the nice slick girl-girl pics in the LiveCamNetwork BBS, and these fun sweet screencaps taken on the big night...

After that why don't you drop in on blue-eyed breastacular Xev, who'se live in LCN HiDef as I write this, or cute hourglass brunette Itala who's just lost her livecam virginity recently ... ahem

I'm off!

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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Neena's Back and Coming Soon!

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I was rooting around looking for any picture to illustrate this LCN Girls Blog update featuring the lovely curvy booty babe Neena (LCN Neena is back again and it looks like it might turn regular...) when I came across this little gem.

It's an old ad for LiveCamNetwork when Neena was a regular, called a "video banner".

Which is freakily appropriate since our last couple posts have featured video and is an interactive live video chat site - doh! So here she is in tiny medallion video looking all cute and sexy at once...

Of course, if you want to truly appreciate her full busty babeness and other charms, I suggest you go to LiveCamNetwork now... Neena's online live and waiting for you!

Talk to you later, I'm gonna go hang with ebony Neena until punky Chelsee and bodacious Vienna log in a little later...

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